Supreme Uprising Chapter 1047

Chapter 1047 Today Is Not Like The Past

Chapter 1047: Today Is Not Like The Past


In the Ancient Six Families ancestral land, hundreds of light flares rose into the void. In just a moment, over a hundred predecessors had turned to ashes.

The Yun Family Patriarch and other Ancient Six Families powerhouses all stared at Luo Yunyang with bulging eyes. They really wanted to devour Luo Yunyang as they watched him strike the huge bell.

Luo Yunyang, I have already called for a ceasefire. Why Why are you still striking the bell? What exactly are you trying to do?

The Yun Family Patriarch and the others never found themselves in a situation where they had difficulty speaking. However, right now, he was on the verge of exploding with rage.

Luo Yunyang totally ignored the anger of the Yun Family Patriarch as he continued to strike the World-Shaking Sky Bell.

In his heart, he felt that it was a pity that the World-Shaking Sky Bell wasnt complete. It looked whole, but in reality, it was held together by the Nine Skies Divine Clay and simply couldnt unleash the might it ought to possess.

If this was a complete and perfect World-Shaking Sky Bell, Luo Yunyang had absolute certainty that he could utilize it to blast a hole in the Six Ancient Families ancestral land.

Seeing that Luo Yunyang wasnt speaking, the Yun Family Patriarch felt as though he had been thoroughly humiliated. It was unbearable to see the cool-headed Luo Yunyang ignoring him.

He wanted to make a move, but the Da Qian Master was already before him and was obstructing the way. This meant that he had no possibility of attacking.

He glared furiously at the unperturbed Da Qian Master. Da Qian Master, what are you trying to do? Didnt I already say that we called for a ceasefire?

Unless the Human Race really wishes to stake it all in a fight to the end with the Ancient Six Families. The moment this happens, it wont be our Ancient Six Families that will die.

The Da Qian Master stared at the Yun Family Patriarch, who was already on the verge of getting hysterical, and replied sternly, The ones who will die will definitely be your Ancient Six Families! As long as you dare come out, we will definitely kill every single one of you.

The Da Qian Masters words immediately enraged the Yun Family Patriarch. However, when he looked at Luo Yunyang, who was striking the huge bell, his anger subsided considerably.

He knew very well that if he were to blindly force this issue, the consequences definitely wouldnt be good, as irreversible damage occurred each time Luo Yunyang struck the huge bell.

This damage would never be erased.

Da Qian Master, we now wish to have a serious talk with you people. We would like you to stop Luo Yunyang from striking the bell for the time being! The Yun Family Patriarch pondered for a moment before speaking.

After saying this, he had an unsightly look on his face because he felt that he had really disgraced himself.

However, he could still endure this no matter how disgraceful it was.

Following the Middle Hall Masters fall, the Da Qian Masters position had started becoming more and more important. He felt a little excited upon seeing the grim face of the Yun Family Patriarch and thus called out to Luo Yunyang. Yunyang, stop for the time being!

Luo Yunyang was rather grateful for the help of the Da Qian Master and the others. Thus, he released his final strike when he heard the Da Qian Masters words.

This strike basically consumed a large portion of his power. Cracks had already started to appear on the sacred bell that was glued by the Nine Skies Divine Clay.

While the sacred bell could still be struck under the circumstances, its effectiveness wouldnt be too great. Therefore, Luo Yunyang had also stopped after striking it this last time.

The soundless striking of the bell was also a cultivation technique. The last chime was much more powerful than all the previous ones.

Therefore, when Luo Yunyang released this strike, thousands of dazzling light flares appeared above the Ancient Six Families Sacred Ancestor Mountain, which was sheltered by the Nine-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array!

All the family patriarchs were livid

Their eyes burned with a furious fire. If looks could kill, their death stares would have burned Luo Yunyang to the ground right then and there.

Luo Yunyang, did you not hear what the Da Qian Master said? The Si Family Patriarch felt the most resentment for Luo Yunyang. Therefore, he growled at him.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the Si Family Patriarch indifferently and smirked. He he I heard it a little too late.

You are clearly doing it on purpose. Do you think we cant see that? the Si Family Patriarch said bitterly. He even had an impulse to rip Luo Yunyang to shreds.

This time, many of the thousands of light flares that rose up were impressive members of the Si Family. These beings had already died without getting a chance to be revived, which was a great loss for the Ancient Six Families.

How about I continue and you guys stop me when you feel like it? Even though he knew that the World-Shaking Sky Bell needed to be restored, Luo Yunyang still spoke disdainfully.

The Si Family Patriarch was unable to reply upon hearing this. Even though he knew this was a threat, he didnt have any ideas about how to deal with this threat.

Luo Yunyang wasnt just threatening him. He was threatening him openly. However, the Si Family Patriarch didnt dare reply.

Otherwise, if Luo Yunyang struck the bell to create a soundless wave, their Ancient Six Families would be the ones suffering.

After taking a deep breath, the Si Family Patriarch said bitterly, I will definitely settle the score with you someday!

You have already said this before, Luo Yunyang replied indifferently, Whats the point of repeating yourself? Who are you even trying to scare?

The Yun Family Patriarch coughed. Enough, lets not argue about this! We should be discussing what to do next.

The Si Family Patriarch found a way out of this embarrassing situation when the Yun Family Patriarch interrupted. He knew that continuing wouldnt do him any good. Thus, he backed down slowly with a snort.

The Da Qian Master didnt say anything. He just watched the Yun Family Patriarch indifferently and waited for the conditions that would be proposed.

Even though the Yun Family Patriarch was extremely unwilling, he could only keep his temper in check. I say we end our dispute here!

However, Luo Yunyang must return our Six-Saint Banner, which was taken from us.

Noticing that the Da Qian Master was not speaking, the Battle Hall Master spoke out. You propose just calling it off like this? You really put it very simply, Yun Family Patriarch. You wanted to go to war with us not too long ago. It was also your idea to destroy the Longlin Great Cosmos. Do you think that the Human Race would let things end just because you asked?

The Si Family Patriarch glanced at the Battle Hall Master and said, Your race didnt suffer any losses. However, our Ancient Six Families have suffered greatly and will temporarily let things be. Unless you guys still want compensation?

He he We wont let these things be written off so easily even if your side compensates us, the Battle Hall Master said icily, Open your eyes and take a proper look! We have the upper hand.

The Si Family Patriarch wanted to continue, but the Lao Family Patriarch spoke up first. We are just afraid that the Human Race wont be able to take it if we continue to fight. The Mysterious Underworld Race and the Divine Incarcerate Race absolutely wouldnt miss this chance if you were in an all-out fight to the end with us.

Then, your losses would be even greater.

The Battle Hall Master glanced at the Lao Family Patriarch with disdain. Yes, we would suffer great losses.

10 Great Cosmoses, 20 Great Cosmoses, even 30 Great Cosmoses!

However, we can afford to lose them. At worst, all 36 of our Great Cosmoses will be lost. Still, we can make sure your Six Ancient Families will be unable to recover!

The patriarchs of the Ancient Six Families had seemed to hold victory in their grasp before the Lao Family Patriarch had spoken. However, they looked angry, surprised and afraid now.

If the Human Race were to really let the 36 Great Cosmoses be lost to pay the price, then one could imagine how staunch their resolve was. Once the Human Race made up its mind, how would the Ancient Six Families brace themselves?

WIth the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array, the Human Race might not necessarily be able to attack their ancestral land. However, the Ancient Six Families could forget about coming out.

The huge bell in Luo Yunyangs possession could be struck just once and make them really suffer.

The Yun Family Patriarch gestured towards the Si Family Patriarch, who was about to say something, before speaking up himself. The Battle Hall Master shouldnt joke. This sort of situation would make both sides suffer and wouldnt do us all any favors.

Is there a need to use such words to scare us? I think that it would be best to have a proper discussion and reduce the misunderstandings as best as we can.

The Battle Hall Master scoffed but didnt say anything else. Instead, he looked over at the Da Qian Master. If the Middle Hall Master had still been around, his gaze would have naturally turned to the Middle Hall Master.

The Da Qian Master also knew that this wasnt the time to let emotions affect his decisions. Therefore, he smiled. Yun Family Patriarch, you picked this fight in the first place, yet you are the ones who want to negotiate now.

Negotiating with us is fine. However, you all need to show sufficient sincerity. If there isnt any sincerity, then the Human Race will not compromise even if it means that both sides will suffer!

The Yun Family Patriarch glared at the spirited Da Qian Master. Even though he was really displeased, he understood that he had no choice but to lower his head now.

Although what they had said about causing the Human Race great losses was true, they would have to suffer greatly as well.

Ultimately, the Yun Family Patriarchs gaze landed on Luo Yunyang. His eyes were full of resentment.

Still, he had made up his mind.