Supreme Uprising Book Chapter 400

Chapter 400 The Nine Volume Sky Book

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When Luo Yunyang thought about it, he guessed that the Blood Spirit Sky would be a similar dimension to the one Base 7 was situated in. At most, it would perhaps be slightly bigger.

However, it was only upon arriving that Luo Yunyang realized how wrong he had been. His theory had been way off. The Blood Spirit Sky wasn’t an expanse of space, but a galaxy!

A galaxy completely shrouded by a blood-red glow. Within this galaxy were over 100 planets revolving around a blood-red sun.

When Luo Yunyang’s warship flew into the Blood Spirit Sky, someone contacted the warship and gave them guiding instructions.

After flying for 20 hours, the warship entered a scarlet bloody mist. Elder Qieke quickly made his way over and said, “Blood Disciple, I can only take you up to this point. The person receiving you is just below.”

Luo Yunyang nodded and said, “Thank you for escorting me all the way here, Elder.”

“Take care, Blood Disciple!” Elder Qieke said as he gazed at Luo Yunyang respectfully.

A short while later, the blood-axe warship landed on a huge meteorite. Suddenly, Luo Yunyang saw a 10-meter long, transparent, blood-red spacecraft located a short distance away from the blood-axe warship.

Although this spacecraft was much smaller than the blood-axe warship, when Luo Yunyang saw it, he had a feeling that its value surpassed the value of the blood-axe warship.

“Blood Disciple, this is a Blood Crystal Spacecraft specially prepared for you. It will be your ride into the Blood Spirit Sky!” a middle-aged man who appeared to be in his forties said. His cultivation base was at the Nebula 3-Grade.

Elder Qieke was no stranger to this person. However, Luo Yunyang could sense Elder Qieke’s reverence towards that man as the two of them were speaking.

A Blood Crystal Spacecraft!

Luo Yunyang knew what blood crystals were, as there were also such crystals in the Blue Rain Empire. A piece of blood crystal the size of a fist cost 10 million blue rain dollars.

He had just stepped foot into the Bloody Massacre Path, yet he had already been given a spacecraft constructed from blood crystals.

This spacecraft alone was worth more than his entire fortune, including the over 1,600 star dollars he had gotten from Lan Tianjue.

“Blood Disciple, this Blood Crystal Spacecraft is equipped with an autopilot system, so it can take you back to your residence,” the middle-aged man said gracefully. “I wish you a pleasant journey.”

After taking his leave, Luo Yunyang walked towards the Blood Crystal Spacecraft. He had just stepped in, when a pleasant voice rang out. “Welcome, my 124th owner.”

The voice stunned Luo Yunyang. He was actually the 124th owner of this spacecraft?

This meant that there had already been 123 others who had used it before him.

Luo Yunyang, who had been feeling pleased with the Bloody Massacre Path’s generosity, found himself cursing silently.

“What happened to your previous 123 owners?” he asked casually.

“36 of them were maimed, and 20 dropped rank and lost usage rights. My remaining owners are already dead.”

Although the mechanical voice didn’t betray any hint of emotion, it still seemed terrifying to hear.

36 maimed, 20 demoted, and the remaining had lost their lives

“Don’t be discouraged, owner. Perhaps you will become my lifelong owner!” said the spacecraft comfortingly.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t in the mood to discuss its previous 123 owners anymore. After pondering this for a bit, he asked, “What will we have to do?”

“I will be taking you to the Top Blood District, where you will receive a top-quality cultivation planning book. However, based on my experience with my many previous owners, I have a word of advice for you. You mustn’t bite off more than you can chew during the curriculum choices.”

“In all these classes, your priority should be to get a chance to comprehend the Sky Book. You mustn’t lose a great deal while trying to save a little!”

The spacecraft had already taken off, yet the voice on board went on and on, as though it was a chatterbox that had been locked up for a long time and had finally found someone to talk to.

Luo Yunyang found out that the name of this artificial intelligence was Badebu. Of course, Badebu also told Luo Yunyang that if he didn’t like that name, as the new owner, he could choose a new one.

Luo Yunyang didn’t really care about this. His priority was getting Badebu to talk about the opportunity to comprehend the Sky Book.

“What is the Sky Book?”

“No one knows the origins of the Sky Book. However, it is the Bloody Massacre Path’s most important treasure. The people guarding the Sky Book are the most powerful existences in the Bloody Massacre Path. It is rumored that the Sky Book has a total of nine volumes. Only volume five of the Sky Book is currently in the Bloody Massacre Path’s possession!”

Badebu paused, as if organizing its thoughts before it added, “The greatest use of the Sky Book is comprehending Origin Source Law.”

Luo Yunyang’s eyes glowed when he heard this. He clearly understood the importance of Origin Source Law, yet comprehending Origin Source Law was no easy feat.

Even with an entire lifetime of hard work, many people would find it very difficult to even comprehend a little bit of Origin Source Law. There were also some people who were able to comprehend Origin Source Law because of the emergence of miraculous opportunities.

“Owner, you are in the Top Blood District. Here, you will get a chance to comprehend the Sky Book every month. Although each opportunity will last only two hours, these two hours are extremely important.”

One opportunity a month? That was not enough.

Badebu seemed to read Luo Yunyang’s thoughts. “You don’t know how fortunate you are. People in district one only get two hours every year, and people in districts two and three have to fork out a huge price if they wish to obtain this sort of opportunity to comprehend the Sky Book.”

“Do not blame Badebu for not warning you about this, my dear owner. While comprehending the Sky Book, you must keep a firm heart and not long for more. Don’t bite more than you can chew. My most outstanding past owner thought that his aptitude surpassed everyone else’s and chose cultivation of light and dark Origin Source Law when he had to choose.”

“As a result, these two types of Origin Source Law allowed him to have an extremely strong cultivation while he was in the Star-Grade Realm. However, they also destroyed his chances of ever becoming a Nebula-Grade powerhouse. Therefore, do not think that your innate talent is insurmountable, my beloved owner. If you do, you will end up picking a path full of thorns. You must know that time and tide wait for no man!”

The artificial intelligence was prattling away too much. However, Luo Yunyang was able to get a certain understanding of the Blood Spirit Sky from its words.

For example, he learned that the general currency there wasn’t star dollars, but something called contribution points. Contribution points could be used to acquire various items necessary for cultivation.

“Take a look at your residence, dear owner. You will be living here for 10 years. After 10 years, you won’t know when you will be able to return again.”

Luo Yunyang already knew the rules and regulations of the Top Blood District, so he knew that what this fellow meant was that he would be spending 10 years in the Top Blood District.

Luo Yunyang felt an impulse to hit this fellow.

However, as soon as he had this thought, the walls of the red spacecraft suddenly seemed to vanish and an extremely beautiful scenery was etched in Luo Yunyang’s eyes.

He saw huge, luxuriant green trees, a river like a jade belt, and a colorful, dream-like villa

As Luo Yunyang’s spacecraft descended, 100 Star-Grade martialists quickly welcomed him. One of them, who was clearly a peak Star-Grade entity, gazed at Luo Yunyang respectfully. “Greetings, Blood Disciple!”

Luo Yunyang’s gaze swept through all these people that were kneeling on the ground. “There is no need to be so enthusiastic. We will need to look out for one another in the future,” he said with a smile.

While Luo Yunyang headed to his own residence surrounded by this crowd, an imposing young man was practising his swordsmanship.

He sword was very slow. Although it was as fine as a cicada’s wing, it seemed as though it weighed thousands of tons in his hand. Every single wave of the sword seemed extremely difficult.

It took the young man more than one year to run through this set of sword techniques once. His smart, handsome face was dripping with sweat.

“What great swordplay!” said a tall, large young man with a sharp horn growing out of the top of his head. “To think that you’ve reached such a level after one year of not seeing me.”

“Seems like if you were to go to the Meru Realm, you would probably see the fifth layer!”

The handsome young man, who didn’t seem to care about the single-horned young man’s praise, asked indifferently, “You didn’t come here just to tell me this, right?”

“Ha ha ha! You know me well, old friend. I came here to tell you that you don’t have to treat me like a rival now.”

The one-horned young man chuckled. “A very demonic fellow emerged during this Bloody Massacre Killing Arena. After killing off everyone, he was allowed to enter the Top Blood District to cultivate. According to the elimination rules, there is only one elimination spot. If we eliminate this fellow, the two of us won’t have to fight. What do you think?’

The handsome young man listened without showing any emotion. Then, he glanced at the one-horned young man and said dryly, “Although what you said makes sense, someone who is able to obtain a complete Fundamental Planetary Source definitely cannot be taken lightly.”

“I’m not belittling him. What I said is the truth. Besides, the two of us only entered the Top Blood District after 100 years of hard work. What he lacks is time!” the one-horned young man said confidently.