Supreme Uprising Chapter 1038

Chapter 1038 The Six Sky Sealing Sun Great Array

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The Middle Hall Master has really left Hong Meng Sacred Hall with a tough problem! The Da Qian Master seemed entertained as he sat in a huge hall within the stars.

Standing beneath the Da Qian Master was Yuan Venerate Tianshu, who was currently feeling a tad melancholic and envious.

To him, Luo Yunyang had always been a junior. However, such a person was now going to become the hall master of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Even though it wasnt definite that Luo Yunyang was going to become Hall Master, being recognized by the Middle Hall Master and recommended to succeed his position was an immense achievement.

Yeah, I really never imagined that Luo Yunyang could develop this quickly! Yunyang Tianshu lamented.

The Da Qian Master nodded. The Middle Hall Master left really hurriedly. If he could have gone through a period of assistance with the Middle Hall Master, Luo Yunyang would definitely have been able to become Hong Meng Sacred Halls hall master without many problems.

What he lacks now is experience and achievements!

He is, after all, too young. He would have to face other people who would be unwilling to accept it if he were to become Hong Meng Sacred Halls master.

Yuan Venerate Tianshu nodded his head. This was a matter that neither Yuan Venerate Tianshu nor anyone else could change.

At first, Luo Yunyang had been given a very good opportunity. However, after entering the Mysterious Underworld Race, he actually hadnt made contact with the fellow Human Race spies in the Mysterious Underworld Races domain and hadnt been able to get the opportunity to stop the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord.

Even though the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords inheritance wasnt stopped in the end, Luo Yunyangs lack of accomplishments in the Mysterious Underworld Race was a great fault.

Da Qian Master, you are actually saying that Luo Yunyang is lacking some luck!

The Da Qian Master chuckled. Tianshu, if Luo Yunyang continues to tangle with the Left and Right Hall Master, do you think he can still remain in Hong Meng Sacred Hall?

Im afraid he will have to form his own faction! Yuan Venerate Tianshu didnt understand what the Da Qian Masters intent was. Thus, he gave an honest answer.

Indeed, he will have to form his own faction. Furthermore, he might have to stand alone. This would be unbearable.

At this point, the Da Qian Masters tone became lighter. What do you think of bringing him into Da Qian Sacred Hall?

Bringing Luo Yunyang into Da Qian Sacred Hall? This stunned Yuan Venerate Tianshu momentarily, as he had never thought about it before.

Now that the Da Qian Hall Master had mentioned it, he felt that it was not a bad idea after thinking about it carefully.

Everything else aside, Luo Yunyangs cultivation base had really reached a level where he could be considered a big shot. If Luo Yunyang continued to improve, his future prospects could really be considered limitless. Da Qian Sacred Hall would soar to greater heights with someone like Luo Yunyang.

The Da Qian Master is wise! I think that if Luo Yunyang joined Da Qian Sacred Hall, that could definitely allow Da Qian Sacred Halls influence to rise tremendously.

Yuan Venerate Tianshu cupped his hands. As long as Luo Yunyang isnt able to become Hong Meng Sacred Halls master, he will definitely want to leave Hong Meng Sacred Hall. This would be an opportunity for Da Qian Sacred Hall.

Even though I dont have many friendly relations with Luo Yunyang, at least I have met him in person before. Da Qian Master, please allow me to handle this task. I will definitely convince Luo Yunyang to join Da Qian Sacred Hall.

The Da Qian Master nodded. He wanted to say more, but a beam of light rushed to his side. The Da Qian Master stiffened when he peered within this light.

As the authoritative figure of Da Qian Sacred Hall, he normally wouldnt blink even if something huge was happening.

His expression had merely changed slightly when hed heard that the Middle Hall Master had fallen. However, now, he had reacted greatly.

Yuan Venerate Tianshu knew that something massive had definitely happened.

But what exactly could cause his hall master to react like that? Yuan Venerate Tianshu wondered to himself. Could the allied armies of the Mysterious Underworld Race have already started to invade the Human Races territories, thus causing the two sides to declare war?

No, that shouldnt be the case. The six great underworld halls of the Mysterious Underworld Race were locked in bitter conflict, so how would they have the time to invade the Human Race?

Da Qian Master, what happened? Yuan Venerate Tianshu hesitated for a moment before finally asking.

The Da Qian Master took a deep breath and said, This really is quite something. I just received news that the Ancient Six Families are prepared to use the Six-Saint Banner to teach the Human Race a lesson.

The Six-Saint Banner? Yuan Venerate Tiahshu, who had never heard of this, looked at the Da Qian Master in bafflement.

In the past, our race didnt include five great sacred halls but six great halls similar to the six great underworld halls. The Da Qian Master sounded clearly weary. Back then, one sacred hall had a conflict with the Ancient Six Families. A top powerhouse of the Ancient Six Families utilized the Six-Saint Banner and utterly destroyed that entire sacred hall.

Six great sacred halls?

Yuan Venerate Tianshu had vaguely sensed that there had been another sacred hall besides the five great sacred halls when looking through ancient records of his sect.

However, although hed had some doubts, no one had enlightened him. Now, upon hearing the Da Qian Master say as such, he finally understood that his suspicion had been right.

Da Qian Master, what do the Ancient Six Families want to do? Could they want to destroy Hong Meng Sacred Hall?

No, they still cant destroy Hong Meng Sacred Hall. After all, the six patriarchs of the Ancient Six Families werent able to unleash the full might of the Six-Saint Banner.

Furthermore, Hong Meng Sacred Hall itself possesses an impressive ultimate treasure, the Divine Creation Disc!

Their intention is to wipe out a Great Cosmos!

Yuan Venerate Tianshus expression darkened. Even though planets were being destroyed during fights between martialists, as long as the five great sacred halls made a decision, practically no one would dare engage in any mindless slaughter.

However, the Ancient Six Families were actually about to do something really crazy!

Da Qian Master, we must stop this. Otherwise, our five great sacred halls will Yuan Venerate Tianshu didnt finish saying what would happen, but he believed the Da Qian Master would understand what he had been about to say.

The Da Qian Master patted Yuan Venerate Tianshus shoulder and said, How could I not understand the dangers? However, the question is what do we use to stop this from happening?

The Da Qian Master shrugged. I have to go discuss this matter with the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master and the others. Anything else will have to wait until I return.

Right, inform all the Yuan Venerates. If they have any family in a Great Cosmos, bring them into Da Qian Sacred Hall as soon as possible.

Understood! Even though Yuan Venerate Tianshu was very reluctant, he understood that this was the only way.

As Yuan Venerate Tianshu quickly passed on the Da Qian Masters order, the Da Qian Master, the Left Hall Master, the Right Hall Master, and the hall masters of the other sacred halls all gathered in a virtual hall.

The Ancient Six Families have crossed the line! The Battle Hall Master sounded exasperated and furious. They want to use the Six-Saint Banner. We have to retaliate in kind. We

The Dark Hall Master didnt wait for the Battle Hall Master to finish. We dont have any good ideas. Even if we were to declare war against the Ancient Six Families, our current strength wouldnt even be enough to break the Ancient Six Families Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array!

We are just helpless against the Ancient Six Families if we cant break their Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array Formation. As long as they hide within the sealed array, our five sacred halls will only be able to watch on.

The Da Qian Master put up his hand and stopped the Battle Hall Master, who was about to speak. Now isnt the time to bicker amongst ourselves. What is more important is how well stop the Ancient Six Families!

A Great Cosmos. Its a whole Great Cosmos!

The Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master nodded. It is really difficult to defend all 36 of our Great Cosmoses. Furthermore, even if we use all the ultimate treasures of our sacred halls, it will still be difficult to withstand the might of the Six-Saint Banner.

Therefore, I think that we ought to have a talk with the Ancient Six Families.

The Left and Right Hall Master didnt say anything. Even though they were currently representing Hong Meng Sacred Hall, their power had already determined that they didnt have many speaking rights during this discussion.

The Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Masters words made them all quieten down. It was the Da Qian Master who finally spoke. Talk? This sounds easy, but we would have to pay a considerable price if we were to do so.

If the price is too hefty, well still have to fight with the Ancient Six Families. After all, even though the Six-Saint Banner is powerful, if we stake everything we have, we might still be able to destroy a large portion of their territories even if we are unable to strike at their foundations.

There was a rabid desire in the Battle Hall Masters tone.

However, while he said all this firmly, the reality was that the Human Race would still suffer in the aftermath of this fight.

After all, even though the Ancient Six Families had considerable territories, this was still a far cry compared to the 36 Great Cosmoses of the Human Race.

It could even be said that these two werent comparable.

After another period of silence, the Da Qian Master said, Then let us discuss that. It wont be too late to go to war if that fails.

Even though they were both supreme entities separated by a great distance, it was still easy for the Da Qian Master to contact the Yun Family Patriarch.

After 10 minutes, the Da Qian Master returned with a pained look. The Yun Family Patriarch says that they wont use the Six-Saint Banner against our race. However, we have to accede to two of their conditions.

First, Luo Yunyang cannot be allowed to become the Hong Meng Sacred Hall Master; and second, they want to destroy the Longlin Great Cosmos!