Supreme Uprising Chapter 1044

Chapter 1044 Outside The Ancestral Land

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Luo Yunyang wants to attack the Ancient Six Families? Has he gone crazy? the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master exclaimed in astonishment when she saw the report of his subordinate.

Females had always reigned supreme in the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall. The subordinate that had reported to the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master was also a lady.

She didnt seem fazed by the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Masters astonishment. After all, shed had the exact same reaction when she had first gotten hold of the news.

Everyone believed that the core area of the Ancient Six Families bases was simply impenetrable. The Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array protected the Ancient Six Families like an iron fortress.

In the conflicts between the Ancient Six Families, the Human Race had gotten the upper hand several times. However, each time the Human Race suppressed the Ancient Six Families, they would retreat back into their ancestral land.

Ultimately, the helpless Ancient Six Families had no choice but to negotiate for peace with the Human Race.

Even though this course of events made the Human Race sour, they had no way of doing anything about it.

The Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array was like a wondrous barrier that prevented the Ancient Six Families inside from being threatened.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess stood by her masters side, but her mind was already wondering.

Right now, the Floating Butterfly Goddesss thoughts were on her time back in the Dual Realm Sky. When she had completely given herself up to despair, she had encountered this young man, who had brought her out of the Dual Realm Sky.

Even though romantic feelings were rather dulled at this level of cultivation, the silhouette of Luo Yunyang would forever be like a fire burning in the most important part of the Floating Butterfly Goddesss heart.

Master, perhaps he could teach the Ancient Six Families a lesson. Even though the Floating Butterfly Goddess felt that this was a little far-fetched, she couldnt help speaking up on behalf of Luo Yunyang.

The Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master glanced at her disciple with slight worry. However, she also knew that this wasnt something that could be settled with just her advance.

In the end, how far things progressed would depend on the Floating Butterfly Goddess decision.

You think that Luo Yunyang can succeed? The Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master placed her worries aside and chastised her disciple. Based on what?

He is Luo Yunyang! The Floating Butterfly Goddess seemed calm but she spoke resolutely.

The Xuan Pin Master frowned even more. This reason sounded rather absurd. She glanced at the Floating Butterfly Goddess and said, Enough. Come with me on a trip to the Ancient Six Families ancestral ground.

They have really gone overboard this time. Even if we cant break their Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array, they still have to be taught a proper lesson.

At the very least, we must make them reconsider coming out to stir trouble for an extended period of time!

The Floating Butterfly Goddess looked delighted. Yes!

The Da Qian Master, the Sacred Hall Master, and the Dark Hall Master had already gathered by the time the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master arrived.

All of them had brought along their strongest subordinates and they didnt seem to restrain their auras at all. Each of them seemed as if they were able to compete against the brilliance of the six massive suns.

Even though they might not necessarily be able to break the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Aura, all of them had gathered here to send a massive message to the Ancient Six Families and let them know the Human Race was furious.

Luo Yunyang paid no attention to these few hall masters. There was a strong look in his eyes.

Even though he hadnt completely gained ownership of the Divine Creation Disc, he still enjoyed considerable benefits because of it.

It could be said that he had the capability to see through the strengths and weaknesses of anything.

It was because he had this means that Luo Yunyang had come to destroy the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array that the Ancient Six Families relied on so much.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess felt her heart shudder as she watched Luo Yunyang with a godly glow. Right now, she was thinking about Luo Yunyangs mood.

In her heart, Luo Yunyang had always been an extremely calm person. Something extraordinary must have happened for him to be unable to stay calm.

Even though the Floating Butterfly Goddess didnt think that she could help Luo Yunyang resolve this matter, she felt like she wanted to share his burden.

How arrogant! a Battle Hall Yuan Venerate said angrily.

Even though this Yuan Venerate had lowered his voice, even the softest of sounds wouldnt escape the ears of beings with such a level of cultivation.

After a period of silence, the Floating Butterfly Goddess said, You have the right to be this arrogant if you are able to seize the Six-Saint Banner! Worry less about others and more about yourself first!

These words were actually offending. However, the Floating Butterfly Goddess didnt care. She just denounced that Yuan Venerate coldly.

The Battle Hall Yuan Venerate glared at the Floating Butterfly Goddess angrily. Unfortunately, at the moment, he couldnt say anything.

He really wasnt able to seize the Six-Saint Banner.

Meanwhile, the six massive suns suddenly glowed even brighter.

That intense, fiery-white light gathered in the void and formed a massive silhouette that overlooked the four sacred hall masters.

Da Qian Master, what business do you all have here? Why did you come to the Ancient Six Families ancestral ground? A majestic voice reverberated all around.

The Da Qian Hall Master glanced at the man speaking and grinned. Yun Tiansheng, ask your patriarch to come out.

You arent fit to treat me like that.

Yun Tiansheng was furious. He had always been a proud person. Even though he wasnt a Taichu Yuan Venerate yet, he wasnt that far off.

His status and position meant that he wouldnt be at a disadvantage against the five sacred hall masters in many aspects.

However, he had never expected that the Da Qian Masters words would embarrass him. He glared lividly at the Da Qian Master but didnt rush out. Instead, he chuckled. My patriarch doesnt have the time to bother with you people.

I have come this time to pass on the orders of our patriarchs. Hand over the Six-Saint Banner and this matter will end here. Otherwise, our Ancient Six Families will go to war with your five great sacred halls!

You can all stand guard here. We definitely wont come out. However, once you people leave, our various patriarchs can still obliterate your 36 Great Cosmoses even without the Six-Saint Banner.

Yun Tiansheng enunciated the word obliterate in a very sinister and cold manner.

The Da Qian Masters anger intensified. Given his cultivation base, he could easily determine the fate of a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate in an instant. However, even though he was livid, he could only keep this anger to himself.

He couldnt kill Yun Tiansheng. At least, he couldnt kill Yun Tiansheng under the circumstances.

I will repeat my previous words. If the Ancient Six Families want to negotiate, send the Yun Family Patriarch out. As for you, you dont have the right to speak here, the Da Qian Hall Master said after he took a deep breath.

Yun Tiansheng was extremely proud and absolutely furious with the way the Da Qian Master had called his status into question. Therefore, his silence was his reply.

He indeed stayed silent, as if he hadnt heard what the Da Qian Master had said. Sometimes, this sort of silence would make people more uncomfortable than keen on retaliating.

The Da Qian Master glared angrily but didnt say anything in the end.

During this silence, the Dark Hall Master spoke. Yun Family Patriarch, I know that you are listening. It is still possible for you to get the Six-Saint Banner back. However, you have to come out and talk.

The Dark Hall Masters words didnt receive a reply. The silent Yun Tiansheng finally said, The Six-Saint Banner was originally the property of our Ancient Six Families. You must return it.

Dont assume that you people can just come to the ancestral land of our Ancient Six Families just because you have the Six-Saint Banner. Let me tell you something. The territory of our Ancient Six Families isnt something you people can profane. Now, you all better

Luo Yunyang turned over slowly as Yun Tiansheng was speaking. He eyed Yun Tiansheng and said indifferently, Get lost!

Yun Tiansheng hated Luo Yunyang. He had never been humiliated in front of so many people before. However, Luo Yunyangs bell had immediately tarnished his reputation back then.

If he wasnt the strongest member of the young generation of the Yun Family; if his cultivation wasnt close to the Taichu Yuan Venerate

The strongest person amongst the Ancient Six Families young generation would have already suffered a great blow.

Even though he was very unhappy to hear Luo Yunyangs unbridled words, he still replied icily, Luo Yunyang, you came to our Ancient Six Families ancestral land first. Why? Could you want to strike down this Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array? Come, come I welcome you to try.

However, I fear that I wouldnt need to lift a finger for you to leave in defeat. Our Ancient Six Families ancestral ground is not a place where you can come and go as you please.

Yun Tianshengs words were vicious. Luo Yunyang glanced at Yun Tiansheng and grinned. His hands quickly formed a seal and a massive bronze bell appeared in the void.

Yun Tianshengs face darkened when he saw this huge bell. He would never forget how he had been routed by Luo Yunyangs huge bell.

This reminder was very unbearable for him.

He he You want to use that bell to break our Ancient Six Families Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array? Ha ha ha! How naive. Come on, Im looking forward to it. Yun Tianshengs voice was laced with immense resentment.

At that moment, Luo Yunyangs fist struck the bronze bell hard!