Supreme Uprising Chapter 1005

Chapter 1005 Living Things Are Like Ants In The Face Of Great Power

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Ancient Underworld Hall was situated above the nine skies and was the strongest force in the entire Mysterious Underworld Race. Like the Hong Meng Sacred Hall of the Human Race, Ancient Underworld Hall also cultivated geniuses.

However, compared to the elite training in Hong Meng Sacred Hall, Ancient Underworld Hall was more relaxed when it came to training their disciples.

Of course, it was much more dangerous inside.

Thus, in addition to the fact that Ancient Underworld Hall was located above the nine skies, it also possessed an underworld mountain that had a radius of millions of miles.

Because Ancient Underworld Hall wasnt a place that the average person could enter, many Mysterious Underworld martialists treated this place as sacred land.

Naturally, all the disciples of Ancient Underworld Hall were also proud people. They did not even think that ordinary Mysterious Underworld martialists were worthy of their concern.

Damn it, its our turn to guard the gate again. Next time, I have to try my best to break into the top 200!

A good-looking Mysterious Underworld man lamented on the path to the huge mountain.

His companion, a man with pale golden scales all over him, scoffed and replied sarcastically, Junior brother, didnt you already make up your mind to do so the last time you guarded this mountain gate? Is there any point in saying it again now?

The handsome disciple huffed. Senior brother, I was 50 positions away from the top 200 the last time I said it. This time, Im already 30 positions from the top 200. Although I havent reached my goal, at least I am gradually progressing! I believe anything is possible as long as I work hard. Senior brother, you just wait and see!

Good, good. Junior brother, since you have made such progress, I have nothing to say to you as a Senior brother. I can only wish you a bright future.

The man with the pale golden scales lowered his tone and said, Junior brother, have you heard the news? Several core senior brothers have all sent out bounties.

The handsome Mysterious Underworld Being was shocked. Although he couldnt say that he was well-informed, he wasnt totally shut out from getting any news. He would definitely know as long as the news was about Ancient Underworld Hall.

However, he was actually unaware of the news about the few core senior brothers that he had always been extremely concerned about.

This was simply an extraordinary humiliation to him.

Senior brother, what is this bounty? How can I not know about it? the junior brother asked.

You are really ignorant and ill-informed. How can you survive on the Sky Underworld Mountain if you dont even know such things?

As soon as he said that, he added proudly, The reward is called Punishable Death! Its a bounty for killing the Mysterious Underworld martialists who cultivated the God Sky Conversion Technique!

The standard unit for the bounty is a first-level Universe-Grade martialist, and all the people who obtain the bounty can exchange the treasures provided by several core disciples according to the number of standard units they obtained.

Among the rewards is even one that grants an opportunity for senior disciples to fight once for you.

It was not easy to make a few core disciples fight on ones behalf, even for a single instance.

However, ordinary disciples would benefit from it greatly if they could ask the core disciples to fight on their behalf.

Those senior brothers are so brave for daring to be enemies with that demon. They are really role models, the handsome Mysterious Underworld being said excitedly, I intended to kill such opportunistic people in the first place. Since those senior brothers have taken the lead, how can I retreat?

When the task of guarding the mountain gate is completed, I shall return to my familys territory and kill anyone who cultivated the God Sky Conversion Technique.

While the two of them were chatting, they saw a figure coming from a distance.

It was a Mysterious Underworld martialist. Although his cultivation wasnt weak, the two of them did not care about him at all. They were disciples of Ancient Underworld Hall, so they naturally had confidence that exceeded the confidence of ordinary beings.

This kind of confidence allowed them to disregard strong opponents when facing them.

Stop, this is Ancient Underworld Hall. Do you have a written invitation? the handsome man said proudly.

The person stopped in his tracks when he heard the command. However, this being, who seemed like he was only at the seventh-level Universe-Grade, did not smile nervously because the two guards were familiar with this. Instead, he smiled sardonically at the two guards.

Firstly, I dont have a written invitation. Secondly, I dont have anyone to visit. Thirdly, Im not here to learn anything.

This arrogance made the two men guarding the gate fly into a rage. This was the first time they had met such an arrogant person ever since they had been guarding the gate.

Even Yuan Venerates had to smile at them when they were here.

Ha ha I really cant tell whether you have some connections here. Come on, let me know where you are from.

It was the handsome man who spoke. He was a proud person to begin with, so he behaved more surly and unreasonably towards this person, who had dared to put on a pretense in front of Ancient Underworld Hall.

Listen up, I am Yuwen Wujiang, a war commander under the command of Lord Nalanye, the Deputy Hall Master of Sky Martial Underworld Hall. There is only one reason Ive come here this time, and that is to capture Fengxuan Tianze. This is the document issued by Sky Martial Underworld Hall.

As soon as he said that, Yuwen Wujiang took out the document.

The handsome Mysterious Underworld Being was shocked to hear what Yuwen Wujiang had said. He had just mentioned that he wanted to teach those who cultivated the God Sky Conversion Technique a lesson. He had never expected that Nalanyes subordinate would arrive so soon!

After some slight hesitation, he was able to see clearly the contents written neatly on the document made by black Mysterious Paper. He was seeking the arrest of Fengxuan Tianze.

Fengxuan Tianze was no ordinary person. He ranked fifth among this generation of disciples nurtured by Ancient Underworld Hall.

Although this ranking wasnt too high, it still implied that Fengxuan Tianze was destined to have the opportunity to become a supreme existence in their underworld hall.

Alright, Ill report this matter! the man with the pale golden scales said with a hint of fury in his tone.

Yuwen Wujiang glanced at the two men and said icily, Dont be unconvinced. Fengxuan Tianze colluded with the Human Race, so he deserves it. The reason my Lord didnt come over to capture him and sent me instead is because he is showing respect to Ancient Underworld Hall.

Do not even think that Ancient Underworld Hall is all that great. You will still die if you collude with the Human Race!

You Youre uttering nonsense! Ancient Underworld Hall will not take this lying down! After saying that, the disciple quickly used his identity in the Endless Underworld to send a message.

Sky Martial Underworld Hall sent a man to Ancient Underworld Hall, asking us to hand over Brother Fengxuan Tianxuan. This is pushing things too far! The person in question is outside the gate now!

Although the underworld mountain that Ancient Underworld Hall sat on was massive, it would only take mere moments for the martialists in Ancient Underworld Hall to arrive from the places where they trained.

Sky Martial Underworld Hall is pushing others to the extreme! someone said rather frantically when he saw the message. Then, he reappeared instantly at the gate of the mountain.

Many more martialists simply gave up their own cultivation session and rushed towards the gate of the mountain with their weapons.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of disciples from Ancient Underworld Hall had gathered outside the gate of the mountain. All of them glared ferociously at Yuwen Wujiang.

Yuwen Wujiang stared back at the Ancient Underworld Hall martialists fearlessly and said provocatively, as if he was looking down on them, Whats the matter? Do you want to eat me alive?

Ha ha Not that I look down on you, but you are either soft weaklings or unintelligent fools that dont have any guts. If you really have the guts, then come on. Swing your swords at me!

He pointed his finger to his neck while saying that.

The provocation was really too much. It could be said that the disciples of Ancient Underworld Hall were already very angry with the disciples of Sky Martial Underworld Hall. However, Sky Martial Underworld Hall had now come knocking at their doors, which made them extremely furious.

Yuwen Wujiang snickered as he watched the scene. Dont you dare? I knew you guys wouldnt dare. Ha ha ha What else is Ancient Underworld Hall good for other than colluding with the Human Race? You are a bunch of cowards!

Some people, who couldnt stand the defiant Yuwen Wujiang, shouted angrily, Damn you, you lackey of Sky Martial Underworld Hall! Die!

A tall Mysterious Underworld Being rushed forward after yelling.

Yuwen Wujiang chuckled as he said, Bring it on. Here, Im right here. Youre such a hero, so just come at me. I definitely will not dodge if you dare to cut my neck. Let me tell you something. If I even so much as twitch, then I will quit my position as a disciple of Sky Martial Underworld Hall.

The tall Mysterious Underworld Being had a horrible temperament. Hence, his face flushed red immediately when he heard that.

Almost without any hesitation, he swung the ax in his hands toward Yuwen Wujiang.

Initially, Yuwen Wujiang really had no intention of dodging. However, he was shocked as the massive ax approached.

Ten thousand miles away, on a huge mountain, Luo Yunyang was gazing in the direction of the underworld mountain where Ancient Underworld Hall was situated. Standing beside him quietly was Ouyang Tengfei.

He had been greatly awed by this temperamental Mysterious Underworld powerhouse. Hence, he did not dare to speak even though he had doubts in his heart.

Are you sure it will be difficult for him to return? Luo Yunyangs eyes rested on Ouyang Tengfei.

Although Luo Yunyang did not say who the person was, Ouyang Tengfei knew who he was referring to, so he replied heavily, I am very sure of my hunch.

Mmm! Luo Yunyang nodded and did not speak again.

At the same time, a Mysterious Underworld powerhouse came forward hurriedly. Deputy Hall Master, Yuwen Wujiangs life tablet has has just shattered right outside the gate of Supreme Underworld Hall!

The words of the Mysterious Underworld powerhouse immediately caused Luo Yunyangs eyes to light up as he shouted, Lets go to Ancient Underworld Hall and seek justice for Yuwen Wujiang!