Superstars Of Tomorrow Chapter 444

445 Limitless Future

The concert hadn't started yet. Although the hall couldn't be considered noisy, there were still sounds of hushed greetings and gossip.

Even very popular pop stars were more reserved today. They could see their old teachers in the front rows.

Chu Bo was thoroughly astonished when he arrived. He saw many familiar faces from fields unrelated to Fang Zhao.

Two people in the row ahead of him were bickering.

"What is an EDM artist like you doing here?"

"Why can't I come if even a death metalhead person like you is here?

Chu Bo thought about his own style, then observed this bunch. He felt that it wouldn't even be strange to encounter opera singers here.

Zaro only arrived when the concert was about to start. He yawned as he sat down.

"I nearly overslept."

Zaro surveyed his surroundings with his low IQ. He didn't see anyone familiar or fresh, so he had nothing to talk about. I should have slept instead.

Chu Bo was about to share some gossip with Zaro when the lights dimmed and the entire concert hall quietened.

Fang Zhao's graduation concert had officially started.

According to the stipulated rules, there had to be at least six works for the graduation concert. Mo Lang had selected seven from Fang Zhao's works in the past year.

The purpose of the graduation concert was to display what an advanced student had learned and gained in the past year. The growth of an advanced student could be seen directly through his works.

Fang Zhao's works in the past year had many new changes and clear differences from his previous compositions. Mo Lang considered various aspects before selecting these seven songs. He hoped that everyone would no longer have the image that Fang Zhao's works were the sort that "woke you up from any tiredness" as said on the Internet.

The screen at the front displayed the information about this graduation concert.

Displayed right at the top in a large neat font was "Ocean of Stars".

There were a few academic advisors listed. Mo Lang was the first name, while Carter was in the second spot.

By custom, Fang Zhao would introduce the background behind this composition.

Zaro listened until he was drowsy. I can't understand all these academic expressions. Maybe I should go to sleep.

On the other hand, Chu Bo was listening attentively. Simply put, this sort of graduation concert was the stage for advanced students to shine on. His musical path was different from Fang Zhao's as his own works placed more emphasis on rhythm. However, he was extremely curious as to how Fang Zhao would have changed after a year in this God-level advanced course. Would any new elements appear in Fang Zhao's works?

Fang Zhao briefly explained the background information behind this composition to the evaluation committee and esteemed industry precursors. He showed no signs of stage fright that the two elder Fangs had been worried about. After that, it was time for him to exhibit his own works.

The concert hall wasn't huge, but the acoustics inside the stage for HuangArt's top advanced students were undeniably top-notch and would allow advanced students to fully demonstrate all of their merit.

Opening song: ''Splendor''

There was a main piano melody with the echoes of woodwinds. Grandiose, gorgeous orchestral elements flowed like a spring breeze thawing snow and ice. It brought the golden lights from the horizon and the pulsations of new life. Hearts of longing and reverence gazed at the large golden door that fanned open to welcome a new world.

Such a bright and impressive opening jolted the senses, causing any weariness and restlessness to be tossed aside. The solemn faces of the evaluation committee members relaxed. They exchanged glances and revealed satisfied smiles.

But, that was all to it. They were merely satisfied.

This could be considered a strong display from any other student. But, when it came to Fang Zhao, this only belonged to the ordinary category. Those who had studied Fang Zhao's works before wouldn't be too surprised by this opening. Furthermore, it would be surprising if Fang Zhao couldn't reach this sort of standard considering that he had Mo Lang's guidance.

Percussion, string and stimulated woodwinds produced an extensive and melodious atmosphere. Listeners imagined waking up from a blurry dream, looking into the distance and seeing budding greenery; they saw an imposing mountain, a vast plateau and a flourishing city skyline.

The music evoked reminders of sounds throughout the year. There went the sounds of children hurrying out at the first rays of dawn into a bustling crowd.

The world was very huge, the skies high and the earth vast.

Hope and fantasy were interwoven behind closed eyes and intoxicated minds like a victory cry from afar.

People cried out in jubilation beneath the many golden rays of light. They looked up to the skies and saw the grand possibilities the future held.

Hearts were lifted by a magnificent energy and soared towards the horizon. Even the tallest of mountains did not obstruct the free-flying clouds. Overcome your difficulties, surpass the extreme limits and pursue the brilliant splendor you believe in!

Say, do you see the ocean of stars?

An evaluation committee member from Mazhou was deeply moved by this opening song. Every single note resonated within him. He could hear the overflowing hope and vibrancy of life in full bloom.



Exuberant vitality and surging sentiments made it feel as though every cell in the body was enlightened. Unknowingly, people found themselves smiling.

After the song concluded, the evaluation committee members started to discuss quietly.

"Bold, ingenious skill and technique. This fellow's fundamentals are impressive."

"What powerful uplifting impetus and forward energy. This youngster's enthusiasm is great!"

"The world is so big; follow your heart! I felt that even the most simple things could become splendid as I listened."


It wasn't hollow on the inside and flashy on the outside. Rather, it was like a high level and substantial theme!

An evaluation committee member shot Mo Lang a thumbs up as he was speaking.

Mo Lang was his usual reserved self as he smiled and nodded slightly. He gave a "still passable" gesture.

The evaluation committee member from Mazhou was really satisfied . His smile widened after reading the background information behind this composition. "Indeed, it has influences from our Mazhou!"

Prof. Carter jolted up at the back. Fang Zhao's journey had been arranged by him. He could join in on this conversation!

But, before Carter could say anything, Mo Lang already responded, "Right. He composed the preliminary draft for 'Splendor' when he followed the team to Mazhou"

Carter swallowed his words and sat up straight, pretending nothing had happened.

After the short exchange, the various evaluation committee members gave grades and remarks on the evaluation sheets in their hands. The short break between each song was to give the evaluation committee some time to discuss and evaluate. A graduation concert was a little different from ordinary concerts with its academic and public appraisal elements.

As the audience discussed, Zaro, who had been jolted awake by the opening song, sat in his seat with a dazed and bewildered expression.

Chu Bo finished his own reflections about the song and turned towards Zaro. "What's wrong?"

Zaro rubbed his face vigorously. "I just had a dream. I dreamt that I was running and running. Then, I started to fly."

Chu Bo laughed. Looks like Zaro still has some artistic cells in his body after all.

The second song began after Zaro sobered up and the evaluation committee finished their evaluations.

"The Return Of Life".

The main theme of Fang Zhao's concert was "Ocean Of Stars". The first song was merely a prologue, whereas the second composition was really about the ocean. It was a piece Fang Zhao had come up with when he was at the Corale Archipelago for the Corale Film Festival.

Fang Zhao had added electronic tones in this song.

Orchestral symphony and electronic tones combined seamlessly. The music traveled from dry to damp before becoming the spray from the sea.

Besides dry land was the ocean.

The exotic and vivacious electronic tones were like lively and efficacious cries.

Layers of color and tints fluttered with the tides of the ocean.

The natural rhythm progressed downwards.

It shuffled between lively, profound, calming and mysterious.

It was like the ripples of countless vibrating strings breaking the stillness of the deep sea.

Then, a tremendous undercurrent surged upwards, dragging the listeners to a fin splitting through a wave. They leapt across the water's surface with freedom.

Birds high up in the sky swooped down and glided over the surface of the ocean. They broke through the waves before soaring thousands of miles.

The world was full of living things.

Sunlight scattered through the surface of the ocean. Some light penetrated, while the rest reflected off the waves.

A certain director specializing in documentaries sighed as he experienced the wonder of the music. "It's just perfect. The melodious score is uplifting. What a great ecological sensation."

I definitely have to place this song in my new documentary if I get the chance!

I can't afford the copyright, but the TV Station can afford it!

Their Huangzhou TV Station had the largest music library in the entire world!

I have to recommend this new song of Fang Zhao's to be added to the music library! No, if funding is approved, it would be better to get all seven songs into the TV Station's music library. Just these first two songs are enough to indicate that all the compositions in Fang Zhao's graduation concert are of high quality and worthy of being added to the music library.

What is that saying?

There's nothing more to say. Prepare the money and just buy it!

It won't be an exclusive buyout anyways. There shouldn't be a problem with adding these seven songs to the music library, the director thought to himself.

He had great confidence in Huangzhou TV Station's purchasing power. It was merely seven songs.

Everyone harbored their own ideas.

Other than the second song "Return of Life", Fang Zhao had also composed the third song "Lighthouse" with inspiration from his time at the Corale Film Festival.

The people of the Corale Archipelago had a celebration for the lighthouse. Every year, the lighthouse shined very brightly at that time.

The style of this song was totally different from the other two and had special island instruments in it. Light, cheerful drum beats carried a special local and rustic flavor.

Although the initial drumbeats sounded soft and muffled, they carried a sort of ancient and mystical vibe.

It brought to life the faraway island shore caressed by waves. Lights and shadows flickered across the islanders celebrating. Their eyes turned misty from the lingering smell of alcohol in the ocean breeze.

They turned around through the dancing throng and faced the ocean.

Under the glow of the lighthouse, currents crashed against the reef. The lighthouse rays quietly probed the sea to guide returning ships along the blue periphery.

Corale Archipelago's native folk songs and dances were partly behind the inspiration for "Lighthouse". Fang Zhao had taken some of these native musical styles and blended them into his own composition.

Under the starry sky, other islanders, the blue ocean, the lighthouse and ships were all blurs to the dancers. "Lighthouse" encapsulated all of this with an intense artistic vitality.

Amongst the audience, a renowned Huangzhou rapper smiled pleasantly as he listened to the booming drum beats. "What sort of drum is this? It is rather pleasing to listen to."