Supreme Uprising Chapter 1045

Chapter 1045 Soundless Bell Destroying Minds

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Beneath the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array, the six patriarchs of the Ancient Six Families all stood separately on a tall mountain peak high in the clouds.

Even though this territory was enclosed by the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array, this domain wasnt in any way inferior to the great land of a Great Cosmos.

Boundless spiritual Qi churned all over. The spiritual Qi was actually condensed into a purple-and-green mist where the six patriarchs stood.

"Si Family Patriarch, you have really disgraced our Ancient Six Families this time. Take a look for yourself. Now, we are even being bullied at our doorstep by them!"

A short old man was speaking while three different colored glows radiated in his eyes. His voice was like thunder as he berated the newly-regenerated body of the Si Family Patriarch.

Even though the Yun Family was considered the head of the Ancient Six Families, many conflicts existed between each family. These originally-restrained sentiments exploded in situations like this.

The Si Family Patriarch glared angrily at the man speaking and replied icily, "Lao Family Patriarch, are you criticizing me?"

The Lao Family had always ranked last amongst the Ancient Six Families, which also meant that the Lao Family Patriarchs status wasnt that high as well.

Even though they were all patriarchs, the Si Family Patriarch always felt a sense of superiority over the Lao Family Patriarch. Therefore, his first reaction upon hearing the Lao Family Patriarchs criticism was to get angry.

He was extremely furious, so his tone naturally became reprimanding.

"If not you, then who? After all, you lost the Six-Saint Banner, our Ancient Six Families ultimate treasure."

The Lao Family Patriarch didnt give way at all. He mockingly continued speaking. "I just dont understand why the great Six-Saint Banner can destroy and obliterate the stars and cosmos in the hands of others, yet it was stolen when it was in the hands of the Si Family Patriarch."

"You should know how big a blow this is to the morale of our Ancient Six Families!"

The Si Family Patriarchs face darkened when he saw the way the Lao Family Patriarch looked at him. He acted as if he were a sinner. Thus, he lashed out icily. "Are you asking me to apologize to you?"

"I wouldnt dare if it was just me. However, you ought to apologize to everyone present, dont you think?"

After he said that, the Lao Family Patriarch added, "The Six-Saint Banner doesnt just belong to the Si Family."

The Si Family Patriarchs hand was shaking. He already couldnt remember how long it had been since someone had mocked him.

If possible, he wouldnt hesitate to cut down the Lao Family Patriarch with a sword. Unfortunately, he could only imagine this scenario and not put it into action.

After all, even though the Lao Family Patriarchs cultivation was weaker than his own, the Si Family Patriarchs cultivation had fallen, while the Lao Family Patriarch hadnt suffered any damage. It could be said that the two of them were already evenly matched.

"Enough. Stop bickering!" The Yun Family Patriarch rebuked them strongly as the Si Family Patriarch was about to say something.

Even though he was the leader in name only, he had no choice but to speak up at this critical moment. If the Si and Lao Family Patriarchs were allowed to continue their dispute, their entire alliance would just be useless.

After all, the Si Family was his staunchest ally and the Lao Family had two supporters.

Actually, the Lao Family Patriarch didnt start speaking first, not because he wanted to but because others hoped he would.

The Si Family Patriarch didnt continue to speak, while the Lao Family Patriarch looked over calmly as if he wasnt thinking about anything else.

Everything he had been doing was for the sake of the Ancient Six Families.

"Right now, besides thinking about defense, we need to think of ways to oppress the five great sacred halls of the Human Race and make them thoroughly bow their heads," the Yun Family Patriarch said grimly. "The Mysterious Underworld Race is vile. To think that they are actually having a war at this crucial time!"

"I heard that a division of Ancient Underworld Halls forces suffered a great loss and was thoroughly destroyed by the joined forces of Sky Moon Underworld Hall and Sky Gold Underworld Hall."

The Fei Family Patriarch said solemnly, "I believe that there will be a victor amongst those two sides soon."

"I believe that we have to change our methods when cooperating with the Mysterious Underworld Race. We have to be on good terms with Sky Martial Underworld Halls Nalanye beforehand!"

The Yun Family Patriarch nodded. However, he eventually said, "Even though the Mysterious Underworld Race cant be counted on right now, the Divine Incarcerate Race and the Star Sky Race are sworn enemies of the Human Race."

"As long as they are willing to lend a hand, they too can give the Human Race great pressure. Would the Human Race dare not to return the Six-Saint Banner to us in the face of this pressure? What a joke!"

"He he I just didnt believe they would have dared to surround our ancestral land before this great war amongst the Mysterious Underworld Race."

The Si Family Patriarch looked much better now. At this moment, through the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array, they saw Luo Yunyang unleashing his huge bronze bell.

"Does he want to strike our Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array with that bell? What a great joke!" The Lao Family Patriarch mocked as he watched the huge ancient bell conjured up by Luo Yunyang.

In the eyes of the Lao Family Patriarch, Luo Yunyangs actions were simply ignorant. Even though his massive bell was amazing, it was merely an outstanding ultimate treasure in his opinion.

However, the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array was an array formation that couldnt be broken without six Taiyi Yuan Venerates.

It was one of the foundations of the Ancient Six Families. Regardless of the trials and hardships of many years, this Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array had always protected the fate of the Ancient Six Families.

Even though the Si Family Patriarch resented the Lao Family Patriarch, he had to agree with what the Lao Family had said. After all, breaking through this Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array was something Luo Yunyang simply couldnt do.

He was totally going to humiliate himself!

Luo Yunyangs fist struck the World-Shaking Sky Bell as the patriarchs were talking.

Even though the World-Shaking Sky Bell had been mended by the Nine Skies Divine Clay, its interior wasnt stable. However, Luo Yunyangs strikes didnt contain a power that surpassed the peak Taichu Yuan Venerate so there wasnt too much concern.

"Trying to use this sort of bell wave attack is just amusing!" The Si Family Patriarch grinned. "Even spiritual consciousness can penetrate our Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array, let alone soundwaves."

However, the Si Family Patriarch had a strange feeling when he said this. After all, he didnt hear any bell waves.

Even though the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array could block out sound waves, he should be able to clearly hear the bell chimes given the level of his cultivation base.

Now, the strange thing was that he actually wasnt able to hear any sound coming from the World-Shaking Sky Bell. Thus, he couldnt help but find it a little strange.

Could Luo Yunyang be using some unknown means?

The Yun Family Patriarch also had a serious look on his face. He was the leader of the alliance between these families. If anything were to happen, the first person anyone would think of would be him.

He also felt that something wasnt right.

Just as he was guessing what could be wrong, he sensed a jolt in his mind. This jolt didnt cause much harm to the Yun Family Patriarch.

Thanks to his cultivation base, it had merely been a jolt. However, when he looked around, he observed that many of the martialists serving the patriarchs were suddenly holding their heads in their hands.

Some of them even disintegrated without a squeak.

With a mere thought, the Yun Family Patriarch had already enveloped more than half the ancestral land with his spiritual consciousness. He was stunned to discover that on this very peaceful ancestral land, countless disciples of the Ancient Six Families were clutching their heads.

Some howled in anguish and some sat on the ground frantically trying to utilize cultivation techniques. Others, who were in unbearable pain, were knocking their heads against mountains.

As mountains crumbled, everything was in chaos. At the same time, some of the Ancient Six Families disciples whose bodies shattered disintegrated into dust.

As if that was not shocking enough for the Yun Family Patriarch, what happened next was even worse. As his spiritual consciousness enveloped the ancestral land, countless light flares were rising at the foot of the greatest and largest secret Sacred Ancestral Mountain.

These light flares were no ordinary lights. They were the ancestors of the Ancient Six Families, who had been buried here many epochs ago. These light flares had been awaiting the day when they could reignite the life in these bodies.

This meant that there was no longer any possibility of these ancestors being revived.

"Luo Yunyang, you damned being!" The Yun Family Patriarch howled furiously.

The Si Family Patriarch, the Lao Family Patriarch, and the others roared with anger, as all the light flares that had been turned to ashes were their elders.

They had been extremely important to them!

Even though they were the masters of the various families, this situation would definitely result in them suffering some criticism from their own clans. Even some clansmen at loggerheads would try to shake them off their perch now.

Bell waves continued to transmit throughout this domain. Even though there wasnt any sound, the Ancient Six Families martialists that came into contact with these bell waves experienced tremendous pain.

Some Heavenly Venerate martialists were even turned to ash because they tried to resist the bell waves.

"Why cant the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array block that bell chime?" the Yun Family Patriarch asked the Si Family Patriarch furiously.

The Si Family Patriarch couldnt answer this sort of question either. He glanced at the six ardent suns suspended high in the sky and said, "It seems like these six sounds are amplifying the might of the bell chimes."

"Rush out! We must let Luo Yunyang strike it again!" In an instant, the Yun Family Patriarch, who was the leader of the alliance, had already made a decision.