Supreme Uprising Chapter 1012

Chapter 1012 All Ages Underworld Pool

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Practically all the powers in the Mysterious Underworld realm were following this fight carefully the moment Nalanye took to the sky.

After all, this battle was of great importance to the entire Mysterious Underworld Race, as it concerned the future trends of the Mysterious Underworld Race.

It could even be said that this matter would decide who the future rulers of the Mysterious Underworld Race would be.

Everything points to disaster for Nalanye this time! Even though he is the successor of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord, Sir Jiuzi Xuanming has already become a Yuan Venerate!

Sir Jiuzi Xuanming wasnt even weaker than Nalanye before he was a Yuan Venerate, so this definitely wont be the case now!

Actually, Nalanye isnt too bad, but he has encountered Sir Jiuzi Xuanming!

I believe that Nalanye can win. Back then, Jiuzi Xuanming hadnt become a Yuan Demon but Sir Nalanye hadnt received the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords inheritance either.

Everyone expressed their own views in the Endless Underworld. Some people even proclaimed their support for either party.

However, these evaluations werent of much use.

Ling Yunfei, who was hiding in a secret realm, was silently watching this battle via the Endless Underworld.

Her failure to successfully stop the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords inheritance had already upset her greatly. If the chance of this internal strife within the Mysterious Underworld Race was also quelled, the situation wouldnt be good.

Even though they were itching to rush in and participate in the battle themselves, they knew deep down that the current situation was simply a matter they couldnt interfere with.

Influencing the outcome of the battle was out of the question.

Ling Yunfei had heard of Jiuzi Xuanmings reputation and knew that this was a revered genius.

Practically every Mysterious Underworld Race would treat Jiuzi Xuanming as a future pillar of the Mysterious Underworld Race.

It could be said that Jiuzi Xuanmings status in the entire Mysterious Underworld Race was based on the fact that he had been groomed to rule in the future.

This entity had even become a Yuan Venerate now. His status in the entire Mysterious Underworld Race was shooting up.

He had merely spoken and the restless situation of the Mysterious Underworld Race had been stifled right away. According to many peoples analysis, Sky Martial Underworld Halls strength would decrease significantly the moment Nalanye fell.

Although the hall wouldnt be destroyed, the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master would need to change. Sky Martial Underworld Hall would also become the weakest of the six great underworld halls.

How could the Mysterious Underworld Races internal conflict not start?

Even though Ling Yunfei was secretly cheering on Nalanye, she didnt seem too happy with the situation when Jiuzi Xuanming spoke.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The screen displays in the Endless Underworld turned black. Ling Yunfei understood that this scenario wasnt a problem with the Endless Underworld but rather with the exchange between these two. They were so powerful that the Endless Underworld simply couldnt broadcast the fight.

The only thing she could do now was wait in silence for the outcome to be broadcast. Even though she was rather reluctant, all she could do was silently watch the display.

Ling Yunfei couldnt see it, but the Sky Martial Underworld Hall powerhouses could all see it.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall martialists were the ones following this fight the closest. Even the martialists from Sky Martial Underworld Hall, who didnt have friendly relations with Deputy Hall Master Nalanye, were using all sorts of methods to watch the battle in the void.

If Nalanye was victorious, they would have the power to hit back. However, if Nalanye lost, the entire Sky Martial Underworld Hall would only be crushed.

Fist and palm collided. Then, as a massive wave of light expanded, the two figures backed off at the same time.

Their speed of retreat was very fast. In just a split second, the two retreating figures stopped in mid-air.

Nalanye had moved back 300 meters, and Jiuzi Xuanming had also moved back 300 meters!

The clash of these two was evenly-matched. Such an outcome should have been cheered by the entire Sky Martial Underworld Hall, for someone capable of matching Jiuzi Xuanming had appeared.

However, all the Sky Martial Underworld Hall martialists were silent. This clash, which had resulted in a tie, was not too bad in their opinion.

Unfortunately, Jiuzi Xuanming had just become a Yuan Venerate, whereas Nalanyes God Sky Conversion Technique didnt belong to his own body either. Thus, in truth, Jiuzi Xuanming had the upper hand.

Your God Sky Conversion Technique is limited. Jiuzi Xuanming smirked and rushed over at Luo Yunyang like a bolt of lightning.

While there didnt seem to be any fresh variations in these techniques, he seemed to have turned into a lightning bolt that attacked Luo Yunyang continuously.

Fast, fast, fast!

Jiuzi Xuanming was so fast that it was difficult to describe his speed. Despite these extremely quick attacks, Luo Yunyang didnt even move.

He was totally still. Only his six arms were continuously forming seals. Each time an attack of Jiuzi Xuanmings hit, the attack would be blocked.

This wasnt much of a problem for Luo Yunyang, whose Mind Power was already very powerful. With the God Sky Conversion Technique on top, his surroundings were basically under his complete control. Thus, he could deal with Jiuzi Xuanmings rapid attacks with relative ease.

Even though the fight between the two of them was extremely thrilling, many people felt that this was merely the beginning. After all, the two of them hadnt used any techniques that would decide the victor.

Nobody in the Mysterious Underworld Race doubted that they possessed these sorts of methods.

He he Unmoving as a mountain. In that case, let me see if you are really a mountain! Jiuzi Xuanming inhaled after another attack was blocked and a vast purple ocean appeared behind him.

Every drop of water in this ocean glittered with a charming purple color. As the ocean emerged, the void surrounding Jiuzi Xuanming started to crack.

It is the All-Ages Underworld Pool! an elder from Ancient Underworld Hall exclaimed in astonishment when he saw the vast purple ocean.

Jiuzi Xuanming formed hand seals as the elder exclaimed. The All-Ages Underworld Pool that had gathered behind Jiuzi Xuanming converged into a palm as he made the hand seal.

Even though this palm wasnt unleashed, it made many people feel as if they couldnt even breathe.

Luo Yunyang tensed up when he saw the palm overflowing with power. If this had been his main body, Luo Yunyang would have definitely used the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes to break it.

Unfortunately, if he were to use the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes in the Mysterious Underworld Races territory, he might be captured even before the outcome of the match between him and Jiuzi Xuanming was determined.

The moment Jiuzi Xuanming attacked, the ultimate battle technique that he had inherited from the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord appeared in Luo Yunyangs mind.

Thus, Luo Yunyang also formed a hand seal at the same time that Jiuzi Xuanming did. As the technique was utilized, the 33 levels of sky behind Luo Yunyang instantly gathered in his fist-mark.

An aura that made it seem as though he controlled everything like a celestial emperor radiated from Luo Yunyangs body. He didnt wait for Jiuzi Xuanming to attack before he blasted out his own attack.

Jiuzi Xuanmings palm, which contained the All-Ages Underworld Pool and Luo Yunyangs fist-mark, which contained the 33 levels of sky, once again collided in the void.

The surrounding 100 miles of void was shattered during this clash, while the whirlwind of nomological laws created from the clash engulfed everything.

The ensuing light wave spread and shattered instantly whatever it touched. Countless Mysterious Underworld Race star systems were destroyed. Mysterious Underworld martialists with high cultivation bases could only retreat as fast as they could upon experiencing this situation.

Jiuzi Xuanming had a faint look of admiration on his face as he watched Luo Yunyang, who was standing a fair distance away.

Even though he was really proud, he still felt some admiration for Luo Yunyang, who had forcefully taken on his blow.

You arent too bad! Jiuzi Xuanming said haughtily, However, the Underworld Master isnt standing on your side.

When Jiuzi Xuanmings attack, which encompassed the All-Ages Underworld Pool, was unleashed, practically all the Mysterious Underworld powerhouses had their attention on these two.

Jiuzi Xuanmings words were immediately heard by everyone present. The ordinary Mysterious Underworld beings didnt know exactly what had occurred, but the high-level entities could vaguely sense that Jiuzi Xuanming still had other methods up his sleeves.

A palm containing the All-Ages Underworld Pool didnt even exist in legends, so this had already shown everyone how powerful Jiuzi Xuanming was.

However, Jiuzi Xuanming actually had methods he hadnt yet displayed. Exactly how strong was Jiuzi Xuanming?

Luo Yunyang eyed the confident Jiuzi Xuanming. Even though he also knew that Jiuzi Xuanming had other tricks, this wasnt the time to show weakness.

Therefore, he said rather nonchalantly, I dont know whether the Underworld Master stands by my side, but I know that my side will definitely be victorious.

Is that so? He he Overconfidence will cause ones downfall! This isnt something that overconfidence can solve.

Jiuzi Xuanming moved his palms and a streak of purple light rose into the air from his hands.

As the purple glow was created, it seemed like a purple sun. Even Heavenly Venerate powerhouses couldnt see what it was clearly.

When people saw the item within the purple light, they couldnt sense anything special about it.

However, the more they felt this way, the more chills they felt.

Especially the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master, who could even vaguely sense that the mysteries within this purple sword werent inferior to his Sky Martial Sacred Bowl.

Its about time we ended it! Jiuzi Xuanming said as he slashed across.