Supreme Uprising Chapter 1037

Chapter 1037 The Six Saint Banner

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Si Family Patriarch, you were actually defeated by Luo Yunyang, so why didnt you pass on this information? In an unnamed large hall, the Yun Family Patriarch looked furious.

He was literally snarling as if he wanted to devour the Si Family Patriarch right this instant.

The Si Family Patriarch didnt seem too well either. Even though the Yun Family was the leader of the Ancient Six Families, there actually wasnt much difference in power between the six families.

The positions of the Si Family Patriarch and the Yun Family Patriarch were basically the same.

Being forced to back off by Luo Yunyang was simply a major humiliation for him. How could he go around announcing this?

In the Si Family Patriarchs eyes, his own reputation was much more important than other matters. Now, the Yun Family Patriarchs indignant manner made the Si Family Patriarch feel as though his face was being slapped.

Why Why didnt you tell us that you were defeated by Luo Yunyang? The Yun Family Patriarch seemed to not care about the Si Family Patriarchs embarrassment as he chided him.

The Si Family Patriarch, who had been silently enduring this so far, couldnt tolerate it any longer.

He was the Si Family Patriarch. His reputation was also the Si Familys reputation. If he continued to suffer all these grievances, then no one would respect him as a Patriarch.

Therefore, he couldnt back off or display weakness at this moment.

Luo Yunyang has already entered Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Was what happened not clear enough? Are your brains damaged? The Si Family Patriarch felt a lot more carefree after he said this.

Indeed, he felt carefree. He even had a smile on his face. He felt way more relaxed now.

He wasnt a puppet of the Yun Family. What right did the Yun Family Patriarch have to shout at him? As for the issue with Yun Tiansheng, it had totally been caused because Yun Tianshengs cultivation was lacking.

This was the number one person amongst the Ancient Six Families young generation? What a disgrace!

The Yun Family Patriarchs face was also flushed as he glared at the Si Family Patriarch. What What did you just say?

I said that you guys dont have brains. He he I went to stop Luo Yunyang, but he still turned up. Wasnt that enough to guess what happened?

What are brains for if I have to tell you all that? said the Si Family Patriarch without any restraint.

Even though the Yun Family Patriarchs hands were shaking, he understood that he had said the wrong thing. Although the Si Family Patriarch had always listened to his instructions, the Si Family Patriarch wasnt his servant.

On the contrary, he was an entity that could stand head-to-head with him.

It was reasonable for the Si Family Patriarch to reply in this manner given what he had said. However, if the Yun Family Patriarch were to change his tune now, the Yun Familys prestige would be ruined.

As these thoughts went through his mind, the Yun Family Patriarch looked at a man standing not too far away from him.

This man, who was tall and slender, had a sage-like poise and was watching the Si and Yun Family Patriarch bicker without saying a word. When he saw the Yun Family Patriarch looking over, he chuckled and said, Brother Yun, cool down first.

We cant blame Brother Yun for being mad over this matter. You didnt see how arrogant Tiansheng was during his fight with Luo Yunyang. He basically ruined the prestige of our Ancient Six Families completely.

The Si Family Patriarch didnt wish to fall out with the Yun Family Patriarch either. Thus, upon seeing that someone was mediating, he immediately said, Brother Fei, you should know that I dont have a good temper.

The Yun Family Patriarch scoffed. Even though he had actively started this mediation, this didnt mean that he had to give way when it came to words.

Brother Fei, who was the Fei Family Patriarch, spoke calmly. We have indeed underestimated Luo Yunyang this time. That is the reason that caused us to suffer a considerable setback.

As soon as he said that, the Fei Family Patriarch added, The most deep-rooted reason behind this isnt Luo Yunyang, but the fact that the Human Race is already lacking the respect they ought to show our Ancient Six Families.

That is why theyve ignored the Ancient Six Families views, attacked our young, and made our reputation reach an all-time low!

The Fei Family Patriarchs words made the other patriarchs fall silent. Then, someone said, Brother Fei is right. We have really been too indulgent with the Human Race recently.

Anyone that could speak in this large hall was basically an authoritative figure of the Ancient Six Families. What this person had said caused quite a few passionate responses.

The Si Family Patriarch had suffered at the hands of Luo Yunyang and wanted to regain his lost face. How could he hesitate when he heard this?

Thats right. We should teach the Human Race a proper lesson and show them that our Ancient Six Families arent someone the ordinary Human Race can afford to offend.

The Si Family Patriarchs palm slammed on an exquisitely-carved jade table as he said, A vicious lesson.

The Yun Family Patriarch frowned. Even though he too was pissed with the Human Race, starting a war with the Human Race still required proper preparation.

Everyone says it should be a vicious lesson, but to what degree?

Send out the Six-Saint Banner and obliterate a Human Race Great Cosmos! the Fei Family Patriarch said after a slight pause.

There was an unprecedented resolve in his tone.

Even the Si Family Patriarch, who was extremely furious with the Human Race, frowned when he heard what the Fei Family Patriarch said.

Although he was not unwilling to do so, destroying a Great Cosmos of the Human Race was no different from openly declaring war against the Human Race.

According to the Ancient Six Families traditions, they preferred hiding instead of fighting and obtaining the greatest benefits. If a war with the Human Race started, the Ancient Six Families wouldnt gain many benefits either.

I agree! Someone immediately concurred. The Human Tribe has already gradually forgotten that the prestige of our Ancient Six Families isnt something they can profane!

A dignified man with a slightly maniacal glint in his eyes said, This time, we have to show the Human Race its place. Perhaps they wont dare challenge us ever again in the future.

Bring out the Six-Saint Banner and teach the Human Race a huge lesson!

As cries of approval rang out, the Si Family Patriarch had already tossed his temporary hesitation aside. I approve the mobilization of the Six-Saint Banner to teach the Human Race a lesson.

This decision was made in a few moments. As one of the authoritative figures of the Six Ancient Families, the Yun Family Patriarch asked after this decision was made, Since we are using the Six-Saint Banner, which place does everyone think we should attack?

Attack? Naturally, Longlin Great Cosmos! the Si Family Patriarch said icily, Longlin Great Cosmos is under Luo Yunyangs rule and has a great location.

Alright, then Longlin Great Cosmos it is. It will be best if Luo Yunyang can be killed when the Six-Saint Banner is mobilized.

The Yun Family Patriarch spoke up as he glanced at the devious Si Family Patriarch. Since no one has any objections, let us bring out the Six-Saint Banner now. Does anyone object to letting the Si Family Patriarch handle the Six-Saint Banner?

Utilizing the Six-Saint Banner wasnt a bad thing, as anyone who utilized it would gain considerable cultivation comprehension.

Even though everyone present wanted to use the Six-Saint Banner themselves, most people still expressed their approval of the Yun Family Patriarchs suggestion.

After all, they werent willing to offend both the Si and Yun Family Patriarchs over a small matter.

The Divine Elder and the others were waiting outside Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Ever since Luo Yunyangs spiritual consciousness had entered the Divine Creation Disc, everyone present had already known what he was up to.

Even though the Left and Right Hall Masters didnt get along, they were both rather pleased that Luo Yunyang had so easily used up one of his chances.

Divine Elder, what is Luo Yunyangs current situation? the Left Hall Master asked the Divine Elder while making a quick mental calculation of the elapsed time.

The Divine Elder replied insipidly, I dont know.

The Left Hall Master was very dissatisfied with this answer but he couldnt do anything about it. After all, the Left Hall Master couldnt order the Divine Elder around.

The Right Hall Master was taking guesses on the level of mastery Luo Yunyang would be able to attain over the Divine Creation Disc when a beam of light landed in his hand.

The Right Hall Master didnt pay much attention to this light at first. However, when he saw its contents, his face fell.

Divine Elder, Left Hall Master, take a look at this. Fortunately, the Right Hall Master was an experienced being so he maintained his composure.

The Left Hall Master wasnt very concerned at first. However, when he clearly saw the contents of the Right Hall Masters hand, he stiffened up.

Even the Divine Elder was frowning!

Is this information true? Even though the Left Hall Master knew that this news must have already been verified, he still couldnt help but ask.

After all, this problem was so huge that the Left Hall Master really hoped that it wasnt true.

The Right Hall Master answered solemnly, The person who passed on this news is the most important person we have left in the Ancient Six Families.

Most of the time, he doesnt act no matter how great the Ancient Six Families actions are. However, he has urgently used this method to send this information. It seems like this is an emergency!

Right now, we have to come up with a solution to stop this.

The Left Hall Master rubbed his head and looked at the Divine Elder. Divine Elder, do you have any suggestions?

I cant intercept the Six-Saint Banner! The Divine Elder had regained his composure, but there was a hint of clear helplessness in his tone!