Supreme Uprising Chapter 1022

Chapter 1022 Return Return

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Five Qi Mysterious Brothers, are you willing to submit and become subordinates of Sky Martial Underworld Hall? Luo Yunyang was sitting upright in the most central seat of Sacred Underworld City like a godly entity overlooking the five Mysterious Underworld beings beneath.

Although the Five Qi Mysterious Brothers didnt seem any different, there was now a huge black clamp on each of their necks.

With these clamps in place, even the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers couldnt exhibit any power. Besides the sturdiness of their bodies, the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers couldnt display any power at all.

Nalanye, detaining the Golden Underworld Lord is akin to committing a sin against the entire Mysterious Underworld Race. Let me tell you this: We will never surrender! the Mysterious Underworld Brother amongst them who used the power of earth shouted furiously.

Further back in the hall, many Mysterious Underworld powerhouses had the same determined look on their faces. Many of them felt nothing but respect and loyalty for the Golden Underworld Lord. Now, they were standing here and not rebelling, which was entirely down to the fact that they werent strong enough to stand up against these newcomers.

However, this didnt mean that they were willing to surrender!

The Five Qi Mysterious Brothers had considerable status in Sacred Underworld City. Even though they didnt really like to deal with matters, their status was second only to the Golden Mysterious Lords status.

Their words immediately resonated with many of their compatriots.

As many others hooted their support, Luo Yunyang said calmly, Very well. Then I can only kill you all.

These words were said in an extremely calm fashion, so even the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers were stunned. They were all Yuan Venerate entities, and the five of them could equal a Taichu Yuan Venerate when they joined hands.

Even the various great underworld halls were all extremely polite in hopes that these brothers could be recruited to their side.

In their opinion, Sky Martial Underworld Hall wouldnt dare kill them even if they didnt submit.

At worst, they would only be imprisoned.

However, they had never expected that Nalanye would lack common sense! This fellow was actually completely impudent and unbridled!

Luo Yunyangs words shocked them all immensely, especially the Yuan Demon who had the power of earth, who stammered, You You dare touch us?

The moment he said that, a purple gleam of sword-light shot out towards his neck. The Deep Earth Mysterious Underworld Being wasnt able to react or resist before his head rolled.

The destructive nomological power turned into purple Qi and flowed into the body of the Deep Earth Mysterious Underworld Being.

Nalanye, you dared to kill our brother? one of the others shouted in disbelief.

At the same time, another brother shouted, Nalanye, stop, stop! You You are crazy!

I, Nalanye, am not crazy. You all are insane. What I dislike most is dawdling on everything. Since you do not know how to adapt to the circumstances or give and take, then let me enlighten you people!

Luo Yunyang didnt show any mercy. As he brandished his arms, the purple sword-light exited the Deep Earth Mysterious Underworld Beings body.

The purple Sword of Killing had been originally given to Jiuzi Xuanming by the supreme entity hidden away in some unknown Underworld Land.

It even had a subduing effect against Yuan Demon entities. Even though the Five Qi Mysterious Brothers could rival a Taichu Yuan Venerate when gathered, they still werent Taichu Yuan Venerates after all.

Therefore, this Deep Earth Mysterious Underworld Being was slain.

The other four brothers had never thought that their brother would be killed. When they saw that not a single trace of the Deep Earth Mysterious Underworld Being remained, their eyes burned with a crazed fury.

Aarghh! The other four Mysterious Underworld Brothers struggled frantically. However, they werent even able to unleash even a bit of their immense power.

Nalanye, I will kill you! the Green Wood Mysterious Underworld Being howled. Meanwhile, a sword-light had already slashed across his body.

In just moments, only one of the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers remained! The Red Fire Mysterious Underworld Being had a look of extreme fury and fright on his face.

He was terrified of Luo Yunyang.

Sir Nalanye, I am willing to submit. I am willing to pledge allegiance to Sky Martial Underworld Hall. I am willing to become a devoted subordinate of Sir Nalanye. The Red Fire Mysterious Underworld Being pleaded bitterly as he knelt down.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the kneeling Red Fire Mysterious Underworld Being and shook his head lightly. Your four brothers have already died. What use would I still have for you?

Furthermore, the five of you are one. I have already killed four. If I were to leave you behind, wouldnt I just be retaining a threat? Therefore, you should just die!

Sword-light flashed before the Red Fire Mysterious Underworld Being was cut down. As his body dissipated, he stared at Nalanye with a terrified expression.

This gaze was full of bitterness and disbelief.

The large hall they were in was suddenly filled with fear. Practically all the Sacred Underworld City powerhouses that were capable of standing in this hall were trembling uncontrollably.

They had never imagined that Nalanye would actually be this tyrannical. One could say that the Five Mysterious Underworld Brothers possessed an extraordinary status.

Everyone present felt that Sky Martial Underworld Hall would act appropriately in order to convince Sacred Underworld City to join their cause.

However, they suddenly realized that they had expected too much!

The Five Mysterious Underworld Brothers have returned to the Underworld Ancestor. However, I believe that they will definitely be very lonely on their journey, so I think that I should send some of you people to accompany those brothers.

Luo Yunyang spoke indifferently as he eyed those shaking powerhouses. Everyone present looked really terrible when Luo Yunyang said all this.

It could even be said that they were all extremely terrified.

Terrified of Nalanye. This fear came from the depths of their hearts.

Sir Nalanye, this subordinate is willing to surrender! A Yuan Venerate entity knelt down immediately.

When this person took the lead, all the other Mysterious Underworld powerhouses threw themselves to the ground simultaneously. Even though many of them werent happy with Nalanyes tyrannical methods, their lives were far more important than any dissatisfaction they felt.

Alright, since you are willing to align yourselves with Sky Martial Underworld Hall, then I definitely wont make things difficult for you all. Naturally, I will put some restraints on you people, but at the same time, there will also be some considerable benefits..

Luo Yunyang said in an enticing voice, The God Sky Conversion Technique is wondrous. It can bring about massive benefits. Ha ha Now, I shall impart this technique to each of you.

Sacred Underworld City is an important region of the Mysterious Underworld Race. I believe that cultivating my God Sky Conversion Technique would help you all become even more adept at defending Sacred Underworld City.

The Yuan Demons that had just expressed their loyalty to Nalanye stiffened. Even though they had never cultivated the God Sky Conversion Technique before, they all had some understanding of the God Sky Conversion Technique.

They knew that the God Sky Conversion Technique was a rare cultivation technique, but cultivating it meant that Nalanye could draw on their power at will.

Nalanyes displays were decent and he had never caused any harm to the cultivators of the God Sky Conversion Technique, but

The hidden risks of being forcefully bestowed such a cultivation technique were clear. All the Mysterious Underworld powerhouses present thought about how the Five Qi Mysterious Brothers had been dealt with and said respectfully, Thank you, Deputy Hall Master.

Mhmm Spread the God Sky Conversion Technique that I granted you all as fast as possible.

Three days. I shall give you all three days. If I discover any warrior that doesnt cultivate the God Sky Conversion Technique, I will trace it up to you people and you will all go accompany the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers.

After he said that, Luo Yunyang tapped his finger forward and the God Sky Conversion cultivation technique quickly flowed toward all the powerhouses in the hall.

In just a day, Luo Yunyang had already sensed that the over 100 million Mysterious Underworld martialists in the entire Sacred Underworld City were cultivating his God Sky Conversion Technique.

Through the God Sky Conversion Technique, Luo Yunyang was able to control the entire Sacred Underworld City in no time.

While standing on the highest platform in Sacred Underworld City, he stared in the direction of the Human Race subconsciously. At the moment, he had already become a big shot of the Mysterious Underworld Race and the authoritative figure of the entire Sacred Underworld City.

If he wanted to, he could visit the Human Race.

Luo Yunyang knew the various channels that led from Sacred Underworld City to the Human Race very well. Besides, the Golden Mysterious Lord was a prisoner, so Luo Yunyang was able to learn and understand the situation of the Mysterious Underworld spies in the Human Race through the Golden Mysterious Lord.

This war wasnt something that could be settled in the short term. Leaving a clone embodiment in the Mysterious Underworld Race was already good enough.

Furthermore, even though his real body wasnt there, he could still rely on the attribute regulator.

After pondering for a bit, Luo Yunyangs Mysterious Underworld clone embodiment took flight. In the blink of an eye, he had already arrived at the most secure channel.

Whats happening? Luo Yunyang gestured with his arm toward the spatial channel.

Sir, the Human Race still hasnt discovered this channel, a fifth-level Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerate said with a bow.

You have guarded this spot very well! Luo Yunyang glanced at that Mysterious Underworld powerhouse and said nonchalantly, Continue to persevere for some time. In 10 years, I will have you promoted to a vice-commander.

Thank you, my lord! The Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerate guarding this area thanked Nalanye respectfully.

However, while he was expressing his gratitude, he didnt realize that a silhouette had already entered that channel and vanished without a trace.

Nalanye was still standing at the entrance of the passage with the bearing of a big shot of the Mysterious Underworld Race.