Supreme Uprising Chapter 1036

Chapter 1036 A Mysterious And Wonderful Channel

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The same 36 prayer mats were there. It seemed as if the mats hadn’t changed since Luo Yunyang had stepped into this place many years ago.

They were still in their original position, and even their degree of aging didn’t seem to have changed.

When he had first entered Hong Meng Sacred Hall, Luo Yunyang had been in the fifth position. However, this time, he entered alone and could freely choose whichever spot he wanted to sit in.

Without any hesitation, Luo Yunyang immediately sat in the position he had sat in all those years ago, which was the fifth of the 36 prayer mats.

Back then, when Luo Yunyang had sat on the prayer mat, he had felt many things continuously appear in his mind. Occasionally, there were roaring dragons, engulfing azure oceans, and what seemed like illuminated skies.

Luo Yunyang clearly remembered that even though he had tried his hardest to endure, his mental state ultimately hadn’t been able to endure this further, as the great sun he had envisaged had crumbled.

Now, his cultivation base was perhaps stronger by a hundredfold. However, what he wanted to do was definitely a hundred times more difficult.

He had to become the owner of the Divine Creation Disc and gain control of the entire Hong Meng Sacred Hall. This was what Luo Yunyang was prepared to do.

With these thoughts in mind, Luo Yunyang slowly utilized his cultivation base. Since the Divine Elder hadn’t said anything about how he was supposed to gain control of the Divine Creation Disc, Luo Yunyang would cultivate just like he had in the past.

While Luo Yunyang’s mental state went blank, he felt himself entering the realm of the Divine Creation Disc once again.

When his consciousness had arrived in this realm the last time, Luo Yunyang hadn’t even cared about how big this realm was. Firstly, he hadn’t had the time to care, and secondly, he hadn’t had that ability.

However, Luo Yunyang possessed both the time and ability now. Therefore, his mental state impatiently probed at this realm.

In just an instant, Luo Yunyang’s consciousness had probed at a one-million-mile radius. However, he still wasn’t even close to the end of this realm.

He actually felt that there wasn’t any difference between any part of this realm.

It could be said that every part of this realm was exactly the same.

10 million miles, 100 million miles…

Right from the beginning, Luo Yunyang was confident about his resolve. However, towards the end, he had to give up trying to find out exactly how huge this realm was.

It was boundless and limitless. He had to admit that this realm was boundless and limitless and his own spirit consciousness simply couldn’t probe out exactly how far its ends were.

Luo Yunyang couldn’t determine the size or the inner workings of this realm, so he naturally had no idea how to find the soul of the Divine Creation Disc and make it subservient.

As his spiritual consciousness floated within the void, Luo Yunyang sensed an amount of power being assimilated into his spiritual consciousness.

He had experienced this sort of sensation before. Thus, he didn’t stop the arrival of this power.

Instead, he allowed his spiritual consciousness to slowly assimilate this incoming power.

In an instant, he once again felt as if he had become a breeze that was gently floating in the void. However, the light breeze became a sharp blade that cut through the nine skies and instantly split the starry heavens into half.

Wind raged, ripping up everything it met. As the wind churned, everything turned to dust. The wind howled and made the void shudder. The wind…

In the end, Luo Yunyang felt that he had already become a sacred wind that could kill a Heavenly Venerate.

It could be said that Luo Yunyang had gained quite a lot from this sensation. If he were to use any wind-based techniques in the future, they would become even more fluent and powerful.

However, Luo Yunyang felt that continuing to be a raging gale was of no help in gaining the recognition of the Divine Creation Disc.

He was merely a small portion of this creation realm. A really small portion.

As Luo Yunyang prepared to separate himself from the gale, he suddenly sensed that there was still a path in front of him. This was a path he had just recently sensed.

If turning himself into the gale was akin to a small struggle, then the path ahead was like a huge river.

If the wind was merely a stream, then what would a river be?

These thoughts made Luo Yunyang halt his intention to leave. Meanwhile, his consciousness continued to connect with the gale that danced wildly in the void.

In the blink of an eye, Luo Yunyang sensed that the extremely incisive wind had become really cold and gloomy. This cold wind could not only turn everything to dust but also freeze souls and cause them to crack.

The wind became cold, the wind became hot, the wind became sharper, the wind even seemed to boil. It also seemed as though flames were born in this wind…

Change, change, change!

As this raging gale blew, Luo Yunyang slowly sensed that he was no longer a pure and simple wind. He had already become a green clean mist.

However, when he sensed this, his consciousness was already restricted.

Compared to the carefree and unhindered feeling he’d had before, Luo Yunyang found the restraining feeling on his body really intense and strong!

Endure! Luo Yunyang, who felt that he had already found the way to become the Divine Creation Disc’s master, steeled his mental state and continued to sense the drifting motion within this endless realm.

The green mist also started to change slowly. As it changed, Luo Yunyang sensed that the things absorbed into his mind had started to change even more.

Finally, as that green aura became somewhat turbid, Luo Yunyang discovered that yet another aura had appeared in front of his spiritual consciousness.

It was a similarly green mist.

However, this green mist was ten or even a hundred times stronger than the previous green aura that Luo Yunyang had sensed.

When Luo Yunyang’s spiritual consciousness assimilated this green mist, he felt as if his consciousness was being ripped apart.

While this green mist was incorporated, Luo Yunyang sensed a type of supreme power. A power that could smash and shatter anything.

Luo Yunyang’s spiritual consciousness crumbled at an even faster rate in the face of this battering power. Luo Yunyang knew that he would be defeated by this green mist if he didn’t increase his mind power. Thus, he quickly opened the attribute regulator.

He wanted to properly comprehend the changes of the green mist, so he didn’t raise his Mind Attribute by large amounts at first.

The green mist rose high into the sky. As it rose, Luo Yunyang could clearly see everything below it.

Beneath this green mist, Luo Yunyang saw hundreds of different colored auras. These auras were like individual tributaries that were ultimately absorbed into the green mist.

This was a sort of immaculate absorption.

It was at this moment that Luo Yunyang completely understood that those tributaries should probably each be a nomological law.

Or perhaps, they were individual small laws. In the end, these small laws would flow into the sea and combine with the current bigger laws.

It was even more difficult and arduous for one’s mind power to comprehend these big laws. However, there were many more benefits comprehension-wise.

Luo Yunyang wondered whether there were even higher laws above these big laws.

As he harbored these thoughts, his consciousness continuously followed the flow system reflected in his mind and kept rising.

During this process, Luo Yunyang’s comprehension of the green mist became even more distinct. Through this, Luo Yunyang was able to derive multiple ways he could make use of this green mist.

While Luo Yunyang still didn’t know how to target the Divine Creation Disc, he was able to determine that the Divine Creation Disc had an unrivaled position in Hong Meng Sacred Hall based on his cultivation experience.

Luo Yunyang’s Mind Attribute was increasing continuously on the attribute regulator. Luo Yunyang had only mechanically increased his Mind Attribute at the beginning. However, after it was raised to a certain point, he suddenly realized that he had already converted a large portion of his attributes into mind power.

This meant that more than half of the attributes in his body had already been added to his Mind Attribute.

He didn’t know how much further this path would stretch. If his Mind Attribute wasn’t enough before the path was complete, this would spell trouble!

Even though he was worried, Luo Yunyang continued to rise along with this green mist.

By relying on the attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang finally reached the extremes of the green mist after a very long time. As he reached these extremes, he didn’t just sense the magnificent chaotic energy all around him. He also sensed four long rivers of mist in his surroundings.

These mists were different. One was dark purple and seemingly vast and majestic, one was yellowish-black and seemed extremely terrifying, one was pure white and contained unceasing intent, and the last one was black-and-white and seemed to grow and multiply as the colors interwove.

What linked these rivers of mist with the green mist he was on was a black region.

Even though he hadn’t yet entered this black region, Luo Yunyang had already sensed that once he flowed into this region, the pressure he would experience would be ten times stronger than what he was currently experiencing.

Would his mind power be able to withstand such pressure?

As these thoughts went through his mind, Luo Yunyang felt that he had no other way out. If he retreated, this opportunity would be wasted. While charging into this sea of chaos didn’t mean that he would be able to control the Divine Creation Disc, it would probably be much better than giving up without a fight.

After a moment’s hesitation, Luo Yunyang transferred all the attributes of his clone embodiment into his main body. Then, he urged his consciousness forward into the expanse of primal chaos!