Supreme Uprising Chapter 1035

Chapter 1035 Divine Creation Disc Owner Three Chances

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While Luo Yunyang saw the young generation very clearly, his gaze landed on Yuan Venerate White Crane and the others.

Yuan Venerate White Crane was actually a little uncomfortable with the idea of Luo Yunyang becoming hall master. After all, Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s Middle Hall Master was his superior.

Even though they had no grievances and had quite a good relationship, Yuan Venerate White Crane had always been the dominant one.

Now, Luo Yunyang was to become the Middle Hall Master, which meant that Yuan Venerate White Crane would become his subordinate.

However, he definitely wouldn’t do anything. Firstly, he wanted to ensure that the relationship between him and Luo Yunyang wouldn’t sour, and secondly, he was no match for Luo Yunyang.

After seeing the bronze bell swung by Luo Yunyang, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to deal with it even though his cultivation was extraordinary.

However, even if he accepted this, the Left and Right Hall Master wouldn’t.

While Yuan Venerate White Crane was thinking about all this, Luo Yunyang told Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow, “Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow, didn’t you object to me becoming the new Middle Hall Master? Come on, let’s not waste any time talking. Let’s just have a bout.”

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow’s face turned ashen!

It wasn’t as if he had never fought with Luo Yunyang before. Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow had wanted to seize Luo Yunyang after his return to the Human Race domain but had been given a resounding slap instead.

If the Left Hall Master hadn’t made a move, he would have been even more disgraced.

Making a move on Luo Yunyang now was simply suicide.

However, he was a Yuan Venerate and he controlled Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s internal law and punishment bureau, so backing out would greatly affect his influence.

Just as Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow found himself in a dilemma, the Left Hall Master said, “Luo Yunyang, you just resolved Yun Tiansheng’s challenge. The person who will decide whether you can be Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s Middle Hall Master isn’t Yun Tiansheng or Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow. We will decide.”

“What are you casually challenging Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow for?”

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow heaved a huge sigh of relief when the Left Hall Master spoke. Even though he knew this matter wasn’t over yet, he felt relieved about being spared this embarrassment!

Luo Yunyang glanced at the Left Hall Master and said softly, “Left Hall Master, I may not have been in Hong Meng Sacred Hall for a long time, but I know that the Middle Hall Master’s succession isn’t something you can decide.”

“Sir Middle Hall Master selected me to succeed him, and you have no right to stop this!”

Luo Yunyang had said the words “no right” forcefully. He wouldn’t have cared about Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s succession issue if the position of the Middle Hall Master hadn’t been passed on to him.

However, since he had been selected to succeed this position, Luo Yunyang had no choice but to get involved and fall out with the Left Hall Master.

The Left Hall Master’s face was a sheet of red. He eyed the surroundings before he said, “I wouldn’t have cared if the Middle Hall Master had selected anyone else to be his successor.”

“However, I have to investigate the suspicions that you might have dealings with the Mysterious Underworld Race in order to prevent future harm from befalling the Human Race.”

At this point, he looked at the Right Hall Master and said, “Do you agree with me, Right Hall Master?”

The Right Hall Master shot a glance at Luo Yunyang and said, “I fully agree with the Left Hall Master’s view!”

The Left and Right Hall Master represented 80% of Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s power. Their objection held great weight regarding the succession of the Middle Hall Master.

Countless thoughts went through Luo Yunyang’s mind. Even though his current strength wasn’t inferior to a hall master’s strength, restraining everyone here would be very difficult.

Just as Luo Yunyang looked at the Divine Elder and got ready to force the succession through, the expressionless Divine Elder suddenly spoke. “All of you shut your mouths!”

The Divine Elder’s berating didn’t just include Luo Yunyang. It also included the Left and Right Hall Master.

Even though the Left and Right Hall Master were being chided, they didn’t seem angry at all. They actually had reverent looks on their faces.

“Luo Yunyang, since the Middle Hall Master chose you to succeed him, it means that the Middle Hall Master trusts you a lot.”

“However, it is a fact that a large portion of Hong Meng Sacred Hall does not approve of you assuming the role of the Middle Hall Master. Even if you forcibly took the title of the Middle Hall Master, it wouldn’t do you much good.”

The Divine Elder’s tone was calm and completely unbiased. He then added, “Most of the time, the hall master of Hong Meng Sacred Hall is the wielder of the Divine Creation Disc. According to Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s rules, the person who acquires the Divine Creation Disc will automatically be Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s master.”

“Now, given the special circumstances, I will give you three chances to interact with the Divine Creation Disc and become its owner.”

“You will become Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s master if you gain ownership of the Divine Creation Disc. If you aren’t able to do so, then the Middle Hall Master’s posthumous edict will be voided.”

The Left Hall Master appeared delighted when he heard the Divine Elder’s words. He looked at the Divine Elder respectfully and said, “I agree with what the Divine Elder has said.”

The Right Hall Master also replied solemnly, “Divine Elder, if Luo Yunyang is a Mysterious Underworld Race spy, letting him come in contact with the Divine Creation Disc would be…”

“He can’t destroy the Divine Creation Disc and if he was able to become the owner of the Divine Creation Disc, it would mean that he isn’t a Mysterious Underworld Race spy,” the Divine Elder answered the Right Hall Master without much emotion.

Become the owner of the Divine Creation Disc?

Luo Yunyang had once cultivated within the Divine Creation Disc when he had entered Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Even though he had gained considerable benefits from the Divine Creation Disc, he had never once thought of becoming its owner.

Once, Luo Yunyang had even thought that the Divine Elder was the soul of the Divine Creation Disc. However, the Divine Elder’s words made Luo Yunyang believe that his previous guess had probably been wrong.

Letting a divine weapon recognize a person as an owner wasn’t an easy task. Even though Luo Yunyang didn’t know what sort of grade the Divine Creation Disc was at, he believed that it wouldn’t be inferior to his Great Obliteration Millstone.

The might of the Great Obliteration Millstone was gradually showing that it possessed boundless potential. If Luo Yunyang had obtained the Great Obliteration Millstone right now, he might not even have been able to gain ownership of it.

However, Luo Yunyang knew he had no other choice now.

He could leave right away and lose this great opportunity, but he was definitely unwilling to do so. After all, even the title of the leader of one of the five great sacred halls was extremely important.

Furthermore, people would follow him if he became Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s Middle Hall Master. His prestige and reputation in the Human Race wouldn’t be underestimated either.

As long as his cultivation base continued to improve until he could suppress both the Left and Right Hall Master, he would become the true master of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

With these thoughts in mind, Luo Yunyang quickly made a decision and replied, “I agree with the Divine Elder’s suggestion.”

“Good!” The Divine Elder glanced around before saying, “Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s issues have already been resolved. No one needs to stay here anymore.”

“Go ahead and deal with whatever matters you are busy with! Forgive us for the lack of send-off!”

Even though the Divine Elder spoke politely, he seemed to intend to get rid of the guests. The Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master and the other masters exchanged a glance before cupping their hands and answering, “We shall take our leave.”

Even the Ancient Six Families, which had been utterly disgraced thanks to Luo Yunyang, knew that they wouldn’t accomplish much by staying here.

Even if they wanted to use power to crush Luo Yuyang, the leaders of the other four great sacred halls would be a problem. Therefore, they could only prepare to take their leave.

“Luo Yunyang, this isn’t over!” Yun Tiansheng, who had already condensed a new body, growled at Luo Yunyang.

How much had he suffered as the number one person of the Ancient Six Families’ young generation? Luo Yunyang’s bell had sent him flying and thoroughly humiliated him.

Of course, even though he was gritting his teeth, he didn’t dare try anything against Luo Yunyang. After all, the disparity between them was too huge.

Luo Yunyang no longer cared what Yun Tiansheng thought. After all, the only ones that could go up against him now were the Ancient Six Families’ Patriarchs and other Taichu Yuan Venerate beings.

After the four hall masters and representatives of the Ancient Six Families left, only Hong Meng Sacred Hall was left.

However, this didn’t cause the atmosphere outside Hong Meng Sacred Hall to lighten. The atmosphere currently seemed a little awkward.

“Divine Elder, when will Luo Yunyang’s three chances start and when will this completely come to an end? We can’t keep waiting without a limit, right?” the Left Hall Master asked the Divine Elder.

The Divine Elder looked at Luo Yunyang. “Gaining the recognition of the Divine Creation Disc naturally requires as high a cultivation base as possible. However, what the Left Hall Master is saying makes sense. We can’t just keep waiting without a deadline.”

“A hundred years. How about that?”

A hundred years might be an entire lifetime for ordinary people. However, it was merely a short moment for beings like Luo Yunyang.

After a slight hesitation, Luo Yunyang told the Divine Elder, “I will naturally comply with the Divine Elder’s arrangements.”

“I wonder if I can enter Hong Meng Sacred Hall and try to gain ownership of the Divine Creation Disc now?”

The Divine Elder nodded. “You can enter the Divine Creation Disc freely in these a hundred years!”

“For now on, the Divine Creation Disc has no owner and the various prohibitions within are ten times more powerful than in the past. Be careful.”

Luo Yunyang thanked Divine Sacred Hall before walking into the central hall of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. He had cultivated within the Divine Creation Disc before and thus knew his way in.

The Left and Right Hall Master’s eyes met as they watched Luo Yunyang enter the Divine Creation Disc. They had looks of mutual hostility when they gazed at the other party.

Irreconcilable hostility.