Supreme Uprising Chapter 1029

Chapter 1029 Four Season Pyramid

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In a huge palace hall, the Left Hall Master was seated as he watched the scene projected in front of him.

A huge treasured cauldron was expelling boundless Purple Qi. Even though the Purple Qi looked really frail, when all of it was gathered, it seemed as if it was omnipresent.

A boundless purple mist!

As the large hand came down, the purple mist rose. Just as it was about to be shattered, the green light and purple mist gathered and gently blocked the large hand that was pressing down.

While the green light rushed over, the black-and-white treasured map opened and formed a realm. Black-and-yellow mist surged and formed a pagoda that stood tall

The Left Hall Master had a grave look on his face. There was even a hint of heartfelt envy in his voice. Seizing the essence of the world around indeed!

These words seemed to be said without any context, but a man in red robes at his side understood what he meant.

With such a father, the sons ability to seize the essence of the world around isnt too bad. This man had a mellow voice, but anyone listening would find it strange.

The Left Hall Master glanced at this person. Great Diviner, do you mean to say that this young child will have limitless future prospects?

The red-robed Great Diviner nodded. Yes, this childs prospects are unbounded.

The red-robed Great Diviner spoke with some melancholy. In this world, there are only a few people whose fates I cant see.

I cant see through him and his father.

As the two of them were conversing, the surging purple mist and green light had already split in the void. As they split apart, a large hand pressed down heavily on the 33-story, black-and-yellow pagoda.

The black-and-yellow pagoda shook and countless black-and-yellow sword-lights slashed at that huge hand.

However, even though these sword-lights appeared very strong, they didnt amount to much against that huge black hand and werent able to break through it.

Great Diviner, are you certain Luo Yunyang will definitely be my greatest obstacle this time? the Left Hall Master said as he watched the scene of the clash.

The red-robed Great Diviner nodded. Indeed! My intuition tells me that Luo Yunyang will become your greatest hindrance.

If you dont believe it, we can wait and see.

The Left Hall Master was amused as he saw the slightly irritated Great Diviner. He wasnt willing to offend the Great Diviner, so he smiled and said, I wouldnt have asked the Patriarch of the Si Family to personally act if I didnt believe you, Great Diviner.

The red-robed Great Diviner looked a little pleased and proud as he replied. Didnt I already give you a prediction regarding that mysterious place? Hasnt it already come true?

The Left Hall Master froze when he heard the words mysterious place. He really didnt wish to hear anyone bring this matter up again.

However, the Great Diviner was actually bringing this up again to take credit. He really did give off a sense of propriety.

Alright, its almost time. We should head over. I hope that the Middle Hall Master doesnt disappoint me this time! The Left Hall Master stood up and spoke indifferently as he glanced at the scene displayed in the huge hall once again.

The Great Diviner smiled but didnt say anything and followed the Left Hall Master out of the great hall.

Meanwhile, in Hong Meng Sacred Hall, the large hall where Yuan Venerate White Crane and the Right Hall Master were at, the Right Hall Master had similarly received news of the Si Family Patriarchs appearance in Longlin Great Cosmos.

The Ancient Six Families are really going more and more overboard, a middle-aged man said angrily.

This man had a Taishi Yuan Venerate cultivation and wasnt inferior to Yuan Venerate White Crane. However, his aura seemed even more penetrative than Yuan Venerate White Cranes.

Yuan Venerate White Crane sighed upon seeing the mans expression. This man was considered a good friend of his. The reason he was so worked up was because he had suffered at the hands of the Ancient Six Families before.

This man had never had an opportunity to pay the Ancient Six Families back, so he naturally only felt hatred and resentment for them.

The Right Hall Master didnt say anything. Even though he too was discomfited by the Ancient Sex Families, he wasnt willing to waste any time on this matter.

It looks like Luo Yunyang wont be able to make it this time! the Right Hall Master said sadly, What a pity.

Yuan Venerate White Crane nodded. Even though Luo Yunyangs cultivation base is very extraordinary, breaking the Si Family Patriarchs seal will be very difficult.

A collusion with the Ancient Six Families will occur. If such a person were to become the master of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, it would simply be humiliating for Hong Meng Sacred Hall! That same middle-aged man growled as he slammed his palm against a pillar.

Even though the pillars of the hall were made from the most top-notch diamonds and had lots of arrays that increased their sturdiness, cracks still appeared as this man slammed his palm.

Yuan Venerate White Crane frowned. He was of a similar age as him, yet he was somewhat immature when it came to many matters.

Even though the Right Hall Master didnt say anything to this man, he glanced at the man with an understanding expression.

The person in Hong Meng Sacred Hall who least hoped for the Left Hall Master to become the head was naturally the Right Hall Master. The Right Hall Master didnt have many ambitions most of the time, but he definitely wasnt going to give way this time.

Sir Right Hall Master, its about time. We should go over! Yuan Venerate White Crane gazed toward the horizon.

The Right Hall Master nodded. Very well, lets go then.

As they were leaving the large hall, the screen that was displaying the battle scenes in Longlin Great Cosmos showed that the two black-and-white revolving fish that were full of black and white light had already been shattered. The huge hand had grabbed the 33-story, black-and-yellow pagoda that was beneath them.

This isnt all that bad! an unsympathetic voice said.

The black-and-yellow pagoda shuddered violently and vast black-and-yellow mist formed a sword-light spanning 10,000 miles. Even so, this sword-light was still easily shattered.

The disparity was just too big.

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble and the others were already preparing to make their move. Even though this great enemy was someone they couldnt deal with, they still couldnt let Luo Yunyangs son be taken away no matter the cost.

As the Great Heavenly Venerate prepared to unleash the 12th Sword again, a sword-light suddenly came slashing through.

This sword-light was really ordinary from the moment it appeared. However as it cut through the air, it seemed to have a might capable of destroying everything and turning the world into ashes.

The Great Heart of the Sword Rubble felt his heart trembling when he saw this slash. He could clearly sense the essentials of the Sky Feather 13 Swords inside this strike, but on a whole, this strike was much more powerful than the Sky Feather 13 Swords.

It could even be said that this sword far surpassed the Sky Feather 13 Swords.

The hand that was grabbing at the 33-story, black-and-yellow pagoda had to change direction the instant the sword came slashing through. The hand formed a fist and pummeled towards that astonishing sword-light.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sword-light and fist collided. Cracks rapidly appeared on that mysterious fist projection and when the sword-light dissipated, the fist that seemingly contained boundless might shattered.

In just an instant, the 33-story pagoda had quickly fallen back and once again retreated to Great Heavenly Venerate Rubbles side in an instant.

Luo Yunyang! The huge silhouette covering the sky quickly drew back and transformed into the face of a pale man in his thirties. His voice had an air of superiority.

It is the Luo Familys honor that I am interested in taking your son into my care. How could you still dare stop me?

Luo Yunyang didnt appear, but his voice echoed throughout the void. How can a tiger learn how to bark like a dog? Scram!

Every member of the Luo Family felt pleased when they heard this. After all, this being of unknown origin had come to try and snatch their Young Master after he had just been born. He was still trying to snatch away the baby after their master had appeared. This was simply beyond despicable!

What an arrogant brat! Not only will I take your son away today, but I will also suppress you for 300 years and show you that no one can profane the Six Ancient Families! The man sneered as his hands moved once again.

While he moved his hands this time, countless golden lines rapidly converged. In just an instant, these golden lines gathered to form an overwhelming, massive pyramid that hurtled in Luo Yunyangs direction.

Even though a gleaming golden glow emanated from the pyramid, the four corners of this pyramid contained the power of the four seasons.

The moment this pyramid appeared, Great Heavenly Venerate already had an idea about the name of this move.

The foundations of the four seasonal laws that were condensing into the state of a pyramid not only allowed the strength of these laws to intensify, but they also made it even more convenient.

Even though Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble hadnt had too many interactions with Yuan Venerate, he was still the sect master after all. Thus, he understood the classifications of Yuan Venerates.

The move used by this man was clearly a Taichu Yuan Venerate method.

Ancient Six Families, Taichu Yuan Venerate. The person who had attacked really viewed their master highly.

As Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble had these thoughts, the falling pagoda had already shot towards where Luo Yunyang was staying in seclusion.

If the pagoda descended, it would be able to suppress Luo Yunyang underneath it. Once Luo Yunyang was suppressed, the entire Longlin Great Cosmos would have no one capable of warding off the godly Si Family Patriarch!