Super Zombie Factory Chapter 1640

Chapter 1640: Convention

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Things are not people, Lu Chuan is simply at ease.

Leaving from Mars, the place where he appeared is the city of competition. The wives and the others will wait a few more days, nothing will be great, but as the governor, they are in charge of a universe of billions of trillions of pearls, and they are burdened with heavy responsibility that makes Lu Chuan dare not relax.

Logically speaking, Lu Chuan should first return to the city of competition to understand what important things have happened in the past few decades when he was absent.

But this time, Lu Chuan couldn't adapt quickly. That's why Lu Chuan chose to put the first stop on the earth in order to familiarize himself with this human body.

The space of reincarnation is more like peeling your soul away. Over time, it will naturally become strange to the human body.

"Nice to meet you, sir!"

As always, the familiar Hughes voice rang in his ears again.

The first time Lu Chuan appeared, Hughes noticed Lu Chuan.

A mere few decades, for Hughes, who has lived for billions of years, is equivalent to a human breath. This time is too short, in Hughes' eyes, it is probably the same as seeing Lu Chuan again in a blink of an eye.

The difference in life span and the concept of time will lead to longevity.

Lu Chuan smiled: "Hughes, it's nice to see you again."

What Lu Chuan likes most now is to meet familiar people, Hughes is undoubtedly one. It is extremely rare for Lu Chuan, who has just experienced the alien race, to hear Hughes' voice.

Hughes could completely treat it as an old friend. Lu Chuan exchanged greetings with him. Of course, the topic soon came to about what happened in the decades since Lu Chuan left.

Soon, Hughes listed a set of data.

Controlling such a huge billion trillion-weight universe, there are many things that cannot be understood, and all of this can only be known through data.

What Lu Chuan really cares about is actually Level 7 Civilization, which is related to a key value.

The last time Lu Chuan left, the negative value of humans was 31, not a small number. In other words, human beings must have some surplus when offsetting the emergence of the seventh-level civilization, and finally smooth out the 31 negative values.

Dozens of data, not big, but when you understand what each data represents, you don't think so.

It is not easy to smooth out these negative values, and it requires all mankind to pay a lot of energy.

A numerical value represents a seventh-level civilization, and to promote a seventh-level civilization, as long as anyone who has been in reincarnation knows, it is really too difficult, and it takes more than a hundred years.

You are promoting the birth of the seventh-level civilization, and others will also promote in your beads.

Between a positive and a negative, there must be more positives than negatives, and eventually become truly positive.

In Ruoda's castle, only some robot servants were there, and when they saw Lu Chuan, they all saluted. In the eyes of the robots, they didn't care how long Lu Chuan had been away, and had no such concept at all.

Entering the castle, the place remained the same, Lu Chuan completely relaxed, and then sat on the sofa.

The super soft sofa almost swallowed Lu Chuan, extremely soft.

Until now, Lu Chuan ejected the data given by Hughes and looked at it on the virtual screen. The data here records how many more people have broken through the ninth level space, how many inspectors died, how many level six civilizations have been eliminated, and how many level seven civilizations have been eliminated during the decades since Luchuan left.

"not bad."

Before Lu Chuan's reincarnation, there were 31 negative values, but now there are only 16 negative values. That is to say, in the past few decades, he has completed 15 numerical surpasses.

This is a very good phenomenon, which means that in a few decades, not more than a hundred years, human values will be positive.

"Ding, you are rewarded with trial points."

The long-lost reminder sound can be said to be long overdue now, it is a reward in the reincarnation mission. Before Lu Chuan came back, he hadn't given it out, and it made Lu Chuan suspect that something went wrong.

Now that he heard a voice, Lu Chuan was finally relieved.

Naturally, Lu Chuan looked at the news.

The trial points increased by 1 billion.

One mission was an increase of 1 billion trial points, which absolutely surprised Lu Chuan. You have to know that before you killed yourself and killed the Parasite Governor and the Tree Governor, the points they added to yourself were only tens of millions.

Now, for one mission, one billion was given, so why didn't Lu Chuan be surprised?

Lu Chuan is the most clear about the difficulty of trial points. Destroying a sixth-level civilization only earns 1 trial point, reincarnation gives birth to only 2 trial points, destroying a seventh-level civilization is 50 points, and reincarnation to promote a seventh-level civilization is 100 points , The eighth level is 10,000 points.

But this number is really insignificant compared with 1 billion points. How long does it take to accumulate to have 1 billion?

Like now, Lu Chuan has been away for decades. He used up all trial points to be promoted to the fourth-level governor. Lu Chuan only has more than 30 million trial points. Now after deducting 1 billion, there are still 670 million on the account.

In other words, in the past few decades, with so many inspectors and supervisors, their contribution is about 640 million trial points.

The trial points that Lu Chuan earned alone even exceeded hundreds of millions of inspectors. 31

It can be seen that these 1 billion trial points are a big surprise for Lu Chuan.


Lu Chuan gave a wry smile. One billion trial points is a feeling of getting rich overnight, but when you know how many trial points the five-level governor needs, you will understand that one billion trial points is just a drop in the bucket.

It takes 100 billion trial points to be promoted to the fifth-level governor. The current reward is only 1% of the progress. Lu Chuan's current progress is only 1.7%. There is still a long way to go to 100%.

One hundred billion trial points are enough to make people feel desperate.

Of course, even if it is 100 billion, if enough time is given, it can still be achieved, but it may take thousands of years.

According to the life expectancy of human beings, several thousand years is really a number that makes people feel dizzy. Human civilization can be traced back to the present, which is more than five thousand years. It is barely six thousand years.

Such a long time, thinking about it, feels terrible.

Looking at this set of data, Lu Chuan sighed. Fortunately, other governors also faced this problem. For other governors who are not even four-level governors, this number makes them feel desperate.

"Inferring from time, in the past few decades, the number of four-level governors should be a lot, right?"

Lu Chuan muttered to himself, it is indeed not difficult to earn 100 million trial points. It should be achieved by most of the governors, otherwise they are not worthy of being called the Chosen Clan.

Lu Chuan continued to look at the data below, which contained the number of deaths and waiting to become inspectors.

The cold numbers made Lu Chuan feel a little heavy.

Behind this gratifying trial points, there are bones.

Over the past few decades, more than 16 million inspectors have died. This kind of death number is completely compared with World War II. From this figure, we can see the fierce fighting.

Human beings are indeed an extremely clever race. Over the past few decades, there have been two hundred and one thousand biochemical plant users who have passed the ninth level of space. They are quasi-inspectors. It was their ingenuity that ushered in the explosion in a short period of time.

Compared to the dead, the number of new students made Lu Chuan smile.

"Hughes, first resurrect the dead, and then notify these biochemical plant users who have passed through the ninth level space and let them become inspectors in batches. Human beings really need to inject more fresh blood and become stronger." Lu Chuan made arrangements.

Hughes said, "Sir, I'll do it."

The resurrection of the dead can only be done by Lu Chuan, and only Lu Chuan can do this kind of large-scale resurrection. The ambassadors indeed gave the power to resurrect, but their resurrection, after all, was not Lu Chuan, and could only be resurrected individually.

After the appearance of the governor, some exaggerated abilities of the supervisory emissary were weakened. This is the rule of solipsism.

Many abilities will be possessed by the first one. When the first is promoted to a new level, the following people will be weakened by some abilities, even making them unable to possess these abilities.

Soon, Lu Chuan ejected from the castle, and people appeared in the sky above the city of competition.

Lu Chuan instantly magnified a hundred thousand times, watching the city at night, announcing his return.

In an instant, the city of competition was boiling.

"Long live the Governor!"

The shouts between each other rang out, the fanatical users of biochemical plants below. The inspectors who were still in the city all flew into the sky and saluted this huge Lu Chuan.

Lu Chuan smiled lightly, and took the light back the next moment, returning to its original state.

It was indeed an announcement just now, that I am the backbone of human beings, and I naturally want to let them know when I come back to calm their hearts. It can be seen that this effect seems very good.

The recovered Lu Chuan slammed into the sky, and it was fleeting. When he appeared, he was already on an empty place in the City of is the place of resurrection delineated by Lu Chuan.

The vast area is so wide that you can't see the flatness of your head. Under Hughes's control, this place exists completely according to Lu Chuan's requirements, so that when the inspector is resurrected, it can accommodate enough of them.

Like here, accommodating a few million people is no problem.

There is no way for Lu Chuan to resurrect all of them at once. It needs to be divided into several times.

Every inspector or user of a biochemical plant knows this place, and every time the supervisor comes back, everything is resurrected first. This is a kind of respect for the contributors.

When they see the overlord appear, they like to lively, or the biochemical factory users who have only entered the city of competition in the past few decades, all flock here. They hear too many legends about the overlord, but The Supervisor entered the space of reincarnation, and they had no chance to meet.

Now that the governor is here to resurrect the heroes who died for mankind, how can they give up this opportunity?

For those who have seen it, there is not much newness, but for those who have not seen it, they feel tall. This is resurrection, death and rebirth, how can it not attract their interest?

There is a boundary here, but the users of the biochemical plant follow the rules, stand outside the boundary, staring at Lu Chuan in the sky with fiery eyes.

This is the co-master of mankind, the governor of the billion trillion universe.

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