Super Soldier Chapter 413

Chapter 413 Red Rose's Trouble

Chapter 413 Red Rose’s Trouble

Xiao Bing found some Red Rose’s questions amusing. But he still explained everything to her patiently. He did not care about others’ thoughts either.

But the clothes Red Rose was wearing were so eye-catching. Xiao Bing decided to take another stroll with her after they bought the clothes. Red Rose agreed. After all, most of the girls love new and beautiful clothes.

Then they went to the mall. Red Rose was still stared at by many in the mall. But Xiao Bing relished the attention as he put his hand around the woman’s slim’s waist.

Red Rose said in a faint voice, “There are so many beautiful dresses. I have seen them in a magazine before and asked Mamba to bring me two sets. Finally, I am able to choose for myself.”

Xiao Bing grinned, “Rose, I think all of these dresses will look good on you. Beautiful women look beautiful in any clothes.”

Red Rose looked at herself in the mirror and the other women in the mall. Then she said seriously, “I agree.”

Xiao Bing laughed, “Well, you are not modest.”

Red Rose asked curiously, You were telling the truth. Why should I be modest? The women I saw are all wearing fancy clothes. But I don’t think they look as beautiful as me. The face is more important than the dress.”

Xiao Bing knew her people pursued the code of the survival of the fittest. These people were usually very direct. But they would find it hard to live in the outside world. Right after Red Rose said those words, some women nearby shot her envious and resentful looks.

Xiao Bing grinned and said, “Come on, let’s go to this shop. Maybe we will find some dresses which are more suitable for you.”

Right after they entered the shop, the salesgirl walked over to them. She was a fine-looking girl. But she found it hard to look away from Red Rose the moment she saw her. “Is it this Madam that wants to buy clothes? She looks gorgeous. I’m sure there are plenty of dresses that are suitable for her.”

Xiao Bing smiled, “We will choose first. Which one do you think suits my friend best?”

The salesgirl looked at Xiao Bing and complimented them, “You two are meant for each other. I have been working here for over 2 years and I’ve never seen a woman as beautiful as her. Will you take a look at this one? It’s designed by the most famous designer in Paris. And this is a Louis V dress which is a limited edition. There are only 1000 pieces in the world. But the price is a little high.”

Xiao Bing and Red Rose looked at the dress. It was a dress embroidered with flowers. The pink roses on the dress looked vivid as if it was about to fall on the ground. It was so beautiful that the other dresses in the shop paled in comparison, just like how Red Rose outshone the other women.

Xiao Bing and Red Rose held their breath at the same time. They exchanged a look and understood each other’s thoughts. Red Rose nodded. Xiao Bing looked at the salesgirl and said, “We will take this one.”

“Okay. You two sure have good taste. Don’t you want to know the price of this dress? It is…”

Xiao Bing grinned, “What matters is her feelings. The price is not important.”

The salesgirl gave Red Rose a look of pure envy. But she thought if she was a rich man, she would also be willing to spend money on a beautiful girlfriend, no matter how much it would cost. Then she was not that jealous of Red Rose anymore. Red Rose strode to the shelf and was about to take the dress, when suddenly a woman’s sharp voice drifted into the shop, “Don’t you touch that dress. I will have it.”

Red Rose frowned as she smelt the fancy perfume on this woman. She looked at Xiao Bing and asked, “What’s that smell?”

Xiao Bing managed a wry smile. Then he heard that woman sneering, “I thought she was an untouchable goddess. It turns out she came from Country R. I wonder if she’s a porn star. Haha.”

Xiao Bing frowned, a hint of sharpness flashing through his eyes. Red Rose did not quite understand what this woman just said. But she knew that it did not mean well.

Then the woman came over with a man, who was wearing a fancy suit and an expensive watch. One look at him and Xiao Bing knew he was quite rich.

The one who had uttered those sharp words was the woman in his arms. She was plump and had a beautiful face. But her beauty was different from Red Rose’s. Red Rose’s beauty came from her disposition. But this woman made people feel like she was a slut.

Xiao Bing cast a cold glance at that woman. Then he stared at the man and said, “Is she your woman? It seems that you should teach her some manners.”

While this man was about to speak, he cast a look at Red Rose and was stunned. The woman in his arms seemed angered. She pinched him hard, which brought him back to reality. He managed a wry smile and said to Xiao Bing, “Perhaps she needs to be taught a lesson. But it’s because my girlfriend heard what she just said out there.”

It was not until then that Xiao Bing realized that they were coming for him and Red Rose. The main reason was the Red Rose was too outspoken. She shot a baffled look at Xiao Bing. Xiao Bing lowered his head and whispered to her in Country R’s language, “What you just said upset that woman.”

“What did I say?”

“You said no matter what you wear, you would still look more beautiful than other women.”

Red Rose asked in bewilderment, “But what I said is true.”

Xiao Bing wanted to tell her that sometimes words could hurt people. But he did not want to depict the world as a grey place, because it might make Red Rose lose interest in this world. He decided to explain it to her later. He smiled and said, “Some women are just petty. She said she wants the dress you just picked.”

A hint of sharpness flashed in her eyes. “No one can take away the dress I chose,” she said coldly.

Xiao Bing grabbed her by the arm instantly and whispered, “Let me handle it.”

Xiao Bing looked at that man and said, “You are the one with more sense, right? My girlfriend did say those words. But this is just how she is. She speaks without thinking. She did not mean any ill. But what your girlfriend did is probably wrong. We chose that dress first and the salesgirl has agreed to sell it to us.”

The salesgirl did not know what was happening. But she still cast the two people a polite glance and said, “Sorry. This dress is sold to this lady and that’s the only piece in this shop. Would you like to take a look at others?”

That man looked at his girlfriend, who then pouted, “I don’t care. I just want that dress.”

“Fine.” Then man in the suit looked at the salesgirl and asked, “How much is this dress?”

“480 thousand.”

“I’ll give you one million. I’ll take this dress.”

The salesgirl was surprised by the figure. She cast a baffled glance at Xiao Bing. But Xiao Bing seemed cold, showing no intention to come to a compromise. Though she wanted to make more money, she could not allow the rules here to be broken. Unless Xiao Bing did not want the dress anymore, she would not sell the dress to that man.

The salesgirl gave him a wry smile and said, “I’m sorry.”

“2 million.” Then man in the suit said coldly.

“This is…” The salesgirl became more hesitant. The money she would make out of this deal was enough for her to cover her expenses for several years. It would even enable her to buy a house in the city. But if Xiao Bing did not agree and complained to the owner, this deal could not be made and she might get fired.

The salesgirl cast an imploring glance at Xiao Bing. He knew what this girl was thinking. Actually she was very professional about it, since she did not sell the dress to that man immediately. Xiao Bing said, “I understand you. But my girlfriend chose it first and it’s the first gift I will buy her. I will not compromise.”

The coquettish woman sniggered, “Why will they sell the dress to you at such a low price? Men like you disgust me. Small wonder you found a pornstar to be your girlfriend.

Xiao Bing was angered. He wheeled around and glared at this woman. His eyes pierced her like a sharp sword, which made her heart start beating fast. “What are you doing? Are you going to beat me up here and now? Do you have any idea who my husband is?”

Clap! Xiao Bing slapped the woman in the face. Soon half of her face started swelling. She and her companion were both stunned. Then his eyes filled with rage.

Covering her face, the woman screamed, “Honey, he slapped me! You must kill him for me!”

Xiao Bing sniggered, “A petulant shrew needs to be taught a lesson. I did it since your husband obviously did not do that.”

The man in the suit spoke coldly, “You have no right to lecture my woman. Besides, you must do something to compensate her for what you’ve done. Otherwise you will not be able to leave the mall unharmed!”

He took out his phone as he stated this.

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