Supreme Uprising Chapter 1020

Chapter 1020 Greetings Golden Mysterious Lord

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Given the technological capabilities of the Mysterious Underworld Race, they could discuss anything amongst themselves freely and easily via the Endless Underworld.

However, the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master still insisted on paying a personal visit. The reason he did was mainly because he wanted to show the Golden Mysterious Lord how important he considered him.

Not only did the Golden Mysterious Lord helm one of the nine Underworld Armies, but it was also the army with the greatest strength.

The Golden Mysterious Lord, who wasnt from any of the six underworld halls, had always held a distant position from the competition between the six great underworld halls.

Now, Ancient Underworld Hall and Sky Martial Underworld Hall were rather evenly-matched. Therefore, the Golden Mysterious Lords strength had naturally become extremely important.

It could even be said that the two sides were going all out to gain his support.

To express his sincerity and importance, the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master had personally visited the place where the Golden Mysterious Lords army was camped in order to convince the Golden Mysterious Lord.

Luo Yunyangs clone embodiment, Nalanye, had also stealthily followed the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master. Of course, this time, he wasnt the only one following him.

There were also six Yuan Venerates of Sky Martial Underworld Hall, including one Taichu Yuan Venerate. This was merely the strength Nalanye had brought with him. Sky Martial Underworld Hall, Sky Moon Underworld Hall, and Sky Gold Underworld Hall had sent six Yuan Venerates as well.

This number of Yuan Venerates was a powerful force to be reckoned with.

They were together for one purpose. If the Golden Mysterious Lord aligned himself with Ancient Underworld Hall, they would immediately take down this authoritative existence of the Mysterious Underworld Race.

Luo Yunyang hadnt spoken up about this plan. It had been decided by the heads of the three underworld halls.

Although the Golden Mysterious Lord had made great contributions and brought merit to the Mysterious Underworld Race, his existence was a little troubling for the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master and the rest.

Now, as the two sides were about to go to war, it would be best if the Golden Mysterious Lord aligned to their cause. Otherwise, they were prepared to use the most unyielding might to assassinate him right away.

The people that Luo Yunyang had brought along were the ones supposed to execute that plan.

An enormous black city spanning hundreds of miles was erected on a massive planet that seemed like a fierce beast with open jaws. At first glance, many people would feel a sense of deep fear.

That dense, solemn, desolate aura made people feel fear from the bottom of their hearts.

The Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master looked solemn and reluctant but ultimately told Luo Yunyang, Nalanye, use a transformation technique and follow me in. The other Yuan Demons will enter their internal universes.

Luo Yunyang nodded his head. Ha ha! Although he wasnt very familiar with the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master, he still agreed respectfully.

Naturally, he was more than willing to commit these killings during the Mysterious Underworld Races civil war.

Golden Mysterious Lord, an old friend has come to visit and would like to request an audience, the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master announced in the sky above the city after Luo Yunyang and the others were done with their preparations.

Countless array formations sprang out in the huge city when the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master appeared. The lights of these array formations formed a deep purple light barrier that shrouded the entire city.

Many Mysterious Underworld martialists held weapons as if they were ready to attack the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master.

Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master, I already know your intention. You should go. I wont join your side. The Golden Mysterious Lord appeared gradually within the array formations.

He glanced at the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master and said icily, Jiuzi Xuanming was my good friend, and I owed him a favor. By being unable to save him, I already let him down. How can I join you all and go up against Ancient Underworld Hall?

The Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master had never expected to encounter such a situation as soon as he arrived. This was really unfavorable for his goal to convince the Golden Mysterious Lord.

After mulling it over for a moment, the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master said, Golden Mysterious Lord, even though you already know the motive of my visit, you havent listened to my reasoning yet. The Great Mysterious Underworld War is already something that no one can stop.

Even though you are a commander, you still have to listen to our conditions before making a decision. This would at least allow you to be accountable to yourself and your troops.

After all, you shouldnt put your own preferences over the interest of your underworld army.

The Sky Moon Underworld Hall Masters voice didnt mask anything. His tone was clearly instigating.

There were supporters of Sky Moon Underworld Hall and the other two halls in the enormous city. Therefore, when the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master spoke, someone told the Golden Mysterious Lord, My Lord, I think that we should listen to the conditions that Sky Moon Underworld Hall proposes.

Even though the Golden Mysterious Lord had proclaimed his stance, it wasnt like he didnt have any misgivings. Thus, when he heard some of his subordinates voicing their views, he frowned and said, Since the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master insists, then you and I should have a talk.

He waved a hand while speaking and a path appeared below the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Masters feet. The Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master walked down the path slowly and appeared before the Golden Mysterious Lord.

Arent you going to invite me to sit down? The Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master looked at the Golden Mysterious Lord as though he was greeting an old friend.

The Golden Mysterious Lord didnt care about the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master. Instead, he turned his gaze to Nalanye. He realized that the attendant of the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master wasnt as simple as he had imagined.

Who is he? the Golden Mysterious Lord asked.

The Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master chuckled. A disciple groomed by Sky Moon Underworld Hall. We are preparing him to succeed me as the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master. What do you think?

I cant tell as of yet, but I can see that his potential isnt too bad. The Golden Mysterious Lord and the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master had also been good friends for many years. Now, he was evaluating Luo Yunyang as a senior.

Luo Yunyang snickered inwardly when he heard the Golden Mysterious Lords words but bowed respectfully.

The Golden Mysterious Lord didnt continue to pay attention to Luo Yunyang. Instead, he said, Since you want to talk, then tell me your conditions.

Alright, as long as you align with our three-hall alliance, you can become a hall master of either Sky Sun Underworld Hall or Sky Intellect Underworld Hall after this whole matter ends. It will be your choice. As for the subordinates under you, every single one of them can receive three times the regular cultivation resources.

The most important thing in the Mysterious Underworld Race was cultivation resources. Sky Moon Underworld Halls conditions were rather generous.

Ha ha ha! I would become a Hall Master? Truth be told, your conditions are rather tempting, but have you thought about it? If I become the hall master of either Sky Intellect Underworld Hall or Sky Sun Underworld Hall, then what about the two current hall masters?

Even though our conflict with the Human Race is rather peaceful, if we were to really fight the humans, perhaps they would have an advantage.

The Golden Mysterious Lords voice was laced with a tinge of fury. It isnt like you are all oblivious to the overall situation. Why must a war be started?

The Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master said gravely, Golden Mysterious Lord, it wasnt us who wanted the war. It was the Ancient Underworld Hall Master that wanted to start this war.

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master is incompetent and he caused the Mysterious Underworld Race to suffer huge losses. How could such a person be allowed to control the future of the entire Mysterious Underworld Race?

Speaking of that, my relationship with Sagu used to be rather good in the past.

Now, our two sides already have irreconcilable differences. Golden Mysterious Lord, by standing by our side and ending this conflict in the quickest time possible, you will bear the greatest responsibility for our Mysterious Underworld Race.

It wasnt an exaggeration to say that the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master had a glib tongue. The moment he said all this, nobody felt indisposed at all.

Even though Luo Yunyang was unwilling to admit it, he knew that his ability to convince someone was far inferior in comparison to the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Masters ability.

The Golden Mysterious Lord paused for a moment before saying, Couldnt you all have sat down and talked things over nicely amongst yourselves?

If you want to, I can put you all in touch. The Golden Mysterious Lord sounded really sincere but was really unwilling to see the two sides start fighting.

The Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master shook his head. In truth, I am also unwilling to have an internal strive with Ancient Underworld Hall. However, given the present circumstances, even if the two sides could negotiate, nobody would trust the other side.

At this point, the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master said, What you can do now is make a choice between our two sides.

As a friend, I hope that you will choose us. Only then will we bring hope to the Mysterious Underworld Race.

There was a slight look of mockery in the Golden Mysterious Lords eyes. Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master, I think you dont have to continue. I wont join you.

Furthermore, I also believe that my subordinates arent willing to be sacrificed for your dispute. You better leave!

Of all the Mysterious Underworld Races Almighties, the one Luo Yunyang had first encountered was the Golden Mysterious Lord. When he heard the Golden Mysterious Lord speak this way, he felt some heartfelt respect for him.

However, he couldnt allow his plan to be foiled by the Golden Mysterious Lord. Therefore, as the Sky Moon Underworld Lord tried to persuade him, Luo Yunyang said, Since the Golden Mysterious Lord is so stubborn, then dont blame us for being impolite.

As he said that, Luo Yunyang made his move. The God Sky Conversion Technique was used and the most ferocious Great Sky Flipping Mark was unleashed.

Some time ago, he had used this move to block Jiuzi Xuanmings attack. Now, he was using this attack against the Golden Mysterious Lord.

The Golden Mysterious Lord hadnt really paid much attention to Luo Yunyang. However, he discovered Luo Yunyangs identity when he saw the 33 projections of celestial emperors. Nalanye, I didnt seek you out, yet you have come to me. Today, I cant let you leave.

As he said that, a six-edged spear appeared in his hand and flew forward to meet Luo Yunyangs attack.

At the same moment, the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master also suddenly made his move. His hands formed seals and countless moon discs surrounded the Golden Mysterious Lord!