Supreme Uprising Chapter 1025

Chapter 1025 The Left Hall Masters Scheme

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Everything was shaking, and heaven and earth were splitting.

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow had already been reduced to a spectator. Right now, he felt himself going numb. He didnt know whether to rejoice or not.

The consequences would have been obvious if Luo Yunyang had used this astonishing fist on him. Even though Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow never liked giving others recognition, he couldnt help but feel a little reverence for Luo Yunyangs ferocious attack.

After the furious winds of energy dissipated, Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow managed to clearly see the results of the clash.

Even though he hoped the Left Hall Master would capture Luo Yunyang in one fell swoop, he knew that it wasnt possible upon taking one look at the battle scenario.

Things were as he had expected. The golden ax had been sent flying out instantly. While Luo Yunyangs fist still seemed to be glowing with radiance, Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow could sense that a huge crack had appeared in it.


Luo Yunyang was really scary. How could he be on par with the Left Hall Master?

As all sorts of crazy thoughts went through Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrows mind, he heard the Left Hall Masters voice. "Yunyang, it has just been a year. I never imagined that your cultivation would improve this much."

"Looks like the Middle Hall Master was right. You are the most talented genius the Human Race has produced in years!"

The Left Hall Master had a radiant smile on his face, as if he hadnt tried to cleave Luo Yunyang in half with that massive ax.

Luo Yunyang gave him a faint smile. "The Left Hall Masters might also seems to have gotten even greater!"

In Hong Meng Sacred Hall, even though the Middle Hall Master was the leader, the three hall masters existed side by side. The Left Hall Master was also an entity that no one would dare overlook.

In the past, Luo Yunyang would have received a reprimand if he were to speak to the Left Hall Master in this manner. However, even though the two of them were now on par, Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow felt that Luo Yunyang was in the wrong for speaking in this way.

After all, in this world, strength spoke for itself.

The Left Hall Master chuckled. "I was rather thrilled while watching Yunyangs attack and I wanted to test out Yunyangs cultivation base. You wouldnt take offense, would you, Yunyang?"

"Of course not." Luo Yunyang then pointed at Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow. "May I know how the Left Hall Master wishes to enlighten me?"

"I heard that you returned and I wanted to invite you to visit Hong Meng Sacred Hall with me. After all, you didnt contact any of the Human Race comrades hidden within the Mysterious Underworld Race during your time there."

"Furthermore, you didnt appear at all when the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords inheritance succession was underway. You need to give an explanation for that." The Left Hall Masters voice was calm yet unquestionable.

Luo Yunyang felt some hostility as he glanced at the Left Hall Master, who seemed to have everything under control.

The Middle Hall Master was uncontactable, and the Left Hall Master had come at this opportune time. Luo Yunyang definitely didnt believe that nothing fishy was going on here.

He eyed the Left Hall Master and proclaimed calmly, "I was wondering how Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow had the gall to do this. Turns out that he was carrying out the Left Hall Masters orders!"

The Left Hall Master had a dark expression on his face. After all, Luo Yunyangs attitude contained no hint of politeness. The Left Hall Master glared at Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow, clearly displeased with how his subordinate had handled this matter.

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow had always been the Left Hall Masters subordinate and obediently followed whatever orders the Left Hall Master gave him. Right now, as the Left Hall Master glared at him fiercely, Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow felt a little uncomfortable.

As he hesitated to speak up, he heard Luo Yunyang say, "If you want an explanation, then I will need Hong Meng Sacred Hall to give me an explanation for this."

"I originally wasnt willing to enter the Mysterious Underworld Races territory to help. I only accepted this mission because the Middle Hall Master told me to take into account the bigger picture."

"Someone was supposed to receive me when I arrived. In the end, the underlings of Ancient Underworld Hall were there to receive me. Fortunately, I had enough skill and deftness to turn the situation around, or the Left Hall Master would have needed to go to Ancient Underworld Hall to pick me up!"

Luo Yunyang then added, "This year, I have scrambled and hid all over the Mysterious Underworld Races territories. I have suffered tremendously. Is the Left Hall Master going to account for this? Humph!"

The Left Hall Master glared furiously at Luo Yunyang. Even though he wasnt the Middle Hall Master, he was still the second-in-rank entity in Hong Meng Sacred Hall and he possessed great authority.

In many situations, the words of the Left Hall Master were the law. His previous words had already been rather tactful, but he had never expected that Luo Yunyang would actually strike back this way.

He wanted an account. An account from the Left Hall Master himself!

If Luo Yunyangs attack had not demonstrated a power that the Left Hall Master found hard to deal with, he would have immediately killed Luo Yunyang because of what he had said.

However, during this exchange, the Left Hall Master came to the realization that he might not be able to beat Luo Yunyang.

If he couldnt capture him, then this was a challenge to his position as the Left Hall Master. Even his sacred domain would be affected considerably.

He pondered this silently before laughing out heartily. "Yunyang, I just knew that you wouldnt have done anything that would harm Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Ha ha ha! This matter must probably be a misunderstanding."

"I will contact our spies in the Mysterious Underworld Race when I return and check the problems that caused you to suffer for nothing."

Luo Yunyang glanced at the smiling Left Hall Master and said indifferently, "Its good that the misunderstanding has been resolved. However, Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrows actions were really unsatisfactory. If you believe that you arent suited to discipline him, then let me bring him back and show him the rules."

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrows face was extremely dark and his eyes burned with killing intent when Luo Yunyang said that.

However, Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow had already discovered with sorrow that he no longer had any deciding rights in this situation.

If he was brought back by Luo Yunyang, then his reputation as the head of internal law and order would be totally destroyed.

It could even be said that he wouldnt be able to stay in Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Apprehensively, he glanced over at the Left Hall Master with a pleading look on his face.

Naturally, the Left Hall Master couldnt let Luo Yunyang bring Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow away. Thus, he chuckled. "Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow has always been unable to discern the crux of any matter. He has committed an error this time, and I will punish him when we return."

"Yunyang, you have been away for a long time, so return home and rest first."

Luo Yunyang had never had any intention of bringing Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow away with him anyway. Upon hearing what the Left Hall Master said, he chuckled. "Since you have put it this way, I shall show you some respect."

As soon as he said that, Luo Yunyang turned to Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow and said nonchalantly, "Blue Sparrow, this is not over yet."

With that, Luo Yunyang vanished without a trace.

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow was fuming at Luo Yunyangs unadorned threat as he looked at the Left Hall Master, "My lord, Luo Yunyang has really gone overboard. He He disrespected you."

The Left Hall Master glared icily at Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow and said calmly, "Your cultivation cant match his, so what more is there to say? Go on, you no longer need to care about this matter."

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow still wanted to speak, but the Left Hall Master had already waved his sleeve and disappeared. After the Left Hall Master left, Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow also left quickly. He didnt dare stay for too long at this kind of place.

In a secret pocket of space, the Left Hall Master appeared again. He was now in purple robes.

There wasnt anyone in this space, so it was extremely quiet. However, the Left Hall Master wasnt the least bit impatient as he stood inside.

Clearly, he was waiting for someone who was very important to him. Someone so important that the Left Hall Master didnt dare show any displeasure on his face.

After half an hour, a handsome figure strangely appeared within this pocket of void. He glanced at the Left Hall Master in front of him and asked. "You didnt complete your task?"

"Apologies, my lord. Luo Yunyangs cultivation base is too strong." The Left Hall Master spoke respectfully. "Your subordinate wasnt confident about coming out victorious against him."

"No wonder our Six Patriarchs discovered that he is the biggest obstacle to our Ancient Six Families controlling the entire Human Race when they used the recently-obtained ultimate treasure to forecast."

"He is an even bigger hindrance than the Middle Hall Master."

When that figure mentioned the Middle Hall Master, the Left Hall Master had an unsightly look on his face. "My lord, has the Middle Hall Master really"

"Ha ha ha! Even though the Middle Hall Masters cultivation base is not too bad, how can he return alive from the place our Six Patriarchs have prepared?"

"Left Hall Master, please dont worry. Once you have succeeded the Middle Hall Masters position and you control the whole Hong Meng Sacred Hall, you will be a real big shot." The handsome man then threw his head back and roared with laughter. "When that time comes, dont blame me if you are still unable to deal with Luo Yunyang."

"Rest assured, my lord. As long as I become the true master of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, Luo Yunyang wont be a problem," the Left Master said with a look of anticipation.

The figure laughed heartily. "You will become the new Middle Hall Master. You will also really exist for eternity. Even if great realms get destroyed one after another, you will follow our Ancient Six Families and remain everlasting."

"You have to remember that you are actually doing all this for the Human Race. The Human Race can only truly become powerful as long as our Ancient Six Families are in command."