Supreme Uprising Chapter 1033

Chapter 1033 Incompetent Comrades

Chapter 1033: Incompetent Comrades

The person speaking had a lofty look on his face.

Luo Yunyang didnt just recognize him. It could be said that he was somewhat familiar with this person!

Yun Tiansheng! A leader amongst the Ancient Six Families young generation. An entity that had reached the initial stage of the Yuan Venerate.

He gave Luo Yunyang a provocative stare as he said that.

Luo Yunyang had not had a favorable opinion about Yun Tiansheng right from the beginning. His eyes flashed with a murderous glint now that this person had actually dared provoke him.

Luo Yunyang replied calmly, I was still wondering who would dare to speak this way. Turns out it is the Ancient Six Families who are allied with the Mysterious Underworld Race.

He he Who let this bunch of dogs bark in Hong Meng Sacred Hall?

The Ancient Six Families had always felt a sense of superiority over the Human Race. Even though their appearance was the same as the Human Race, they felt that they were far superior gods that controlled everything.

It was basically this way of thinking that made the Ancient Six Families as a whole feel that they were superior to the Human Race.

They felt that the entire Human Race should listen to them and that the humans were slaves that the Ancient Six Families could control.

They had already made their own decision about the hall master of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Thus, Luo Yunyangs unexpected appearance didnt please them.

As a top character of the Yun Family of the Ancient Six Families, Yun Tiansheng naturally had great authority. In the eyes of some elders, Yun Tianshen could make decisions on behalf of the family.

How could such a being allow himself to be taken lightly? And how could he be willing to stay silent when such a big matter didnt go their way?

Therefore, Yun Tiansheng had shouted at Luo Yunyang. His idea was to use this sort of method to make sure people knew he was there.

However, while he imagined that Luo Yunyang would accept a compromise, Luo Yunyang had unexpectedly berated him in a righteous manner.

He had immediately verbally attacked the Ancient Six Families!

However, Luo Yunyangs words caused Yun Tiansheng to have some suspicions. The Ancient Six Families relationship with the Mysterious Underworld Race had always been kept from the Human Race.

After all, the Human Race and the Mysterious Underworld Race were mortal enemies!

Vile being, you must have some nerve to slander our Ancient Six Families. Die! Yun Tiansheng was a little inexperienced, but a middle-aged man standing behind Yun Tiansheng stepped forward.

He was as imposing as a mountain and gave off a terrifying aura. He glared at Luo Yunyang furiously and said, Luo Yunyang, if you dont give our Ancient Six Families a proper explanation for what you have said, we will never let you off!

The combined power of the Ancient Six Families wasnt inferior to the five great sacred halls.

Before the Middle Hall Master had fallen, the Ancient Six Families had frequently used some methods to test the limits of the Human Race. What would the Ancient Six Families do now that Luo Yunyang had insulted them before all the heads of the five great sacred halls?

It could even be said that this was a rare opportunity for the Ancient Six Families.

The Left Hall Master had a clear mocking look on his face. Even though Luo Yunyang had a great aptitude, the Left Hall Master believed that he was just bold but not very astute. He was causing a conflict with the Ancient Six Families? Did he think he was really the Middle Hall Master?

Meanwhile, the Right Hall Master still didnt show any hint of emotion. However, he was quietly watching Luo Yunyang.

The Da Qian Master and the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master exchanged a glance. The two of them looked slightly dissatisfied.

Naturally, this dissatisfaction was directed at Luo Yunyang. Even though they had a favorable opinion of Luo Yunyang, his outburst against the Ancient Six Families was very pleasing.

However, they still felt that Luo Yunyang was really impetuous. The Ancient Six Families had considerable power. If an acrimonious fallout with the Ancient Six Families were to occur, then it would be a serious blow to the Human Race.

How could they not be aware of the dirty tricks of the Ancient Six Families? However, the five great sacred halls had always tolerated these tricks. This tolerance was naturally all for the sake of the bigger picture.

The Middle Hall Master had elected Luo Yunyang to be his successor, but Luo Yunyang didnt make the bigger picture his priority. This made the Da Qian Master and the others feel disappointed.

However, they didnt speak right away either. They just continued watching. They wanted to see how Luo Yunyang would resolve this situation.

He he I will give you all an explanation since you desire one. Luo Yunyang, who didnt seem afraid of the Yun Familys big shot, actually grinned. Yun Tiansheng, I was in the Mysterious Underworld Races domain for some time prior to this. Even though we didnt stop the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords inheritance succession, I still found out about an interesting incident.

I heard that on the Divine Incarcerate Races Wanyu Sacred Mountain, you joined forces with Jiuzi Xuanming yet werent able to stop Nalanye. Thats complete trash!

Luo Yunyang used the word trash without any restraint, but this word caused Yun Tianshengs face to darken.

He was a high and lofty being who had always believed that he was supposed to be a ruler in this world.

However, Luo Yunyangs words almost left a scar on him. Thus, he huffed, It was Jiuzi Xuanmings inability that caused

Yun Tiansheng stopped midway. He had already fully understood what was going on at this moment and wished he could chop up the smiling Luo Yunyang into a million pieces right now.

The Yun Familys patriarch didnt look too pleased either. Yun Tiansheng was an important disciple groomed by the Yun Family. With just a few words, he had caused a problem.

A rather thorny problem at that.

The Left Hall Master appeared to be slightly pissed. Yun Tianshengs performance was utterly disappointing. He simply had incompetent allies.

Allies could render help, whereas an ally like Yun Tiansheng had harmed more than he had helped!

The Right Hall Master felt a lot more carefree watching Yun Tiansheng screw up. The arrival of the Ancient Six Families had put him under some pressure. Now, just one sentence from Yun Tiansheng had completely made the Ancient Six Families lose whatever speaking rights theyd had to decide Hong Meng Sacred Halls hall master.

Luo Yunyang, I heard that you are the top expert of the Human Races young generation. Now, the Middle Hall Master has left behind a decree for you to succeed him, which means that you should have some ability.

Yun Tiansheng inhaled deeply and calmed down. He smirked while staring at Luo Yunyang and said nonchalantly, I, Yun Tiansheng, am the best member of the Ancient Six Families. I wonder if you would dare have a match with me.

Let me see for myself whether you are worthy of being called a top powerhouse of the Human Races young generation!

When the other youths of the Ancient Six Families heard this, they immediately realized that Yun Tianshengs counterattack had arrived.

His recent error had caused the Ancient Six Families to have no speaking rights here.

At such a time, the five great sacred halls wouldnt allow this representative of the Ancient Six Families to get his way. After all, they definitely couldnt allow someone who was rumored to have ties to the Mysterious Underworld Race to be involved.

However, Yun Tianshengs challenging method wasnt bad either. As a person recognized by the Middle Hall Master, it would be difficult for Luo Yunyang to avoid such a challenge.

Even if he avoided the challenge, Yun Tianshengs objective would basically be accomplished. After all, a powerhouse who was afraid of a challenge simply didnt have any right to become Hong Meng Sacred Halls hall master!

If Luo Yunyang accepted the challenge, they believed Yun Tiansheng would probably defeat him without too much difficulty given his combat prowess.

As long as Luo Yunyang was defeated, the possibility of him becoming Hong Meng Sacred Halls hall master would be minute. At the very least, his prestige would fall to its lowest point.

Luo Yunyang, back in my clan, I heard that some people said you were the most powerful entity to emerge in this epoch. What will it be? Do you dare to have a bout with Brother Yun Tiansheng and show us that the Human Race is already talking big? a beautiful lady said frivolously.

Someone else continued after the lady had spoken. He doesnt dare. He he Doesnt everyone feel that he is unrivaled at only shooting his mouth off? I heard that he didnt dare do anything when he went into the Mysterious Underworld Races domain!

He he I heard that it was because of him that A Si Family disciple was the next to jest.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Yun Tiansheng with a strange look for a few moments before finally saying, You want to challenge me?

Even though Yun Tiansheng found Luo Yunyangs gaze strange, he didnt think much of it. Right now, what he wanted to do was regain his honor in the most incisive manner.

Therefore, when Luo Yunyang spoke, he replied icily, Indeed, I am challenging you. How about it? Do you dare? Or could my fellow comrades be right? All your deeds are merely exaggerations made by the Human Race?

Alright, alright, lets have a proper fight so I can see exactly what sort of ability the number one person of the Ancient Six Families young generation has. Luo Yunyang scoffed with sarcasm.

Yun Tiansheng didnt know why Luo Yunyang was speaking to him in such a mocking manner but he felt that it was enough as long as Luo Yunyang accepted his challenge.

Lets not set a date. How about we have the bout right now? Yun Tiansheng walked towards the outside of the hall as he said that. I can see that Hong Meng Sacred Hall has a decent arena. Lets decide who is superior there.

The Da Qian Master and the others exchanged a quick glance and went out too. Right now, they felt that they needed time to discuss the follow-up actions of the various halls. Luo Yunyangs bout with Yun Tiansheng would just give them the time to do so.