Supreme Uprising Chapter 1018

Chapter 1018 A Roar That Exterminates Jiuzi

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Luo Yunyang was very unwilling to let Jiuzi Xuanming escape. Jiuzi Xuanming had already reached the Yuan Demon Realm. While Luo Yunyang didnt fear him, he would still become a very great adversary if he wasnt slain.

The sword intent that could shatter anything rapidly smashed the blood-red realm into bits. However, that blood-red realm had bought Jiuzi Xuanming a split second of time.

His body was about to be assimilated into the void!

Once he was assimilated into the void, he could use the quickest speed possible to vanish without a trace. It would be very difficult for Luo Yunyang to chase and kill him.

Jiuzi Xuanming couldnt be allowed to escape!

Countless thoughts were whirling in Luo Yunyangs head, and all sorts of cultivation techniques were being considered by Luo Yunyang.

In no time, he had an idea. He once again conjured that destructive power as well as the projections behind him and frantically drew the power of the God Sky Conversion Technique cultivators.


A tremendous howl came from the 33 levels of sky behind Luo Yunyang. This roar seemed as though it came from a real person, and the 33 Underworld Generals in the 33 levels of sky shouted as well.

This roar was soul-breaking!

The Sky Intellect Underworld Hall Master and the Sky Sun Underworld Hall Master werent too far from Jiuzi Xuanming. Their intention was naturally to lend support to Jiuzi Xuanming at this time of crisis.

Even though they were severely disappointed with Jiuzi Xuanming over this battle, they still couldnt give up on Jiuzi Xuanming just like that.

This was not only because of Jiuzi Xuanmings status but also because of his strength.

As long as Jiuzi Xuanming was saved, their power loss wouldnt be too great. Naturally, they would be more at ease to go up against Sky Martial Underworld Hall.

The reason the two of them hadnt made any moves immediately wasnt because they wanted to preserve some face but because Jiuzi Xuanming appeared to have a chance of escape when he gave up his other bodies.

He would be able to vanish without a trace as long as he could be assimilated into the void. Although Nalanye could reverse time and space, this method would only be useful against Heavenly Venerates, whereas capturing a fellow Yuan Venerate wasnt easy.

It was this line of thought that allowed them to feel slightly relieved.

They had never imagined that Nalanye would not give chase at such a crucial juncture and would roar out instead.

This earth-shattering roar made all the martialists present feel extremely terrified.

After this roar, Jiuzi Xuanming, who was about to be assimilated into the void, let out an indignant cry.

Unlike Nalanyes roar, which was filled with killing intent, this howl was like an indignant cry just before death.

The last blood figure of Jiuzi Xuanming crumbled in the void and vanished into nothingness.

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master, who was tangled up with the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master, had already sensed that something wasnt right when Nalanye had released that earth-shattering roar.

However, he was already being obstructed by the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master. Although Ancient Underworld Hall was said to be the number one in the Mysterious Underworld Race, the Ancient Underworld Hall Master wasnt the number one in the world.

He didnt seem to have much of an advantage against the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master, who was using his Sky Martial Divine Bowl, and naturally couldnt proceed to rescue Jiuzi Xuanming.

"Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master. You You are going to stand by and watch Jiuzi Xuanming. You are going to stand by and watch the Mysterious Underworld Race lose a genius You You are a traitor of our race. You You are a great sinner of our race!"

The Ancient Underworld Hall Masters voice was filled with resentment and anger. He had a great relationship with Jiuzi Xuanming. Even though his status was now higher than Jiuzi Xuanmings status, as Jiuzi Xuanming developed, he would help raise him to convene the six underworld halls.

However, he had never imagined that Jiuzi Xuanming would be killed just after entering the realm of the Yuan Demon. This was simply something that the Ancient Underworld Hall Master found difficult to accept.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master was also a little stunned when he saw the last body of Jiuzi Xuanming vanish.

All along, hed felt an irreconcilable hostility against Jiuzi Xuanming.

Even though Jiuzi Xuanming had only reached the peak of the Heavenly Venerate nine times and never ascended to the Yuan Venerate because of his bodys cultivation, he had always held the upper hand in his conflict against the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master due to his status and the support of Ancient Underworld Hall.

This situation was unbelievable and made the Sky Martial Underworld feel extremely sullen.

However, Jiuzi Xuanming had actually died! He had died at his most glorious time.

Nine lives of cultivation, each lifetime reaching the peak. He had merely ascended to the Taishi Yuan Venerate and he already possessed the strength of a Taichu Yuan Venerate. Furthermore, he possessed an ultimate weapon that was rumored to have been bestowed by the Underworld Ancestor. With his strength alone, he had suppressed the alliance of Sky Martial Underworld Hall and the other two halls.

It could be said that Jiuzi Xuanming was destined to become an individual that the great underworld halls had to look up to and revere. However, he had actually encountered the current situation just as he had been heading toward his most glorious time.


Jiuzi Xuanming was dead. He had died at the hands of Nalanye, whom he had challenged. This earth-shaking roar had immediately sent this acclaimed Mysterious Underworld genius of so many years to his death.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master sobered up after being momentarily stunned. What he felt most right now was delight.

He chuckled while listening to the Ancient Underworld Hall Masters reproach. "Our Mysterious Underworld Race has always valued strength."

"Jiuzi Xuanming was renowned in the Mysterious Underworld Race for a long time, but he actually didnt bring any benefits to our race."

"Now, after actively challenging Deputy Hall Master Nalanye, he was slain by him. This can only mean that Ancient Underworld Hall has been grooming a piece of trash all these years."

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Masters eyes gleamed with delight as he said the word trash. "Sagu, I know that my words sound harsh, but I still have to say this. He is just a piece of trash."

The Ancient Underworld Hall Masters lips started to tremble. How could he admit that Jiuzi Xuanming was a piece of trash? However, Jiuzi Xuanming had really died.

While many thoughts were going through the Ancient Hall Masters mind, the other hall masters flew over.

The Sky Intellect Underworld Hall Master looked at the Sky Martial Hall Master before finally turning to Nalanye. He mulled it over for a moment before asking, "Nalanye, can you give us an explanation for this matter?"

There was anger in his tone.

Luo Yunyang ignored the Sky Intellect Underworld Hall Master and instead waved his hand to draw in the shattered purple sword and the purple lotus platform.

As the Sky Intellect Underworld Hall Master glared furiously in his direction again, Nalanye answered nonchalantly. "It was a fight over life and death. How does the Hall Master want me to explain?"

"Unless the Hall Master feels that Jiuzi Xuanming would go easy on me?" He then continued speaking snidely. "Since Jiuzi Xuanming wouldnt go easy, why shouldnt I kill him?"

"Unless his life is even more valuable than mine?"

While the Sky Intellect Hall Master felt extremely sullen, he really wasnt able to retort at this time.

The Sky Sun Underworld Hall Master didnt say anything. He only stood by the Sky Intellect Underworld Hall Masters side and nodded.

Luo Yunyang no longer paid any attention to the Sky Intellect Underworld Hall Master. He inhaled sharply and, after restoring his own cultivation base, stared at the Ancient Underworld Hall Master. "Ancient Underworld Hall Master, Jiuzi Xuanming might be dead, but dont think this matter is over."

"Dont you think you should explain why the Ancient Underworld Hall disciples slaughtered Sky Martial Underworld Halls messenger?"

Luo Yunyang said this in an overbearing manner.

In the past, if his clone embodiment Nalanye had dared to speak to the Ancient Underworld Hall Master in this manner, everyone would definitely have thought that he was ignorant. However, right now, many people felt that the words of Nalanye, who had slain Jiuzi Xuanming, were reasonable.

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master didnt rebuke Luo Yunyang, but his face was ashen. He didnt say anything. Instead, he glanced at the Sky Intellect Hall Master.

The Sky Intellect Underworld Hall Master was the Ancient Underworld Hall Masters most important supporter. Even though he understood that he would definitely oppose Nalanye if he spoke up at this time, he still decided to speak after a short moment of hesitation.

After all, in his heart, he felt that the bigger picture was most important for the Mysterious Underworld Race.

"Nalanye, Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master, Sky Martial Underworld Hall didnt suffer from the incident on Ancient Underworld Hall Mountain."

As soon as he said that, he glanced at the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master. "Sky Martial, Jiuzi Xuanming might have been your enemy, but you should have known that his death has greatly affected the strength of the Mysterious Underworld Race."

"For the sake of the entire Mysterious Underworld Race, I suggest that we just let this matter end here!"

End? How could Luo Yunyang want that to happen? What had he fought against Jiuzi Xuanming for if not to cause internal strife in the Mysterious Underworld Race?

He glanced at the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master and realized the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master was being swayed. Luo Yunyang knew that speaking now would be a little rude, but he still had to do so.

"Ha ha ha The Sky Intellect Underworld Hall Master has spoken well indeed. However, I wonder if the Hall Master knows how you guys would have dealt with Sky Martial Underworld Hall if I had lost?"

Luo Yunyangs words made the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master stiffen up.