Supreme Uprising Chapter 1009

Chapter 1009 On The Verge

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The Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master stared at the Sky Intellect Underworld Hall Master and thought to himself, "Do you think I dont want to stop here either? The problem is, can we really drop this matter right now?"

Upon glancing at the disciples of two of the underworld halls, the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master hesitated for a moment and then asked, "Otherwise, should we resurrect Yuwen Wujiang?"

Resurrecting someone did not seem like a big deal for a Yuan Venerate, but it was not as easy as it sounded.

The price to pay for reviving a martialist below the Galaxy Grade wasnt huge, but it would skyrocket if a Universe-Grade martialist was resurrected. The cost of resurrecting such a martialist was so great that even a Yuan Demon would be unwilling to bear it.

Furthermore, it was very likely that either the cosmos or the person executing the resurrection would face a backlash.

In the end, either the person executing the resurrection or the cosmos the resurrection would take place in would suffer great damage even if the Heavenly Venerate was revived.

The cosmos might collapse during the battle of reversing space even if the person executing the resurrection could suppress the entire cosmos.

Yuwen Wujiang wasnt a Heavenly Venerate but he was still a peak Universe-Grade martialist. Resurrecting him would at least cause the surrounding sacred mountains to collapse.

Furthermore, there were already too many dead between these two underworld halls. Resurrecting Yuwen Wujiang wouldnt do much to calm the situation.

"What about the disciples of Ancient Underworld Hall?" the Sky Intellect Underworld Hall Master said coldly, "Besides, do you know what sort of consequences would happen as a result of reversing time and space here?"

"The entire Ancient Underworld Mountain would collapse!" the Sky Intellect Underworld Hall Master said anxiously.

Upon seeing how panicky the Sky Intellect Underworld Hall Master was, the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master replied coldly, "So what do you suggest?"

"One side has to yield, or it will become a battle that will sweep across the entire Mysterious Underworld Race."

The Sky Intellect Underworld Hall Master absolutely did not want this sort of battle to happen. Otherwise, he wouldnt have visited the Sky Martial Hall Master personally.

However, he felt helpless about this situation, which seemed to have no solution.

Although both sides were exercising restraint, their restraint was very fragile and could collapse at any moment.

Luo Yunyang stood below quietly. He wasnt in a hurry, as he had already created the spark that would ignite the whole situation.

Even the two underworld hall masters wouldnt find any hint that he had instigated this, as everything had happened too naturally.

It could even be said that everything that had happened was logically and rationally explained.

Even from the perspective of inference, everything was happening as it should. Thus, it would be really abnormal if the current situation did not occur.

He stood quietly on one side with a murderous look on his face. Although he didnt have to look up, he sensed hatred from all directions.

Of course, the people who hated Luo Yunyang to the core were disciples of Ancient Underworld Hall.

Luo Yunyang simply returned those death stares with an apathetic expression.

While it would be effective if he took the initiative to provoke the hornets nest further, he absolutely would not risk exposing himself just for that small benefit.

He was already the Deputy Hall Master of Sky Martial Underworld Hall and could be considered a powerful presence in the Mysterious Underworld Race.

Luo Yunyang was not willing to give up this identity.

"Nalanye, both sides shall take a step back this time. You will leave with the disciples of Sky Martial Underworld Hall and act as if this whole situation did not happen, alright?" the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master said.

"You are not an ordinary disciple. You are the Deputy Hall Master of Sky Martial Underworld Hall. Remember, this is all for the sake of the bigger picture."

After listening to what the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master said, Luo Yunyang said nonchalantly, "Bigger picture? Sky Martial Underworld Hall has sacrificed a lot for this bigger picture. "

"This time, we came to Ancient Underworld Hall to search for the spies of the Human Race. In order not to upset Ancient Underworld Hall, we only sent forth one disciple this time."

"But how did Ancient Underworld Hall treat us? They killed a disciple whose only job was to convey a message. This is bitterly disappointing. If Ancient Underworld Hall does not give us an explanation, we would not mind repaying Ancient Underworld Hall in kind."

Luo Yunyang raised his tone as he added, "This time, Sky Martial Underworld Hall will not shrink back."

Although they were conversing through voice transmission, many disciples of Sky Martial Underworld Hall were still able to sense something from the look on Luo Yunyangs face.

Immediately, a powerhouse said, "Kill, kill, kill! Kill all the scum from Ancient Underworld Hall and avenge Brother Yuwen Wujiang."

"Ancient Underworld Hall has gone overboard. We wont let the matter drop this time!"

"Die, die, die!"

The disciples of Ancient Underworld Hall were also extremely frenzied. They all felt that their underworld hall had been greatly humiliated.

They couldnt flinch or compromise under the circumstances. Thus, all they had to do was slaughter every single one of the Sky Martial Underworld Hall martialists that dared to offend Ancient Underworld Hall.

The Sky Intellect Underworld Hall Master and the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master had an urge to leave. They were really at their wits end when it came to finding ways to mediate the current situation.

The atmosphere could only be restrained to a certain limit. Once that limit was exceeded, madness would ensue. Furthermore, it was natural for the Mysterious Underworld Race to show such belligerence. It was only the two Hall Masters who kept the tense atmosphere in check. Although they managed to settle things down, it was only temporary.

This sort of calmness was extremely stifling.

"F*ck you!" Someone from the crowd suddenly shouted before a disciple from Ancient Underworld Hall made his move.

His target was a Sky Martial Underworld Hall disciple not far away from him.

That Sky Martial Underworld Hall disciple had been on alert. As a result, he wasnt injured. However, a massive scuffle would start if this sort of attack were to happen again.

Both the Sky Intellect Underworld Hall Master and the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master frowned. They had the means to prevent this battle from happening, but they also didnt feel like doing so.

A huge war was brewing.

Quite a large number of people were paying attention to the melee, which resulted in the death of a dozen disciples. In an underworld palace, the ancient Underworld Hall Master was watching everything with a cold glare.

Beside him were four indistinct figures that were also watching everything below silently. However, the eyes of these four figures appeared malicious and stern.

"Hall Master, Ancient Underworld Hall should not tolerate this any longer. We have already let down our ancestors by letting Sky Martial Underworld Hall climb over our heads. If we ignore this further, Ancient Underworld Hall will be utterly humiliated."

The figure that spoke was the one standing on the right. He said icily, "The bigger picture? Why should we care about the bigger picture? Taking back what belongs to us is the bigger picture!"

That figure spoke with obvious dissatisfaction that was directed at the ancient Underworld Hall Master.

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master did not want to go to war. He knew that once a war with Sky Martial Underworld Hall started, the strength of the entire Mysterious Underworld Race would be greatly impacted.

This was also why he had allowed the investigation of the Human Race spies to be undertaken by Sky Martial Underworld Hall.

However, he was extremely p*ssed off by what had happened that day. In the past, nothing like this could have happened in Ancient Underworld Hall.

Although Ancient Underworld Hall had unshirkable responsibility when it came to this matter, the elders from Ancient Underworld Hall would never agree to him yielding in such a situation. After all, he was their Hall Master.

His status as Hall Master might be shaken once these elders huddled up together.

"Hall Master, you are in charge of Ancient Underworld Hall now and everyone regards you as their teacher and respects you greatly. However, Im afraid Ancient Underworld Hall will fall apart if you allow these grievances to accumulate. After all, if our peoples hearts are scattered, then Ancient Underworld Hall will no longer be Ancient Underworld Hall."

The figure standing on the left side of the Ancient Underworld Hall Master spoke. His voice was peaceful but it also felt strong and unshakable.

His last sentence expressed exactly what the Ancient Underworld Hall Master felt. Although Ancient Underworld Hall revolved around the Hall Master, the Hall Master would still become a joke if everyone started to oppose him.

He couldnt cower anymore. He could only go to war.

"Well, in that case, lets declare war on Sky Martial Underworld Hall!" The Ancient Underworld Hall Master hesitated slightly before speaking in resignation.

He said this grudgingly, but it was very liberating for him. Ancient Underworld Hall must not bow its head to another underworld hall while he was at the helm.

The Sky Martial Hall Master was also facing the same dilemma when the Ancient Underworld Hall Master made this decision. After hearing the vehement persuasion of the people around him, the Sky Martial Hall Master also made the same decision.

"Ancient Underworld Hall declares war on Sky Martial Underworld Hall!"

"Sky Martial Underworld Hall declares war on Ancient Underworld Hall!"

Two pieces of breaking news that shook the entire Endless Underworld showed up instantly on the newsfeed of countless Mysterious Underworld Race martialists practically at the same time.

The news of the war between the two underworld halls shocked many people.

The six underworld halls were high and lofty powers that dominated the entire Mysterious Underworld Race. However, two of the most powerful underworld halls had declared war on each other now.

Many powerhouses of the Mysterious Underworld Race found the news unbelievable at first. However, after pondering it, they realized that everything made sense.

After all, the accumulated rancor between the two underworld halls was not an overnight occurrence.

Although the other four underworld halls did not issue a statement about their stand in this matter, they were also unusually silent about it.

A great war that would sweep across the entire Mysterious Underworld Race was about to start.

Just as the two underworld halls were preparing to go to war, a cold voice echoed in the edgeless land that seemed like an endless desolate space.

"Trash. Thats seriously trash. They are starting a war among themselves at a time like this! Damn it." A seemingly godly voice reverberated through the void.

"I wouldnt care about you and your bunch of fools if I didnt need you." When this was said, a jade white arm appeared in the void.

With a gentle wave of that arm, a beam of dark purple light hurtled straight into the void.

"Jiuzi Xuanming, Ill help you this time. You better not let me down!" The voice muttered casually as the purple light shot into the distance.