Supreme Uprising Chapter 1039

Chapter 1039 Too Much

The two conditions put ugly looks on the faces of the four sacred hall masters. If there had only been the first condition, it could still have been further discussed. However, destroying the Longlin Great Cosmos was something they were unwilling to accept.

War! The Battle Hall Master was incensed. Lets go to war with the Ancient Six Families!

Tell them that if they destroy the Longlin Great Cosmos, we will destroy the power of their subordinates and the Five Great Sacred Halls will seal the ancestral land of their Ancient Six Families.

After the Battle Hall Master was done speaking, the Dark Hall Master said with icy sarcasm, You say things too lightly. If we dare destroy their subordinates power, I fear that a Great Cosmos of ours wouldnt be the only thing that is destroyed!

In that case, they might even destroy a dozen Great Cosmoses, which would cause the Human Race to suffer even greater losses.

Although our five great sacred halls can seal up the Ancient Six Families ancestral land, if the five great sacred halls forget about our line of thinking, loopholes will inevitably appear in our defenses.

While the Mysterious Underworld Race is in no state to go to war with us, other races might launch surprise attacks on us.

Based on what I know, the Divine Incarcerate Race has always been restless!

The Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master pondered this for a moment before he spoke. Can we agree to their first condition and ask them not to implement the second one?

The Da Qian Master shook his head. The Ancient Six Families are extremely determined this time around. They are doing this to prove a point!

Both the Left and Right Hall Masters hadnt said anything all this while. They knew very well that they didnt have much leeway to speak here.

After all, as long as these two never rose to the position of the Middle Hall Master, they would have no place to speak.

What is the opinion of Hong Meng Sacred Hall? The Da Qian Master looked at the Left and Right Hall Master after seeing them remain silent all this time.

The Left and Right Hall Master exchanged a glance before the Left Hall Master ultimately spoke. For now, we await the orders of the four hall masters.

You two! The Da Qian Master hesitated for a moment before his gaze fell on the Left Hall Master. Left Hall Master, you contact the Ancient Six Families and see whether they are able to not implement the destruction of Longlin Great Cosmos.

The relationship between the Left Hall Master and the Ancient Six Families had already been exposed when the Middle Hall Masters posthumous edict had been revealed. If the other hall masters of the four halls werent pleased with the Left Hall Master then, they now needed to be polite to him.

After all, the current situation was no small matter.

The Left Hall Master hesitated slightly before he said, My relationship with the Ancient Six Families is rather ordinary, but I will try my best.

The Left Hall Master contacted the Ancient Six Families in front of the hall masters of the other halls. After 15 minutes, the Left Hall Master shook his head. Hall Masters, the Ancient Six Families do not accept.

They They say that we lack respect for the Ancient Six Families and they want to re-instill this respect in us!

Thats absolutely disgraceful! the Battle Hall Master bellowed. After taking a deep breath, he said, Everyone, Battle Halls opinion is that we should fight!

The Human Race has never been a slave of the Ancient Six Families. We absolutely cannot permit them to rampage a Cosmos in front of our faces. Therefore, even if we must incur great losses, we still have to bring this fight to them.

The Dark Hall Master, who usually didnt get along with the Battle Hall Master, was currently silent. However, this was a silence that terrified others.

During this stifling silence, a streak of electric right shot toward the Left Hall Masters hand. When the Left Hall Master saw this, his gaze turned even colder.

The Si Family Patriarch has already drawn the Six-Saint Banner and is now heading to the Longlin Great Cosmos. If we arent able to stop him, then the Longlin Great Cosmos will be turned into ruins.

The Left Hall Master turned the contents of the streak of light into a projection for everyone to see.

The hall masters of the other four sacred halls all had solemn looks on their faces as they exchanged a glance. Quick, we have to go look for the Si Family Patriarch and stop him!

As the Battle Hall Master said that, he was the first to disappear from this secret void. After him, the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Maser and the others also vanished one after the other.

The last to leave were the Left and Right Hall Master. Although the two of them were opponents, both of them had dim looks on their faces.

Left Hall Master, are you satisfied now? the Right Hall Master scoffed.

The Left Hall Master looked somewhat sad. Even though he had already gained the support of the Ancient Six Families, the fact that they wanted to destroy a Great Cosmos still made him get worked up.

After all, the Great Cosmos that would die was one that contained countless lives!

As he watched the silhouette of the Right Hall Master leave, the Left Hall Master had a slightly evil glint in his eyes and he muttered to himself. This is all Luo Yunyangs fault. If it had not been for Luo Yunyang, the Ancient Six Families wouldnt have been this crazy.

Luo Yunyangs recklessness and audacity offended the Ancient Six Families and caused this whole disaster. This whole thing was brought about by Luo Yunyang!

The Left Hall Master continued muttering to himself. Since this definitely has to happen, then more people should know whose fault it is.

Away from the Longlin Great Cosmos, the Si Family Patriarch was wielding a light green banner that looked like a streak of lightning as he hurtled towards the Longlin Great Cosmos.

His speed was countless times faster than the speed of light. Nothing seemed capable of stopping him.

In just a moment, the Si Family Patriarch had already arrived on a planet. He stared icily at the Longlin Great Cosmos that was no longer that far away.

Si Family Patriarch, dont make a move for the time being! A beam of light shot over from the void.

The Si Family Patriarch had a look of clear mockery on his face when he saw the Da Qian Master arrive before him. Da Qian Master, you really came quickly. Unfortunately, you cant stop me!

After he said that, the Si Family Patriarch waved the banner in his hands. Six pure lights like six different colored dragons started to coil up around the Da Qian Master.

As a top entity of the Human Race, the Da Qian Master had a cultivation base that ordinary people couldnt compare with. Furthermore, he controlled the Da Qian Sacred Mirror. While these lights enveloped him, the Da Qian Master utilized the Da Qian Sacred Mirror.

A beam of light shot out from the sacred mirror and barreled towards the six dragons. However, as the Da Qian Master prepared to counterattack, the six dragons actually avoided the mirror-light and fused into the void.

The void all around started to get distorted. By the time the Da Qian Master broke through the distorted void, the 100 miles of void all around had been completely disintegrated.

Even though the Da Qian Sacred Mirror was extraordinary, it still wasnt capable of warding off the Six-Saint Banner that possessed six different supreme laws.

Ha ha ha Da Qian Master, if you dare take another step, I will destroy three more Great Cosmoses after I am done with Longlin Great Cosmos. The Si Family Patriarch laughed heartily. At this moment, he had already stepped foot in the Longlin Great Cosmos.

The Da Qian Master watched in anger and unwillingness as the Si Family Patriarch entered the Longlin Great Cosmos.

Although he was the great Da Qian Hall Master and he had already rushed to Longlin Great Cosmos beforehand, he was unable to stop the Si Family Patriarchs destruction. This was simply a great humiliation for him. An unbearable humiliation.

However, he didnt dare move. If he stopped the Si Family Patriarch, the Si Family Patriarch, who was wielding the Six-Saint Banner, would be incensed and he would destroy three more Great Cosmoses. If that happened, the Human Races losses would be even more severe!

Ha ha ha! Luo Yunyang, you probably never imagined that such a day would come. This is the consequence of offending our Ancient Six Families! The Si Family Patriarch stood in the void, roaring with laughter. The long banner in his hand floated while he stood above everything like a supreme godly entity.

At the moment, the fate of all the humans in the Longlin Great Cosmos was in his hands. As long as he waved the Six-Saint Banner in his hands, he could instantly cause disorder to all the nomological laws in the Great Cosmos and make the sky and earth collapse.

The Da Qian Master found the Si Family Patriarchs laughter extremely piercing but he could only listen to it.

He didnt make any movements, as he knew that he wouldnt be able to stop it no matter what he did.

Si Family Patriarch, the Longlin Great Cosmos is a Great Cosmos. It is one of the core bases of the Human Race. If you destroy it, our race will definitely not take things lying down. There are some things that we can still discuss!

The Da Qian Master proclaimed loudly, Do not do something that there is no turning back from.

Ha ha ha Why should there be any turning back? Da Qian Master, your race has already started to lack reverence for our Ancient Six Families. It is about time we showed you all what reverence is! The Si Family Patriarch snickered. If it were up to me, just the Longlin Great Cosmos wouldnt be enough to douse the anger of the Si Family.

What can quell the anger of my family is Luo Yunyangs head. If you offer up Luo Yunyangs head, perhaps I might still change my mind.

Offer Luo Yunyangs head? The Da Qian Master simply didnt believe the Si Family Patriarchs words.

Furthermore, Luo Yunyangs status was by no means ordinary. If he dared talk about receiving Luo Yunyangs head, perhaps Luo Yunyang would make things escalate.

Dont be so hasty, Si Family Patriarch. How about we sit down and slowly discuss some things?

Ha ha ha! Do you want to buy time? Unfortunately, I dont have any time to play games. Let me first complete my task before we talk about Luo Yunyang.

After he said all this, the Si Family Patriarch became serious. Now, let all this be destroyed first!

Suddenly, the Si Family Patriarchs arms moved. The Six-Saint Banner swayed and six projections appeared.

Six extremely dazzling projections that struck fear in peoples hearts!