Supreme Uprising Chapter 1034

Chapter 1034 Spirited Bell

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Hong Meng Sacred Halls arena had countless array formations in place. Basically nothing unexpected would happen during the fights that took place in the arena.

In the past, many fights in this arena had attracted many viewers.

After all, Hong Meng Sacred Hall disciples, regardless of whether they were new recruits or veterans, were more than happy to put their primary focus on cultivation.

However, it was different this time. Even though this concerned the position of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, it was also a fight between Luo Yunyang and Yun Tiansheng. Thus, it stirred up the young generation of Hong Meng Sacred Hall powerhouses.

Even though Luo Yunyang wasnt publicly recognized, after the battle at Dual Realm Sky, he was already considered to have the most powerful cultivation base among the people that had joined Hong Meng Sacred Hall in this epoch.

Yun Tiansheng was also the strongest member of the Ancient Six Families in this epoch. The fight between these two strong individuals basically attracted the attention of countless people.

Xuantian Zhaoxin, Profound Calm Zongzi, and other Hong Meng Sacred Hall disciples stood quietly in the distance, watching the beginning of this battle.

Even though they were all geniuses, they couldnt compare to Luo Yunyang or Yun Tiansheng.

Xuantian Zhaoxin was currently at the eighth-level Heavenly Venerate. He wasnt considered to be too far away from the Yuan Venerate, but he could sense that there was a massive gulf between him and Luo Yunyang.

This gulf wasnt just in terms of cultivation level, but also in terms of power.

In the blink of an eye, Luo Yunyang has already reached a level we cannot catch up with. Profound Calm Zongzi lamented to Xuantian Zhaoxin, who was by his side.

He had never had any conflicting views about Xuantian Zhaoxin. As their interaction while they were cultivating in Hong Meng Sacred Hall over time increased, the two of them got much closer.

At the very least, they could be considered friends who got along.

Even though Xuantian Zhaoxin had already acknowledged this, he still said, Although we are slower, I dont see us losing the path to being a Yuan Venerate.

I think that we shouldnt use the future Middle Hall Master as a benchmark to compare ourselves to, Li Jiuyue, who was standing beside Xuantian Zhaoxin, said dully.

Xuantian Zhaoxin shook his head but didnt say anything. He was a person that didnt like disputes and preferred letting his fists do the talking.

While Li Jiuyues cultivation base was a little weaker, she still wasnt someone Xuantian Zhaoxin could immediately strike down. Therefore, Xuantian Zhaoxin chose to shut his mouth.

Li Jiuyue didnt stop talking. Instead, she glanced at Xuantian Zhaoxin. Who do you think will win this time?

I definitely hope that Luo Yunyang will win, Xuantian Zhaoxin said faintly, However, I think that it will be very difficult.

Lately, I have studied the Ancient Six Families quite a bit. Their passed-on traditions are something that Hong Meng Sacred Hall cant really compare with.

Xuantian Zhaoxin possessed a significant status in Hong Meng Sacred Hall, especially amongst the young generation of disciples.

After all, in terms of cultivation, he was just slightly inferior to Luo Yunyang. Thus, quite a few people believed what he was saying.

As Li Jiuyue watched Luo Yunyang step into the arena leisurely, she found herself having a strange sense of confidence.

She flashed everyone a gentle smile. How about a wager? I bet that Luo Yunyang will definitely win!

Profound Calm Zongzi chuckled. I dont dare wager on that. What would I do if Luo Yunyang found out I wagered against him? He he!

As the few of them were chuckling, Yun Tiansheng radiated with a dazzling glow and floated high up in the void like a godly entity.

He glanced at Luo Yunyang and said calmly, Luo Yunyang, you will soon discover that having a fight with me was your greatest mistake. I shall make you suffer a very miserable defeat this time!

Luo Yunyang, who had already defeated Yun Tiansheng once in the Divine Incarcerate Races domain, really wasnt in the mood to waste too much time with him.

He immediately pulled up the attribute regulator in his mind.

Luo Yunyang: Power: 2,120, Speed: 2,253, Constitution: 2,145, Mind: 2,814, Bloodline: 9.8

Chaotic Four-Origin Beast: Power: 1,021, Speed: 1,243, Mind: 1,312, Constitution: 1,624

Luo Yunyang immediately converted all his bodys attributes into Power. The remaining three attributes were supplemented by the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast clone.

Luo Yunyang wouldnt have wasted so much effort only on Yun Tiansheng. However, this concerned the Ancient Six Families. Thus, what Luo Yunyang wanted to do now was use his strongest methods to give the Ancient Six Families a great shock.

Are you ready then? Luo Yunyang asked Yun Tiansheng nonchalantly while looking at his Power Attribute, which was nearing 10,000.

Any time you are ready! Yun Tiansheng answered with impudence even though he was clearly being cautious.

Luo Yunyang didnt really care. He had already made his decision and naturally didnt care what Yun Tiansheng thought.

The instant Yun Tiansheng said that, Luo Yunyangs hand rapidly formed seals and the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell was condensed within the void.

As that bronze huge void condensed, a majestic aura came pressing down on Yun Tiansheng.

Yun Tianshengs expression changed as he experienced this aura. Even though he had yet to sense the might of that giant bell, Luo Yunyangs powerful attack had sent chills down his spine.

What was even more unbearable was that as hed prepared his special defensive techniques, Luo Yunyang had already sent that giant bell crushing down.

In an instant, the giant bell condensed by Luo Yunyang had already become a weapon.

Berserk, it was pressing forward.

The instant Luo Yunyang made his attack, several of the Ancient Six Families leaders froze. Even though they had quite a bit of confidence in Yun Tiansheng, they were still shocked by Luo Yunyangs attack.

Overwhelming! It was incomparably overwhelming!

The instant Luo Yunyang attacked, he displayed an overwhelming might. Those that sensed the power in Luo Yunyangs attack felt worried for Yun Tiansheng.

Yun Tiansheng cultivated considerable mystic techniques but was unable to even utilize any of them at the moment.

The bell descended and seemed to sweep everything before it.

He quickly formed a purple shield in the void against this bell. As this shield took shape, it seemed to form the four divinities.

Each of these four divinities contained the power of nomological laws. If anyone else attacked, this defense would simply be an iron bastion.

However, right now, Luo Yunyang converged practically all his power into the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell. This power was difficult to block oneself against.

In an instant, the projections of the four divinities shattered in the void. Meanwhile, that purple shield was split in two when it came into contact with the massive bell created by Luo Yunyang.

Yun Tianshengs face fell. His lofty, proud attitude was no longer the same and he sensed that his life was in danger.

One could even say that he was on the brink of a crisis.

Release! Yun Tiansheng was still Yun Tiansheng. When he became aware that his defense wasnt of any use, he made a counterattack.

As he formed hand seals, a divine ax formed completely of nomological laws was condensed and a massive bronze bell came crashing down.

Yun Tiansheng paled completely as the divine ax condensed. After all, he simply didnt have complete control over this technique that was used for condensing this divine ax and he was under considerable pressure when he utilized this technique.

Sky-Splitting Divine Ax!

This was a technique left behind by the Ancient Six Families Yun Family Patriarch. According to the records, it was an ultimate treasure the Patriarch had come across. This was a cultivation technique he had created after comprehending this ultimate treasure.

Even though the Sky-Splitting Divine Ax was lacking compared to the original, it was still unleashed with boundless might.

It could even be said that this had already become a technique the Ancient Six Families used to imitate anything. If Yun Tiansheng hadnt been that extraordinary, he wouldnt have had the qualifications to cultivate this technique.

The giant ax that cleaved out was filled with immense might. Yun Tianshengs worries were eased when this giant ax was sent out. However, he had just started to feel at ease when the giant bell and the divine ax clashed.

The divine ax started to crumble and Yun Tianshengs body was struck by the massive bell. The entire arena also started to fall apart.

Martialists like Yun Tiansheng had reached a level where the destruction of their bodies didnt mean death. However, it was at this point that they were the weakest.

Luo Yunyang watched as Yun Tiansheng fell and prepared to close in and kill him. However, as he was about to make his move, the Ancient Six Families expert rushed into the arena.

He seemed to have sensed how terrifying Luo Yunyang was. Thus, he didnt dare launch any attack. Instead, he quickly arrived by Yun Tianshengs side and protected him.

Tiansheng, are you alright?

Yun Tiansheng, who had once again formed a body, stared at the godly Luo Yunyang while he was wielding the giant bell and was left speechless.

He actually no longer had any confidence in winning.

Luo Yunyang didnt care about Yun Tiansheng, who was slowly recovering his body. Thus, he said rather nonchalantly, If any member of the young generation isnt convinced that I should assume the role of the hall master, feel free to try me.