Supreme Uprising Chapter 1041

Chapter 1041 Graceful Lightning

Chapter 1041: Graceful Lightning
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The sky was splitting, and the earth was rupturing. Even nomological laws were being ripped apart.

As long as this continued, everything would turn into endless ruins.

All life in the entire Longlin Great Cosmos already felt fear. A fear that they had no way of resisting.

In the face of this fear, they were just like insignificant ants. They could only quietly wait, quietly endure, and quietly pray.

Above Longlin Great Cosmos, the godlike figure of the Si Family Patriarch had a maniacal glint in his eyes.

The feeling of personally destroying a great cosmos excited him. It could even be said that personally destroying a Great Cosmos delighted him greatly.

So what if it was a Great Cosmos?

He just wanted to completely destroy the Longlin Great Cosmos this time. He wanted to rely on his own strength to instill fear for the Ancient Six Families back into the Human Race.

The Six-Saint Banner in his hand made him feel as if everything was under his control.

As he was destroying this expanse of void, the Si Family Patriarch felt as though the Six-Saint Banner had become even more intimate with him through this destruction.

He knew very well that it would be difficult for him to control the Six-Saint Banner, not only because of his cultivation but also because of the origins of the Six-Saint Banner. If he could fully control the Six-Saint Banner, the other clans still definitely wouldnt agree.

However, if he relied on the Six-Saint Banner and gained some comprehension, the other clans wouldnt be able to say anything.

He would be manifesting the power of this supreme ultimate treasure to destroy a Great Cosmos. The greater the power of the Six-Saint Banner, the stronger the power he displayed.

Naturally, as he gained more comprehension, he would wield it easier!

"Da Qian Master, being able to witness the destruction of a Great Cosmos is also a great opportunity for you."

"I treat you rather well, dont you think so?" The Si Family Patriarch roared with laughter as he glanced at the Da Qian Master in the distance.

As he laughed, he waved the sacred banner in his hand.

Dazzling radiance flashed once again. The Six-Saint Banner appeared extremely powerful. However, the Si Family Patriarch felt feeble at this moment.

After all, whatever power he had poured into the Six-Saint Banner had left him this instant.

However, this feebleness only lasted for a fraction of a second. This really wasnt considered anything by the Si Family Patriarch.

Unfortunately, just as the Si Family Patriarch was about to enjoy this destructive strike, he suddenly saw a beam of light.

A dazzling, extremely quick beam of light!

Even though his power had already flown into the Six-Saint Banner, the Si Family Patriarchs cultivation still existed. His heart shuddered the instant he saw the beam of light hurtling over.

He couldnt achieve this sort of speed.

Taichu Yuan Venerates of a similar level might be adept at different things. Their methods wouldnt be the same either.

For example, what the Si Family Patriarch considered most important was his own power. His techniques could cause great changes and massive destruction when unleashed.

However, that didnt mean that he was stronger than Taichu Yuan Venerates adept at speed. Each had their own specialties.

Now, this streak-like figure was too fast. So fast that the Si Family Patriarch simply couldnt react in time.

The Si Family Patriarch actually felt an extremely terrifying sensation grip his heart.

His hands wanted to brandish the Six-Saint Banner. However, it was already too late!

The first person to see this was the Da Qian Master, who had been thoroughly incensed when the Si Family Patriarch had roared with laughter.

However, no matter how furious he was, he couldnt stop the Si Family Patriarch. He could only watch as the Si Family Patriarch made his move.

His sullenness was imaginable.

If the Da Qian Master had not been worried that the Si Family Patriarch would get too engrossed in the killing, the Da Qian Master would have already left.

The Ancient Six Families were really despicable!

The Da Qian Master was gripping his fists tightly. Deep down, he was even forming thoughts about swearing to wipe out the Ancient Six Families. Unfortunately, at the same time, he knew that wanting to turn these thoughts into reality would be extremely hard.

The reason was that the Ancient Six Families werent just very powerful. They also possessed a sacred land situated within the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array. As long as the Human Race had no way of entering this sacred land, they would forever only be on the receiving end of beatings.

Anger, indignation. All that could arise from this was just a bigger calamity for the Human Race.

From the Da Qian Masters point of view, even though he resented the Ancient Six Families greatly, he had no choice but to feign civility.

He even had to take the Si Familys mockery in his stride in order to not provoke the Ancient Six Families.

This made the Da Qian Master extremely sullen, extremely displeased, extremely

As he was watching helplessly while a Great Cosmos was about to be turned into ruins, the situation happening in the void suddenly made the Da Qian Master look on in disbelief.

He had actually seen a streak of light shooting towards the Si Family Patriarch.

No, a person was rushing towards the Si Family Patriarch! However, the silhouette of this person was just too fast. So fast that the Da Qian Master couldnt see clearly who it was.

Even though he couldnt see that persons face, based on this persons speed and strength, the Da Qian Master could tell that this person wasnt inferior to him.

Since when was there a person with a cultivation comparable to his own? Unless it was Luo Yunyang. No, when the Da Qian Hall Master had arrived, Luo Yunyang had been inside Hong Meng Sacred Hall. How could he arrive here now?

If this person succeeded, Longlin Great Cosmos would be saved. However, should this person fail, given the cruelty of the Ancient Six Families, they definitely wouldnt let this matter rest. The Da Qian Master wondered what he should do

Many thoughts went through his head, but what he paid most attention to was whether this person could succeed.

As the Da Qian Master paid close attention, the various Patriarchs of the Ancient Six Families were watching as well.

Even though they werent in the Longlin Great Cosmos, they were still observing the Si Family Patriarch, who was wrecking the Longlin Great Cosmos, from afar.

They could see every single action of the Si Family Patriarch by relying on secret arts passed down within the Ancient Six families.

Many of them felt delighted when they saw the Si Family Patriarch chastising the Da Qian Master.

When the Si Family Patriarch waved the Six-Saint Banner, many of them got excited.

They were excited indeed.

Being able to wipe out a core base of the Human Race and once again instill the reverence they deserved in the Human Race was something the Ancient Six Families Patriarch eagerly looked forward to, so it was certainly pleasing.

Even though this matter hadnt been handled personally by the rest of them, this was still good enough.

However, just as this was about to succeed, they saw Luo Yunyang make his move. His attack was like a hurtling comet.

Some of the Patriarchs had looks of disdain on their faces the moment they saw Luo Yunyang making a move. They felt that Luo Yunyang was simply like a snail trying to stop a horse cart.

However, as the head of the Ancient Six Families, the Yun Family Patriarch seemed to suddenly think of something. "Not good!" he exclaimed.

The Yun Family Patriarch knew that even though the Six-Saint Banner was powerful, there would be a moment of weakness when it was brandished.

At the moment, because the Six-Saint Banner was shaking and accumulating power, it was unable to provide protection for the wielder. Plus, the wielder of the Six-Saint Banner couldnt make a move, as all his power had flown into the Six-Saint Banner.

However, because this duration was too short, even Taichu Yuan Venerates would generally not be able to see any changes. Therefore, the Yun Family Patriarch hadnt thought too much about it.

Still, this sudden attack made the Yun Family Patriarch feel deeply threatened. As the one presiding over this whole affair, the Yun Family Patriarch was aware of the importance of the Six-Saint Banner. The moment the Six-Saint Banner fell into the hands of other people, the consequences would really be unimaginable.

At once, the Yun Family Patriarch frantically gestured. "Go to the Longlin Great Cosmos! Quick!"

The hall masters of Xuan Pin Sacred Hall, Battle Hall, and Dark Hall were watching the dazzling light that had appeared in shock.

This streak of light was really fast. It was so fast that they simply couldnt react before that figure had rushed in front of the Si Family Patriarch.

Even though the Si Family Patriarch wanted to react, all his power was within the Six-Saint Banner and he simply couldnt muster up any other power

As he wanted to shout, that streak of light released a sword of light that glittered like a galaxy.

This light sword contained boundless power and cut down viciously at the Si Family Patriarchs arm.

This sword had the might of a Taichu Yuan Venerate. As the sword-light descended, the Si Family Patriarchs arm was severed.

The Six-Saint Banner fell along with the arm that was holding it.

The entity that severed the Si Family Patriarchs arm quickly caught the fallen arm and disappeared into the distance.

In the blink of an eye, he had already ripped through the void, gotten out of the Longlin Great Cosmos, and entered the endless primal chaos.

It was only at this moment that the Si Family Patriarch came to his senses. He watched as the figure that looked like a streak of light shot off and howled furiously. "Damn you, I will definitely get revenge!"

Even though he had already lost an arm, he still frantically moved his arm in an effort to recall the arm that had been taken.

Unfortunately, this wasnt easy!