Supreme Uprising Chapter 1016

Chapter 1016 Four Swords Shattering The Heavens

Chapter 1016: Four Swords Shattering The Heavens
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"I have a sword that can destroy the sky and obliterate everything!" Luo Yunyangs words were calm, like a divine sound resonating from heaven and earth.

Jiuzi Xuanming, who had always viewed Nalanyes attack with indifference, suddenly tensed up.

He felt some sort of mysterious and inexorable pressure stifling his mind. At the moment, he had just one thought: Nalanye absolutely couldnt be allowed to complete this attack!

"Nalanye, take my sword!" Jiuzi Xuanming shouted without any hesitation. The sword in his hand slashed out at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang only grinned when he saw Jiuzi Xuanmings attack. He even had a mocking look on his face.

As the sword-light was unleashed, the resonating voice rang throughout the void again. "I have a sword and I can extinguish and slaughter anything that breathes."

"I have a sword and I can sink the earth and vanquish the sky, exterminate the six paths and sever the samsara!"

"I have a sword and I can vanquish the earth and erase the sky, terminate the present and the future!"

Four swords gathered and took shape in front of Nalanye as this voice rang out. Even though the four swords looked the same, the color of the glowing lights on each sword was frightening.

Jiuzi Xuanming wasnt the only one who was startled. Some observing powerhouses were shocked, especially the Ancient Underworld Hall Master, who questioned those around him. "What kind of cultivation technique is that?"

The people that could be observing the fight alongside the Ancient Underworld Hall Master were the most outstanding entities there. At the moment, all of them had solemn looks on their faces.

"What a powerful killing intent!" an aged Mysterious Underworld powerhouse said, "Furthermore, each sword seems to contain a top-notch nomological law."

"I even sense that each sword contains a few types of laws. It could be said that each sword is a badly-damaged eternal channel. Ultimately, these damaged eternal channels will form a complete eternal channel."

The 10 battle generals of Ancient Underworld Hall were all Yuan Venerate entities. Even though it was already very difficult for their cultivation bases to improve, at the very least, their experience wasnt inferior to anyone elses.

However, they felt stupid and ignorant when they heard the words eternal channel because they simply didnt know what they meant.

Even though interrupting the Ancient Underworld Hall Master and the other elders right now was considered impolite, someone still stepped forward. "Hall Master, your subordinate doesnt understand. What is an eternal channel?"

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master glared maliciously at that battle general. Even though he was a close subordinate of his, the Ancient Underworld Hall Master was still displeased at the moment.

After all, this subordinate had really chosen the wrong time to butt in, which made the Ancient Underworld Hall Master feel extremely displeased.

"Shut up!"

The subordinate felt a little indignant but didnt dare say anything else. In the end, it was the Ancient Underworld Elder that spoke. "There is a limit to the things you can come into contact with."

"For you people, this eternal channel is still a little far. Lets put it this way: The various laws you all control are actually derived from the split of an eternal channel."

"Take this region for example. Do you know who created the laws of this region?" the elder said slowly, "Even though I do not know either, I have a feeling that where we reside, laws are also created by Almighties."

The Ancient Underworld Halls ten great underworld generals were all at a loss for words now.

They were also Yuan Demons so they could control laws as well as reverse the laws of space and time. With a mere thought, they could influence the environment around them, turn stone into water, ice into fire

However, saying that the various laws of the environment around them were actually made by someone was beyond their scope of understanding.

As they looked at that elder, they discovered that his gaze was already on the battle being displayed.

Four long swords had gathered into a single sword-light that cut down at Jiuzi Xuanmings purple sword-light.

Jiuzi Xuanmings purple Sword of Killing had been a cause of envy amongst many Underworld Generals when it had been drawn out.

However, against a killing intent that seemed to have existed since time immemorial, the purple Sword of Killing seemed to be filled with trepidation.

Thats right. Even though Nalanyes four swords were formed via laws and had no physical form, Jiuzi Xuanmings purple Sword of Killing seemed to be trembling in the face of these four long swords.

It seemed as if a soldier had encountered a king.

"Heh Jiuzi Xuanming, it is time to see how impressive the Mandala Lotus is." The Yuan Demon Battle Generals voice had a hint of lament.

The Yuan Demon Battle General had just finished speaking when the sword-light containing boundless killing intent met Jiuzi Xuanmings purple Sword of Killing. During the collision, the purple sword produced a wail and was sent flying away.

Mysterious Underworld powerhouses that were slightly stronger even noticed that a crack had appeared on the purple Sword of Killing.

This scenario was etched in the minds of any Mysterious Underworld being. There were even quite a few that kept their attention tightly on Nalanye.

They wanted to see how Nalanye had utilized such an insane technique! Unfortunately, Nalanye wouldnt give them any answers.

Luo Yunyang wasnt the least bit surprised that Jiuzi Xuanmings purple sword had been sent flying. At the moment, besides the power granted by the God Sky Conversion Technique, all the attributes in the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts body had already been added to the Power Attribute.

Furthermore, the various attributes of his real body had also been added to the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast.

Right now, it could be said that Nalanye was displaying Luo Yunyangs strongest state. Furthermore, the profoundness contained in these four swords shocked even Luo Yunyang, who was the user.

Jiuzi Xuanming was also shocked. There was a sort of instinctive fear in his heart at the moment. Of course, he also understood that he had nowhere to go even if he wanted to retreat now.

Therefore, Jiuzi Xuanming could only brace himself.

This was the only option he had now. In an instant, Jiuzi Xuanming no longer cared about his Sword of Killing. Right now, his priority was to ensure that Nalanyes attack didnt break his Mandala Lotus.

His hands moved quickly when he sensed the massive threat. In no time, he had quickly utilized the strongest Mandala Lotus technique in his memory.

As he constantly formed hand seals, the nine-petal Mandala Lotus started to expand. Then, its petals folded up.

In just a split moment, the Mandala Lotus had turned from a blossoming flower to a closed flower bud. Although Jiuzi Xuanming could see the outside clearly from within the flower bud, he couldnt attack with this stance.

After all, the closed Mandala Lotus was using its strongest defense the Absolute Lotus Realm!

When the Mandala Lotus closed, he was already situated in a different realm, a realm where he was all by himself.

As the Absolute Lotus Realm was unleashed, Jiuzi Xuanming felt his surroundings calm down. The suppressive sword-light, which was filled with killing intent, vanished completely.

Jiuzi Xuanming felt totally safe and calm inside the Absolute Lotus Realm

Unfortunately, the Absolute Lotus Realm couldnt counter-attack. It would be the best choice if this option was possible. While Jiuzi Xuanming was feeling a little disappointed, the four sword-lights containing boundless killing intent struck the Mandala Lotus.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sky and earth trembled. Jiuzi Xuanming sensed cracks appearing continuously on the nine petals, but the cracks were quickly mended the moment they appeared.

Broken, mended, broken, mended

It was like a huge cycle. However, this process became slower and slower. The best news for Jiuzi Xuanming was that the mending process seemed faster than the breaking rate.

This meant that his Mandala Lotus had already blocked Luo Yunyangs attack.

15 minutes passed and cracks no longer appeared on the Mandala Lotus. Although the four sword-lights still remained, they no longer had their former grandeur.

Jiuzi Xuanming heaved a sigh of relief as he glanced at the sword-lights, which were filled with destruction and obliteration intent. There was also anger in his eyes.

He had been put in a very sorry state this time.

Jiuzi Xuanming knew that even though Nalanye was helpless to deal with him, in the eyes of many people, Jiuzi Xuanming was the loser.

Furthermore, this was a crushing defeat!

The blow to his reputation aside, Jiuzi Xuanming had also failed to accomplish the task assigned by the Underworld Ancestor. This was a tough outcome to swallow.

"Nalanye, I was wondering how strong you were. Now, it looks like you are helpless against my Mandala Lotus. You are really wasting your energy."

Jiuzi Xuanming had always believed that coming out on top in a war of words was useless. However, he couldnt help it. He did what he had always looked down on.

This was because he had really been oppressed too much by Nalanye.

Luo Yunyang was also feeling a little down about being unable to break the Mandala Lotus defense.

In Luo Yunyangs opinion, his most powerful attack should have broken Jiuzi Xuanmings defense. However, ultimately, he still wasnt able to accomplish it.

Luo Yunyang grinned when he heard Jiuzi Xuanmings bitter words. "It is too early to say that it is a waste of energy. After all, it hasnt ended yet."