Super Zombie Factory Chapter 1641

Chapter 1641: Fresh Blood

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Faced with the many biochemical plant users who came to see below, Lu Chuan calmly dealt with it, showing a slight smile.

Every user of a biochemical factory, when they get a biochemical factory, they will think that they are the Lord of Heaven, the best one of mankind. Those who have a biochemical plant will become real masters after hard work.

Even if it is only a level three or five biochemical plant, its users are already in a certain country and have a huge status.

Some smart people have made their mark in the world.

Under such circumstances, they are proud and think they are superior. They are the center of the future of this world.

However, after the eighth-level biochemical factory, the existence of the city of competition and the opening of the door made them realize that they are not the only ones in this world, but are composed of hundreds of millions of people like them.

Simply put, they are just one of the users, insignificant.

Like now, what they need to face is the hundreds of millions of inspectors, as well as the huge seniors who have already opened up the ninth level. There are more inspectors above them, and the supreme governor.

To be sure, when they learned about it, it was definitely a blow, and it made them a little confused.

From the beginning, I thought that I was supreme, and now I find that I am just one of the humble representatives, and it is difficult for anyone to accept it.

But Lu Chuan doesn't need to worry about this, because of the existence of the level, they will soon reverse this kind of thinking and think that this is the subsequent level. For example, when they arrive at the ninth-level biochemical factory, they will arrive at the inspector...

Like an upgrade line, this is the way they need to go.

After thinking about this, they naturally have extremely respect for Lu Chuan, because this is their supreme master.

Come to watch and give them a sense of pilgrimage.

Lu Chuan smiled slightly. These biochemical plant users will become their own subordinates in the future, fighting for mankind. If they come to watch, they will be more inspired to move forward, right?

Time is precious, Lu Chuan didn't think much, but with a move of his hand, a complete long sword made by Shuo Jin appeared in his hand.

One advantage of Shuo-gold weapons is that they can change various forms according to your wishes. Don't think that if it can change, it will be soft. In fact, it can be called one of the hardest substances in the universe.

Even the power of the planet's big bang can't hurt it at all, an absolute super magic weapon.

Holding a long sword in his hand, Lu Chuan pointed to the sky.

"In my name, reshape the heroic soul..."

Lu Chuan roared, and a dazzling light burst out from the long sword he was holding. After the blessing of this long sword, the light became stronger and stronger, then rose into the sky and blasted into the sky.

Soon, a huge six-pointed star array composed of light formed in the sky. It moved slowly, exuding a lofty momentum, and the many biochemical plant users underneath could not breathe and felt the power.

The next moment, the six beams of light in the six-pointed star array blasted down towards the ground.

The golden beam of light fell on the ground, but this light was like actual mist, covering this area all at once, spreading towards the surroundings.

Soon, I don't know how many billion trillion stars appeared. They rushed out of the six-pointed star array. They descended along the six light pillars, and the closer they got to the ground, the forms of these stars gradually transformed into human forms.

By the time these stars completely became humanoids, they were already on the ground.

In the light, you can see a human figure appearing, covering this area, you can't see the end of the head at a glance, I don't know how many.

Soon, the golden beam of light dissipated, the six-pointed star array in the sky also disappeared, and the fog on the ground dissipated.

Millions of people appeared here, they looked at each other first, and then checked themselves, as if they had thought of something, all with expressions of excitement and joy on their faces, but all of them raised their hands. Come

"Long live the Governor!"

Millions of people screamed in unison, shaking all the time.

Now they have reacted. They have been resurrected. The boss has always emphasized that if they die, he will resurrect them. They still clearly remember everything before their death and how they died.

After being resurrected, their memories let them connect to all these fragments.

The users of the biochemical factory who were watching were all shocked, and all this subverted their imagination. People who die can really come back to life, and in this way.

Faced with the shouts of millions of people, Lu Chuan just smiled and raised his hand.

The millions of inspectors who saw Lu Chuan's gestures all rose up into the sky and filled the sky, which was extremely spectacular.

When they reached the sky, these millions of inspectors bowed to Lu Chuan together again: "Boss."

Lu Chuan smiled and waved his hand to let these inspectors leave. He had to resurrect several batches.

The vision in the sky attracted the attention of countless people in the City of Competitiveness. Those who were not interested before also showed interest and came over. You should know that the boss was resurrected before, but there was no such big movement. Now the movement is much bigger than before.

In fact, Lu Chuan didn't expect this to happen. It might be because of his promotion to the fourth-level governor and the use of gold weapons.

In the previous resurrection, only thoughts were needed together, and the cosmic energy would naturally be communicated.

But this time the number of resurrections was a little too much, so Lu Chuan wondered if he would increase the use of gold weapons. But I don't want this kind of movement, it is indeed earth-shattering, the movement is not small. 5200 Novel Network

Not to mention, it is indeed that the number of resurrected inspectors increased by one third.

Facing more and more onlookers, Lu Chuan did not think too much. Instead, he raised his long sword again, and the burst of cosmic energy soared into the sky, attracted by the cosmic energy of this world, and once again formed this huge The endless same six-pointed star array.

Now Lu Chuan took a closer look and saw that there were countless invisible runes in the six-pointed star array, which were dancing and forming these six huge beams of light.

Once again, millions of inspectors were resurrected.

Lu Chuan was busy four times before finally resurrecting all the inspection envoys.

Facing these happy inspectors, Lu Chuanqiang smiled, waved with them, and left. Naturally, they have other supervisors to manage them. Lu Chuan only needs to grasp the general direction, and the supervisors worry about the rest.

Back in the castle, Lu Chuan was not smiling.

The living laughs, but what about the dead?

These sixteen million inspectors died in their own beads. The objects they fought were reincarnations and rule-breakers. After they died, Lu Chuan was able to bring them back to life.

But what about the inspectors who entered the space of reincarnation? They are dead, they are not resurrected now.

There is a piece of data that Lu Chuan has never wanted to think about. This is the inspector of death in the reincarnation space. In just a few decades, more than 4.6 million have died. This is currently impossible to revive.

This number of casualties is huge and it is very painful.

Just imagine, how can Lu Chuan really laugh? The cumulative number of deaths before and after has exceeded 8 million, a number that makes Lu Chuan extremely heavy. It is conceivable that this number will expand to 10 million, 20 million, or even more than 100 million.

"Hughes, are you right or wrong?" Lu Chuan muttered to himself.

Hughes' voice rang: "Sir, sailing against the current."

The four words, sailing against the current, point out everything.

When entering this game, it is not for human beings to think about it, nor can it tolerate shrinking. If you don't advance, you will retreat. This is the rule of the game God gave them. If human beings do not forge ahead and grow, they will be eliminated.

In the eyes of God, there is no right or wrong. Some only follow the rules. Otherwise, what is greeted is to erase and let humans disappear in the billions of trillions of universes, so that there has never been human civilization in the long river of the universe.

Don't think that God can't do it. Lu Chuan has been exposed to too many things now, knowing that it might be just a thought for God.

Lu Chuan took a deep breath and said, "Thank you, Hughes. Now arrange the biochemical plant users who are qualified as inspectors. Humans also need to inject some fresh blood."

"Sir, this will be arranged for you." Hughes's voice remained unchanged as always.

Two hundred and ten million biochemical plant users who have the qualifications to become inspectors have all been notified by Hughes.

From the moment they were notified, they were all excited.

God knows how many people have been looking forward to this day for decades. From Lu Chuan into the reincarnation space, batch after batch of biochemical plant users have opened up the ninth level of space and are qualified.

But Lu Chuan is not there, so they can only wait.

This wait is for decades.

Now that I finally waited for the notice, how could they not be excited? This is to become an inspector, you can travel to other universes, you can walk in the universe at will, you can see the existence of planets like dust.

The first batch of biochemical factory users, according to time, flew from the city of competition to the castle.

On the floating island that can accommodate millions of people, they lined up as instructed, standing in rows like an army. In the crisscross, there are no end users of biochemical factories, this is human fresh blood.

Victoria and others, they also rushed back.

For such an important ceremony, as representatives, they naturally need to be present.

Especially Victoria, she is not only responsible for the management of all things in the city of sports, but also Lu Chuan's wife. Under the dual status, her status is so high that she has become the second person under Lu Chuan.

Important monitors are also here.

Lu Chuan appeared in the sky and smiled when he looked at the users of the biochemical plant who could barely see the end. This smile is naturally from the heart, because no matter how huge the price humans pay, it is completely followed by someone.

With the increase of this group of inspectors, it is certain that human strength will achieve another leap.

"Thank you for your fearlessness."

Lu Chuan took a deep breath and raised his voice. His voice clearly reached the ears of every inspector.

"For humanity."

The users of the biochemical factories below all responded. They have long understood what the inspectors are fighting for. In the competition, all of this is public information.

Lu Chuan nodded, stretched out his hand, and then burst into light, spreading rapidly again.

Where the rays of light cover, the users of the biochemical plants were given the authority of inspectors, which caused them to undergo a qualitative change.

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