Super Soldier Chapter 412

Chapter 412 A Village Girl In Town

Chapter 412 A Village Girl in Town

“Silly girl. What could possibly happen to your Brother Xiao Bing? Why are you so worried about me?”

Well… It’s said that bad people always outlive the good people. It sounds reasonable to me now.”


“Did you flirt with any girls during this mission?”

“No…” Xiao Bing felt a sudden pang of guilt. He had met the Princess in Jingdu, then he encountered the most beautiful woman of Orochi’s kind, all within one month. Was it too much already?

Yezi did not seem convinced by Xiao Bing’s words. “Really?” She asked suspiciously.

Xiao Bing did not dare to tell her the truth. He patted his chest and vowed, “No. Never.”

“Well, I choose to trust you this time. Just remember that you will always have a home to come back to, no matter how messed up you are outside.”

Drops of sweat studded Xiao Bing’s forehead. Yezi did not sound as if she truly believed him. She just knew him too well. But Xiao Bing did not feel that guilty because ever since he met Yezi, he had been quite passive whenever he had a thing with another woman, no matter if was emotionally or physically.

Xiao Bing told Yezi how much he had missed her and Yezi told him that she missed him as well. She also related things about the family. What surprised Xiao Bing was that nothing serious had happened recently. Before Xiao Bing left, he had told them to take care of themselves. What worried him most was that the Blood Wolf might threaten him by targeting his family. It seemed that he had underrated this man.

Ever since Yezi had loosened the knot in his heart, Xiao Bing had decided that he would seek vengeance for Su Peiya. A man must heed his heart. Would he still be a man if he dare not do the things he wanted to do?

But as to how to avenge her, Xiao Bing needed to come up with a perfect plan. Normally, he would sort out the traitors in Dragon Gate and kill them. Then he would go straight to the Buddhism and confront them. He did not know how powerful that Mr. Buddha was. But Buddhists in the dark world were mysterious people and Mr. Buddha was even more so. Though the Dragon Gate and the Buddhism were both regarded as the two most powerful organizations in the dark world, Xiao Bing had always been wary of them. Because Xiao Bing barely knew anything about these people.

But he was sure about one thing: Those Buddhists were not certain if they could defeat Dragon Gate, otherwise they would not have used all these tricks.

Mr. Buddha knew Blood Wolf was a hypocritical man, so he manipulated this man to go against Xiao Bing. Xiao Bing considered this move very incisive. But if it failed, Mr. Buddha would get himself burned. Blood Wolf did not seem to be a man who would let himself be manipulated for a long time. Men like him were very hard to control. Like his name, the Blood Wolf was wild, like a lone wolf. The biggest difference between wolves and dogs was that dogs could be tamed, while wolves could not.

Wolves are smart, cunning, cruel and tough and had many advantages. So normal men never wanted to be targeted by a wolf.

After over one hour of chatting, Xiao Bing looked at his watch and thought it was about time to take the brother and sister to a restaurant to have a meal. He hung up after he said goodbye to Yezi.

Xiao Bing put the phone aside and walked out of the room. He knocked on the door and opened it. “Rose, it’s time for supper. I should also buy you some clothes.”

They had all agreed that Xiao Bing would address her as Bai Yan in public. But in private, Xiao Bing would still address her as Red Rose. It was the same for Lil Bei.

Red Rose’s eyes brightened. “Really, you’re going to buy me new clothes?”

“Of course.” Xiao Bing found it somehow amusing. Indeed, it was women’s nature to look for beauty, even for Red Rose, who had been living a reclusive life. She sounded so excited when she heard Xiao Bing saying that he would buy her new clothes. Xiao Bing looked at her from head to toe and said with a smile on his face, “Actually, I’m not that eager to see you in another outfit. You look rather attractive in this…”

Xiao Bing said it because Red Rose was still clad in Country R’s mariner’s uniform. Actually, when they entered the hotel, a lot of people could not keep their eyes off Red Rose. On one hand, Red Rose was extremely beautiful. On the other hand, the uniform she was wearing made it easy for man to drown in his reverie.

Red Rose burst into laughter, “You lecher. You can just buy me another attractive outfit. And I don’t think this one is very sexy.”

She could not understand the subtlety since she had been only living on that island. Xiao Bing surmised that the books Feng XIII casually brought to her did not mention anything about it.

Xiao Bing grinned, “Bring your little brother with us.”


Xiao Bing sighed, “Lil Bai have experienced so many tragedies. We need to comfort him more often. Otherwise we will not know when he will be free from his pain.”

Red Rose shook her head and said, “As Orochi’s child, he must learn to be tough, no matter what happens to him. Otherwise he is not worthy of being the god’s…”

Red Rose’s eyes suddenly dimmed as she spoke. Then she smiled bitterly and said, “It’s not worthy of being called by our god. Never mind… But a man must be tough. Lil Bai will get over this soon,

As Xiao Bing had expected, snakes were much more independent than humans, since Red Rose said that Lil Bai did not need to be comforted. Though humans might not be as tough as snakes, humans were better at relationships.

Xiao Bing and Red Rose went to ask Lil Bai. But the boy said that he was not hungry. Xiao Bing decided to bring some food back for the boy from the restaurant. Then he left with Red Rose.

When Monitor was with Xiao Bing, he gave the ID cards and debit card and some cash to Xiao Bing, which enabled Xiao Bing to buy a lot of things. Actually, when Xiao Bing was in Country R, he had a big amount of money on his card. He received a big reward when he was chosen to be the warrior of the princess. But it was nothing compared to Xiao Bing’s actual possessions. In fact, Xiao Bing did not even need to run the noodle house, because his money would enable him to live a wealthy life.

When they left the hotel, a lot of men’s gazes followed Red Rose as she walked out. Red Rose was not bothered by the lust in their eyes. She had been gazed at like that numerous times. The half-snakes did not hide their feelings as humans did. Many male half-snakes lusted after her, but she was beyond their reach.

After they went out of the hall, Xiao Bing called a taxi and asked the driver to take them downtown. The only thing that made Red Rose uncomfortable, was that she could not understand the language, Xiao Bing was the only one who could talk to her in the language of Country R. But all the others were using the language of Cathaysian State. It was a language she did not understand. But it did not matter to him that much. She was different from other women. She was more adaptive and had her own way of doing things. She felt happy as long as she was with Xiao Bing.

Xiao Bing asked after they got out of the taxi, “I don’t know about your aptitude for languages, but I’ve decided to teach you the language of Cathaysian State before we go back. If you learn it well, you will not have any communication problems. By then you can tour this world with Lil Bai. But the language of Country Ying is more widely used. I can teach you that language as well.”

Red Rose said earnestly, “No. I will only learn the language of Cathaysian State.”

Curious, Xiao Bing asked, Why? If you learned it, it would be more convenient when you travel the world.”

Red Rose looked at Xiao Bing and said, “Because it’s your country’s language. I hope that I can stay by your side and become a part of your life.”

Damn… Xiao Bing was deeply touched.

Xiao Bing took a deep breath. He felt that the situation was rather complicated. The words this beautiful woman just said really moved him. Besides, this woman was not the scheming type, like other women in the city. Though she looked sexy and bewitching, she always spoke her mind directly.

The two first took a stroll in the mall. Xiao Bing deemed it not appropriate to walk on the streets at this time.

Though Red Rose was an extremely beautiful woman, she seemed like an Amish girl who had never been to a city… She looked so excited and curious about everything, and her questions flew like arrows. But Xiao Bing was patient. Everywhere they went, men would shoot longing gazes at her. Xiao Bing was not happy about it, because she was his woman.

“The outside world is fantastic.” Red Rose sounded delighted, “I’ve seen pictures of this world in the books. But it looks far better than those pictures.”

Xiao Bing grinned, “Of course. This is the biggest city in Cathaysian State.”

“Wow. Why are these women standing there like statues? And what is this? It’s transparent. I can’t get my hand through…”

“It is glass. The women inside are models for displaying clothes…”

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