Supreme Uprising Chapter 10

Chapter 10


Xiong Zhenshan had been full of regret during the past two days. He was someone with a higher self-esteem than average, so whenever he met someone stronger, he would treat that person as a resource and would do anything to impress them, including sweet-talk them.

As he recalled how he had offended Luo Yunyang while he had been trying to suck up to Lian Changfeng, he felt so unbelievably miserable, that he was unable to sleep peacefully. Thus, he had pulled Lian Yubi along in an attempt to reconcile with Luo Yunyang.

He was still a teacher, so voluntarily seeking out a student to make amends was humiliating for him.

Whether he liked it or not though, an apology was still in order.

However, he hadn’t expected that Luo Yunyang would refuse to reciprocate or act this haughty.

Xiong Zhenshan was seething from the humiliation of it. Luo Yunyang had astonished him by displaying a strength of more than 1,000 kilos. However, Xiong Zhenshan had a strength of over 1,500 kilos. No, it was actually around 1,800 kilos.

In terms of strength, he was still much stronger than Luo Yunyang.

Disciplining this ignorant child wouldn’t be such a bad idea. He could teach Luo Yunyang that, even though he had the strength to back himself up, he was still a modest man. This method would work even better.

“Alright, I will take your three blows. Let’s see how much you have improved!”

The moment Xiong Zhenshan said this, all the students who had entered the school stopped in their tracks.

In most students’ eyes, head teacher Xiong Zhenshan was a colossal bear that oppressed them.

As a result, most of them had gotten a kick out of the previous day’s scandalous incident. Luo Yunyang’s new challenge to Xiong Zhenshan made many people’s eyes glow.

More than 100 students had gathered just to watch this short fight between the skilled men. A few teachers stood on the roof to watch.

As Principal Lee watched Xiong Zhenshan and Luo Yunyang face off, he mumbled to himself, “It’s a little early for him to be trading blows with Xiong Zhenshan!”

Luo Yunyang strode forward and sent a heavy punch flying at Xiong Zhenshan. His punch was a rocket of pure force.

Xiong Zhenshan had been an experienced second-class martialist for many years, so he had at least 10 ways of dealing with simple punches like this.

In this case, he could use the simplest, most intense way. He could meet the punch head-on with a punch of his own.

The two men’s fists crashed against each other.


When their fists collided, Luo Yunyang felt a huge impact hit him. His body swayed a little, while Xiong Zhenshan was forced to take three steps back after the collision.

Although three steps wasn’t a big distance, his expression turned ghastly.

His strength wasn’t as great as Luo Yunyang’s. The instant their fists met, the skin on his fist felt like it was being ripped apart.

A second-class martialist could increase their strength and tamper with their skin and flesh. Xiong Zhenshan firmly believed in his own strength.

He had thought that, at the very least, his strength would surpass his student’s, who had just become a third-class martialist.

He had never expected Luo Yunyang’s skin and flesh to be so much stronger than his.

How was that even possible?

Xiong Zhenshan was unable to digest this sort of humiliation. Luo Yunyang suddenly unleashed his second attack. This time, he soared up into the air and used the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move as he smashed downwards.

“It’s the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move! So that’s what it’s really like!”

“Everything I thought I knew was wrong. It seems like I was making a lot of mistakes.”

More and more students gathered around to watch Luo Yunyang soar high in the air. Their expressions were like a burning fire.

The previous day, Luo Yunyang had withdrawn a pile of money. The previous day, Luo Yunyang had gotten his mother a job at the bank. The previous day, Luo Yunyang

They had heard all about this stuff that made one feel jealous.

Thus, they had all instinctively turned Luo Yunyang into an idol. If they were able to catch up to him, they would be able to change the fate of their families.

They all stared intensely as he performed the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move.

“Well done!” Xiong Zhenshan shouted loudly. His fists were like snakes ready to strike. As Luo Yunyang descended and smashed downwards, Xiong Zhenshan’s fists met his blow.

Their fists came together without any mishaps. The instant Luo Yunyang and Xiong Zhenshan’s fists collided, Xiong Zhenshan felt as if his fist was a drum.

As he bent downwards, half his force dissipated and he launched a counter-attack.

The power of his counter-attack forced Luo Yunyang to take two steps back.

Meanwhile, Xiong Zhenshan only seemed to sway a little.

Xiong Zhenshan had not increased his strength. He had used the aid of a special skill, so he had not had to suffer.

“To think that Xiong Zhenshan needs to employ his Snake Fists when sparring with a little kid!” Principal Lee’s voice had a hint of sarcasm in it.

Xiong Zhenshan, who wasn’t the least bit offended, chuckled. “The new generation has surpassed the old one. Luo Yunyang’s innate talent isn’t ordinary, so he naturally cannot be treated like a normal person.”

Xiong Zhenshan’s gaze swept through the students surrounding them as he said indifferently, “Besides, I have to honor my agreement and take three blows from Luo Yunyang.”

Those words might have seemed well-intended, but Xiong Zhenshan was gnashing his teeth in fury as he uttered them.

Luo Yunyang could hear the sarcasm and admonishment in his words. As he looked at Xiong Zhenshan with pride, his mind started to whirl. He could use his strength to overwhelm Xiong Zhenshan.

This was entirely possible. If all his attribute points were added up, they would amount to 8.7 points. If his strength reached 4,000 kilos, killing Xiong Zhenshan would be as easy as toying with him.

What about this, though?

Countless possibilities flashed across Luo Yunyang’s mind. Although the Da Alliance valued outstanding martialists, if his performance was too good, he would attract the attention of people with other intentions.

Luo Yunyang did not want to become a lab rat.

As he thought about this, he came up with an idea. If his Power was no good, then he would adjust his Speed.

His Power didn’t change, but his Speed was set at 4.7, his Mind Attribute was cut in half and his Constitution was set at zero.

As soon as Luo Yunyang completed these adjustments, he sent another punch towards the haughty-looking Xiong Zhenshan.

As he threw that punch, Xiong Zhenshan was still preparing to use his Snake Fists. He had been brandishing his fists, but he didn’t have the time to employ that method of dissipating force. Luo Yunyang’s fist had already bypassed his own and sent him flying.


Xiong Zhenshan was like a huge bear flying through the air and smashing face-first into the ground.

“Luo Yunyang, you…” Xiong Zhenshan struggled, yet he could not stand up.

Principal Lee hurried over to his side. He had mixed feelings when he saw Xiong Zhenshan’s deformed hands and the cavity in his chest. When Luo Yunyang took action, he was truly ruthless.

Xiong Zhenshan would have to spend at least six months lying in bed.

“Student Yunyang! There are lines you just cannot cross! You have to act appropriately, even when you are exchanging pointers. Luckily, head teacher Xiong only broke his arms and a few ribs this time. If it had been any other student in his place, they might have been handicapped permanently!” Principal Lee scolded Luo Yunyang. However, the onlookers could hear a tinge of mockery in his tone.

Xiong Zhenshan was so angry, that he had difficulty breathing. Principal Lee was clearly taking delight in his misfortune and f*cking preaching about it. Did he think that Xiong Zhenshan couldn’t hear him?

Xiong Zhenshan was burning with rage on the inside, but all he could do was clench his teeth. Despite his rage, he felt an even stronger sense of dread.

That blow had been too quick.

Martialists needed to have quick eyes and deft hands. Xiong Zhenshan was considered experienced in this aspect.

He had worked really hard on this for years.

However, while he and Luo Yunyang had been exchanging pointers, he had finally understood what quick eyes and deft hands really meant.

“This matter ends here, Luo Yunyang. We are even!” Xiong Zhenshan’s voice trembled as if he was begging.

Luo Yunyang had felt a strange sensation when he had thrown that punch. Although his strength hadn’t been amplified during the attack, his force had increased and made him feel invincible.

All thanks to his Power and Speed.

The instant Luo Yunyang had noticed that strange sensation, he had felt as if he had grasped something he couldn’t understand.

He had immediately felt anxious, but then he’d realized that his Mind Attribute wasn’t high enough, so he couldn’t comprehend what had happened. He raised his Mind Attribute to 8.0 right away.

Now, it was eight times stronger.

Luo Yunyang didn’t know how high an ordinary person’s Mind Attribute was, but when his was eight times higher, his thoughts were incomparably clear and his perception of his surroundings was really concise.

All the thoughts he had not completed earlier were now clear as a day in his head.

Five minutes later, Luo Yunyang opened his eyes. Instead of looking around him, he immediately performed the 12 Styles of Body Forging he had been practising for years.

The 12 Styles of Body Forging were very simple, and Luo Yunyang had already been training at them for three years, so he was extremely proficient at them.

The other students were just as proficient at them as he was.

At the beginning, Luo Yunyang’s figure was still visible. However, as his movements became faster and faster, the other students saw his silhouette become multiple silhouettes.

Strike! Retract!

A smile appeared on Luo Yunyang’s face.

“Thank you for your guidance, Teacher Xiong. The matter has been settled!” Luo Yunyang nodded at Xiong Zhenshang with a smile.

While he had been performing the 12 Styles of Body Forging, he had increased his Speed Attribute considerably. Thanks to his increased speed, he had added other variations to the set of ordinary fighting techniques.

The standards of the fighting techniques had actually improved.

It was a pity that his agility and other traits had not improved.

“Alright, alright. Let’s leave it at that. Principal Lee, arrange for someone to take me home. I need to get some rest.”

A smile appeared on Xiong Zhenshan’s face. He looked as if he had heaved a huge sigh of relief that had gotten rid of his worries.

“While you were practising those moves, Lian Yubi got scared and ran away. We were too absorbed in watching you to stop him.” Shen Yulang walked over to Luo Yunyang’s side and huffed angrily.

Luo Yunyang laughed. “It’s alright. There will be a time for that later!”

Two days later, when Zhu Yan saw Luo Yunyang again, his eyes were glowing. His main goal was to finish his job in these two days. He simply did not care about the changes that had happened in Donglu Town.

As his gaze landed on Luo Yunyang, he sensed that the young man before him had undergone an immense transformation.

Even though his face remained the same, when Luo Yunyang stood before him, he seemed as majestic as a dragon.

“You have started cultivating the Tail-Swaying Storm Dragon!” Zhu Yan exclaimed with certainty.

“Yes, Big Brother Zhu!”

Zhu Yan nodded and patted Luo Yunyang on the shoulders. Laughing, he told Luo Yunyang, “At first, I thought that you would be able to become a reserve member of the Rising Dragon Army, but now it looks like you could try to join the Rising Dragon Army Elite Class. Come on! Let’s head out!”