Supreme Uprising Chapter 1015

Chapter 1015 I Have Jade And I Have A Sword

Chapter 1015: I Have Jade, And I Have A Sword
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Evenly matched! These two were still evenly matched!

Jiuzi Xuanming felt as if a huge rock was lodged in his throat, making it difficult for him to even breathe.

If he could, Jiuzi Xuanming would immediately grind Nalanye to dust. However, the Great Stupa Cleaving he used hadnt been able to take down Nalanye.

The many Mysterious Underworld silhouettes behind Nalanye, as well as the abstruse Great Sky Flipping Sky Mark, made Jiuzi Xuanming feel unprecedented pressure.

Just as he was wondering how exactly he would deal with Nalanye next, a sense of danger suddenly swept over him.

Danger? How could that be?

The moment Jiuzi Xuanming sensed this, he felt that he was being overly anxious. After all, the Mandala Lotus was protecting him. Regardless of how extraordinary Nalanyes methods were, Jiuzi Xuanming wouldnt get hurt that easily.

Besides, Nalanye was currently warding off his own attacks. How could he have the time to hurt Jiuzi Xuanming? However, this frightening sensation had felt so real that Jiuzi Xuanming couldnt help but fly several hundred meters higher.

The moment he shifted position, a streak of dazzling light appeared in front of his eyes. The light was like a streak of lightning that shot toward his shoulder.

The Mandala Lotus that Jiuzi Xuanming had great hopes about was useless at the moment. This situation shocked Jiuzi Xuanming.

He shifted his body once again, but it was already too late. The moment his body warped, the dazzling light struck his shoulder.

Even though Jiuzi Xuanmings body was powerful, he still felt as though his shoulder had shattered. It seemed as if it was made of porcelain!

Besides his shoulder, what was more unbearable for Jiuzi Xuanming was that his body was crashing towards the ground after this attack struck him.

He would be utterly humiliated if he were to fall to the ground. Jiuzi Xuanming rapidly urged his power out as this thought went through his mind.

Unfortunately, the falling momentum was just too great and his strength was flowing toward his smashed shoulder. It was too late to stop his bodys descent.

As Jiuzi Xuanming was worried, his body had already gotten close to the ground. Fortunately, the instant he was about to hit the ground, the Mandala Lotus glowed brightly and enveloped him.


Everything shook violently when he hit the ground. However, in Jiuzi Xuanmings opinion, this wasnt too bad. After all, he had avoided falling flat to the ground.

"Nalanye, you used a surprise attack!" Jiuzi Xuanming glared at the floating Nalaye and bellowed.

However, he regretted it as soon as he said this. In a fight, all sorts of methods could be used. The Mandala Lotus he had used had practically put him in an invincible position, as Nalanye would have been helpless.

The fact that Jiuzi Xuanming was criticizing Nalanye for launching a surprise attack sounded like a big joke.

Luo Yunyang reached out with his hand and recalled the Great Wide World Jade. The attack of the Great Wide World Jade was sufficient to blow up an entire cosmos. However, it had merely caused Jiuzi Xuanming to fall when it had struck him.

Jiuzi Xuanming was extraordinarily sturdy.

"Its a pity this surprise attack didnt kill you," Luo Yunyang told Jiuzi Xuanming calmly.

Jiuzi Xuanming felt like he was going to crumble when he heard this reply.

At the moment, everyone, regardless of whether they were from Ancient Underworld Hall or Sky Martial Underworld Hall, was flabbergasted.

"Jiuzi Xuanming actually lost during this exchange. How is that possible? When did Nalanye become this powerful?" an Ancient Underworld Hall elder said in a trembling voice, "Is the God Sky Conversion Technique really that miraculous?"

Nobody answered this question, as many people were also having the same doubts. However, one thing was certain. Nalanyes methods were really powerful.

They were not just ordinarily powerful.

Sky Martial Underworld Hall was completely stirred up. Many Sky Martial Underworld Hall martialists had thought that they would be suffering a great loss this time.

Even if the entire Sky Martial Underworld Hall wasnt dissolved, it would be silent for some time at the very least. However, these martialists had never imagined that the Deputy Hall Master was so great that they would see hope of victory.

If Nalanye was victorious, then Sky Martial Underworld Hall would have the strength to fight with Ancient Underworld Hall. Even martialists from Sky Moon Underworld Hall and Sky Gold Underworld Hall were now pondering how to change their attitudes toward Sky Martial Underworld Hall!

The most delighted person was naturally the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master, who definitely hated Jiuzi Xuanming to the core. Watching Jiuzi Xuanming ruin the majority of his plans and step over his head had been very hard to swallow.

Now, Nalanyes sudden surprise attack had made Jiuzi Xuanming fall from the sky. Although one couldnt say that Jiuzi Xuanming had been defeated, this at least showed that Nalanye and Jiuzi Xuanming were nearly equals.

As long as they were nearly equals, he could stand a chance against the Ancient Underworld Hall Master and the others and not be deprived of his position.

"Nalanye, only one of us will survive today!" Jiuzi Xuanming roared furiously and soared into the sky once again while conjuring his cultivation techniques.

Even though the injury on his shoulder wasnt light, he could get rid of such an injury very quickly as long as he wanted to.

Using his purple killing sword, Jiuzi Xuanming once again attacked ferociously. Practically each strike seemed like it would end in mutual destruction.

These moves were considered rather rouge-ish but extremely useful. Because the Mandala Lotus once again enveloped his body and blocked all of Nalanyes attacks, it could be said that as long as he had the Mandala Lotus, he would be in an invincible position.

Under the circumstances, Luo Yunyangs sole option was to parry. The Skyfire Divine Spear in his hands continuously unleashed different variations to block Jiuzi Xuanmings attack.

After an hour, the two of them still played out the same scenario. Although Jiuzi Xuanming seemed to have the upper hand, he was still unable to harm Luo Yunyang in the slightest.

Jiuzi Xuanmings dejection had already dissipated. He felt that even if he could continue, he would still be helpless against Nalanye.

Plus, if he continued to act this way, he would still be disgraced. If he didnt go on, then his face would similarly be dragged through the mud.

As these thoughts went through his mind, Jiuzi Xuanming used sound transmission. "Nalanye, lets end this here. Let us fight again in the future!"

How could Luo Yunyang not know Jiuzi Xuanmings intention when he received the sound transmission? The Mandala Lotus around Jiuzi Xuanmings body was extremely vile.

Right now, Luo Yunyang didnt have many ways to deal with the Mandala Lotus. However, he wasnt willing to agree to such an outcome.

Luo Yunyang mulled this over and made a decision. He glared at the lofty Jiuzi Xuanming and said coldly, "Fight again in the future? He he Your idea isnt that bad. Unfortunately, I dont agree. I must cut you down today!"

Jiuzi Xuanming glowered. His suggestion to fight in the future had already shown Nalanye sufficient respect. However, Nalanye had actually given a despicable reply!

Instantly, the killing intent in Jiuzi Xuanmings eyes intensified. However, there was a faint smile on his face.

"He he Nalanye, it looks like you have a big problem with me. In that case, lets swap. You do the attacking now. I would like to see you break through my defense."

When he said that, Jiuzi Xuanming stopped attacking indeed. He just stood quietly in the void with a faint grin on his face.

How could Luo Yunyang not know what Jiuzi Xuanmings intention was? He wanted to rely on his Mandala Lotus to act shamelessly.

On the forums of the Endless Underworld, many martialists that practised the God Sky Cultivation Technique started to mock Jiuzi Xuanmings actions.

The cultivators of the God Sky Conversion Technique naturally stood on Nalanyes side and hoped Nalanye would attain victory.

"This is totally shameless!" a Universe 9-Grade martialist posted.

Although Jiuzi Xuanmings actions made many of his supporters feel ashamed, even more of his supporters didnt find his actions wrong.

Some of them rebuked Nalanyes supporters. "Shameless? He is displaying superiority."

"Nalanyes surprise attack on Jiuzi Xuanming by using the Great Wide World Jade is the definition of shamelessness."

"Furthermore, Jiuzi Xuanming had already proposed ending this senseless fight. It was Nalanye who didnt agree. Since he didnt agree, he naturally should be the one attacking."

"He he Jiuzi Xuanming was the one who requested the fight. Now hes asking for a ceasefire because he is helpless to deal with Sir Nalanye. Who does Jiuzi Xuanming think he is? The master of the Mysterious Underworld Race? Are all Mysterious Underworld beings supposed to listen to him?"

In the Endless Underworld, Jiuzi Xuanming had occupied the upper hand. However, as Nalanye displayed his power, more and more Mysterious Underworld martialists began to stand by Nalanyes side.

This also caused the two sides of supporters to reach an evenly-matched state.

As both sides were arguing furiously, someone said, "Quick, look! Nalanye has made his move!"

While this was said, an astral projection gathered behind Nalanye. However, this time, he didnt use the Great Sky Flipping Mark.

"I have a sword"