Supreme Uprising Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014 Great Stupa Cleaving Great Sky Flipping Mark

Chapter 1014: Great Stupa Cleaving; Great Sky Flipping Mark
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Jiuzi Xuanming was irascible!

He had already held the absolute superiority, but this sort of dominance hadnt become the absolute power that would allow him to have the ultimate upper hand.

This situation made him burn with impatience.

Even though it was difficult for Nalanye to return any attacks each time, Jiuzi Xuanmings attacks were not yielding any returns either. If this were to go on, people might reckon that Jiuzi Xuanming was inferior to Nalanye.

It wouldnt be a big deal if people merely reckoned that his cultivation base wasnt comparable to Nalanyes. What Jiuzi Xuanming really cared about was that his almighty and imposing demeanor, which was capable of making the entire Mysterious Underworld Race cower, would be completely wiped out.

This demeanor was just too important to Jiuzi Xuanming!

Even though he couldnt see the discussions in the Endless Underworld now, his gut told him that if he couldnt rout Nalanye, his strive to break through would be for naught.

Immediately, Jiuzi Xuanming made a decision. The purple sword in his hand was slowly raised in the sky.

He simply didnt control this move at all, but he no longer cared that much.

Nalanye, today you shall be slain by my Great Stupa Cleaving, which will be an honor for you. As Jiuzi Xuanming steeled his resolve and waved his sword, a seemingly bronze and vaguely distinct supreme stupa appeared in his hand amidst the sword-light.

Great Stupa Cleaving!

Luo Yunyang had an extremely bad feeling the moment he saw Jiuzi Xuanming gently raise the purple sword. He had a feeling that this strike would be extremely broad, extremely berserk, and also extremely magnificent.

Luo Yunyang grimaced, as he knew this strike would be difficult to deal with. He knew that it would be difficult to find any flaws in such an absolute technique the moment it was unleashed.

There was only one way to break this move: Attack!

Immediately, a flickering hallow appeared in Luo Yunyangs hand. This was the Great Wide World Jade, the ultimate treasure that Luo Yunyang had acquired on Wanyu Sacred Mountain.

Even though Luo Yunyang had never used this ultimate treasure before, he had already completely understood the cultivation technique within it.

However, the Great Wide World Jade could only be a counter-attacking technique. It was still insufficient to ward off Jiuzi Xuanmings attack.

Luo Yunyang transferred his bodys Power Attributes into the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts clone embodiment at once.

After his Power was more than doubled, Luo Yunyang used the divine light of the God Sky Conversion Technique.

In an instant, all the martialists that cultivated the God Sky Conversion Technique felt their strength sapping away frantically.

Practically no Mysterious Underworld martialist was surprised by this outflow. While watching the battle between Jiuzi Xuanming and Nalanye, they had all more or less guessed that the primary user of the God Sky Conversion Technique, Nalanye, would definitely draw power.

Most of the martialists whose power was being drawn away werent thinking of resisting. On the contrary, they were eagerly waiting.

Thats right, they were eagerly waiting and anticipating that Nalanye would draw their power. Some were even hoping that Nalanye would draw their power at an even faster rate.

Others also hoped that Nalanye would draw a bit more from them.

Based on past experiences, those whose powers were drawn would enjoy great benefits after this incident and would gain massively from Nalanyes victory.

At the very least, the God Sky Conversion Technique could still be utilized.

Although this technique seemed to have a massive flaw in many peoples opinion, it actually had many wondrous uses.

It could be said that the God Sky Conversion Technique had more positive effects than negative ones.

Drawing this power allowed Luo Yunyangs aura to become much more condensed and the projections of the 33 levels of sky became even more real.

At the moment, Luo Yunyang stood above the 33 levels of sky like a celestial emperor overlooking everything. Even though he didnt attack, many people felt that the sky would crumble the moment he made a move.

Many people from Sky Martial Underworld Hall were watching the battle between the two individuals high above. For many Sky Martial Underworld Hall martialists, this battle was very important!

If Nalanye lost, their future prospects would be bleak. However, if Nalanye were to win this battle, then their benefits would be great.

At the very least, Sky Martial Underworld Hall wouldnt have to be beneath Ancient Underworld Hall and the statuses of these martialists would be retained.

Meanwhile, in Ancient Underworld Hall, all the individuals below the hall master level were quietly waiting. Some of them had started to get impatient.

Right now, they all knew their halls boss definitely wouldnt be in a good mood. If any of them were to talk or make comments recklessly, it would definitely be a disaster.

Nalanye, take my Great Stupa Cleaving! Jiuzi Xuanming, who had accumulated power, swung his purple sword.

As sword-light descended, Jiuzi Xuanming and the whole horizon that he occupied turned a dark purple color.

All this purple color gathered by his side into a massive stupa filled with an inexhaustible and ancient intent.

Countless divine inscriptions flickered above the stupa. Although nobody was able to clearly see what those inscriptions said, the convergence of these inscriptions on the huge purple stupa was broad, extensive, and frenzied.

Luo Yunyang was also preparing. This time, he didnt use the Skyfire Divine Spear. Even though the Skyfire Divine Spear was not bad, he still wasnt very proficient in using it.

Furthermore, he was going to use two different cultivation techniques at the moment.

A figure of Nalanye appeared in each of the 33 levels of sky projections. The moment these projections appeared, countless tiny silhouettes appeared above the 33 skies.

The appearance of these figures created a very strange feeling. As they appeared, the martialists that cultivated the God Sky Conversion technique instinctively felt their hearts shudder. They had already sensed that their spirit consciousness had seemingly appeared within the strange 33 levels of sky projection.

They were facing Jiuzi Xuanmings attack.

Even though this was merely a feeling, many Mysterious Underworld martialists felt ardor and zeal coursing through their blood. However, all they could do now was watch quietly.

The silhouettes of Nalanye in the 33 skies gathered into one in a split moment. Even though they still looked like Nalanye, it also seemed as though he was a supreme existence; a celestial emperor capable of quelling anything.

That godly figure formed seals and a golden mark started to gather in his hand.

Vast, mighty, powerful!

The moment the massive golden mark formed, practically everyone felt that it was something gigantic, mighty, and unshakable. Many people felt their insides shudder frantically. It seemed as if their hearts wanted to jump out of their bodies.

This sacred mark wasnt the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord. Instead, it was the ultimate technique utilized by the Human Race powerhouse called Luo Yunyang, which they had witnessed in the Sky Martial Sacred Bowl. At this crucial moment, Luo Yunyang had relied on the God Sky Conversion Technique to unleash this cultivation technique.

Even though these were two techniques that didnt seem to have any relation, their might made heaven and earth shake as they were unleashed.

It could even be said that when Luo Yunyang unleashed this technique, everything around felt as if it was going topsy turvy.

Great Sky Flipping Mark!

As the Great Stupa Cleaving descended, the golden divine mark conjured by Luo Yunyang was released. Its target was Jiuzi Xuanmings purple sword-light, which was filled with killing intent.

While many Mysterious Underworld powerhouses had believed that Nalanye would lose at the beginning, they now felt that it would be very difficult to discern the victor.

Half of the void was purple and filled with faint stupas, while the other half, which was occupied by the 33 levels of sky, was a dazzling golden color.

Sacred mark and sword-light clashed in the void.

Space and time seemed to come to a standstill at the explosive collision.

The hall masters of the six underworld halls, who couldnt remain in their thrones, all stood up at the same time.

Both Jiuzi Xuanming and Nalanye had already reached a point when they would be deciding on the future direction of the Mysterious Underworld Race.

Even the hall masters had to pay the utmost attention.

Gold and purple lights crashed and collided through the void. The whole void and everything within it was surging turbulently.

Many people thought at the moment that they were evenly matched.

Luo Yunyang had already relaxed when the two attacks met. Even though Jiuzi Xuanmings Great Stupa Cleaving seemed to be superior in might, Luo Yunyangs 33 sky inheritance and the Sky Flipping Mark were very powerful too.

It could even be said that the Great Sky Flipping Mark was a notch stronger. If it wasnt for Jiuzi Xuanmings purple sword, the upper hand would have belonged to Luo Yunyang.

However, right now, Luo Yunyang didnt care about any of these things. He had thrown out the Great Wide World Jade when the two attacks had clashed.

Instantly, a streak of radiance shot toward Jiuzi Xuanming!