Supreme Uprising Chapter 1032

Chapter 1032 Forceful Arrival Not Yielding An Inch

Chapter 1032: Forceful Arrival; Not Yielding An Inch


When Yuan Venerate White Crane heard that the Middle Hall Master, whom he respected so much, had selected Luo Yunyang to succeed the position, his immediate thought was that this definitely wasnt real.

Even though Yuan Venerate White Crane believed that Luo Yunyang had boundless potential and an extraordinary cultivation, he had never assumed that Luo Yunyang would be a candidate for becoming Hong Meng Sacred Halls Middle Hall Master.

After all, Luo Yunyang had entered Hong Meng Sacred Hall too recently. When the Yuan Venerate heard the Middle Hall Master announce his successor, his first reaction was that this person lacked the experience and qualifications for the job.

Experience and qualifications! At a time when strength was valued and martialists only considered cultivation bases, in a sect, experience and qualifications were equally important.

After all, if the Middle Hall Master had selected the Left or Right Hall Master as his successor, Yuan Venerate White Crane wouldnt have questioned it even if he was uncomfortable with the decision.

After all, he had no right to call things into question.

This wasnt solely because of the Left and Right Hall Masters cultivation base, but also because their experience and qualifications were far higher than his and everyone elses!

Even if Yuan Venerate White Crane had some doubts, he definitely wouldnt raise any objections.

However, others didnt seem to have such qualms. As the Yuan Venerate was mulling this over in silence, someone had already voiced out their thoughts.

Yuan Venerate White Crane wasnt surprised that the person who had spoken out was Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow.

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow had suffered at Luo Yunyangs hands. Everyone present knew this. Thus, no one was really surprised to see Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow speak up.

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow, why are you calling this into question? the Left Hall Master asked as he glanced at the Yuan Venerate.

While this question sounded like a rebuke, it actually contained a hint of inciting support. The Right Hall Master didnt object when the Left Hall Master spoke either.

Even though the Right Hall Master had always been a supporter of the Middle Hall Master, this didnt mean that he would willingly continue being a subordinate of his.

Various Hall Masters, I am not doubting the Middle Hall Masters decision, but I am objecting to Luo Yunyang becoming a hall master.

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow added, Luo Yunyang didnt contribute while he was in the Mysterious Underworld Races domain. Furthermore, in one year, he didnt have any contact with our forces in the Mysterious Underworld Race.

According to the information given by our spies in the Mysterious Underworld Race, there is a very large possibility that Luo Yunyang is already relying on the Mysterious Underworld Race.

When he came back, I requested his return to the hall in order to verify whether he had any dealings with the Mysterious Underworld Race. He objected rudely and even attacked my punishment bureau disciples. These sorts of actions are a very big problem.

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow then said solemnly, When the Middle Hall Master left his edict, he didnt know about any of these matters and therefore elected Luo Yunyang to succeed his position.

Even though we have to comply with the Middle Hall Masters decision, this doesnt mean that we can allow someone who is suspected of conniving with the Mysterious Underworld Race to become our hall master.

If that were to happen, the damage to Hong Meng Sacred Hall might be impossible to estimate.

The words of Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow immediately made the people all around start discussing. It could be said that his words possessed great destructive power.

After all, the position of the Middle Hall Master was very important. If a Mysterious Underworld Race spy became the Middle Hall Master, he would simply be leading Hong Meng Sacred Hall to destruction.

Therefore, when Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow finished speaking, many people seemed to ponder this.

Right Hall Master, how do you think we should handle the matter Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow has brought up? The Left Hall Master gave a faint nod to Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow before turning to the Right Hall Master.

The Right Hall Master was silent for an instant before he continued speaking. If what Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow says is true, then until Luo Yunyang is cleared of these suspicions, he isnt suitable to assume the role of the Middle Hall Master of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

He then glanced at the Left Hall Master. However, I also have no idea how to deal with this matter right now.

The Da Qian Hall Master and the others were also frowning. They had come this time because they already had a target they supported.

However, the Middle Hall Masters posthumous edict had surprised them. Letting Luo Yunyang, who was a newbie, assume the role of the Middle Hall Master was something they couldnt have foreseen.

Furthermore, Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrows words werent unreasonable. Even though they knew the possibility wasnt huge, this definitely required their attention.

After all, the hall master of Hong Meng Sacred Hall wasnt an ordinary person. It would be an unimaginable problem if there were any issues.

The Left Hall Master was somewhat displeased with the Right Hall Masters reply. If the Right Hall Master could recommend him to become the Middle Hall Master, then the Left Hall Master would take advantage of the situation. However, since the Right Hall Master had said such a thing, he couldnt just say that this position belonged to him in front of so many people.

He hesitated for a moment before he made a decision. Since the Right Hall Master cant make a decision, then I think we shouldnt fill the Middle Hall Masters position for the time being. We should allow Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow to launch an investigation on whether Luo Yunyang is a Mysterious Underworld Race spy.

If the investigation proves that Luo Yunyang doesnt have any dealings with the Mysterious Underworld Race, then we will let him assume the position of Hong Meng Sacred Halls hall master.

The Left Hall Masters decision seemed sound, but the powerhouses present were all wily old foxes with great experience. How could they not know the hazards of the Left Hall Masters decision?

There was no need to mention the investigation. As long as there was a hint of suspicion regarding Luo Yunyang, he wouldnt become Hong Meng Sacred Halls Middle Hall Master.

Perhaps it could even be said that he would forever be unable to become Hong Meng Sacred Halls Middle Hall Master.

How could the Right Hall Master not see through the Left Hall Masters intent? Instead, he nodded and said, In that case, we shall go along with what the Left Hall Master says.

As the two of them discussed briefly and prepared to decide on the outcome, a sarcastic laugh rang out around the great hall.

Shouldnt the two of you listen to the implicated party before making a decision?

Luo Yunyang strode in with an icy look on his face. Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrows face darkened when he saw Luo Yunyang entering. After all, he had been humiliated by Luo Yunyang not too long ago.

Even though he had just gotten back at Luo Yunyang, this still couldnt compare to the humiliation he had suffered at his hands.

The Left Hall Master chuckled when he saw Luo Yunyang. Yunyang, we just tasked Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow to look for you.

The Middle Hall Master wants you to succeed him as Hong Meng Sacred Halls master, but Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow voiced out some suspicions about your experiences in the Mysterious Underworld Race. You should comply with Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrows investigation. As long as there are no problems, you will become Hong Meng Sacred Halls hall master.

The Left Hall Master sounded warm, but Luo Yunyang could see the mockery in his eyes.

He was no fool. He could easily see the intent behind this.

After glancing at the Left Hall Master, Luo Yunyang ignored him. He didnt look at the Right Hall Master either. He just turned toward the Divine Elder and the Middle Hall Masters intent, which no longer possessed any consciousness.

Divine Elder, am I the Middle Hall Master of Hong Meng Sacred Hall? Luo Yunyang asked.

The Divine Elder regained his expressionless bearing and replied, Yes, from this day on, you are Hong Meng Sacred Halls Middle Hall Master.

Greetings, Middle Hall Master!

The Divine Elders status within Hong Meng Sacred Hall was considerable. Even though many Yuan Venerates knew that the Divine Elder was basically an advisor, he had been around for as long as Hong Meng Sacred Hall had existed.

Because of this fact alone, the Divine Elders status in Hong Meng Sacred Hall couldnt be shaken.

By greeting Luo Yunyang, he caused everyone around them to react. Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow exclaimed furiously, Luo Yunyang, you are a maverick! Despite what the Left and Right Hall Master decided, you you would actually dare succeed the Middle Hall Masters position.

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow, who gave you the gall to speak to me in this way? Get out! Luo Yunyang said without any restraint. Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrows face was completely dark when he heard this.

He had always believed that he was a person of status, yet he had been asked to get lost by Luo Yunyang twice. Furthermore, this time, there were many people around.

If he accepted this without any objection, then he would never lift his head in front of these people again.

Just as he was about to unleash his rage, the Left Hall Master spoke. Luo Yunyang, who allowed you to be this impertinent?

Luo Yunyang stared at the Left Hall Master and replied just as calmly, Left Hall Master, who gave you the authority to void the Middle Hall Masters decree?

The Left Hall Masters face darkened. He indeed didnt have the authority to void the Middle Hall Masters decree. However, he had simply avoided any possibility of Luo Yunyang becoming the Middle Hall Master through this investigation to clear his name.

Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang had actually ruined his ploy and put him in a tough spot.

The Right Hall Master didnt speak. He just gazed at Luo Yunyang with a strange expression.

Divine Elder, since I am the Middle Hall Master, I have authority over Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Luo Yunyang eyed the Divine Elder and said unquestionably, I would like you to hand me Hong Meng Sacred Halls authority.

The Divine Elder didnt say anything, but a member of the Ancient Six Families spoke up. How dare a spy dream of becoming Hong Meng Sacred Halls hall master? This is simply a farce!