Supreme Uprising Chapter 1010

Chapter 1010 Two Sacred Arts

Chapter 1010: Two Sacred Arts
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Breakthrough, breakthrough! I must break through!

Jiuzi Xuanming was sitting in a lotus position in the void. Right now, he had a faint look of urgency on his face.

Jiuzi Xuanming had always seemed indifferent about advancing his cultivation base. However, he couldnt stay calm now! There was only one main reason for his behavior. He was no longer the strongest person in the Mysterious Underworld Races young generation.

All along, Jiuzi Xuanming had felt that he was the strongest individual not just in the Mysterious Underworld Race but in the countless races that existed.

However, the rise of the Human Tribes Luo Yunyang was like a huge slap across his face.

While he acted like he wasnt fazed by Luo Yunyangs rise, deep down, it felt like a needle was piercing his hard.

Compared to Luo Yunyang, the rise of Nalanye was even more unbearable for him. If Luo Yunyang wasnt from the Mysterious Underworld Race and his rise was attributed to the good fortune of the Human Race, then what about Nalanye?

Jiuzi Xuanming had always felt that he was the most fortunate person in the Mysterious Underworld Race.

However, due to the emergence of Nalanye, he had already started to doubt his sense of superiority.

It could even be said that he was starting to have misgivings regarding his own status.

He hadnt thought much about it when he had first begun his seclusion, but as his cultivation base was about to break through to the Yuan Venerate, a sensation that Jiuzi Xuanming should never have felt appeared in his body.

Mental demons!

Nine bodies had converged back to one. However, as these mental demons struck, a crack appeared. Even though this crack wasnt huge, it still prevented the nine bodies from converging momentarily.

Jiuzi Xuanming didnt know how many times he played out the cultivation process of Nine Worlds As One technique in his mind. Not being able to converge at such a time made Jiuzi Xuanming extremely bitter.

However, the more indignant he felt, the more impetuous he became. The thought of collapsing also filled his mind.

He had to be impetuous and deal with it calmly. Only by being calm could he manage to break through.

Even though Jiuzi Xuanming was continuously telling himself to stay calm, images of Luo Yunyang and Nalanye kept popping up in his mind.

Die, die, die!

It felt as if someone was constantly snarling in his mind. He had an impulse to jump out amidst this snarling sound.

However, he knew very well that the moment he did so, his seclusion session this time would completely fail.

Suppress the urge. I mustnt let all that hard work go to waste at this crucial juncture.

Unfortunately, the more Jiuzi Xuanming tried to keep his cool, the more frenzied the killing intent in his mind got. In the end, he even felt as though he had lost control.

He had failed. He had actually failed at the most crucial juncture to perform a technique that he believed had a 90% chance of success.

This blow made Jiuzi Xuanming want to go mad. However, he was still someone with great willpower. He knew that the reason behind this were his own impulses. Thus, he immediately chose the most appropriate option.

He wouldnt break through.

Right now, not breaking through was the best choice for him. If he were to forcefully break through, it wouldnt just be difficult to break through the current realm. It might even cause future regrettable consequences.

Once the decision to give up was made, Jiuzi Xuanming felt himself calm down a lot. Although he knew that he might be mocked by many people over his failure to break through to the Yuan Venerate here, Jiuzi Xuanming didnt really care much about it.

He had merely failed to break through. He had not died.

After making up his mind, Jiuzi Xuanming formed hand seals to disperse his Nine World Bodies. Unfortunately, the moment he was about to disperse this technique, a majestic aura flooded the space he was in.

An ant was facing a celestial dragon!

This was what Jiuzi Xuanming felt he was experiencing. At the moment, he felt like that quivering ant.

Jiuzi Xuanming, obtain my Sacred Art and maintain the Mysterious Underworld Races stability. If there are any disputes, quell them.

Although Jiuzi Xuanming could determine that nobody was speaking beside him, that voice still reverberated around him.

As Jiuzi Xuanming was feeling shocked, he felt a purple ray of light shoot into his body.

Jiuzi Xuanming didnt know what this purple light was. The only thing he knew was that everything was no longer the same when this purple light flowed into his body.

Although his mind was still filled with that murderous intent, his Nine World Bodies had already been combined flawlessly.

Even many of the mysteries Jiuzi Xuanming had faced while cultivating in the past had unknowingly been solved in his mind.

His intuition told him that he didnt have to care about everything that was happening now. The stuff given to him by this supreme entity in the form of the purple light far surpassed the cultivation technique that he comprehended.

Thus, Jiuzi Xuanming shut his eyes slowly.

The purple light first enveloped his body. Then, the purple glow covered the area all around him.

The light became increasingly magnificent, and the skies and lands all around turned a boundless purple color. The nomological laws that had originally existed all around started to gradually collapse when they were exposed to this purple light.

After an indefinite amount of time, the purple light started to dwindle.

It wasnt waning, but it was slowly dwindling. As the purple light dwindled, Jiuzi Xuanming, who was sitting in a lotus position, opened his eyes.

All six of his eyes twinkled and a nine-petal lotus platform bloomed in each eye.

With a mere thought, the nine-petal lotus platform appeared beneath Jiuzi Xuanmings feet.

Jiuzi Xuanming seemed to be congested with a majestic aura when he stepped on the purple nine-petal lotus platform.

This was the sort of aura that people couldnt help but look up to.

Even though this isnt as I envisaged, it is even more powerful and complete than what I imagined

Jiuzi Xuanming muttered to himself and gently grasped at the air. A purple sword appeared in his hand.

If the air of the lotus platform could be described as grand and elegant, then this purple sword displayed a murderous intent. One that could wipe out all living things in an era.

This sort of murderous intent wasnt an aura, but rather a nomological law!

Jiuzi Xuanming seemed more self-confident as he gripped the purple sword. Luo Yunyang, I believe you will be pleasantly surprised the next time we meet.

However, before that happens, I shall grant this pleasant surprise to Nalanye.

Jiuzi Xuanming took a step forward. Although it was just one step, both the purple sword and the nine-petal lotus platform beneath his feet disappeared completely.

With this one step, Jiuzi Xuanming had already appeared near Ancient Underworld Hall.

Jiuzi Xuanming expanded his spiritual consciousness and immediately discovered what was going on. At that moment, the words that were like a carved inscription in his mind rang out.

Even though he didnt know exactly who the person who had granted him such great benefits was, Jiuzi Xuanming knew that he definitely had to stop this battle.

Therefore, his body expanded thousands of times in an instant and his entire self radiated with a magnificent purple glow.

In an instant, Jiuzi Xuanming occupied a large expanse of the huge Mysterious Underworld Cosmos. His power at that moment could stretch across all the controllable areas of the Mysterious Underworld Race.

Powerful, mystical, grand!

These were the first thoughts people had when they saw the godly Jiuzi Xuanming in the void. Many Mysterious Underworld martialists had an urge to pledge their allegiance when they had this thought.

Ancient Underworld Hall oversees all six great underworld halls. Anyone who challenges it is my enemy!

A calm yet startling voice reverberated all over the place.

This voice was like a holy voice that echoed in everyones minds.

Many Mysterious Underworld martialists knelt to the ground right away as they heard the echoing voice.

The masters of the six great underworld halls all looked toward the sky with strange looks on their faces.

Jiuzi Xuanming has become a Yuan Venerate. Although he is only a Taishi Yuan Venerate, his aura isnt inferior to a Taichu Yuan Venerates aura, the Sky Intellect Underworld Hall Master said in a relaxed manner, Very good. This crisis should be considered over.

The Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master and the Sky Gold Underworld Hall Master glanced with hesitation and disappointment at the figure of Jiuzi Xuanming, which was occupying the sky.

Jiuzi Xuanming has become a Yuan Venerate and he seems like a perfected Taishi Yuan Venerate. Looks like the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master really has no chance this time!

The Sky Gold Underworld Hall Masters voice contained lament and disappointment.

The Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master frowned. Although Jiuzi Xuanming is comparable to a Taichu Yuan Venerate, what do we have to fear?

What do we have to fear? The strengths of Sky Martial Underworld Hall and Ancient Underworld Hall were originally similar. That was why they were able to challenge Ancient Underworld Hall after the incident at Burial Underworld Earth.

However, Jiuzi Xuanming has now become a perfected Taishi Yuan Venerate at a crucial time. By coming out of seclusion at such a time, he has turned the tables.

The Sky Gold Underworld Hall Master said, We already lost momentum when he appeared. Struggling is useless. Therefore, we should wisely submit to the circumstances!

The Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master was just about to speak when Jiuzi Xuanming roared, Nalayne, come out and fight!