Supreme Uprising Chapter 1043

Chapter 1043 So What About The Six Sky Sealing Sun Great Array

Chapter 1043: So What About The Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array
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His own father had actually left behind this sort of ultimate treasure! Many thoughts raced through Luo Yunyangs mind.

If even Luo Donger couldnt break through the barrier of this treasure, it was evident that what his mother had brought was something extraordinary.

Luo Yunyang quickly spread his spiritual consciousness out to envelop the surrounding void. He wanted to find even the slightest hint in the void.

Unfortunately, when Luo Yunyangs spiritual consciousness spread into the surrounding void, he discovered that he wasnt able to find anything.

Given Luo Yunyangs spiritual consciousness, even a Taichu Yuan Venerate entity trying to pull off some petty tricks would also be easily detected by him.

However, he had actually gained nothing and was unable to discover a single thing.

After mulling this over for a moment, Luo Yunyang was no longer willing to continue waiting. He immediately started to reverse space and time.

The method used for reversing space and time wasnt too difficult for a Yuan Venerate Almighty. As Luo Yunyangs spiritual consciousness did this, the space and time within a million miles of the great hall started to reverse.

In the blink of an eye, time reversed and Shen Yunying and the other two were enveloped by that mystical light.

Luo Yunyang watched the mystical light and felt that this light was actually coming towards him as if it wanted to wrap him and bring him along.

This sensation was rather strange for Luo Yunyang.

Just as he was prepared to reverse space and time once more, he suddenly discovered that he could no longer do so.

How could that be? Reversing space and time should be really easy for an entity like Luo Yunyang. Unfortunately, this time and place seemed to have frozen to the moment when his family had been carried away by this strange power.

What was actually going on? What exactly was this life-preserving item his mother had used?

While using the power to reverse space and time, Luo Yunyang saw those shattered black pieces. His mind quickly went to work.

Luo Yunyang felt as if he had seen the original form of these shattered pieces. It seemed as if he had even played with it when he had been very young and hadnt seen any difference.

However, this item had actually brought away his loved ones and made it impossible to reverse time and space.

At that thought, Luo Yunyang charged into the space where time was reversed. He was prepared to forcefully bring his mom, sister, and beloved son out of that space.

A hefty price had to be paid when reversing space and time and bringing people and things to a time they didnt belong to. It might even result in an extremely powerful backlash.

Even Yuan Venerates didnt dare extract things that were too powerful while reversing time and space. After all, it would very possibly cause space and time to collapse.

Luo Yunyang no longer cared that much anymore. He rushed over and stretched out his hand, wanting to bring his mother out. However, he suddenly discovered that his palms could break through this barrier of light.

Even though Luo Yunyangs power would fall when he reversed space and time, the situation he was currently facing rarely occurred. After trying for more than ten times, Luo Yunyang had no choice but to give up on this method.

However, when he came into contact with this strange power, Luo Yunyang actually felt a sense of familiarity.

Even though he didnt know where this sense of familiarity came from, he could sense that this power definitely wouldnt harm him.

His spiritual consciousness rapidly expanded and shrouded the whole Longlin Great Cosmos.

Luo Yunyang felt uneasy deep down, as he couldnt find his mother, sister, and newborn son. As a result, his spiritual consciousness seemed to become ice-cold and gloomy.

Immediately, the entire Longlin Great Cosmos was filled with fear.

In the newly-constructed Rising Sky Feather Sect, many disciples were currently tidying up the aftermath. Even though this devastating scenario hadnt resulted in any major losses, the Rising Sky Feather Sect still suffered a lot of damage.

These disciples were delighted about surviving the calamity and getting a new lease of life while repairing the damages.

However, as they were rejoicing about being able to live on, Luo Yunyangs spiritual consciousness, which was filled with boundless fury, rendered them all unable to stand properly.

Some disciples with lower levels of cultivation even went numb and fell to the ground.

Even some Rising Sky Feather Sect elders felt extremely terrified. Although they didnt talk about it, everyone was wondering who exactly could have provoked their master.

As the benefactor of the Rising Sky Feather Sect, Luo Yunyang possessed supreme authority and prestige in the Rising Sky Feather Sect. His current fury made the entire Rising Sky Feather Sect shudder.

The Rising Sky Feather Sect was fearful, which meant that others were even more terrified.

In a Bug Race spiritual nest, Bubbles, who had just been roused from her seclusion, suddenly rose into the air. She could sense this massive, furious spiritual consciousness and had only one thought in her mind. Who exactly could offend her beloved big bro and cause such fury?

Ever since Luo Yunyang had destroyed the Long Family, this beloved big brother had held an unrivaled place in Bubbles heart. Although nobody could sway this sentiment, Bubbles also felt terrified now.

Other sects beneath the Rising Sky Feather Sect were all shaking in fear and trepidation. The destruction of the previous calamity had already made them extremely fearful and Luo Yunyangs enraged spiritual consciousness had left them shaking.

Many thoughts and opinions currently appeared in the Longlin Great Cosmos, but these opinions and thoughts contained mainly fear.

Half an hour later, Luo Yunyang retracted his spiritual consciousness. He glanced at Yunxi, who had a hopeful look on her face. They are not in the Longlin Great Cosmos. However, they should be fine thanks to the protection of the object left behind by my father.

Yunxi wasnt an ordinary person either. She also calmed down at once. Even though she was reluctant, there was nothing she could do. I think that our child should be fine. After all, the treasure was left behind by his grandfather. He definitely wouldnt harm your mother and Donger.

She continued speaking hopefully. Perhaps we might be able to contact Donger shortly. They can still contact us through the virtual realm even if they end up in another Great Cosmos.

Yunxis words enlightened Luo Yunyang. Even though he was in the Primeval Underworld Monarch Clone, he could still use his communication device.

Luo Yunyang contacted Luo Dongers communication device. No answer. He tried Shen Yunyings communication device, but there was no answer either.

How could it be? Where exactly had his mother and sister been taken by that mystical power? Why was it that whatever methods he tried yielded no trace of them?

As he pondered over what had just happened, Luo Yunyang sensed that power. Not only did it not have any intention of harming him, but it was actually really familiar and intimate.

This familiarity allowed Luo Yunyang to relax considerably. Regardless of what it was, as long as this power was familiar, it wouldnt have any intention of harming his own family.

However, Luo Yunyang couldnt help feeling more worried when he thought about his newborn son and the unknown whereabouts of his family.

Ancient Six Families!

In Hong Meng Sacred Hall, Luo Yunyangs main body walked out of the great hall. The Divine Elder and the others watched Luo Yunyang in astonishment.

Even though they had already ascertained that a clone of Luo Yunyang had stolen the Six-Saint Banner from the Si Family Patriarch, the thought of how powerful Luo Yunyang was made them shudder.

Yunyang, how? The first to speak was Yuan Venerate White Crane. After experiencing this, he felt that the idea of Luo Yunyang assuming the role of the Middle Hall Master wasnt too bad.

Its not successful yet, Luo Yunyang replied.

Yuan Venerate White Crane wanted to console Luo Yunyang but didnt say anything in the end. After all, he believed that he really didnt have the qualifications to do so.

At that moment, the Left Hall Master came in with a frown on his face. Yunyang, the Ancient Six Families just sent word asking us to immediately return the Six-Saint Banner to them. Otherwise, they will declare war against the Human Race.

Return! Ha ha ha! What an overbearing tone. Doesnt that mean all-out war? Let them do as they please. After all, I wish to settle things with them once and for all after what they did today.

Luo Yunyang then turned to Yuan Venerate White Crane. Do you know where the Ancient Six Families reside?

I do, but their ancestral land is sealed by the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array and we simply cant break it, Yuan Venerate said, sounding resigned.

Just because it couldnt be broken in the past, it doesnt mean it cant be broken now. Come with me. Let us take a look at the region where the Ancient Six Families reside. After he said that, Luo Yunyang grabbed hold of Yuan Venerate White Crane and took to the sky.

The Right Hall Master seemed to hesitate. Given what he knew about Luo Yunyangs character, he knew that Luo Yunyang wasnt just going to take a simple look.

Even though deep down the Right Hall Master wanted to teach the Ancient Six Halls a lesson, the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array was no plaything. The almighties of the Human Race had never been able to find any flaws in the array in all these years.

Could Luo Yunyang do it?

The Left Hall Master, on the other hand, had an unperturbed expression on his face. It seemed as if nothing concerned him at all.

In just 15 minutes, Luo Yunyang had arrived at a void where six immense suns shone brightly.

This void seemed hazy, so despite his level of cultivation, Luo Yunyang wasnt able to see what was inside.

This is where the base of the Ancient Six Families is. Those extremely ardent suns are the foundations of the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array. Back then, Sir Middle Hall Master also tried studying this great array to no avail!

Yuan Venerate White Crane lamented regretfully.