Supreme Uprising Chapter 1046

Chapter 1046 The Furious Ancient Six Families

Chapter 1046: The Furious Ancient Six Families

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The Da Qian Masters eyes lit up when Luo Yunyang struck the bell. Even though he wasnt too sure about which cultivation technique he was using, he was able to realize something: These bell chimes were no small matter!

Bells without sound were the most damaging!

Even though they wouldnt cause too much harm to the Ancient Six Families ancestral land, as long as they affected them, this would make the Ancient Six Families apprehensive in the future and they wouldnt make any moves on the Human Race so casually.

This move could actually be really beneficial to the Human Race.

Luo Yunyang appeared to be fully concentrating when he struck the bell. Even though no sounds rang out, Luo Yunyangs mind could still utilize the soundless bell waves to rush into the Ancient Six Families ancestral ground.

He was using the minute flaws in the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array as well as relying on its power to amplify his Traceless Bell Wave.

Such methods sounded simple but simply couldnt be accomplished if the tiny flaws in the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array couldnt be seen.

Each bell chime was filled with Luo Yunyangs immense fury. He wanted to make the Ancient Six Families tremble each time he struck the huge bell.


When Luo Yunyang struck the bell for the 10th time, six figures rushed out. The six family patriarchs appeared on each of the suspended suns like celestial emperors.

However, at this moment, they seemed to have sinister looks on their faces.

It could even be said that the murderous aura reeking from them was terrifying.

Naturally, Luo Yunyang had heard their furious roars. However, he didnt care in the slightest.

He continued striking the World-Shaking Sky Bell.

Didnt I tell you to stop? The Yun Family Patriarch howled furiously. His words had been like a decree for many years. The fact that Luo Yunyang was ignoring him made him completely livid.

The Yun Family Patriarch was simply on the verge of exploding from anger.

Luo Yunyang remained indifferent as if he hadnt heard the Yun Family Patriarch at all.

The Lao Family Patriarch didnt need any instructions as he soared into the sky and charged at Luo Yunyang. Luo Yunyangs actions had incensed the Lao Family Patriarch, who really wanted to strike down and kill Luo Yunyang now.

After all, he had already sensed the disastrous damages to the Lao Familys ancestral land. An ancestor whom theyd had high hopes of reviving had dissipated into a fiery light as Luo Yunyangs bell waves struck.

As the leader of the Lao Family, he had already become a sinner in the familys eyes.

Only by killing off Luo Yunyang would he be able to wash away his sins. Only by killing Luo Yunyang would he be able to be the master of the Lao Family once again.

Therefore, he struck out at Luo Yunyang mercilessly. However, the moment he made his move, the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master appeared in front of him. The Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master stood on a black lotus flower and appeared grand and capable of repelling anything.

You shall not pass! The Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master only said these four words, but they displayed her resolve.

Upon seeing the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Masters graceful body, the Lao Family Patriarch bellowed furiously. Leave at once, or our Ancient Six Families and Xuan Pin Sacred Hall will be enemies till death!

Enemies till death? Then you should just die! The Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master gently palmed the void as she said this.

This palm was gentle, as if it was the palm of a lover that was bewitching, relaxing, and

The silent palm made the Lao Family Patriarch shout angrily. His hands quickly formed seals and the projection of a nine-headed dragon appeared above him.

A streak of light rushed out above each of the nine heads of the projection simultaneously and gathered before meeting the Xuan Pin Sacred Masters onrushing palm.

In terms of strength, the Lao Family Patriarch was also very powerful.

However, when the two powers clashed in the void, the sacred mark containing the nine types of lights disintegrated.

You are lacking too much, the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master said gracefully, As expected from the lowest ranking family patriarch of the Ancient Six Families.

It was fine to hit people, but not their faces. However, the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master had unceremoniously rubbed salt into the Lao Family Patriarchs sore spots. What she said was akin to a tight slap to his face.

The Lao Family Patriarch glared sinisterly at the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall master like a ravenous wolf. Clearly, the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Masters vernal attack had affected him quite strongly.

Luo Yunyangs fists struck the World-Shaking Sky Bell once more at that moment. Even though there was still no sound, the Lao Family Patriarch could imagine how much damage Luo Yunyangs fists had caused.

Attack together! The Yun Family Patriarch shouted as Luo Yunyangs fists were striking down on the bell again.

The other five patriarchs of the Ancient Six Families took to the air simultaneously. They were like five startling streaks of light hurtling in the direction of Luo Yunyang.

Calm down! The Da Qian Master flew over to meet the Yun Family Patriarch. However, the instant he obstructed the Yun Family Patriarch, another figure of the Da Qian Master appeared in the void and blocked the Si Family Patriarch as well.

This meant that there were currently two Da Qian Masters!

Not only were these two Da Qian Masters the same, but their auras seemed to compliment each other. It was as if these two Da Qian Masters could amplify one anothers strength.

The Battle Hall Master and the Dark Hall Master had joined hands to obstruct the Fei Family Patriarch as well as the other two remaining patriarchs. Even though they were two against three, it seemed like the two hall masters held the upper hand in this exchange.

Especially the Battle Hall Master. His simple armor and helmet made him seem to possess redoubled might. His armor didnt just protect him from the attacks of the Fei Family Patriarch. It also doubled his strength.

This simple and unadorned helmet gave off an aura that didnt seem inferior to the Divine Creation Disc at all.

Release! A giant hammer with golden dragons twisting on its handle appeared after the Yun Family Patriarch exchanged two blows with the Da Qian Master.

This huge hammer had a deep fracture on it and seemed as though it had been damaged by something! However, its might was boundless and each hammer strike contained power that seemed capable of making the entire world tremble.

The Da Qian Master didnt meet force with force. His body was like a flash of lightning constantly shifting positions in the void. He would appear and block the Yun Family Patriarch each time he was about to rush over at Luo Yunyang.

The Yun Family Patriarch, who was stopped time after time, was livid. However, being angry couldnt change the unfavorable situation he was in.

Die! The Si Family Patriarch bellowed. An eight-edged golden truncheon was dancing around madly in his hands. The divine inscriptions on it glowed brightly as the truncheon was waved around, making it appear majestic and mighty.

Even so, the Si Family Patriarch found himself at a disadvantage. Although the golden truncheon was an ultimate treasure, it was still lacking in the Da Qian Sacred Realm. Furthermore, the owner of this truncheon had his body destroyed during an exchange with Luo Yunyang.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Luo Yunyang swung his fists frantically. Bell waves continuously passed through the six massive intense suns entering the Ancient Six Families ancestral land. Even though the Si Family Patriarch and the others had already rushed over, they could still sense the losses they were experiencing.

When Luo Yunyangs fist struck the huge bell once again, a majestic bell wave rushed into the Ancient Six Families ancestral land.

A scarlet beam of light rose from the most central spot of the Ancestral Sacred Mountain. Even though the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array sheltered it, everyone felt as if a seventh sun had risen in the void.

The Yun Family Patriarchs eyes were bloodshot. That was an ancestor who had been buried many years ago. They were weaker as they got closer to being revived.

This was an ancestor of many generations ago. The Yun Family would benefit greatly as long as he could awaken. However, this ancestor, who had been entrusted with immeasurable hope, had disintegrated before he could awaken.

This was a massive loss for the Yun Family. A loss that made their hearts ache tremendously. A loss that made them want to go mad.

However, amidst all this madness, the Yun Family Patriarch saw Luo Yunyangs fist, which was about to land once again. He looked hesitant, yet he still shouted loudly, Luo Yunyang, stop hitting! We can discuss things!

Saying this was practically akin to the Ancient Six Families lowering their heads. When dealing with the Human Race, the Ancient Six Families had always acted as if they were superior. To them, the Human Race was practically no different from their slaves.

They were now suing for peace with Luo Yunyang because their ancestral land had suffered a great beating. This was also akin to a massive blow to the dignity of the Ancient Six Families.

However, they had no other choice but to sue for peace. The four hall masters getting in the way already prevented them from stopping Luo Yunyang.

Even though there were still some experts in their ancestral land, the experts of the five great sacred halls were also flocking over from all directions.

At such a time, even if the Ancient Six Families went all out, they would still end up being helpless and Luo Yunyangs bell waves would cause even greater damage.

The Si Family Patriarch and the others stopped when they heard the Yun Family Patriarch shout. However, they didnt expect that the vile Luo Yunyang would actually strike the World-Shaking Sky Bell once more even after this had been said!