Supreme Uprising Chapter 1030

Chapter 1030 The Middle Hall Masters Struggle

The Si Family Patriarch overlooked everything below him with cold intent. His original intent had been to squash Luo Yunyang, but this recent display had threatened him.

This sort of person had to die!

As the number one person of the Si Family, the Si Family Patriarch knew what needed to be done in order to gain more.

It was because of this reason that the Si Family couldnt allow anyone that threatened them to exist.

The Four-Season Pyramid came crashing down. This pyramid had the nomological power of a Taichu Yuan Venerate.

Such laws had been termed Great Dao Laws during ancient eras and were much stronger than the ordinary laws that the average Yuan Venerates could control.

The Si Family Patriarchs smile deepened when he thought about the classification of laws. However, his mocking smile wasnt meant for Luo Yunyang, but rather for the five great halls of the Human Race.

Even though the five great halls were considered to be in control of the Human Race, they paled in comparison to the Ancient Six Families.

All cultivation realms beyond the Yuan Venerate knew this was the simplest Taishi, Taichu, and Taiyi Yuan Venerate classification.

They simply didnt know that the classification regarding the control of the laws should be based on ordinary laws, Great Dao Laws, and Time Immemorial Laws.

The difference between the Ancient Six Families and these people was too big.

Just as the Si Family Patriarch was feeling pleased with himself, he sensed a fist intent rising from below.

This fist intent was composed of three different types of nomological laws the moment it was blasted out. As this fist-mark shot upward, the Si Family Patriarch felt fear.

Would he fear three types of nomological laws?

However, the Si Family Patriarch didnt sense that these laws were very powerful when he first noticed them. Thus, when the three types of nomological laws gathered, the Si Family Patriarch stiffened.

Without any hesitation, he raised his hand toward the Four-Season Pyramid. As power flowed in, the Four-Season Pyramid instantly doubled in size.

The power it possessed doubled as well.

As the Four-Season Pyramids might intensified, the fist that contained three types of laws smashed into the Four-Season Pyramid.

Boom, boom, boom!

Fractures appeared on the massive pyramid following the collision. These cracks instantly made the glorious pyramid look ruined and decrepit in an instant.

The Si Family Patriarchs face darkened, as this fist-strike hadnt just damaged the Four-Season Pyramid. It had also caused harm to his body.

The instant this fist was unleashed, Luo Yunyang rose into the air. As he flew upward, he once again threw a forceful punch.

Even though the previous punch had already been extremely ferocious, it had ultimately still contained ordinary nomological laws. However, the punch unleashed by Luo Yunyang now contained a vast, boundless might.

This punch was magnificent and overwhelming.

The Si Family Patriarch saw limitless golden silhouettes when this punch was unleashed. He had only heard of these golden silhouettes in legends before. Now, the golden silhouettes brandished their fists alongside Luo Yunyang.

These fists had the power to break the land and rip the sky!

Curse you, you vile being! The Si Family Patriarch howled as his hands moved quickly, forming seals as a treasured mirror gleaming with a golden glow congealed in front of his body.

Even though the Si Family Patriarch seemed hasty while making this move, the golden mirror still appeared to possess a terrifying might.

If an entity like Yuan Venerate White Crane was facing this mirror, it would absolutely have no way of breaking it. However, Luo Yunyangs fist had already utilized the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes and blasted out.

The fist advanced and the treasured mirror shattered. Even though the Si Family Patriarch dodged rather quickly, a huge fissure appeared on his body.

This meant that Luo Yunyangs attack would also cause considerable damage to an entity like the Si Family Patriarch.

Luo Yunyang thought this was a pity. Even though he wanted to smelt and create the first nomological law that belonged to him and had absorbed the essence of the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes and the Four Devastating Swords, a disparity in grade was still inevitable.

Therefore, although his punch could break the Four-Season Pyramid, it was still slightly insufficient to defeat the Si Family Patriarch. However, the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes technique was different. It had been created thanks to its creators many years of tempering. In terms of cultivation base, it was still a far cry from what Luo Yunyangs initially-created nomological laws could hope to achieve.

If he took this path, Luo Yunyang believed that his cultivation base would improve rapidly and the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes technique could allow him to rush to the apex.

However, he would forever be unable to surpass the supreme entity that had created the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes.

Even the entity that had created the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes had fallen, as a Great Era had been destroyed. Luo Yunyang didnt think that he could be stronger than this supreme entity just by inheriting his legacy.

This was also why he wanted to give up on a top-notch technique like the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes and walk his own path.

The Si Family Patriarch retreated rapidly. However, even though he retreated really quickly, that fist still struck his body.

Instantly, the Si Family Patriarch coughed out a mouthful of blood. Although this mouthful of blood wasnt life-threatening, it still made the Si Family Patriarch consider retreating.

The fact that he had come at the behest of someone didnt mean that he would risk his life for this request.

The Si Family Patriarchs own life was extremely important to him, so he couldnt just put his life at stake for others.

Luo Yunyang, I will definitely pay you back tenfold for what happened today! As he said this, the Si Family Patriarch took to the sky and waved his arms, immediately creating a spatial tear and disappearing through it.

Luo Yunyang didnt stop him, not because he lacked the methods to do so, but because he knew that something important was currently going on in Hong Meng Sacred Hall. If he got involved with the Si Family Patriarch, he would definitely miss this important matter!

I should be the one saying that I will pay you back tenfold, Luo Yunyang muttered as he descended.

Meanwhile, the disciples of Hong Meng Sacred Hall had already started to gather outside the sacred hall. Everyone was quietly waiting.

Profound Calm Zongzi and the others were at the back. Even though they didnt say anything, they too had nervous looks on their faces despite the fact that the successor of the Middle Hall Master didnt really concern them much.

If ones close superior became the head of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, they would gain great benefits in the future. If the successor of the Middle Hall Master didnt have much of a relationship with their superiors, then even the lowliest of disciples like them would have to pay a considerable price.

Therefore, all of them hoped that the elected successor would benefit them. Unlike them, the individuals that had a great influence on the fate of Hong Meng Sacred Hall werent saying anything.

However, many people looked at the Left and Right Hall Master impatiently when they arrived.

The two big shots of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, the Left and Right Hall Master, were still chatting amicably as if no hint of competition existed between them. However, anyone with a discerning eye could tell that their smiles and words lacked any sincerity.

The Da Qian Master has arrived! As the appointed time drew closer, a resounding noise was heard around Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

The Left Hall Master frowned when he heard it. Evidently, he hadnt really hoped that the Da Qian Master would come. However, now that he was here, he couldnt object to it.

Following that, another announcement was made. The Battle Hall Master has arrived!

The Dark Hall Master has arrived!

The Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master has arrived!

Following these announcements, the masters of the other four halls walked over practically at the same time. The Left and Right Hall Master had pleasant looks on their faces, but both of them also seemed slightly apprehensive.

The Da Qian Master was at the head. After greeting the Left Hall Master and the others, he chuckled. Hong Meng Sacred Hall is of great importance to the entire Human Race. Thus, the fall of the Middle Hall Master is a massive disaster for our race.

During this troubled period, when the leadership of Hong Meng Sacred Hall changes hands, the few of us have to come and view the departed Middle Hall Masters wishes and see whether our five great sacred halls can work with a common purpose to deal with our enemies.

When he said that, his gaze lingered on the Left Hall Master. The Left Hall Master wouldnt object to our intrusion, right?

How could I? You are all esteemed guests, so Hong Meng Sacred Hall cannot treat you insincerely. The Left Hall Master laughed heartily.

At that moment, someone announced loudly, Three family heads of the Ancient Families have arrived!

Even though it wasnt reported which family heads had come, the arrival of these three family heads more or less indicated the Six Ancient Families stance on this matter.

The Right Hall Masters gaze turned cold when he heard this, but he ultimately didnt say anything.

After all, if the hall masters of the five great sacred halls could come, then so could the family heads of the Ancient Six Families.

The Left Hall Master said in a pleased tone, Welcome!