Supreme Uprising Chapter 1006

Chapter 1006 Great Battle Unfolding

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Dugu Qingyun was seated in his hall, quietly reading the manuscript of the elders of his sect. Given his cultivation base, there werent many things that could interest him anymore.

Of course, the manuscripts on cultivation techniques the elders of his sect had created were of vital importance to him.

As a Yuan Venerate, Dugu Qingyun already had a significant status in the sect. Besides, he was currently guarding a location of Ancient Underworld Hall that was only second to the palace hall floating in the nine skies.

Although he was viewing the manuscript carefully, his mind was not on the precious manuscript.

Sky Martial Underworld Hall had actually sent a lackey to arrest a core disciple of Ancient Underworld Hall.

What sort of rationale was this? It was simply outrageous!

Who was Fengxuan Tianze? He was one of Dugu Qingyuns most valued disciples. Dugu Qingyun actually believed that Fengxuan Tianze had infinite potential.

In addition, Fengxuan Tianzes ancestors had a long relationship with Dugu Qingyun. Thus, he was practically a disciple of Dugu Qingyun.

This time, he could not submit to their demands at any cost!

He would never hand over Fengxun Tianze even if Nalanye came personally, let alone now that an ordinary disciple from Sky Martial Underworld Hall had come.

Nalanye Dugu Qingyun was furious the moment he thought of that wretched name.

If the Ancient Underworld Hall Master hadnt made a grave mistake this time, how could he have allowed a junior like Nalanye to act so arrogantly?

Not good. My lord, this is not good! An anxious voice spoke as Dugu Qingyun looked over sternly.

He hated to hear people telling him that things were bad.

He was even more unwilling to hear these words. After all, it wasnt like Dugu Qingyun wasnt good.

He would surely replace this ignorant junior after a few days in case this fool became a disgrace.

Is the sky falling? Why the heck are you so flustered? Dugu Qingyun reprimanded him.

That Mysterious Underworld martialist soon realized his recklessness after hearing what Dugu Qingyun had said and knew he had made a huge blunder. His Lord hated it when people spoke in that manner, as it sounded like he was cursing at his Lord.

He tried to stay calm as he stammered, My Lord, something big has happened. Please go and have a look.

Ill shoulder it even if its something grave. Why the heck do you need to be so flustered? Speak, what exactly has happened? Dugu Qingyun asked faintly.

Yuwen Wujiang was killed! the subordinate reported hurriedly.

If hes dead, so be it! Dugu Qingyun said causally. However, the words Yuwen Wujiang struck him, as this name seemed somewhat familiar.

Who is Yuwen Wujiang? Dugu Qingyun asked.

My Lord, Yuwen Wujiang was sent by Sky Marital Underworld Hall that day to arrest Junior Brother Fengxuan Tianze, the subordinate answered.

Dugu Qingyun suddenly stood up, as he had finally recalled who Yuwen Wujiang was. A sense of urgency struck him, and he could not sit still despite his usually composed demeanor!

In the past, killing a disciple of Sky Martial Underworld Hall had not been a big deal. He could even have solved this matter with just an order.

However, he now felt like a mess deep down.

Sky Martial Underworld Hall was rather aggressive towards Ancient Underworld Hall, and Yuwen Wujian hadnt come because of a personal grievance.

He had come to arrest spies. He was there for the sake of the entire Mysterious Underworld Race! It would definitely be a thorny issue if Yuwen Wujiang had been killed by fellow disciples of his sect.

Who killed Yuwen Wujiang and why? Dugu Qingyun asked.

It It was Junior Brother Yekuang. Yuwen Wujiangs words were really offensive, so Junior Brother Yekuang got angry and killed him, the man who had come to report the matter said helplessly.

Dugu Qingyun knew Junior Brother Yekuang. The only person in Ancient Underworld Hall that went by that name was Dugu Yekuang, a martialist equivalent to a grandchild of his.

Dugu Qingyun had nine sons, but these nine sons were not very successful. The brightest one was only a seventh-level Heavenly Venerate.

However, just as Dugu Qingyun had been utterly disappointed with his children and grandchildren, Dugu Yekuang had been born. Although he wasnt considered a generational genius, he could still possibly be nurtured into a Yuan Venerate.

Thus, he had naturally been adored by Dugu Qingyun. It could be said that Dugu Yekuang was the most unscrupulous person in the whole sect.

He had never expected that Dugu Yekuang would kill a Sky Martial Underworld Hall messenger. The aftermath of this incident would be unimaginable.

Send my orders to everyone. No one is allowed to spread this matter, or Ill kill them without pardon! The first thought that came to Dugu Qingyun was to prevent the news from leaking and making it seem like nothing had happened.

However, as soon as this order was issued, his spirit consciousness sensed a burning intent to kill coming from the nine skies.

This murderous intent made Dugu Qingyuns heart tremble instinctively. He knew that it was no longer the time for him to make arbitrary arrangements. Hence, he immediately rushed to the outside of the mountain gate.

Who is so impudent as to dare run wild in Ancient Underworld Hall? Dugu Qingyun was not an ordinary person. He clearly knew that he needed to grab hold of this opportunity and be the first to push the blame on the other party regardless of what the situation was.

However, the reply that came was the sight of hundreds of disciples flying towards Dugu Qingyun like fallen leaves swept away by the wind.

Although the injuries of these disciples were not serious enough to kill them, their helplessness in this situation had brought down the reputation of the entire sect.

Dugu Qingyun was feeling uncomfortable as he glanced at Nalanye, who seemed like he had brought his wrath from the nine skies. However, after taking a deep breath, Dugu Qingyun managed to suppress the urge to take action.

Nalanye, this is Ancient Underworld Hall! Dugu Qingyun reprimanded him.

I sent a disciple over to bring the letter of demand because I knew this was Ancient Underworld Hall. I still showed the respect that Ancient Underworld Hall deserved.

Now, it seems that I was very wrong! I overestimated the basic ethics that you should have! Luo Yunyang lamented bitterly. It is my fault that this innocent disciple representing Sky Martial Underworld Hall lost his life.

Today, Ancient Underworld Hall must give me and Sky Martial Underworld Hall an explanation.

Dugu Qingyun was also an elite, seasoned Yuan Demon. Thus, he began to think about the situation as he spoke to Luo Yunyang.

After hearing Luo Yunyangs impassioned remarks, he smiled faintly. Deputy Hall Master Nalanye, it seems like what you said contains some truth.

However, youre forgetting something. Ancient Underworld Hall leads the six underworld halls. Anyone who insults the dignity of Ancient Underworld Hall will die!

In the past, Ancient Underworld Hall regarded those who violated it as their sects provocation to Ancient Underworld Hall.

Not only would these people die, but their entire sects would also be held accountable by Ancient Underworld Hall.

Dugu Qingyun spoke after some hesitation. He sounded threatening, but he actually didnt have the ability to threaten.

Luo Yunyang felt heartfelt gratitude for Dugu Qingyun as he listened to his words in front of a large number of disciples and subordinates standing behind him. This guy really had an extraordinary tacit understanding with him and was coordinating very well with his plans.

Although Luo Yunyang acted as if he couldnt wait to devour Dugu Qingyun on the surface, he actually felt very close to Dugu Qingyun.

Dugu Qingyun, is this your answer? How imperious! However, I wont accept this explanation of yours. The same goes for Sky Martial Underworld Hall. You can also ask the disciples of Sky Martial Underworld Hall behind me if they will accept it or not!

Were any of the martialists from Sky Martial Underworld Hall that followed Luo Yunyang not proud and arrogant? In addition, their underworld halls domineering presence these days had made them an extremely prideful bunch.

They wouldnt bow their heads in submission, let alone allow Ancient Underworld Hall to kill a member of Sky Martial Underworld Hall without reason.

Yuwen Wujiang had good friends in Sky Martial Underworld Hall. Thus, when Luo Yunyang spoke out, someone immediately followed up by saying, No, Deputy Hall Master, we will not.

The murderer must pay with his life! This matter will not end if Ancient Underworld Hall does not hand over the murderer.

Yes, we cant let this matter rest like this. Ancient Underworld Hall killed a disciple on a mission. There might be other issues, so we must investigate!

A public outcry ensued momentarily.

The disciples of Ancient Underworld Hall were already furious at the disciples of Sky Martial Underworld Hall these days. According to the ranking and strength of all the underworld halls, Ancient Underworld Hall was definitely the overlord.

However, Ancient Underworld Hall was currently being suppressed by Sky Martial Underworld Hall. Not only had it lost its previous position, but Sky Marital Underworld Hall had even sent a nobody to arrest a core disciple of Ancient Underworld Hall.

This utterly humiliated Ancient Underworld Hall, not to mention the unbearable provocation of Yuwen Wujiang coming.

A young Mysterious Underworld being standing in the crowd was staring at the scene.

He was Fengxuan Tianze, who was fifth in rank among Ancient Underworld Hall and could be considered someone significant. However, he currently felt a huge sense of danger.

The reason he felt this way was not because Yuwen Wujiang had been killed but because Yuwen Wujiang had brought an order upon coming.

He did not have any contact with the Human Race, but if Ancient Underworld Hall agreed to surrender him to cooperate with Sky Martial Underworld Halls investigation, then it would be a crisis with unpredictable consequences for him.

It would be a life-threatening crisis.

As the saying went, every man for himself. He saw a glimmer of hope that could allow him to survive the crisis while Nalanye was aggressively pressuring Dugu Qingyun.

Therefore, after a lot of deliberation, he made a decision. However, when he made this decision, he felt as though someone was watching him.

He just couldnt care less anymore!