Supreme Uprising Chapter 1007

Chapter 1007 Sudden Erupting Violence

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Sky Martial Underworld Hall is too much. We will surely destroy our years of prestige if we submit to this humiliation. Everyone, kill them! A crazy roar erupted.

At this encouragement, countless people cheered almost at the same time. Sky Martial Underworld Hall is too much. Lets kill these bullies from Sky Martial Underworld Hall.

Slay Nalanye and let Sky Martial Underworld Hall remember clearly that the prestige of Ancient Underworld Hall is inviolable!

Kill Nalanye, kill Nalanye!

The crazy bellow of the crowd echoed, resounding through the sky.

Ouyang Tengfei felt like he was going to explode as the bellow struck fear into many peoples hearts.

He instinctively looked at Nalanye. He was thinking about what he had told Nalanye. It would have definitely caused a serious conflict that wasnt easy to end if they came to Ancient Underworld Hall.

Now, what Ouyang Tengfei said had really come true, but why did Nalanye not show the slightest hint of panic on his face? Was he well-prepared already or

As Ouyang Tengfei thought incessantly to himself, he felt the void around him and began to show signs of collapsing.

The dozen of disciples from Ancient Underworld Hall who cultivated space techniques were executing their techniques to shatter the surrounding space.

Ouyang Tengfei dashed towards Nalanye without any hesitation after feeling the collapsing sensation.

As a Human Race member and also someone who had landed himself in the midst of a confrontation between two of the Mysterious Underworld Races top forces, Ouyang Tengfei knew that he was in quite a perilous state.

In this sort of chaotic battle, one careless move could result in his life being terminated.

He understood his prediction of the future clearly. However, sometimes, accidental circumstances could cause great changes to the future.

It was difficult to foresee such changes.

As Ouyang Tengfei felt that the repulsive force emanating from Nalanye wasnt something his level could break, the crumbling sound of the void collapsing was heard and the dozens of disciples from Sky Martial Underworld Hall who had no time to react were destroyed by the collapsing space.

Those who survived were disciples located much closer to Nalanye. Ouyang Tengfei was near Nalanye, so he was able to survive.

How great Ancient Underworld is. Dugu Qingyun, you you killed my disciples. This is absolutely irreconcilable! Die! Nalanyes angry bellow echoed in Ouyang Tengfeis ears.

After this display of endless grief and indignation, Ouyang Tengfei saw the body of Nalanye rising dozens of meters in the air and he seemed to become a demonic king.

Then, 33 skies of different colors emerged around Nalanye and his fist seemed like it was gathering a fiery ball of boundless rage that was prepared to be blasted out very soon.

This punch could shatter the sky river. This punch could destroy everything in its path. This punch contained an infinite might.

Dugu Qingyun was a Yuan Demon, so there was nothing untrue about it. However, he was much weaker than Nalanye. Furthermore, Nalanye had also unleashed the fist technique of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord, which transformed into 33 levels of skies.

It was absolutely impossible to dodge!

Although Dugu Qingyun was awed by the power of the fist technique, he also knew that he would die if he tried to evade it.

Thus, he gathered all his powers and put everything that he had into his palm.

Unfortunately, although he had exhausted all his power with this punch, his attack was still like glass against a hammer. It was smashed to pieces directly by Luo Yunyangs mighty attack.

The punch that broke Dugu Qingyuns defense did not slow down at all as it continued towards Dugu Qingyun.

As a Yuan Venerate, Dugu Qingyun didnt just possess great power. He could also reverse space and time. It could be said that a Yuan Venerate was already the highest level of existence.

However, while facing this devastating punch, Dugu Qingyun felt as though an unprecedented fear struck his heart.

He wanted to speak, but before he could, the fist had crashed into him, blowing his body into pieces.

A shattered body didnt mean death for a Yuan Venerate. It was considered a mere inconvenience.

However, the powerful momentum of that punch gushed frantically into every particle of his body.

This strong aura and intent made it extremely difficult for him to regenerate his body.

Nalanye, stop at once. Im a Yuan Venerate, a Yuan Venerate of Ancient Underworld Hall. You will definitely invoke a war between Ancient Underworld Hall and Sky Martial Underworld Hall if you kill me.

Dugu Qingyu roared furiously, which was all he could do at that moment.

Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang was more than happy to start a war between the two underworld halls. Instead of ignoring the warning, he seemed to be encouraged. He conjured a series of hand seals before sending a wave of mighty obliterating force towards Dugu Qingyuns spirit consciousness.

At the same time, the surviving disciples of Sky Martial Underworld Hall standing behind Luo Yunyang cheered. Kill, kill, kill!

Ancient Underworld Hall colluded with the Human Race. Kill them all!

Vile beings of Ancient Underworld Hall, I must make you pay blood with blood this time!

All sorts of furious cries reverberated in the void while disciples of Ancient Underworld Hall were killed one after another.

Of course, many disciples of Sky Martial Underworld Hall also died. However, since they followed Luo Yunyang and most of them cultivated the God Sky Conversion Technique and were able to borrow the power of the technique, they were able to survive better.

As the instigator of this battle, Fengxuan Tianze had panicked right from the beginning. However, as the death toll of Sky Martial Underworld Hall increased infinitely, he began to feel a sense of excitement.

An intense excitement that was hidden in his heart!

Now, his excitement had turned into a bit of fear. As Dugu Qingyun was defeated with a blow, he realized that the situation had started to get completely out of control.

According to Fengxuan Tianzes estimations, if things were allowed to continue, he was afraid that this could turn into a major event that would sweep across the entire Mysterious Underworld Race.

However, he was no longer able to stop this matter now that things had reached this point. All he could do was face the fierce disciple of Sky Martial Underworld Hall in front of him and fight.

The martialist from Sky Martial Underworld Hall was much weaker when he sprung to action in the beginning, but Fengxuan Tianze found himself being suppressed shortly after that martialist began to execute his techniques.

The reason he was suppressed was not only due to the sudden cultivation improvement of the disciple from Sky Martial Underworld Hall, but also because of the intent hidden in the disciple that could control every part of him.

God Sky Conversion Technique!

Fengxuan Tianze had always scoffed at this technique and believed that it wasnt the right way to cultivate. However, while facing the oppressive attack of the Sky Martial Underworld Hall disciple, he realized that there was a huge gap in power between him and that disciple.

Boom! Although he tried his best to resist, the blow that struck his blindspot still sent him flying backward.

He was reluctant to accept the outcome, and his eyes also showed a hint of fear.

If most of the disciples in Sky Martial Underworld Hall cultivated the God Sky Conversion Technique, then they surely possessed an immense advantage while battling against Ancient Underworld Hall.

Did Ancient Underworld Hall really have to bow down to the suppression of Sky Martial Underworld Hall?

While these thoughts went through his mind, a sharp blade-light cleaved down heavily on the black stone archway representing the entrance of Ancient Underworld Hall.

Although the black stone archway was ordinary, it still represented the face and pride of the entire Ancient Underworld Hall.

Even though the memorial arch had been fortified by various almighties of Ancient Underworld Hall, it wasnt very strong defensively. Thus, the blade-light was able to split the massive archway into two directly.

The disciples of Ancient Underworld Hall, who had already retreated, glared angrily at the Sky Martial Underworld Hall disciples and bellowed.

The atmosphere on both sides was boiling.

Suddenly, the huge bell hanging on top of the underworld mountain echoed 49 times, the sound reverberating in all directions.

All the powerhouses of Ancient Underworld Hall situated outside the nine skies and some powerhouses that reigned over other territories heard the bell right away.

They found it unbelievable upon hearing the sound of the bell at first. After all, Ancient Underworld Hall was a famous entity that nobody in the territory of the Mysterious Underworld Race dared to offend.

However, the mountain gate was in a state of emergency and some people were attacking Ancient Underworld Hall.

Some martialists rushed towards the mountain gate from all directions in an instant. Among them was also a supreme existence that was cultivating in the compound of Ancient Underworld Hall in seclusion.

Who is it? How dare you touch Ancient Underworld Hall! Die! A Yuan Venerate powerhouse sprung into action as soon as he arrived.

His endless power turned into a giant hand. With a wave of his hand, he smacked Luo Yunyang and the rest.

However, his technique was executed in the wrong place. How could Luo Yunyang, who was nearly done suppressing Dugu Qingyun, let him do what he wished? Luo Yunyang had already sent out a punch the moment the Yuan Venerate smacked down his palm.

It was the punch that contained 33 skies of intent. The fist-light illuminated like a divine deity in the nine skies, crushing the massive palm in the void directly.

However, just as Luo Yunyang gained the upper hand, hundreds of disciples from Ancient Underworld Hall rushed over.

Although most of their cultivations were not very powerful, all of them together were a force to be reckoned with.

At the same time, shocking news was released on the forum of the Endless Underworld.

The war between the two underworld halls will cause bloody rain to fall!