Super Soldier Chapter 411

Chapter 411 Maybe This Is The Sound Of Love

Chapter 411 Maybe This Is the Sound Of Love

Xiao Bing bristled visibly, “Old Ban, don’t keep thinking of me an amorous commando any more. You are a bad example for me.”

Monitor was in a good mood, so he did not seem unhappy. He guffawed, “This is what we call life. It’s reasonable. You have not introduced her yet. You even managed to bring back such a beauty with you during this perilous mission. You are really good.”

Xiao Bing said, “This beautiful woman is my good friend, Bai Yan.”

“Your good friend. I see…” Monitor specifically stressed the word “friend”. Red Rose had been listening with bewilderment. But when she saw Monitor looking at her, she nodded at him and smiled.

Xiao Bing then introduced another person, “This is her brother, Bai Shiran.”

“Shi Ran? It’s a good name.” He found the boy’s head shape rather strange. But the world was never short of strange things. Conjoined twins, for instance, were a lot stranger than this boy.

Xiao Bing said, “They are both my friends. I need to ask you for a favor. Can you make IDs for them so that they can live in Cathaysian State like normal citizens?”

Monitor agreed.

Lil Bai asked Red Rose quietly, “Red… Ms. Bai, what are they talking about?”

Before they came over, Lil Bai was told that he needed to pretend that he was Red Rose’s brother. Since they spoke the language of R Country, they did not understand the conversation between Xiao Bing and the Monitor, because they were using the language of Cathaysian State.

Red Rose shook her head.

Monitor was a discerning man. He found them speaking in the language of R Country, but now wanted to have names used in Cathaysian State. But he did not ask much since it was not a big deal to him. He surmised that these two might have been in trouble in Country R so they asked Xiao Bing to bring them to Cathaysian State.

It was easy for Monitor to make the arrangements, so he agreed readily. Then they got into a car and the Monitor booked a room in a hotel for the sister and brother. Then he entered Xiao Bing’s room. “You failed this time?”

Xiao Bing sighed and told him everything that happened. It was an intricate story. In the beginning, he had stayed by the princess’s side to find an opportunity to sneak into the Kokyo. But Feng XIII had plotted against him. Then he fell into a world where Orochi’s decedents had been living. The two heads of Orochi were revived and then they devoured many powerful masters of the clan… Xiao Bing did not omit any detail and the Monitor listened carefully. Very soon, two hours had gone by.

But Xiao Bing did not elaborate about the identities of Red Rose and Lil Bai.

After Xiao Bing was done talking, Monitor fell silent for quite a while. Then he shook his head with a bitter smile. “I had not expected that it would be like this. You did a wonderful job this time. You came back alive even after having going through so many dangers. The country and the people will never forget what you have done.”Visit website our

Xiao Bing grinned, “Save those words. I’ve heard of them so many times. In any case, I failed this time.”

“You did not fail completely. Though the man with God’s Blood died, at least Country R does not have his body. But indeed Country R suffered a great loss this time. I had not expected that Iza Kawatani, the Martial God of Country R, was even stronger than you. It’s fair to say that he is the most powerful man in the world. But that such a legend should have died on a small island. What a pity. By the way, you said Orochi went back into hiding again. Is it possible that it will leave the island one day and enter the outside world?”

Xiao Bing shook his head and said, “I don’t know. But I surmise that it will not leave that island for hundreds of years. Before it was provided with tonics by the residents on the island. But now there’s no one on the island to conduct any ceremonies for it. I guess that it will spend the rest of its life underneath that island, like a dead serpent.”

“I see. But it never hurts to be too careful. I will make a report about this and wait for their decision. Or we can just tell this to Country R’s government and let them handle it. It’s a powerful country. If they do not handle it well, there’s little we could do.” Monitor then sighed, “I have not expected that there are still mysterious monsters like that living in our world. It looks like the world does have all kinds of queer things.”

Xiao Bing smiled bitterly, “I was no less shocked than you when I saw it. This is a world where people believe in science. But, damn, the existence of Orochi is not scientific at all.”

Monitor said sternly, “But we should still believe in science. We don’t know how long this world has existed. There will always be things that we cannot understand. But will our men be able to get to that island and bring back two of the corpses of the local residents? We might find something useful if we made a study of their bodies.”

Xiao Bing replied instantly, “No bodies were left there. They were all eaten. Will you not be concerned about the safety of our men if they are able to land safely on that island?”

Monitor pondered on it and found it reasonable. Then he gave up the idea, which instantly made Xiao Bing feel relieved. Actually, there might still be some corpses there. But Xiao Bing respected the dead and he had made a friend among those people. And he believed that it would be difficult for them to find the island without his guidance. Besides, even if they managed to land on that island, the corpses would have rotted already.

Monitor patted on Xiao Bing’s shoulder and said, “I will tell the superiors to honor you this time. Xiao Bing, if you want to rejoin Dragon Teeth, I can discuss it with them. You will still be the leader of the whole team. You are the best solider in the Cathaysian State. You willfully left us years ago. Indeed, it’s loss for the whole country. Of course, we all have our faults…”

Xiao Bing snorted, “Save those words. It was honor that drove me to do this. Otherwise I would not have taken on this mission. Please don’t ask me to go back again. I have a girlfriend and my own career. I would be a fool if I choose to go back. Besides, I have things to take care of in Dragon Gate… Anyway, they will still do well without me.”

“I know you are still this stubborn. Never mind. I won’t force you. You should have a good rest now. I will return to Jingdu tomorrow. Are you coming with me?”

“No. Please pay the bills for our rooms in advance. My friend and I will stay here for now. You can go back to Jingdu tomorrow,”

Monitor had a bitter smile, “You have always been this stubborn. Fine, dont forget to call me after I leave. And if I want to know more about this mission, I will call you at any time.”

I know. Don’t be so prolix. I’m going to take my rest now.”

Monitor had a queer smile on his face and said, “You want me to leave so badly. Is it because you can’t wait to… That friend of yours is right next door.”

Xiao Bing straightened his face and said, “You… You know too much about everything!”

Then both of them guffawed.

But Xiao Bing was not as hasty as the man Monitor had described. Right after Monitor left, Xiao Bing called Yezi. He really missed this girl. Xiao Bing had been a womanizer before, but no one could fill his mind like her, after he left her for a while. It was more like a one night stand for Xiao Bing. Xiao Bing had always thought that the only good thing about the civil war in the Dragon Gate was that he met Yezi, a woman who truly loved him.

After the call went through, Xiao Bing spoke immediately, “Yezi.”

There was a long moment of silence, which made Xiao Bing worried. “Yezi, what happened? I’m scared. Please say something.”

Yezi seemed to have taken a deep breath. “Brother Bing, where are you now?” Her voice broke with emotion.

“I… I’m in Shenhai. I just came back from a mission and I can’t go back for now. Well… I’ve finished the most dangerous part of the mission and there’s one last thing I need to deal with. I will return soon after it. And I miss you…”

“Me too.”

Then there was silence again. Xiao Bing said fretfully, “Yezi, what’s wrong? Did anything happen there?”

Yezi exhaled deeply and wailed, “I miss you and I was so scared that something had happened to you. I have not seen you, heard your voice or received any message from you for such a long time. I knew you were on a mission and you need to stay unconnected. But I was so afraid that I won’t see you anymore.”

Xiao Bing was taken aback. Her words and voice were both touching. He felt as if someone had hit him hard in his heart.

If Yezi was happy, he would be happy.

If Yezi was sad, he would also be sad.

If Yezi felt like crying, then he wanted to cry as well…

The voice, words… They were all the sounds of love.

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