Supreme Uprising Chapter 1002

Chapter 1002 Closing In Step By Step

Chapter 1002: Closing In Step By Step
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Trash! A Mysterious Underworld martialist in golden robes slammed his palms on the table.

The table, which was made of Moonlit Sacred Stone, was shattered immediately while the Mysterious Underworld martialists standing around watched their master furiously.

They knew their master very well and thus knew it would be a huge disaster for them and others if their master got angry.

However, they had no solution to calm their masters anger.

Even though we encountered an ambush from the Human Race in Burial Underworld Earth, it was just because the six underworld halls did not set up a good defense. How abominable of them to push all the blame on Ancient Underworld Hall and the Ancient Underworld Hall Master!

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master is outrageous!

Complaints started to spew from the mouth of the golden-robed Mysterious Underworld powerhouse. He was almost hysterical!

Tell me, what purpose does the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master have for doing this? The golden-robed powerhouse grabbed hold of a Mysterious Underworld martialist in blue armor and questioned him in a flustered manner.

Although the blue-armored Mysterious Underworld martialists cultivation base was nearly at the Heavenly Venerate level, it was impossible for him to resist the power of a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate.

My Lord, I do not know! the blue-armored Mysterious Underworld martialist said after recalling the news that filled the front pages of the Endless Underworld.

You dont know? What use do you have if you dont even know this? The golden-robed powerhouse roared while the Mysterious Underworld martialist he was grabbing put up no resistance before he was turned into dust and dissipated in the void.

Following the death of the blue-armored Mysterious Underworld martialist, the other martialists on duty looked increasingly worried as fear crept into their eyes.

All of you, tell me, what sort of situation is this? the golden-robed powerhouse asked again as he turned towards another Mysterious Underworld martialist.

This Mysterious Underworld martialist wasnt stupid. After seeing his companion get killed, he answered with great composure even though he was absolutely terrified. My Lord, I think Sky Martial Underworld Hall is ruining the reputation of Ancient Underworld Hall. Especially the Hall Masters reputation!

The martialist inhaled sharply after saying that, as he realized that his lords expression showed that he was satisfied with the answer.

Then tell me, what should I do? the golden-robed man asked again before he could relax completely.

What should he do? This Mysterious Underworld martialist had never given this any thought. However, he knew what would happen if he couldnt come up with an answer so he dared not keep silent.

Thus, after hesitating for a moment, he proclaimed, We should also defame Sky Martial Underworld Hall in the Endless Underworld and push the blame for all the mistakes made over this matter on Sky Martial Underworld Hall.

The Mysterious Underworld martialist came up with this idea by using his quick wits. As soon as he said that, he felt that his plan was feasible and was pleased with himself.


However, he shattered instantly at that moment. The man in the golden robes shouted angrily, Fool! Would I even need to ask you if this idea could work? Even a stupid martialist would put the blame on Ancient Underworld Hall after this incident.

It would hurt our reputation if we insisted on blaming Sky Martial Underworld Hall, which might even make the entire thing worse. You piece of trash, you dont even use your brain!

After the death of the two Mysterious Underworld martialists, the rest of the Mysterious Underworld martialists began to shiver as they racked their brains desperately. However, they realized that they had no way of saving their own lives under the circumstances.

My Lord, please spare our lives! A martialist on guard couldnt help but kneel down and plead.

However, his actions were met with a direct blow from the man in the golden robes, who killed him instantly.

Spare your lives? Am I really that cruel? The raspy voice was slightly deranged.

Do the rest of you also want me to spare your lives? The man in the golden robes turned to look at the rest of the Mysterious Underworld martialists.

The rest of the martialists dared not speak out rashly, as they had realized that they would very likely be killed if they opened their mouths.

Do you think I dont know what all of you are thinking if you keep silent? Let me tell you something. Our ancestor shares the same roots as Jiuzi Xuanming. Even if there is a problem in Ancient Underworld Hall, no one in the Mysterious Underworld Race would dare oppose Jiuzi Xuanming. Our Iron Wood Family will last for all eternity!

While listening to the words of their lord, these Mysterious Underworld powerhouses knelt on the ground one by one and shouted, The Iron Wood Family will last for all eternity!

Nalanye can only remain arrogant for the time being. Once Lord Jiuzi Xuanming advances into the Yuan Venerate level, Ill see if he still remains cocky! Does he think that he can do whatever he wants after succeeding the inheritance of an Underworld Lord?

The powerhouse in the golden robes became increasingly agitated as he spoke. So agitated that he seemed deranged.

He wasnt just closely related to Jiuzi Xuanming. He was also a true disciple of Ancient Underworld Hall. Hence, he paid a lot of attention to this matter, which threatened their status.

Ha ha! I think I just heard someone mention my name! At the same moment, a voice was heard in the hall.

This voice contained clear provocation.

The man in the golden robes froze upon hearing the voice before fuming.

Somebody had entered his palace without reporting to him. This was considered an offense both to him and his Iron Wood Family.

Someone had actually provoked him while he was pissed. This made him slightly happy, as he wanted to vent.

Hence, he immediately scoffed and responded, Your name? How shameless! Who would utter your filthy name in my elegant palace?

After saying that, he was about to order his subordinates to take down the uninvited guest. However, before he could react, the gate of the hall was smashed open all of a sudden.

Dozens of Sky Martial Underworld Hall martialists in black robes who were exuding a murderous aura streamed in.

All these people were at least fourth-level Heavenly Venerates and were all capable of commanding a region if they were placed in a Mysterious Underworld Great Cosmos.

However, they were standing there and forming two neat lines at the side.

A purple-scaled Mysterious Underworld Being in black robes came strolling in. His face was calm and a faint grin could be seen on it.

The head of the Iron Wood Family stiffened upon seeing this person. Although it was the first time he was meeting this person, there seemed to be a sense of familiarity about him.

Nalanye! The guy who had snatched away the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord from his familys pride, Jiuzi Xuanming.

Although he hated this person very much, he also understood that his status was very inferior to his.

What are you doing here? He immediately thought of Jiuzi Xuanming, who had been a pillar of his family and didnt show Luo Yunyang the courtesy he deserved.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the head of the Iron Wood Family and sneered. Even though the head of the Iron Wood Family was only a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate, his status wasnt lower than an ordinary Yuan Venerates status.

How rude of you! Beat him up! Luo Yunyang ignored the head of the Iron Wood Family and ordered the martialists standing behind him.

A martialist standing behind Luo Yunyang flew towards the head of the Iron Wood Family when he heard Luo Yunyangs command and slapped the head of the Iron Wood Family tightly.

The head of the Iron Wood Family was a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate so he would not give in easily. However, as he attempted to dodge, he realized with shock that his entire body was frozen in place.

This sent a chill down his spine.

While he was horrified by his situation, the slap struck his face.

You How dare you hit me! My uncle master will not spare you, you the head of the Iron Wood Family said resentfully.

Keep slapping him! How dare you openly threaten a hall master? This is blatant disrespect to the entire Sky Martial Underworld Hall! Luo Yunyang barked out his orders.

Although the martialist did not slap the man with his full strength, he still inflicted a lot of injuries, as the head of the Iron Wood Family had difficulty conjuring the energy in his body to protect himself.

He glared at Luo Yunyang angrily but eventually didnt dare speak anymore.

Deputy Hall Master Nalanye, Im from the Iron Wood Family, a distinguished family in the entire Mysterious Underworld Race. Your wanton actions against me are a provocation to the entire Ancient Underworld Hall. The head of the Iron Wood Family took a deep breath before speaking.

After learning his lesson, he didnt dare dig his own grave again, even though he was livid.

Of course, I dare not provoke the Ancient Underworld Hall Master. But you, Tie Muyun, arent at his level. I suspect that you are colluding with the Human Race. The incident in Burial Underworld Earth must have had something to do with you. Luo Yunyang drummed his fingers on the stone console table in front of him and said, Tell me, how did you collude with the human spies?

The head of the Iron Wood Family was stunned. He really had no connection with the Human Race. He replied bitterly while glaring at Luo Yunyang, This is pure slander. The Iron Wood Family has no connection to the Human Race.

While he wanted to continue defending himself, someone reported, Deputy Hall Master, we found 3,000 humans in the back of the Iron Wood Familys base after investigating.

Tie Muyun was anxious when he heard the report. These humans are food that we bred in captivity. They They are food!