Supreme Uprising Chapter 1048

Chapter 1048 The Space Breaking Sky Crystal

Chapter 1048: The Space-Breaking Sky Crystal

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The Yun Family Patriarch knew that coming to a decision wasnt easy. The moment he made this decision, he would essentially become the sinner of the Ancient Six Families.

However, if Luo Yunyang was allowed to continue striking the bell, the Ancient Six Families would suffer even greater losses. It wasnt an exaggeration to say that the crisis the Ancient Six Families were facing would be even greater if the bell continued to chime.

Our Ancient Six Families can compensate you all. However, the Six-Saint Banner must be returned! The Yun Family Patriarch felt his mouth going dry when he said this.

In all their past conflicts with the Human Race, the Ancient Six Families had always had an attitude of superiority toward the Human Race. In their opinion, the Human Race was just dirt they could tread on.

After all, even though the Human Race wasnt weak, it wasnt able to threaten the Ancient Six Families much. When the Ancient Six Families wanted to deal with the Human Race, it was basically impossible for the Human Race to defend itself against them.

However, the word compensation must have been said with bitter anguish now.

The Da Qian Master was misty-eyed. He wasnt incapable of controlling his emotions, but this situation was too moving emotionally.

How many years had passed? He had dreamed of this day ever since he had become the master of Da Qian Sacred Hall.

Now, the day had come when it had finally come true!

The Six-Saint Banner? No way! Luo Yunyang said. He didnt even look at the Yun Family Patriarch after saying that.

Luo Yunyang wasnt soliciting opinions, nor was he hesitant. Instead, he made a decision.

A decision that nobody could change.

Luo Yunyang, the Six-Saint Banner is a possession of our Ancient Six Families. It is also an important thing to take into consideration for our peace negotiation. If the Six-Saint Banner isnt handed over, then we wont negotiate! the Lao Family Patriarch bellowed.

The reason the Lao Family Patriarch considered the Six-Saint Banner so important was because his family also had a share of the Six-Saint Banner.

If Luo Yunyang didnt return the Six-Saint Banner, then the Lao Family would also suffer considerable losses.

When he heard the Lao Family Patriarchs threats, Luo Yunyang merely replied, Continue fighting then!

These words were swift and simple. However, the Lao Family Patriarchs face immediately flushed. He didnt know what to say next.

After all, Luo Yunyangs words were too hurtful.

Luo Yunyangs unyielding attitude made the Lao Family Patriarch feel like he was stuck in an embarrassing predicament.

Given his past tyrannical disposition, the Ancient Six Families would go to war if any human dared speak to him this way!

However, even though he burned with rage, all he could do was squash the anger within him.

He did not do so because he wanted to, but because he had no other choice.

Luo Yunyang, utilizing the Six-Saint Banner requires a special cultivation technique of our Ancient Six Families. It wont be of much use to you even though you have it. The Fei Family Patriarch spoke up after a moment of hesitation.

Return the Six-Saint Banner to our Ancient Six Families and we can accord you appropriate compensation. This way, none of us will suffer.

The Da Qian Master and the other three hall masters didnt say anything. They had already placed Luo Yunyang on a similar level as themselves.

Therefore, their stance was unanimous. This was something obtained by Luo Yunyang. How it was dealt with would be Luo Yunyangs decision.

Although they too were very unwilling to fight until the very end, if things were to reach this stage, as the Battle Hall Master had said, the Human Race was prepared to sacrifice a great deal to exterminate the Ancient Six Families.

All things make gradual progress. I am willing to slowly fumble my way around with the Six-Saint Banner. Luo Yunyang glanced at the Fei Family Patriarch as he replied casually.

The Fei Family Patriarch didnt dare issue any further threats after his persuasion proved ineffective. He knew very well that he would be embarrassing himself if he were to issue any more threats.

After a terrifying period of silence, the Si Family Patriarch stepped forward angrily. He wanted to say that he would continue fighting but he was stopped by the Yun Family Patriarch, who was by his side.

Our Ancient Six Families will never give up on the Six-Saint Banner. We can avoid discussing the Six-Saint Banner for now and discuss a ceasefire. The Yun Family Patriarch had accepted this fact after mulling over it for a moment.

The other five patriarchs heaved a sigh of relief when the Yun Family Patriarch spoke up. While they werent willing to lower their heads, they didnt want Luo Yunyang to continue striking the bell.

Luo Yunyang didnt have to be the one speaking for the Human Race when it came to the Ancient Six Families compensation. The Da Qian Master and the others were experienced old hands in this aspect. At once, they requested a whole bunch of things from the Ancient Six Families as compensation.

Even though the majority were things they would have no use for at their own level, they were items that were necessary for Heavenly Venerate existences.

For example, Taiwugeng Metal, which was amongst the best materials for refining weapons that only seventh-level Heavenly Venerates and higher martialists could use. In the Human Race territory, at best only a piece of Taiwugeng Metal about the size of a finger could be found in an entire galaxy.

The Da Qian Master had asked for a huge mountain of Taiwugeng Metal spanning thousands of miles.

Even though the Yun Family Patriarch and the other patriarchs frowned at the Da Qian Masters exorbitant claims, they didnt haggle. They simply agreed.

The Ancient Six Families were rather brisk in this aspect.

This also meant that the resources possessed by the Ancient Six Families were something that the Human Race couldnt hope to compete with.

Although Luo Yunyang was aware of the majority of the resources mentioned by the Da Qian Master, there was still a small portion that he had never heard of.

For example, the Space-Breaking Sky Crystal. This was definitely the first time Luo Yunyang was hearing of this. The reason the Space-Breaking Sky Crystal attracted his attention was simple: It was the first item that the Da Qian Master mentioned.

Luo Yunyang knew that the Space-Breaking Sky Crystal was definitely very extraordinary if it was mentioned by the Da Qian Master with such importance.

Furthermore, every single one of the Ancient Six Families patriarchs looked extremely uncomfortable when they heard about the Space-Breaking Sky Crystal.

Their generosity with Taiwugeng Metal and their unwillingness now naturally showed how important the Space-Breaking Sky Crystal was.

A hundred pieces of Space-Breaking Sky Crystal? Why dont you go and rob someone instead? I can tell you that we dont have that much Space-Breaking Sky Crystal! said the Si Family Patriarch. Amongst the members of the Ancient Six Families present, he was mainly responsible for objecting.

The Battle Hall Master chastised him unceremoniously. Why negotiate when you dont have it? Let us just continue duking it out!

These words made the Si Family Patriarchs face flush. He absolutely would have moved against the Battle Hall Master if not for the fact that they really didnt dare continue this conflict.

The Yun Family Patriarch was silent for a moment before saying decisively, 10 pieces!

90 pieces. We cant justify ourselves if we return without 90 pieces! the Da Qian Master answered in an equally unquestionable tone. However, the final figure decided on was 50 pieces.

This was squarely in the middle, but even the Dark Hall Master seemed really excited when he heard this figure.

Clearly, the Space-Breaking Sky Crystal wasnt just some good stuff. It was something that could make one excited just thinking about it.

After all the conditions were ironed out, three of the Ancient Six Families patriarchs returned to their ancestral land to fetch the promised items that would serve as compensation.

The remaining three patriarchs, with the Si Family Patriarch at the helm, didnt continue conversing with the Da Qian Master and the others. As losers, they clearly didnt want to continue disgracing themselves. However, their gazes were on Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang, the Six-Saint Banner is part of your spoils of war. Our Ancient Six Families are willing to solely compensate you. Tell us what you need and we can provide it as long as we have it! The Yun Family Patriarch approached Luo Yunyang and spoke bluntly.

Luo Yunyang shook his head. I am going to learn more about the Six-Saint Banner. After all, I feel that this thing is very powerful.

Yes, it is very powerful. However, without the secret techniques, you simply wont be able to use the Six-Saint Banner. I am also not afraid to let you know that this Six-Saint Banner was formed in ancient times by refining the souls of six of our families almighties.

It can even be said that the Six-Saint Banner cannot be utilized by someone who doesnt have the blood of the Ancient Six Families, the Yun Family Patriarch said, No matter how amazing it is, it is merely a useless item in your hands.

In this world, nobody besides our Ancient Six Families can wield the Six-Saint Banner. You also have no way of obtaining resources you require from others. Therefore, I think that you should seriously consider it.

Luo Yunyang had been upset because the whereabouts of his family were unknown. While some of his anger had dissipated after he had struck the World-Shaking Sky Bell, the anger he felt for the Ancient Six Families still existed. However, he had already become more rational.

He he What you say seems to be rather reasonable, but I think I wont exchange it. After all, you might use the Six-Saint Banner to deal with me in the future, Luo Yunyang said indifferently.

The Yun Family Patriarch gave up upon hearing the unquestionable way in which Luo Yunyang had said this. The situation was already so bad that it couldnt get much worse. However, the Yun Family Patriarchs angry glare intensified as he stared at Luo Yunyang.

This brat was extraordinarily repulsive!

Half an hour later, the Si Family Patriarch handed a ring over to the Da Qian Master. After the exchange, both sides left.

The Da Qian Master finally spoke after flying many million miles away from the Ancient Six Families ancestral land. Everyone, make preparations. It might take less than ten years for us to have a comprehensive war with the Ancient Six Families again.

The Da Qian Master said this very gravely.

At the same time, the Yun Family Patriarch, who had once more returned to their ancestral land, said with a crazed look in his eyes, Everyone, be prepared to go to war with the Human Race at any moment!