Supreme Uprising Chapter 1017

Chapter 1017 Killing Intent Filling The Nine Heavens

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"Although I have always worshiped Jiuzi Xuanming, I have to admit that Jiuzi Xuanming has really found the wrong opponent this time," a Mysterious Underworld powerhouse said in the forums of the Endless Underworld.

It wasnt just one Mysterious Underworld being that said such a thing. Within the virtual world of the Endless Underworld, countless other Mysterious Underworld beings expressed their great disappointment.

They had worshipped Jiuzi Xuanming, but even though Jiuzi Xuanming wasnt considered defeated, anyone wise enough could see that Jiuzi Xuanming had been oppressed like a stray.

Furthermore, there was also his inability to counter-attack. He was only able to rely on the Mandala Lotus to endure the beating he was taking.

This made many Mysterious Underworld martialists that had worshipped Jiuzi Xuanming feel really upset. They felt that Jiuzi Xuanming had simply humiliated them.

They were furious and indignant, but they were mostly helpless. They were undeniably pissed yet equally helpless to take action.

"We still cant determine who has lost!" A Mysterious Underworld powerhouse immediately made his choice known.

However, the choices of these Mysterious Underworld powerhouses could only represent themselves. They could not represent Jiuzi Xuanming.

Compared to Jiuzi Xuanmings supporters, the Mysterious Underworld martialists who practised the God Sky Conversion Technique were stirred-up. If theyd still had some qualms regarding the God Sky Conversion Technique previously, these qualms were completely gone now!

Even though their power would be drawn away when Nalanye fought, it would be returned if it was borrowed. Thus, these people were more than happy to lend Nalanye their power.

Furthermore, it wasnt just little bits that were lent but huge amounts.

They were lending a huge amount that was the equivalent of their lives.

"Jiuzi Xuanming really thought that he was unrivaled. He he Looks like he isnt that big of a deal!" A Nalanye supporter immediately threw shade at Jiuzi Xuanming.

Most of the time, when it came to situations like this, Jiuzi Xuanmings supporters would start to defend Jiuzi Xuanming. However, the number of these supporters had dwindled now.

"I think that there is no longer any need for the two of them to go on fighting. Even if Jiuzi Xuanming isnt willing to admit defeat, it is rather clear whose strength is greater." Someone left this message on the Endless Underworld platform and gave a shout-out to Jiuzi Xuanming.

This shout-out was just composed of two wordsAdmit defeat!

Normally, nobody would care about this kind of shout-out. However, this time, many Mysterious Underworld martialists followed this shout-out.

In no time, calls for Jiuzi Xuanming to concede flooded the entire Endless Underworld platform.

Even though this didnt affect Jiuzi Xuanming in any way, it still surprised many people.

Although Ling Yunfei didnt post anything, she too could see the situation and now had even more misgivings about Nalanye.

The Mysterious Underworld Race was slightly stronger than the Human Race. Now, Nalanye had been added into the mix, which made Ling Yunfei feel a real threat.

If the World-Destroying Yuan Sonic Cannon could be used again, Ling Yunfei would definitely use it on Nalanye.

Amongst the Human Race, the only one who might be capable of going head-to-head against this being was Luo Yunyang.

As Ling Yunfei was guessing what the final conclusion would be, she heard someone say the word explode. Ling Yunfei felt her heart shudder when she heard it.

Even though this wasnt targeted at her, she could hear a terrifying power within this word that she couldnt comprehend.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As Ling Yunfei was shocked, she saw the four long swords shatter simultaneously and an even more extensive killing intent flowed forth from the four swords.

This killing intent was as vast as the sky and as boundless as the ocean. This killing intent

Despite her cultivation base, Ling Yunfei felt her mind experience an upheaval in the face of this crazed killing intent. As she steeled herself to continue watching, the scene displayed in the Endless Underworld shattered.

"The Endless Underworld is temporarily shut down. The Endless Underworld is temporarily shut down. The Endless Underworld is temporarily shut down!" An anxious voice rang out in Ling Yunfeis head as the Endless Underworld, which had existed for so many years, was shut down.

Luo Yunyang didnt really care about the flourishing power causing the Endless Underworld to shut down. In his opinion, the most important thing was to use this turbulent killing intent and blast it at Jiuzi Xuanming inside the Mandala Lotus.

Although these four long swords, which were filled with boundless killing intent, had been shattered at Luo Yunyangs command, not only did he feel like he couldnt control the long swords right now, but his entire self seemed to be absorbed by the killing intent.

It was difficult to control it. That crazed killing intent had already reached a level that was difficult to control!

Jiuzi Xuanming frantically urged on his Mandala Lotus in the face of this killing intent that surpassed high-level laws. When they came into contact, his defense was shredded like paper.

That power, which contained boundless killing intent, enveloped Jiuzi Xuanming, who was shielded by the Mandala Lotus.

Jiuzi Xuanmings eyes were filled with fear.

Even though his past self had experienced failure before, he had never encountered such a life-threatening situation.

Now, he was truly sensing this threat, which made him feel that he would have trouble being resurrected if he was obliterated.

"NO!" Jiuzi Xuanming shouted as he frantically waved his purple sword at the frenzied, devastating killing intent.

At the moment, he no longer cared whether this purple sword could break the attack coming at him. He couldnt care about anything else either.

Right now, Jiuzi Xuanmings priority was to preserve his own life. Therefore, as he brandished his sword, he transformed into countless projections and scattered in all directions.

At Jiuzi Xuanmings level of cultivation, as long as a part of the soul wasnt destroyed, one could create a new body in no time.

As Jiuzi Xuanming gave his all, a thunderous shout echoed through the void. "Nalanye, show mercy!"

This voice was like thunder making the sky and earth quake.

This shout made many observers of this fight shudder, as the laws contained within this voice were too powerful.

Luo Yunyang instantly knew who was shouting: the Ancient Hall Master! At this time, the Ancient Hall Master couldnt help but come forth.

But how could Luo Yunyang show mercy when he was presented with such a good opportunity? Being able to kill Jiuzi Xuanming was an opportunity that absolutely couldnt be missed.

According to a saying, if one didnt kill the tiger, the tiger would return to bite back. Luo Yunyang didnt want to regret letting him go in the future.

A surging sword-light like a torrent of mercury eroded Jiuzi Xuanming wherever it went.

The purple sword continued to crumble when it came into contact with the devastating true intent.

Out of the many projections, in the blink of an eye, only nine remained. These nine figures had already flown many miles away.

However, even though it seemed like they had fled, in fact, they were still within the confines of Luo Yunyangs surging sword intent. In an instant, the devastating sword intent shot toward the remaining nine figures.

"F*ck you, you vile being!" A spear ripped through the void toward Luo Yunyang as this furious roar echoed. This turbulent move contained an intent that seemed capable of destroying anything.

Luo Yunyang might have been able to deal with this move easily in the past. However, while unleashing these four channels of sword intent, he was already extremely weary. It could even be said that the amount of power he could use was no longer what he had used at the beginning.

As Luo Yunyang was considering whether to draw back and dodge, a huge black bowl had already appeared and shielded him from the top.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master stood atop it like a god. He brandished his fists and countless projections gathered behind the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Masters back. Meanwhile, all the power in his body gathered in his fist.

Sky Martial Divine Fists

The fist and the black spear tip clashed in the void. The spear backed away rapidly and the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Masters fist-light was also shattered.

"Sagu, Jiuzi Xuanming is challenging Nalanye to a fight to the death. Have you forgotten the rules? Why did you make a move like this?" The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master didnt press on. Instead, he floated above the Sky Martial Divine Bowl and spoke to the Ancient Underworld Hall Master.

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master had also appeared in the void. There was a tinge of anxiousness in his voice as he said, "Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master, Jiuzi Xuanming is a person the Underworld Ancestor views highly. Even you cant be answerable if he he dies."

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master only chuckled in response to this threat. He didnt reply or give way.

How could Luo Yunyang let this opportunity slip by? He once again unleashed his full power into this sword-light, which had already reached its extreme limit, and blasted it at the nine bodies.

These nine bodies were extremely important to Jiuzi Xuanming.

However, when he saw the Ancient Underworld Hall Masters rescue attempt stop, Jiuzi Xuanming made a decision. Eight of these bodies gathered.


The eight bodies shattered simultaneously as surging blood Qi formed a huge blood-red realm in the void that rushed at Luo Yunyangs sword intent.

Taking this opportunity, Jiuzi Xuanmings last body blended into the void and prepared to use a mystic technique to leave this area.

The moment this mystic technique was complete, Jiuzi Xuanming would successfully escape.