Supreme Uprising Chapter 1026

Chapter 1026 The Middle Hall Master Falls

Chapter 1026: The Middle Hall Master Falls
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Even though he had some idea of what the Left Hall Master might be up to, Luo Yunyang didnt care. Right now, his priority was to return home.

Because he was the master of Longlin Great Cosmos, Luo Yunyangs family naturally occupied the most central position in the entire Longlin Great Cosmos.

Upon Luo Yunyangs return, all the prominent figures of Longlin Great Cosmos, especially those who had followed Luo Yunyang since the time of the Da Alliance, came to pay a visit.

Fortunately, Luo Yunyang already had some clone techniques and used the clone embodiment of Blue Lotus Daozi to handle these ordinary matters. He personally went to see his mother and Yunxi.

Even though the entire Longlin Great Cosmos had been under the control of Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrows subordinates upon Luo Yunyangs return, anyone with Shen Yunyings level of cultivation base or lower wasnt very clear about it.

She didnt even know that her own life hung by a thread at certain times.

While Luo Donger and Yunxi knew, they didnt speak too much about this situation. They finally discovered what had happened after those people had suddenly disappeared and Luo Yunyang returned shortly afterward.

Naturally, they were thrilled.

Luo Dongers cultivation base had improved even more. Thanks to the vast resources at her disposal in Longlin Great Cosmos, her current cultivation base had already reached the first-level Heavenly Venerate.

Even though she was only a first-level Heavenly Venerate, Luo Dongers combat prowess wouldnt pale in comparison to a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate powerhouse given the cultivation techniques that Luo Yunyang had imparted to her.

Although Yunxis cultivation base hadnt made much progress, her protruding belly clearly showed that there was a small life inside.

Luo Yunyang felt a strange sense of intimacy in his heart when he sensed this small life.

Even though his cultivation base was immense and it wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that he was one of the big players, he still felt a deep affection for this small life and was thrilled to be playing the role of a father.

"Alright, have a good chat with Yunxi first. Donger and I will go for a walk." Even though Shen Yunyings cultivation base wasnt that great, her experience with human relations told her that Luo Yunyang had a lot to talk to Yunxi about. Therefore, she led Luo Donger away after some casual chatter.

Luo Donger was a witty lady. Although she very much wanted to find out what had happened from her brother, she still played along with Shen Yunying and didnt say anything for the time being.

After Long Donger and Shen Yunyying left, Yunxi finally asked with a hint of worry, "Will those people return again?"

Luo Yunyang glanced at the worried Yunxi and replied tenderly, "They wont be coming back."

"I was really worried about you all this time. I dont have much, but our child hasnt come into the world yet and if" Yunxi didnt have her past decisiveness anymore. She was now like a young lady expressing all her worries to her husband.

Luo Yunyang gently embraced Yunxi. "Its alright. Now that I have returned, it wont be a problem."

While the two of them were locked in an embrace, a call request from Yuan Venerate White Crane came via Luo Yunyangs virtual realm.

Even though he needed to discuss with Yuan Venerate White Crane what had happened, Luo Yunyang was still pissed at Yuan Venerate White Crane for not reacting when his family had been put in check. Therefore, he ignored Yuan Venerate White Cranes call.

When three successive call requests didnt go through, Yuan Venerate White Crane finally sent a message.

"Paying a visit in person later!"

Luo Yunyang ignored this message and listened to Yunxi recounting recent matters, especially her feelings for the small life in her belly. He felt the pride of a father while imagining what his child would be like.

As the two of them were engrossed in their chat, an attendant came in and announced, "My lord, Yuan Venerate White Crane seeks an audience."

The words seeks an audience were rarely ever said when one spoke about Yuan Venerate White Crane. The fact that this attendant was announcing his arrival this way naturally meant that Yuan Venerate White Crane was humbling himself.

"No!" Luo Yunyang was really displeased with Yuan Venerate White Crane. Therefore, he wasnt willing to see him.

Upon hearing this, Yunxi stopped him. "Yunyang, Yuan Venerate White Crane has always been close to you. If you dont see him now, you will be creating one more enemy. I think you should meet him and see what he has to say."

Luo Yunyang chuckled. "I will definitely see Yuan Venerate White Crane. However, sometimes, one has to show ones emotions. Otherwise, people wont know their own worth! If I dont put on some air, they will think I am a pushover."

After he said that, Luo Yunyang changed the topic and continued to pander about the small life in Yunxis belly.

Four hours later, someone reported, "My lord, Yuan Venerate White Crane is still waiting."

Luo Yunyang knew that Yuan Venerate White Crane was still waiting and waved the attendant away. "Got it. Let Yuan Venerate White Crane do whatever he pleases here!"

Do whatever he pleases? That subordinate knew Luo Yunyangs temperament so he immediately left.

Yuan Venerate White Crane waited for a total of three days before he got to see Luo Yunyang. He knew that Luo Yunyang was no longer a Shengzi of Hong Meng Sacred Hall like before when he saw the cold look on his face.

He was someone who could fight with the Left Hall Master. Even though he had been given the cold shoulder for three days straight, Yuan Venerate White Crane didnt feel any dissatisfaction.

He really hadnt done enough about this matter. After all, he could have increased the protection of Luo Yunyangs family by at least 10 times.

However, the Right Hall Master hadnt been willing to butt heads with the Left Hall Master and had tacitly agreed to let Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow put the entire Longlin Great Cosmos in lockdown.

"Yunyang, I have come to give you an apology!" Yuan Venerate White Crane said remorsefully when he saw Luo Yunyang, "I havent conducted myself well and Ive caused quite a lot of trouble to your family. I hope you are able to forgive me."

Luo Yunyang had a good relationship with Yuan Venerate White Crane. Even though he still had a cold look on his face, his heart softened upon seeing Yuan Venerate White Cranes sincere expression. "This cant be blamed on you, Yuan Venerate White Crane. I think that it was probably the person behind you that wasnt willing to help!"

Yuan Venerate White Crane smiled. In Hong Meng Sacred Hall, the person he was the most loyal to was naturally the Middle Hall Master. When the Middle Hall Master wasnt present, he would mainly listen to the instructions of the Right Hall Master.

The Right Hall Master didnt wish to butt heads with the Left Hall Master. Even though he thought that this was a little unfair for Luo Yunyang, he still didnt have many qualms about it.

After all, the Right Hall Master had already said that Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow was only having a lockdown and wouldnt do anything to Luo Yunyangs family and subordinates.

Yuan Venerate White Crane had thought that, given his current strength and despite Luo Yunyangs return, he would still be powerless unless the Middle Hall Master did something. However, he had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would actually make such significant progress upon his return from the Mysterious Underworld Race.

He had been evenly-matched with the Left Hall Master in one exchange. It could even be said that his one move had made the Left Hall Master back off.

This sort of situation was something he and the Right Hall Master had never thought about. This was also why the Right Hall Master had asked Yuan Venerate White Crane to visit Luo Yunyang personally.

"Yunyang, the Right Hall Master has been thinking about this general situation. I do hope you can understand where the Right Hall Master is coming from," Yuan Venerate White Crane said after pondering for a moment.

Luo Yunyang scoffed but didnt say anything. This made Yuan Venerate White Crane sense that it wouldnt be easy for the misunderstanding between him and the Right Hall Master to be resolved.

However, Yuan Venerate White Crane had no say in this matter and could only smile grudgingly. "Yunyang, for the time being, dont worry too much about this. I believe everything will pass once Sir Middle Hall Master returns."

Worry? Luo Yunyang smirked and sat down on the seat behind him before he said lazily, "If Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow continues to tangle with me, I wont care if his soul is exterminated."

Even though Luo Yunyang had seemingly played down these words, Yuan Venerate White Crane sensed that this was an undisguised demonstration of his stance.

If Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow didnt give way, then Luo Yunyang would definitely be unrestrained and let Hong Meng Sacred Halls Yuan Venerate fall.

"Why did the Middle Hall Master leave and become uncontactable?" Luo Yunyang hesitated for a moment before asking Yuan Venerate White Crane this question.

Yuan Venerate White Crane frowned. "I am not sure about the reasoning behind this, but according to my deductions, Sir Middle Hall Master should return soon."

"Therefore, it would be best if you didnt butt heads with the Left Hall Master during this period, Yunyang. After all, even if you were able to beat the Left Hall Master, you would ultimately suffer a greater loss."

Luo Yunyang talked with Yuan Venerate White Crane for quite a bit before sending him out. Even though Yuan Venerate White Crane didnt reveal too much, Luo Yunyang could still sense that a storm was currently brewing in Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

A storm caused by the Middle Hall Master, who had not returned after so long and was still uncontactable.

After sending Yuan Venerate White Crane out, Luo Yunyang once again entered seclusion. It could be said that he had reaped massive gains during his time in the Mysterious Underworld Race.

From the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords inheritance, Luo Yunyang had obtained the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords cultivation memories as well as some remnants of his power.

Even though they were just remnants, this power was a big deal.

The power in the inheritance left behind by the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord had even forcefully tried to wrest control of his body.

While this intention was not bad, the blast from the World-Destroying Sonic Cannon had ultimately helped Luo Yunyang gain the upper hand.

Because all this power had flowed into the clone embodiment of Nalanye, Luo Yunyang utilized the God Sky Conversion Technique to store it within his body.

Luo Yunyang didnt find it appropriate to enter seclusion while he was in the Mysterious Underworld Races territory. However, he had no such misgivings after returning to the Human Race.

Furthermore, Yuan Venerate White Cranes arrival and his clash against the Left Hall Master made Luo Yunyang sense that the entire Hong Meng Sacred Hall, or perhaps even the entire Human Race, would be experiencing some major changes.

He wouldnt be able to control such changes right away, but he needed to rely on his own power to rise up when these changes came.

While Luo Yunyang was in seclusion, within the treasured hall at the center of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, a jade tablet that represented the Middle Hall Master shattered soundlessly!