Super Soldier Chapter 414

Chapter 414 Do The Splits For Me

Chapter 414 Do the Splits for Me

The man in the suit walked away to make a call. Though he lowered his voice, Xiao Bing could hear what he said on the phone. He was looking for someone. Xiao Bing surmised that it was someone from the underground world. And he guessed this man in the suit must be someone in a high position, since he spoke so haughtily.

After he ended his call, the man in the suit returned, with the woman hanging on his arm. The woman smirked at Xiao Bing, the resentment plain and clear in her eyes. The man suddenly spoke, “Young man, you are at an age where you are very impulsive. But there are some people whom you just can’t offend. The man who is coming is called Xu Sanqiang. He’s the boss in town. Have you ever heard of him?”

The salesgirls face paled when she heard the name. “Perhaps you should consider reaching a compromise.” She said as her voice cracked with fear.

Red Rose did not understand what they were talking about. “What are they talking about,” she asked, with a nonplussed face.

Grinning, Xiao Bing said, “It’s not a big deal. I can handle this. But it will take some time.”

“Okay. It does not matter.” Red Rose answered, her eyes as bewitching as ever. “As long as I can be with you, it doesn’t matter how long it will take.”

“Damn! What a bewitching woman.” Xiao Bing thought inwardly. “You can only blame it on your bad luck then. You should not have messed around with us.”

Xiao Bing looked at the man in the suit and shook his head, “I don’t know who he is.”

The man in the suit sighed, “Xu Sanqiang might not be the biggest name around here. But he’s cruel enough. He was once involved in a gang fight before. Someone shot him three times with a gun. But he did not even flinch. He killed his enemy with a slash of his saber and he was saved at the hospital later. Since then there are always a dozen rascals following him around to serve him. Though he is not the most powerful man here, few men dare to offend him.”

Xiao Bing nodded and said, “The weak fear the strong. And the strong fear those who are not afraid of death,”

“So what will happen to you, in your opinion, if you talk to him like that when he comes?” The man in the suit asked, while looking at Xiao Bing, the threat plain in his voice.

Xiao Bing grinned, This is a public place. There are so many people around us. What could he do to me? City Shanghai is the biggest city in the mainland of the Cathaysian State. If anything happened to me, I surmise he will lose his life, no matter who’s there to protect him.”

The man in the suit said, “That sounds reasonable. You do have some wits. But that’s far from enough. If his men only beat you up, the worst outcome for them is that they will be held in custody for half a month. Then they will be released and they can continue serving their master. They cannot do anything to you in public. But what if you get smashed by a flower pot falling from above, or knocked down by a car, or get stabbed by a random person who then got away… They are all events beyond your control.”

Xiao Bing seemed frightened. “Don’t you think that is a little overboard? We can settle this problem amicably.”

Seeing that Xiao Bing was frightened, the man in the suit smirked, “I can call him and tell him not to come here if this beautiful lady spends one night with me. And I will even give you this dress for free.”

The coquettish women seemed unhappy when she saw her man showing interest in another woman. “You think she’s more beautiful than me? You are such a greedy man.”

Clap! This time it was the man in the suit, who gave her a stinging slap. The coquettish woman tumbled to the ground and started crying.

The man in the suit snorted and said, “You should behave like a woman. You are nothing but a toy to me. How dare you tell me what I should or what I should not do? I, Luohao, am not yours to command.”

So this man was called Luo Hao. She seemed fretful when she saw that Luo Hao was so angry. She then stood beside Luo Hao cautiously, the fear plain in her eyes. She cast glances of resentment at Red Rose, from time to time.

Luo Hao cast a lascivious glance at Red Rose and said to Xiao Bing, “What do you say? Not every man can protect beautiful women like her. In this world, the poor fear the rich, and the rich fear the powerful. If you want to keep a beautiful woman to yourself, you must be richer and more powerful than others. I want this woman and I’m wealthier and more powerful than you.”

Xiao Bing said, “It seems so.”

Luo Hao smiled, “Of course, I believe that men must obey the rules. Without rules, the world will fall into chaos. Give me your woman and you will get a cheque. You can write whatever number you like. And I will ask these gangsters to go back. What do you think?”

Xiao Bing shook his head and said, “It doesn’t sound good to me.”

Luo Hao shot Xiao Bing a cold glance and said, “I don’t like to be rejected.”

Xiao Bing laughed, “If you truly follow the rules, you should know that there’s one rule in this world that you can’t force someone to sell or buy something.”

Luo Hao finally realized that Xiao Bing had not taken him seriously at all. He had been thinking about Xiao Bing’s identity. Xiao Bing did not seem to be a big shot from the way he dressed. But the confidence he showed was rarely found in other people.

But he did not care that much after he cast another glance at Red Rose. Men like beautiful women, especially for someone who was as rich as him. He could never give up on such a beauty.

Then a bunch of people flooded into the shop. All the customers ran out after they saw what happened. The staff also kept well away from them. Even the shop owner did not dare to come over.

Luo Hao laughed, “It seems that you missed your best opportunity. But I’m a merciful person. I will give you one last chance.”

Luo Hao took out a piece of cheque held it out, “Write the numbers, and you will get the money.”

Red Rose looked contrite the whole time. But she was hostile toward Luo Hao, because this man gave her a bad feeling.

Xiao Bing asked calmly, “Will you agree if I give you a cheque in exchange for your mother?”

The smile on Luo Hao’s face curdled instantly. There was no politeness between them anymore.

The coquettish girl screamed in excitement, “Luo Hao, get them to beat the crap out of him!”

“Shut up!” Luo Hao cursed and kicked the woman away. She was stunned at first, then she trotted away, crying, her face buried in her hands.

Then Luo Hao looked at the bald man who had just arrived He was about 30 years old and he was wearing a leather jacket. Luo Hao took out a pen, wrote something on the cheque and held it to that guy. “Old Xu, this one million is yours now. You can withdraw the money at any time.”

Seemingly excited, the man in the jacket put the cheque into his pocket carefully. His head was bald, shining and dotted with scars. There was also a scar on his face. One look at his eyes and Xiao Bing knew it would not be easy to solve this problem. He was Xu Sanqiang, who had killed a man with his saber, even after he was shot at three times.

Xu Sanqiang put the cheque aside and said in excitement, “Lord Luo, there’s no need for such courtesy between us. Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it nice and clean.”

Luo Hao pointed at Xiao Bing and said, “This man has been petulant. I don’t want to see him in this city ever again. But be gentle with the beauty standing beside him.”

Xu Sanqiang noticed Red Rose and his eyes brightened instantly. “Lord Long, the goddess of love does favor you. Don’t worry, I will handle this for you. Hey, did you hear what Lord Luo just said? You’d better get out of here and leave the beauty to Lord Luo.”

Xiao Bing cast a glance at Xu Sanqiang and found there were six men standing behind him. But they were not armed with many weapons. Xiao Bing surmised that they dared not bring a saber to the mall publicly.

Xiao Bing shook his head and said, “You are making it difficult for me. Mr. Luo said you are a good fighter. Why don’t you show your skills to us? If his words are true, I will give her to you and leave this city willingly.”

Xu Sanqiang asked coldly, “What skills should I show?”

Xiao Bing pointed at the ground and said, “There’s one ancient kungfu called Smashing Rocks on the Chest. But it might be too difficult for you. I will give you a simple task. Can you do the splits or handstands? There are 7 men here. You can also make a human pyramid.”

The staff hiding in the distance could barely hold back their laughter. It was not until then that Xu Sanqiang realized that Xiao Bing did not take him seriously at all. He was infuriated. He rolled up his sleeves and put his hands on his waist, “Lad, how dare you play with me! Listen, I want you to strip him and force him to run in the streets!”

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