Supreme Uprising Chapter 100

Chapter 100


Qin Wanqing, Zhu Yan, Lu Tiefeng and the others were all stupefied. Their faces were full of disbelief as they stared at Luo Yunyang, who was right in front of them.

How was this possible?

Practically the moment that this thought popped in their minds, everyone rushed over to Luo Yunyang.

“Ha ha ha! I knew that you hadn’t died!” Zhu Yan smiled wide as tears of joy flooded his eyes.

Luo Yunyang and Zhu Yan grabbed each other’s hands. Words were not necessary to express how they felt.

“Didn’t you fall into that mechanism? What happened?” Cui Shengdao asked, maintaining the cool-headedness of an officer.

Luo Yunyang smiled. “The mechanism was connected to this place. I have been waiting over here for quite some time.”

Luo Yunyang had decided that he wouldn’t reveal the truth about Zulong’s Tomb. The items he had acquired from Chi Hen were just too important to him.

Although he wasn’t a selfish person, he knew that as soon as he started something, a lot of things would be out of his control.

“I will no longer curse the despicable gods! Come on! Let’s go back and have a drink!” Xiong Ben said, patting Luo Yunyang on the shoulders.

“We are heading back for a drink!” Lu Tiefeng, who walked next to Luo Yunyang, gave him a playful punch.

“Yeah, let’s get a drink!” Zhang Hu shouted, punching Luo Yunyang on the shoulders.

Each and every soldier, including Cui Shengdao, walked over to Luo Yunyang and talked about having a drink when they returned.

These boorish, crude-looking men were clearly expressing their most private, sincere thoughts. They only invited out for drinks people whose abilities they acknowledged.

“Let’s head back for some tea!” Qin Wanqing muttered quietly as she walked next to Luo Yunyang.

Her words caused a chorus of hooting laughter to break out.

Professor Qin chuckled as he added, “Don’t forget to come over to my place for a meal, kid!”

Luo Yunyang was speechless. Even though Professor Qin was gazing at him as if he was his son-in-law, he hadn’t said anything clearer. This was just an invitation to a meal, so Luo Yunyang nodded his head. “Thank you, Professor Qin.”

The party went on its way once again. This time, the atmosphere was much more lively. Although there had been some casualties during the operation, being able to walk out alive was a very unexpected outcome.

“Beware of the Sangu Research Center!” Qin Wanqing said in a very serious tone as she walked up to Luo Yunyang.

Although Mu Xinghe’s death and Mr. Li’s disappearance didn’t seem to be related to Luo Yunyang and he didn’t know exactly what sort of place the Sangu Research Center was, it would definitely not let this matter go easily.

“You Aren’t you working for the Sangu Research Center?” Luo Yunyang had always assumed that Qin Wanqing was a Sangu Research Center employee.

“Although I am a researcher, I do not work for the Sangu Research Center.” Qin Wanqing bit her lip lightly before she added, “Back before Father disappeared, Mu Xinghe had some dealings with him, so he came looking for me. Although I knew that he was conspiring about something, I only cared about rescuing my father.”

Two hours later, Chang’an City came into view.

The steel fort-like city made everyone feel relieved. When Luo Yunyang saw Chang’an, he felt his entire body relax.

“Welcome back, Professor Qin!” A group of people in suits had already gotten in formation to welcome them. The fair plump man standing among them was the consul of Chang’an City.

Although he didn’t have absolute authority, he was a person whose word held an enormous weight in the city.

The fact that such an influential person had come to welcome Professor Qin personally showed what an important figure he was.

“You all need to cooperate with us on some certain matters. Please follow me to the Sangu Research Center!” a man in total black attire ordered as he walked up to Luo Yunyang and the others.

To the Sangu Research Center?

As Luo Yunyang watched the proud man, a thought sprang to his mind. He didn’t want to go to the Sangu Research Center, as he didn’t know what was going on there.

Luo Yunyang scanned the man from head to toe before he replied, “Get lost!”

These words, as well as the self-confident manner in which Luo Yunyang had said them, made everyone exchanging pleasantries around them, including Professor Qin, turn to face him.

The tall proud man in the black suit had never expected to be treated this way.

The Sangu Research Center controlled a large portion of medicine manufacturing, so even the finest financial groups lowered their heads when dealing with its representatives.

How dare that young man actually talk to him that way?

“How dare he act so rebellious? Capture this little thief!” As he spoke, he gestured with his hands. “I suspect that he has stolen the Sangu Research Center’s secret documents.”

The man had barely finished speaking, when more than 10 men in suits surrounded Luo Yunyang from all directions.

Every single one of them was as strong as a grade-one martialist.

Lu Tiefeng and the other soldiers close to Luo Yunyang quickly assumed a fighting stance, and other people, such as Cui Shengdao, who had been friendly with Luo Yunyang, immediately started to walk over.

“Take them all back to the Rising Dragon Army. I suspect that they have stolen Alliance secrets with help from source beasts!” A domineering voice was heard before the Flame Emperor appeared in full uniform.

Luo Yunyang almost laughed when he heard his words. Help from source beasts? This was the first time he had heard of such a crime.

The black-clothed cocky fellow trembled slightly when he was confronted by the Flame Emperor. Although he enjoyed a high status at the Sangu Research Center, he couldn’t compare to a military commander like the Flame Emperor.

How could he be suppressed with such a ridiculous excuse? If that was the case, his future prospects at the research center would be bleak.

“Your highness, are you intentionally trying to make an enemy out of the Sangu Research Center?”

The man specifically emphasized the words “Sangu Research Center” when he spoke as a warning to the Flame Emperor.

The Flame Emperor chuckled and beamed at the cold, arrogant man before waving his sleeves around. Over 10 Rising Dragon Army soldiers following him immediately rushed over to the black-clothed man.

“Don’t you care about this matter, sir?” the black-clothed man wailed loudly at the consul, who was chatting with Professor Qin, as he looked at the soldiers rushing over at him.

As the consul of Chang’an City, Ji Yuanbo handled way too many thorny issues in his line of work. While the black-clothed man howled, he acted like he didn’t hear anything and kept chatting with Professor Qin.

Everyone else pretended not to hear anything either and went about their own business.

The black-clothed man, who was restrained by two grade-two martial masters, was taken away obediently along with his subordinates.