Supreme Uprising Chapter 1027

Chapter 1027 Break The Present Shatter The Past Rip The Future

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The Middle Hall Masters body was destroyed!

This news was a bolt out of the blue for the entire Hong Meng Sacred Hall and made many people dizzy.

How could that be? Most people were in disbelief. How could the Middle Hall Master actually have lost his body?

The Middle Hall Master was like the pillar that held up the sky for Hong Meng Sacred Hall. It was because of the existence of the Middle Hall Master that the entire Hong Meng Sacred Hall was like an unmoving mountain.

Even if people had other ideas, it wouldnt be an issue as long as the Middle Hall Master was at the helm.

The Middle Hall Master was really important to the entire Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Yuan Venerate White Crane and other close aides of the Middle Hall Master all stood outside Hong Meng Sacred Hall. From time to time, they would glance in the direction of the inside of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Within the inner hall, the Left Hall Master, the Right Hall Master, and the Divine Elder were currently discussing Hong Meng Sacred Halls future.

The Middle Hall Master has always been at the helm of the sacred hall. Now that the Middle Hall Master isnt here, the Left and Right Hall Master will control everything. Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow stood near Yuan Venerate White Crane and said excitedly, Now that the Middle Hall Master is no longer here, the Left Hall Master will succeed the Middle Hall Masters position.

This has always been the rule of Hong Meng Sacred Hall!

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow and the Left Hall Master had a good relationship, so he naturally hoped that the Left Hall Master would succeed the top spot. This way, Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrows status within Hong Meng Sacred Hall would also rise.

Yuan Venerate White Crane was very displeased when he heard Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrows words.

Besides the fact that Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow was pushing for the Left Hall Master to succeed the Middle Hall Master, Yuan Venerate White Crane was also displeased because Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow couldnt wait for the power struggle, even though the Middle Hall Master had just fallen. This really infuriated Yuan Venerate White Crane.

Rules? He he! A black-robed Yuan Venerate standing near Yuan Venerate White Crane chuckled. Someone was away on a mission, so you sent people to place his family under house arrest.

Look at how things turned out. That person came back and not only wiped out those men, but he even gave a tight slap to the person who issued the order. This is really the first time I am hearing of these rules!

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrows face immediately darkened. This person was clearly rubbing his sore spot.

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow had lost a lot of face because of Luo Yunyang. It could even be said that this was the greatest humiliation he had suffered in his entire lifetime.

He was still licking his wounds, yet this person had humiliated him in front of so many people.

Thus, Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow instantly roared furiously. You You Yuan Venerate Black Dove, you are asking for it!

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow prepared to attack and moved into a fighting stance.

Yuan Venerate White Crane was the head of Hong Meng Sacred Halls envoys, so he couldnt permit these two to start fighting.

It would be a great joke if they were to really fight.

Stop trying to come to blows at a time like this. All of you stop! Yuan Venerate White Crane angrily berated Yuan Venerates Blue Sparrow and Black Dove. These are troubled times for Hong Meng Sacred Hall, and the two of you are still causing trouble for everyone.

Both Yuan Venerates Black Dove and Blue Sparrow, who had been about to come to blows, took a step back. They didnt do that because they respected Yuan Venerate White Crane, but because what Yuan Venerate White Crane had said was a fact.

After all, the news about the Middle Hall Masters body getting destroyed had just been received and the leadership vacuum at Hong Meng Sacred Hall had yet to be decided.

If they were to fight at such a time, then both the Left Hall Master and the Right Hall Master would punish them.

Furthermore, besides the two remaining hall masters, there was still the Divine Elder. The moment the Divine Elder got pissed, even the Left and the Right Hall Master wouldnt be able to save them.

Therefore, after careful consideration, these two, who had been about to make a mistake, exchanged a glance and separated. Then, the sealed inner hall doors opened.

The Left Hall Master, the Right Hall Master, and the Divine Elder walked out with grave looks on their faces. The Divine Elder shot a stern gaze at Yuan Venerates Blue Sparrow and Black Dove before saying icily, You two get out!

These words offended both of them greatly. However, in the face of the mighty Divine Elder, Yuan Venerates Black Dove and Blue Sparrow obediently backed off, even though they werent happy.

They still couldnt afford to offend the Divine Elder.

The Left and Right Hall Master exchanged a glance and sensed hostility between them.

A hostility born from the current power struggle!

I am saddened by the Middle Hall Masters loss. I believe that everyones thoughts are in line with mine, the Left Hall Master said softly, However, even though the Middle Hall Master has left us, we still have to carry on his work and make Hong Meng Sacred Hall even greater.

The Divine Elder has told us that the Middle Hall Master has left behind a succession decree before leaving.

However, this decree has been sealed by powerful means and we will only be able to view its contents after ten years.

Now, the three of us have discussed and decided that any future important matters of Hong Meng Sacred Hall will be dealt with jointly by the Right Hall Master and I while we wait for the Middle Hall Masters decree to be revealed.

At this point, the Left Hall Master looked at Yuan Venerate White Crane and the others before waving them off. Alright, you are all dismissed.

Yuan Venerate White Crane was surprised. He had never thought that the Middle Hall Master would actually leave behind a decree regarding this matter.

Even though he didnt know exactly who the Middle Hall Master had designated as his successor, he didnt have much of a choice given how things were currently.

He would support the person the Middle Hall Master had selected.

However, as he was leaving, Yuan Venerate White Crane had a thought. The Left and Right Master couldnt have been selected by the Middle Hall Master.

If the Middle Hall Master hadnt selected the Left or Right Hall Master, then who could it be? Yuan Venerate White Crane pondered this.

While Yuan Venerate White Crane was wondering who the Middle Hall Master had selected to be his successor, Luo Yunyang was in a lotus position, continuously transferring the accumulated power from the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast into his own body.

The power and comprehension of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords inheritance, as well as the inheritance gained from the Sky Martial Divine Bowl, had allowed Luo Yunyangs accumulated experience to develop considerably.

His body was only at the seventh-level Heavenly Venerate, but for most Heavenly Venerates, the jump from the seventh level to the eighth level was a critical juncture.

This predicament practically didnt exist for Luo Yunyang. As the power within his body revolved, an eighth-level universe took form in Luo Yunyangs body.

Compared to the sacred image condensed at the seventh-level Heavenly Venerate, the eighth level allowed the sacred image to have thousands of personifications.

Every sacred image embodied Luo Yunyangs will, and each sacred image could enter a void and absorb the power of the void within the main body of the user.

It could be said that once the cultivation base rose to the eight-level Heavenly Venerate, the nomological power or raw essence would experience a massive improvement.

However, Luo Yunyang didnt let his body form thousands of personifications. After breaking through to the eighth-level Heavenly Venerate, he continued to absorb the power of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord and kept advancing towards the ninth-level Heavenly Venerate.

The ninth-level Heavenly Venerate was also the last level. If the first level came after initially attaining the realm of the Heavenly Venerate, then the ninth-level Heavenly Venerate was the foundation of breaking through to the Yuan Venerate.

If the foundation was unstable or insufficient, then it was basically impossible to break through to the Yuan Venerate.

Many martialists couldnt even break through to the ninth-level Heavenly Venerate because they lacked the aptitude and thus had no possibility of becoming Yuan Venerate entities.

It only took Luo Yunyang half a day to progress from the seventh-level Heavenly Venerate to the ninth-level Heavenly Venerate. This was a speed that was basically impossible for most cultivators to achieve.

As he was reaching the ninth level, Luo Yunyang started to encounter a problem that would delight most people.

Because the ninth level of the Heavenly Venerate was a preparation for breaking through to the Yuan Venerate, Luo Yunyang had to make a choice when his cultivation base reached the ninth-level Heavenly Venerate.

A choice about what sort of laws he would control in the future.

A Heavenly Venerate could utilize universal laws from his internal universe, whereas a Yuan Venerate could surpass the Great Cosmos, reverse laws, as well as create laws that solely belonged to them.

Reversing laws wasnt a difficult task for Yuan Venerates. As long as they had some cultivation methods, they would basically be able to achieve this.

What was most important for Yuan Venerates was creating laws that were special and only belonged to them. These sorts of laws were extremely important to a Yuan Venerate.

Most ordinary Yuan Venerates wouldnt have any trouble with this aspect. Advancing from the Heavenly Venerate level to the Yuan Venerate level was already arduous, so most Yuan Venerates would choose to create laws they were most adept in.

Might, on the other hand, wasnt really viewed with that much importance by the majority of Yuan Venerates. After all, the step up from the ninth-level Heavenly Venerate was already extremely difficult.

Out of 1,000 ninth-level Heavenly Venerates, at most one or two would become Yuan Venerates.

Becoming a Yuan Venerate was already a great victory for many Heavenly Venerates, so they wouldnt really nitpick.

However, in Luo Yunyangs case, a number of the cultivation techniques he had could allow him to reach the peak of the Taichu Yuan Venerate straightaway.

The Thousand Era Imperial Purposes and Four Devastating Sword techniques, in particular, both contained a hint of exceeding Taichu Yuan Venerate. Luo Yunyang believed that as long as his cultivation was sufficient, he definitely could rely on these two methods to break through the Taiyi Yuan Venerate.

However, deep down, Luo Yunyang still wanted to forge his own path.

This wasnt because he didnt want to cultivate the techniques left behind by his predecessors, but because he hoped to be able to take a path that was the strongest for him.

After 100 days of comprehension, countless laws and essence were assimilated by Luo Yunyang. As he stood up from his lotus position, Luo Yunyang had already decided on the laws he was going to create.

Break the present!

Shatter the past!

Rip the future!