Supreme Uprising Chapter 1013

Chapter 1013 Mandala Lotus Sword Of Killing

Chapter 1013: Mandala Lotus; Sword Of Killing
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The sword slashed out!

The sword-light wasnt overflowing or filled with boundless killing intent. It was just that this horizontal slash seemed extremely calm.

Luo Yunyang grimaced when he saw that sword-strike. At that moment, the only thought he had was that he simply didnt have any leeway to escape or hide.

It felt as if the sky and earth were both covered by this sword-strike!

All other nomological laws in the area had already completely disappeared. Only this sword still existed in this space.

Evading was simply impossible, as the surroundings had already become this sword! Escaping was even more impossible. After all, even though this space was huge, it had already become a cage consisting of this sword.

Thus, at the moment, the only thing Luo Yunyang could do was hold his ground and withstand the onslaught of this sword.

Only other top-notch nomological laws could fight with these top-notch nomological laws. Luo Yunyang didnt seem worried while facing this sort of attack.

The Skyfire Divine Spear appeared in Luo Yunyangs hand in an instant.

The five-edged spear was brandished in the direction of that overwhelming sword-strike. Amidst the surging five colored blazes, the projection of a celestial emperor appeared at the tip of the spear.

The sword-light and the blazing spear clashed and clear distortions appeared in the void. As these distortions faded, everything seemed to enter a lull.

Both the sword-light and the Skyfire Divine Spear, which was like a fiery dragon, appeared to have not suffered any damage whatsoever.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master looked astonished.

I have never seen this sword before, but the laws it contains have nearly reached a sacred level. The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master stammered. Could this be a hidden treasure of Ancient Underworld Hall or

Many other Mysterious Underworld powerhouses tried to determine the origins of that purple sword. However, ordinary Mysterious Underworld powerhouses had their eyes on the two combatants.

They really wanted to know what exactly was going on with this fight.

Kill! Luo Yunyang wasnt too concerned about the origins of that sword for the time being. Right now, his priority wasnt to determine its origins but to defeat Jiuzi Xuanming.

The spear was like a flaming dragon. As it snarled, surging blazes shot at Jiuzi Xuanming.

Even though Luo Yunyangs spear mastery was great, condensing the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords inheritance into the spear also created a mighty influence.

Even the sky and earth seemed to be crumbling in the face of this spear.

Although the quality of Luo Yunyangs Skyfire Divine Spear wasnt as good as the quality of Jiuzi Xuanmings sword, the power it contained still wasnt weaker than the sword-strike Jiuzi Xuanming had just unleashed.

Therefore, everyone thought that Jiuzi Xuanming would easily deal with it.

Even if Jiuzi Xuanming didnt block it, he would think of a way to dodge this attack. However, what many people hadnt imagined was that Jiuzi Xuanming would actually not care about this attack.

It could even be said that Jiuzi Xuanming had a leisurely stance. He was unmoving as he waited for Luo Yunyangs attack.

Luo Yunyang frowned. Naturally, he knew that Jiuzi Xuanmings words meant that he definitely had something to rely on.

Luo Yunyang didnt know what made Jiuzi Xuanming so confident, but he couldnt withdraw this attack now.

After all, if he didnt attack, he would never know what Jiuzi Xuanmings trump card was.

The scarlet spear tip, which seemed to be able to shatter the sky, was thrust at Jiuzi Xuanming. Jiuzi Xuanming, on the other hand, looked like a holy entity silently and wisely overlooking everything.

Even though many people knew that Jiuzi Xuanming had a trump card, they still felt apprehensive when the spear tip closed in on Jiuzi Xuanming.

Some Ancient Underworld Hall powerhouses even berated him furiously. What the hell is he doing?

As these words left their mouths, they saw a purple nine-petal lotus platform rising beneath Jiuzi Xuanmings legs.

The lights of this purple nine-petal lotus rose up and finally enveloped Jiuzi Xuanming.

Nalanyes attack, which seemed to be shattering the void, was halted when it struck the purple lights.

Thats right. It was halted. Many disbelieving eyes watched as that overwhelming attack soundlessly came to a halt.

A lot of people found this unbelievable, yet it had truly happened before their very eyes.

Luo Yunyang felt the most disbelief. That attack, which was capable of splitting the sky and earth, had struck the purple lights heavily. However, he sensed that his attack had flowed into a void of nothingness.

All his attacks power vanished cleanly as it flowed into this void of nothingness.

Luo Yunyang understood clearly that it was the nine-petal lotus flower beneath Jiuzi Xuanming that was responsible for this. After his attack was stopped, Luo Yunyang quickly backed off. Meanwhile, Jiuzi Xuanming, who wasnt going to let him off, waved his sword once again.

Luo Yunyang simply couldnt block every place the sword-light reached. He retreated frantically, but the sword-light was even quicker than his retreat!

Ultimately, when the sword-light reached just before him, Luo Yunyang used a palm-strike.

Although his palm blocked the sword-light, a huge tear appeared in Luo Yunyangs Mysterious Underworld body.

Luo Yunyang quickly used his power to mend the wound, but it looked as if he was scared witless.

Mandala Lotus This is the ultimate treasure bestowed on me by the supreme Underworld Master. What do you think, Nalanye? Jiuzi Xuanming didnt immediately press on after his sword-strike was blocked. Instead, he smiled at Luo Yunyang.

When the words Mandala Lotus were said, the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master remembered something. Hadnt a Mysterious Underworld Race member from a certain great era indeed possessed an ultimate treasure called the Mandala Lotus?

This sort of ultimate treasure wasnt just invincible. It also had inexhaustible wondrous uses. Any martialist would receive tremendous benefits the moment they acquired this sort of ultimate treasure.

Now, this ultimate treasure had actually fallen into the hands of Jiuzi Xuanming. Could the Underworld Master really be helping Ancient Underworld Hall?

Even though he was completely indignant, he still couldnt help feeling dim as he watched Jiuzi Xuanming.

His sadness derived from the knowledge that he had failed this time, even if he didnt want to admit it.

Its not a big deal! Luo Yunyang eyed Jiuzi Xuanming and said casually, The Mandala Lotus might be decent, but the person using it cant beat me.

Jiuzi Xuanmings smile widened even more when this was said. He then chuckled. In that case, I shall make you understand my true power.

When he said that, the purple sword in his hands was brandished and once again slashed at Luo Yunyang. This time, his attack didnt have any defensive capabilities. As the sword-light flashed, vast nomological law powers came crashing like a tsunami.

Ever since the beginning of the fight, Luo Yunyang had only been using the power of the Mysterious Underworld clone embodiment. He hadnt even used the attribute regulator at all.

However, as Jiuzi Xuanmings reckless attack came at him, Luo Yunyang started to adjust his attributes.

Luo Yunyang: Power: 1,410 Speed: 1,420 Constitution: 1,548 Mind: 1,752 Bloodline: 9.8

Chaotic Four-Origin Beast: Power: 841, Speed: 982, Mind: 998, Constitution: 1,184

Luo Yunyang first added Mind Power. He immediately transferred all the Mind Attributes of his main body into the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast.

When the Mind Attributes reached 2,760, Luo Yunyang felt his ability to grasp everything around him double!

Thanks to the God Sky Conversion Technique, his might had also doubled. Even though he didnt attack, Luo Yunyang felt rather relaxed about dealing with Jiuzi Xuanmings attacks now.

Although Jiuzi Xuanmings purple sword contained an extraordinary power of laws, this power of laws wouldnt be much of a threat to Luo Yunyang.

Even if Jiuzi Xuanming attacked mercilessly, all his slashes would still be forcefully met by the spear in Luo Yunyangs hand. Luo Yunyang would be able to deal with all these attacks and not give Jiuzi Xuanming an opportunity to win.

When Jiuzi Xuanming had begun his assault, some people in the Endless Underworld had already started to guess how many blows Nalanye would be able to block.

After all, with the Mandala Lotus in his possession, Jiuzi Xuanming wouldnt lose. Besides, the defensive capabilities of the Mandala Lotus wouldnt let Jiuzi Xuanming worry about anything. This was simply an unfair situation that already gave Nalanye no chance of turning the tables.

Even the Sky Underworld Hall Martialists felt that it was only natural that Luo Yunyang would lose here.

However, as everyone decided that Nalanye would be the loser, Nalanye actually gave them all a pleasant surprise!

Jiuzi Xuanmings ferocious onslaught was defended by Nalanye each time. Furthermore, his defense was so air-tight that everyone present found it unbelievable.

Some people even believed that such a strong defense simply couldnt be pierced.

Jiuzi Xuanming was also shocked. He was very confident in his own attacks just by using this purple sword of killing and had believed that victory was already in his grasp.

But now? This vile Nalanye had actually blocked all his attacks.

Nalanye, who was standing a fair distance away, seemed like a holy entity. Not only did he know the direction of Jiuzi Xuanmings attacks, but he even seemed able to discern how much power was in each strike.

What made Jiuzi Xuanming even more furious was that Nalanye had affected him.

Even though it was a mere thought, Jiuzi Xuanming was still alarmed!