Supreme Uprising Chapter 1031

Chapter 1031 Space Time Converges The Middle Hall Masters Edict

Chapter 1031: Space Time Converges; the Middle Hall Masters Edict
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The hall masters of Xuan Pin Sacred Hall, Battle Hall, Dark Hall, and Da Qian Sacred Hall, as well as the representatives of the Ancient Six Families, made many people feel hazy.

After all, deep down, many people knew that this matter wouldnt be so easily resolved.

Some disciples who were conspiracy theorists could vaguely guess what would happen there.

However, even though these disciples had tons of thoughts, nobody said anything.

The inner hall doors of Hong Meng Sacred Hall slowly opened and the Divine Elder strolled out without any expression on his face.

He cast a glance at everyone present before saying to the Left and Right Hall Master, Its about time. The Middle Hall Masters decree will be revealed shortly. Have all Hong Meng Sacred Hall disciples arrived?

Even though the Divine Elder spoke calmly, every single one of these powerhouses viewed the Divine Elder with reverence.

They didnt know the Divine Elders origins, but they knew the Divine Elder wasnt someone they should offend. Despite their current status, they still couldnt afford to offend the Divine Elder.

In front of the Divine Elder, all of them made the same choice: to avoid any conflict with the Divine Elder by trying as hard as possible.

Reporting to the Divine Elder. Three disciples of Hong Meng Sacred Hall havent arrived yet. They are Heavenly Venerate Daoyi, Heavenly Venerate Yuncheng, and Luo Yunyang! Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow, who was in charge of internal affairs in Hong Meng Sacred Hall, reported.

He was a Yuan Venerate entity, so nobody could detect any error in Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrows report.

The Divine Elder didnt say anything, but the Left Hall Master had already stood up. Disgraceful! These three arent here yet at such an important time? They are really undisciplined.

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow, you are in charge of Hong Meng Sacred Halls internal laws. Tell me, how do we deal with this sort of situation?

Expulsion, Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow replied without batting an eyelid.

Expelling the other two Heavenly Venerates wouldnt be too much of a problem for the entire Hong Meng Sacred Hall. However, Luo Yunyangs expulsion would be a big deal!

The Right Hall Master said icily, Left Hall Master, Luo Yunyang hasnt made it because he was delayed by other issues. I suggest that we investigate before discussing this any further!

No rules, no standards! the Left Hall Master said sternly, At a tumultuous time for Hong Meng Sacred Hall, some people are actually conceited and arrogant!

Even though I do not know exactly what he thinks he can rely on to be so arrogant, I firmly believe in one thing when dealing with this sort of people: We dont need them in Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Right Hall Master, you must have heard of this before, right?

Someone chuckled softly. Dark Hall completely agrees with what the Left Hall Master is saying.

We mustnt put up with conceited fellows, even if they possess some ability. Once these people get used to tolerance, the atmosphere of the entire sect will change, a man from the Ancient Six Families chimed in. Although he didnt look old, there seemed to be an air of elegance about him.

The Left Hall Master smiled after hearing these words of agreement.

Meanwhile, Yuan Venerate White Crane smirked. I think that the Ancient Six Families should explain to us why Luo Yunyang isnt here.

He then eyed the Ancient Six Families powerhouse that had spoken. Why has the Si Family Patriarch gone to Longlin Great Cosmos at such a time?

Furthermore, he also went before Luo Yunyangs family gates to make a move. Should we let you give us an explanation, kind sir?

Ha ha ha How could we dare interfere with the Si Family Patriarchs matters? That man chuckled. Furthermore, I heard that the Si Family Patriarch has taken a fancy to a genius and went to recruit a disciple.

Could Hong Meng Sacred Hall already be so unreasonable that you have to interfere with the Ancient Six Families disciple recruitment?

The surrounding atmosphere became tense once this was said.

The relationship between the Ancient Six Families and the five great sacred halls had never been great. Even though the five great sacred halls could repress the Ancient Six Families for the time being, this wasnt definite.

Hong Meng Sacred Hall had lost the Middle Hall Master, which could be considered a big blow to the five great sacred halls. Keeping the Ancient Six Families in check had become even more difficult.

The Da Qian Hall Master spoke up then. Now isnt the time for us to bicker. We are all here to see the Middle Hall Masters posthumous edict. Whatever problems you all have can wait for another time, the Da Qian Master said firmly in an unquestionable tone.

As an entity second only to the Middle Hall Master in the five great sacred halls, the Da Qian Master already possessed a great amount of prestige. Few people would talk back the moment he spoke.

Alright, lets all keep our mouths shut! one of the family heads of the Ancient Six Families said indifferently.

The Left Hall Master cupped a fist toward everyone else. Alright, since the Da Qian Master said so, let us prepare to request the Middle Hall Masters posthumous edict. Let the three disciples who havent yet arrived explain themselves in the future.

The Left Hall Master had basically seized the initiative by saying all this. Even though the Right Hall Master was a little reluctant, he couldnt do anything about it.

After all, there didnt seem to be anything wrong with what the Left Hall Master did.

The Divine Elder didnt reveal his thoughts on the struggle between the Left and Right Hall Masters. He just slowly walked to the inner hall of Hong Meng Sacred Hall after the Left Hall Master said this.

However, the Divine Elder didnt do anything.

Just as looks of impatience started appearing on the faces of the members of the Ancient Six Families, the Divine Elder suddenly moved. His palms instantly formed hand seals.

Six seals were quickly formed by the Divine Elder. As these seals were released into the void, a small portal appeared in the calm void.

This portal was really tiny. A small golden box appeared in the void the moment this portal opened.

The Da Qian Hall Master sighed softly when he saw the small box. He was lamenting the Middle Hall Masters fall, but his sigh also contained a hint of heartfelt respect and admiration for the Middle Hall Master.

Most people wouldnt be able to see anything based on the Divine Elders simple actions. However, as a top entity, the Da Qian Master could see the marvels within.

By perfectly combining top space and time nomological laws, most other people wouldnt be able to retrieve the small box hidden within the void.

It could be said that the location of this box was continuously shifting.

Only by using a specific method at a specific time and spot could one retrieve this little box. If these three criteria were missing, the small box would continue to flow through time until someone was able to retrieve it as it revolved around time and space in Hong Meng Sacred Halls void once again.

As he held the small box, the hands of the usually expressionless Divine Elder were shaking. Clearly, the Divine Elder, who seemed like he never had any emotions, wasnt actually all that unperturbed.

Receive the Middle Hall Masters decree! the Divine Hall Master announced respectfully.

All Hong Meng Sacred Hall disciples bowed differentially the moment they heard the Divine Elders words.

At that moment, the small box was slowly opened by the Divine Elder and a trace of intent surged out. In an instant, this trace of intent congealed into a silhouette of the Middle Hall Master.

Even though the news of the Middle Hall Masters fall had already spread throughout Hong Meng Sacred Hall, many people still couldnt help showing respect when this silhouette appeared. Even the representatives of the Ancient Six Families didnt dare make a ruckus.

I believe I will be gone when everyone sees this bit of my spiritual consciousness. The Middle Hall Masters voice came from this projection.

However, no one needs to grieve. I died when my time was up, so there is nothing to regret. The Middle Hall Masters voice contained a hint of self-mockery. Even though there are many things I am unable to let go of, I can only let you help me accomplish them.

Da Qian Master, I know that you will probably be in this hall. How could you not be here for such a big matter?

Since you have come, I hope that you can provide additional guarantees for my future arrangements.

The Da Qian Master had never imagined that the trace of consciousness left behind by the Middle Hall Master would mention him. He cupped his fists toward the projection of consciousness and said, Since you have entrusted me, I will definitely do my best to help you accomplish what you want.

Very good. After I fall, the most important issue of Hong Meng Sacred Hall will be filling the position of the Middle Hall Master. I hesitated for a long time but I finally made a decision!

The word decision made everyone present tense up, especially the Left and Right Hall Master. This would decide which one of them would officially become the master of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

The position of the Middle Hall Master is to be succeeded by Luo Yunyang. The Left and Right Hall Master will remain in their own positions and assist Luo Yunyang in getting through the crisis of my demise.

The Left Hall Masters body swayed involuntarily. Doubt crept into his heart when the Great Diviner said that Luo Yunyang would become his greatest obstacle.

However, he very quickly tossed this doubt aside.

After all, Luo Yunyangs time in Hong Meng Sacred Hall was really short. Even though his cultivation was pretty decent, he was still a Shengzi within Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

There wasnt much hope of passing on his position.

However, according to the Middle Hall Masters posthumous edict, he had actually selected Luo Yunyang to succeed him. This greatly astonished the Left Hall Master, who was livid.

If Luo Yunyang were to become the Middle Hall Master, then what would the Left Hall Master do?

That was also why he wanted to expel Luo Yunyang from Hong Meng Sacred Hall in the first place.

I object! someone cried out while the Left Hall Master was still dealing with a rush of thoughts.