Supreme Uprising Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040 Life Preserving Treasure

"Longlin Great Cosmos is about to be destroyed. How can that be?" Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble looked frightened.

He felt his hand trembling when he saw the information in the virtual realms. Even though he was a top-notch Heavenly Venerate, he didnt have any way of dealing with a power capable of destroying an entire Great Cosmos.

It could be said that even Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble could only await death in the face of these terrifying destructive nomological law powers.


Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble had that thought the moment he saw this news. However, at that moment, Great Heavenly Venerate Rubbles thoughts were with the Rising Sky Feather Sect.

If even he couldnt escape, the Rising Sky Feather Sect certainly wouldnt be able to. Would the Rising Sky Feather Sect left behind by his master, Yuan Venerate Wanliu, be finished under his leadership?

Even though Great Heavenly Venerate was indignant, he understood that he simply didnt have any way to go against this.

Luo Yunyang had defeated the strongest member of the Ancient Six Families young generation, Yun Tiansheng. Furthermore, this had been a really crushing defeat that had thoroughly infuriated the Ancient Six Families and resulted in them mobilizing the Six-Saint Banner.

According to the legends, the Six-Saint Banner had been created by six Taiyi Yuan Venerates of the Ancient Six Families who had incorporated their lives and cultivation into a banner. Its might was immense and just waving it would cause even the nomological laws of a Great Cosmos to crumble.

Once the various Origin Source Laws of a Great Cosmos started to collapse, even if the Great Cosmos could still exist, all the life within it would be thoroughly turned into ashes.

The post in the virtual realm also mentioned that the probability of the Great Cosmos collapsing and turning into primal chaos via the Six-Saint Banner was at least 90 percent.

This huge percentage made Great Heavenly Venerate Rubbles heart fall even more. Right now, he felt like he was really an ant. He was incapable of doing anything about the fights between these supreme Yuan Venerates.

The moment he finished viewing the post on the virtual realms, Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble rushed to Luo Yunyangs residence. Right now, he needed to see whether Luo Yunyang had any ideas left.

He wanted to leave some hope for the Rising Sky Feather Sect even if he were to die.

The Flame Emperor, Lu Qubing, and the others had all gathered in the huge palace where Luo Yunyang resided. They too had seen the post in the virtual realms and were all awaiting news anxiously.

They were awaiting news about Luo Yunyang.

Right now, their only hope was that Luo Yunyang could come up with a response, as the rest of them simply had no ideas.

Leaving the Great Cosmos wasnt an easy task for them either. Furthermore, the situation described in the post meant that it was basically too late for that.

"Brother Qubing, do we have any way to send people out of Longlin Great Cosmos?" Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble, who was on very good terms with Lu Qubing, asked the moment he came.

Lu Qubing had a look of grave helplessness on his face. "We have no means either!"

"Now, we can only wait. Yunyang definitely wont let this sort of thing befall us!"

Lu Qubings words didnt calm Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble down, as the contents of the post in the virtual realm had already given rise to a sense of crisis that couldnt be gotten rid of.

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble was a Heavenly Venerate, so his spiritual consciousness was already linked with the boundless void of the Longlin Great Cosmos. He could use this link to foresee some dangers.

There was already a feeling of calamity in his heart at the moment. It was a sense that life would cease to exist.

"Is it really going to end like this?" Even though Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble had experienced lots of life-and-death situations, this was a situation that made him unable to stay calm.

The faces of Lu Qubing and the others, who hadnt been fully convinced of everything being said in the virtual realm at first, now fell. After all, they also sensed this extremely terrifying feeling.

This feeling was like a mystery within a mystery. However, they all knew it was real.

"What can we do? My little nephew has just been born. He absolutely mustnt be put in any danger!" Luo Donger had also rushed over.

Her cultivation base wasnt low, so she had sensed this feeling of impending doom. Even though she was very afraid of death, as a top powerhouse, she was even more worried about her young nephew.

What to do? What to do?

At the moment, the people present didnt have any ideas!

Just as everyone seemed helpless, someone said with a trembling voice, "I have a preserving treasure here. Why dont we try it?"

These words caught the attention of everyone present. However, they were all shocked when they saw who had spoken.

The person that had spoken was really familiar and highly respected, but

It was Shen Yunying! The one that had spoken was Shen Yunying!

Luo Donger thought her eyes were playing tricks on her when she saw Shen Yunying walk over while carrying a child. She even sounded exasperated as she said impatiently, "Mother, its already confusing enough as it is. Dont Dont add to the chaos."

On the contrary, Lu Qubing put up his hand. "Old Madam, has Lord Yunyang left behind some life-preserving treasure?"

Shen Yunying shook her head. "This wasnt given to me by Yunyang. It It was given to me by Dongers father. He He told me to use this object if our childrens lives were in danger."

"Dongers father said that regardless of the danger, this item could save their lives!"

As Shen Yunying said that, a black object seemingly made out of pig iron appeared in her hands.

Lu Qubing was stunned. The Flame Emperor was stunned. Even Luo Donger was stunned!

Luo Donger didnt have any impression of her own father. In her opinion, her father must have perished during the desperate times of the apocalypse.

However, during this time of crisis, her mother had actually brought forward a preserving treasure her father had left behind. This was

Even though it seemed somewhat funny, Luo Donger couldnt bring herself to laugh. After all, she knew this wasnt the time to do so.

As Luo Donger wanted to ask her mother to head back and rest, Shen Yunying proclaimed loudly, "I have so far hidden this item and never encountered a time when I needed to take it out. Now that the sky seems like it is going to fall, there is no harm in us trying it."

"Mother, you should head back to rest. We really have no use for that that thing!" Luo Donger recalled the highest capabilities the Da Alliance had possessed during the apocalyptic times.

The most powerful Martial God had only been at that level in the entire Da Alliance. How could her own father have created something capable of preserving lives against what they were facing?

Even if her father had been very extraordinary, this life-preserving object wouldnt be able to withstand a single finger strike of hers.

Meanwhile, Yunxi walked in. She glanced at all the anxious people and said, "Yunyang left behind a clone embodiment before he entered Hong Meng Sacred Hall. That clone embodiment went to stop this danger from happening as soon as it sensed it. I believe that Yunyang will definitely be able to stop this."

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble and the others relaxed a little after hearing Yunxi say this. Even though ordinary people could already sense this impending danger, the fact that Luo Yunyang was heading to stop this was great news for everyone.

After all, this was much better than having no hope whatsoever.

At that moment, the void started to shudder and the earth and sky quacked. Fractures started to appear in the sky above them.

Array formations were collapsing as everything was crumbling. A massive fear immediately enveloped all life in the Longlin Great Cosmos.

Shen Yunyings heart shuddered. She had never sensed danger close to her before. Even though her experience had increased tremendously, her subconscious still had great confidence in her own husband.

Furthermore, she was now like a drowning person clutching at a straw. Therefore, she instinctively pressed the metallic object in her hands. In an instant, that black mass broke open.

Luo Donger didnt stop Shen Yunying even though she noticed her mothers actions. This wasnt considered much by Luo Donger. After all, she had never seen anything her father had made before and had no expectations regarding it.

In terms of cultivation, she was currently already at the Heavenly Venerate level. Thus, the difference between her and her father was considerable.

Even if this object had some uses, it would be really limited or perhaps even completely useless.

However, as these thoughts went through Luo Dongers mind, a scarlet wave flowed out of that iron-like object.

This wave was light and difficult to perceive. However, as it was created, it quickly enveloped Shen Yunying, Luo Donger, and the child in Shen Yunyings arms.

This wave had shrouded them in an instant.

Without any hesitation, Luo Donger struck out with a palm at this wave. Luo Donger thought that as long as she hit it, this small wave would shatter.

She had never imagined that even a quick palm-strike wouldnt have any effect.

A power capable of shattering a galaxy was completely useless against this light red glow.

As Luo Donger prepared to strike again, the red light that shrouded the three of them tore a fissure in the void and vanished along with them.

The array formations in this large hall and the experts, including Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble, were all unable to stop them.

Even the people standing beside Shen Yunying and Yunxi were unable to react.

In the blink of an eye, those three had vanished completely.

Yunxi was dazed at first as she looked at the empty space beside her with great shock.

"Quick, seal an area of 100,000 lightyears in the void and find them!"