Supreme Uprising Chapter 1028

Chapter 1028 This Childs Fate Is With The Si Clan

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Martialists from the Divine Union Void and the Rising Sky Feather Sect were cultivating hard in the domain of Longlin Great Cosmos, which was filled with opportunities. It could be said that the entire Longlin Great Cosmos was full of unbounded vitality.

In Longlin Great Cosmos, Longtian Sacred Lane, Luo Donger accompanied Yunxi as they strolled carefully. Yunxis face was glowing with delighted radiance.

Big Bro is really loathsome. He has been back for close to 10 years, yet he has only seen us once before heading straight into seclusion.

When he comes out, I will definitely get mother to give him a good scolding, Luo Donger, who was close to reaching the third-level Heavenly Venerate, said coquettishly.

Yunxi smiled and hugged Luo Dongers arm. Donger, you cant blame your brother. Right now, Hong Meng Sacred Hall has no leader and your brother has to raise his cultivation base in order to ensure everyones safety.

Luo Donger furrowed her brows. The Middle Hall Master is missing too Why did he go investigate some unknown place for nothing?

No, look, he didnt even get an opportunity. He actually fell there.

Yunxi said solemnly, The Middle Hall Master is wise and he knew what was at stake, or he wouldnt have taken the risk to check out such a place.

Speaking of which, your brother was someone the Middle Hall Master trusted deeply. Without the Middle Hall Master, our family wouldnt have had it easy either.

Luo Donger nodded. She also understood some things. How could she not know why the Middle Hall Master would risk everything to investigate this? This would definitely be very important for the Human Race.

However, the loss of the Middle Hall Master had caused great unrest for the entire Human Race as well as the domain Hong Meng Sacred Hall was in charge of.

Sis Yunxi, who do you think the Middle Hall Master elected as his successor in Hong Meng Sacred Hall? The Left or the Right Hall Master? Luo Donger asked.

Yunxi frowned. She didnt hazard any guesses. Instead, she replied uncertainly, I cant say for certain who it is.

However, I think that the possibility of it being the Left or the Right Hall Master isnt too high.

Yunxi mulled this over before saying, Regardless of who it is, I fear that Hong Meng Sacred Hall is going to experience a period of upheaval.

Even if

As she was about to say something, her expression changed. Then, she told Luo Donger, Donger, the little one is about to arrive. Take me to the delivery room.

Aiya, this mischievous fellow is finally coming out. I am prepared to spank his butt if he still doesnt come out! Luo Donger was surprised. She formed a hand seal to rip a portal in the void and the two of them arrived in a large hall immediately.

There were thousands of people on standby at any time in this huge hall. They had only one task and that was to prepare for the arrival of the future heir of Longlin Great Cosmos.

Because they had already gone through many practice runs, they werent the least bit panicky when Yunxi arrived suddenly.

The calm and peaceful land experienced strange changes ten minutes after Yunxi entered the prepared delivery room.

Purple Mist rose for thousands of miles. Magnificent and extensive, it covered half the horizon as countless sacred creatures appeared within it.

Opposite this Purple Mist rose an expanse of Green Mist. Even though the Green Mist didnt appear flashy, as it surged, it created a chiming sound throughout the area.

Moments after the Purple and Green Mist appeared, a black-and-white aura flushed out from the ground. This black-and-white aura ultimately formed two black-and-white fish that revolved in the Longtian Sacred Land as if they had been formed naturally.

As countless martialists in Longlin Great Cosmos watched the strange happenings in surprise, a black-and-yellow mist descended from the sky.

This black-and-yellow mist was extensive and magnificent and enveloped the whole land.

In Longlin Great Cosmos, the person with the most experience and wisdom was Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble. As the sect master of the Rising Sky Feather Sect, he had seen quite a bit of these various happenings.

When he saw this, he couldnt help but feel surprised and mumble to himself. Such an aura Could the son of an epoch have arrived?

Even the son of an epoch shouldnt have such magnificent intent.

As he was trying to figure it out, the Flame Emperor was escorting Shen Yunying while they watched this boundless sight. Even though Shen Yunying knew that nothing wrong could happen right now, she was still worried. Yunyang still hasnt come out of seclusion! What is he up to?

The Flame Emperor, Lu Qubing, and the others stood by Shen Yunyings side. Their cultivation bases were all at the peak Universe Grade. By relying on the great amount of resources provided by Luo Yunyang as well as unlocking the gene seal of the Long Family, their cultivation bases had all reached the peak Universe Grade.

Even though breaking through to the Heavenly Venerate required opportunities, they all had the air of big shots.

Furthermore, they represented Luo Yunyang and handled matters in Longlin Great Cosmos, so even a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate would have to show them due respect.

Upon hearing Shen Yunying grumbling, the Flame Emperor chuckled. Old Madam, this is not a big deal. You dont have to worry.

We have the most outstanding doctors in the entire Longlin Great Cosmos here, so everything will be absolutely fine.

Besides, I think that Luo Yunyang is more or less done with his seclusion.

As they were talking, a lady in purple flew over. Old Maam, Sirs, the Lady has given birth. The Young Master has been born!

As she said that, the vast Purple and Green Mist surged even stronger. In an instant, beams of divine light shot toward the large hall Yunxi was in.

Shen Yunyings cultivation base was ordinary so she simply couldnt see clearly what shot over. However, she could sense that whatever it was was frightening.

Dont let those things near my grandson!

Even though Shen Yunying rarely got involved in the matters of Longlin Great Cosmos, her words were worth gold in the entire Longlin Great Cosmos.

Regardless of whether she was right or wrong, people would carry out her orders 100 percent.

Furthermore, even if Shen Yunying hadnt said so, the Flame Emperor and the others definitely wouldnt have allowed this unknown substance to hurtle toward the newborn young master.

Even though Luo Yunyang was already nearly immortal, the young master had just come into this world and made everyone really happy.

After all, for humans, having future generations was a sort of legacy and foundation for the future.

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble took to the sky and rushed to meet the divine light. Even though he sensed that the lights rushing out of the Purple and Green Mist would definitely be a protective ultimate treasure that wouldnt pose any threat to the newborn young master, he still rushed to stop it.

After all, Shen Yunying had spoken and there was no harm in doing so.

However, Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble still engaged these mighty ultimate treasures very carefully. He didnt want to become a laughing stock if he wasnt careful and was knocked down by these treasures.

Just as Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble carefully went to meet the lights that converged from the Purple Mist, those lights seemed to sense Great Heavenly Venerate Rubbles intent and gently floated down when he made his move.

There seemed to be a small cauldron with purple clouds inscribed on it that contained a terrifying power.

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble felt a little bedazzled when he saw the small cauldron, as he sensed that the grade of this small cauldron actually wasnt inferior to his sects Sky Feather Sword.

As he felt much more curious about this young master, the various other lights that were like items fell into the hands of the Flame Emperor and the others.

This situation amazed Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble.

A black-and-yellow pagoda landed in Lu Qubings hands. Even though this pagoda was small, the 33-story pagoda was also extraordinary.

The black-and-white treasured map and green treasured flag werent ordinary. Even though they fell into peoples hands, the powerhouses holding on to these treasures all felt that these items had nothing to do with them.

Luo Donger looked astonished as she saw these four treasures. That little fella is really impressive. This is just

A huge silhouette that blocked out the sun suddenly appeared as she was midway through her sentence.

When this figure sat in the void, for a moment, the sun couldnt be seen in the entire Longlin Great Cosmos. It seemed as if the whole world was turning dark.

This childs fate is with the Si Clan! Amidst this loud dull voice, a palm stretched out and made a grabbing motion toward the large hall Yunxi was in.

The being that appeared was immensely powerful, but Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble and the others couldnt let the newborn young master be taken away.

If they let Luo Yunyangs newborn son be taken away, then they would no longer have to follow Luo Yunyang in the future.

Amongst them, Great Heavenly Venerate Rubbles cultivation base could be considered the best. As that huge hand came grabbing over, Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble prepared his sword.

Out of the Sky Feather 13 Swords, he could utilize even the 12th Sword now.

Even though this 12th Sword wasnt comparable to Luo Yunyangs 12th Sword, it was still the 12th Sword after all.

Even a Yuan Venerate Almighty could block the 12th Sword.

Sword-light filled the sky and cut forward!

However, as this sword-light approached the huge grabbing hand, it shattered as though a hammer had struck it.

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble spat out a mouthful of blood.

The difference was just too big. Even though Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble had a bad feeling, he still prepared to strike again with his sword.

At that moment, the purple cauldron in his hands suddenly rose into the air!