Supreme Uprising Chapter 1049

Chapter 1049 The Position Of The Middle Hall Master

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In a newly-opened void, five thrones formed of primal chaotic Qi were floating high up in the air.

The Da Qian Master and the other hall masters sat on four of the black thrones like immovable mountains. They glanced at the last empty throne before the Da Qian Master, who said, Luo Yunyang, take a seat too.

Even though your current experiences and qualifications make it difficult for you to succeed the position of the Middle Hall Master, you deserve this seat that represents Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

The words you deserve this seat meant that the four hall masters approved of Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang didnt hesitate much before he sat down in that empty throne slowly.

The Battle Hall Master and the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master both nodded at him to show their acknowledgment.

Even though the Dark Hall Master didnt say anything, his silence demonstrated his stance.

He would not object to Luo Yunyangs appointment.

In many cases, not objecting could basically be interpreted by others as approval. The fact that these three hall masters werent objecting meant that their stance on this matter was identical.

The Da Qian Master coughed lightly. Finally, we are considered complete again. Brother Middle Hall Master had great foresight. He indeed selected a successor that can match us.

The Dark Hall Master said faintly, What a pity!

These words referred to the late Middle Hall Master. After all, the Middle Hall Masters death had been a considerable blow to their alliance.

After a short silence, the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master spoke up. Even though the Middle Hall Masters passing was sad, our clash with the Ancient Six Families this time is a great victory we have not had in many years. This is a cause for celebration.

The Battle Hall Master said, Even so, the Ancient Six Families absolutely wont let things go. Of course, we wont take things lying down either.

Therefore, we have to make preparations. It would be best if we could eliminate the Ancient Six Families with one strike!

After saying that, he turned towards Luo Yunyang. Yunyang No, Hall Master Luo. We will have to rely on your soundless bell the next time we attack the Ancient Six Families.

Even if we cant breach the Ancient Six Families defenses, being able to kill the Ancient Six Families martialists within the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array is basically the same.

Luo Yunyang was aware of the state of his bell the best. The most important reason he had agreed to have a peace talk with the Ancient Six Families was because his World-Shaking Sky Bell had already reached its limits.

However, he wasnt going to let anyone know about these limits.

This wasnt because he didnt trust the four hall masters. However, at this level of cultivation, everyone would basically have their own secrets.

Luo Yunyang also had his own secrets. He couldnt let people see through his end game.

Therefore, after a brief pause, he replied, I will do my best to increase the might of the Soundless Bell.

The Battle Hall Master nodded. Even though Luo Yunyangs answer was somewhat indifferent, his current position meant that he too ought to accord Luo Yunyang some respect.

He had to respect him as an equal.

The Da Qian Master then spoke. Yunyangs effectiveness is very important. However, we also cannot entrust all our hopes to Yunyang alone.

He then continued speaking in a serious tone. We should also prepare our various sacred halls secret techniques so that we will have a stronger position in battle.

Also, the Ancient Six Families will definitely contact the Mysterious Underworld Race and other hostile races. Therefore, we should contact fellow ally races on our side too.

After this discussion, the Da Qian Hall Master took out the ring he had received from the Ancient Six Families. He didnt take all the things out of the ring, as there was really too much. It wouldnt all be able to fit in this space.

Furthermore, there were no restrictions on this spatial ring, so given the level of their cultivation bases, the five of them could check the items within the ring with ease.

Yunyang should have the largest share of these items because he did a lot during this recent fight, the Da Qian Master said as he watched the ring, However, each sacred hall requires large amounts of treasures and resources to prepare for the upcoming war. Therefore, Ive decided to split it five ways.

Luo Yunyang wasnt angry with the Da Qian Hall Master. Even though he had done the most, the Da Qian Master and the other three had pinned down the six patriarchs of the Ancient Six Families.

Without these four helping out, Luo Yunyang wouldnt have been able to contribute as much.

While the Da Qian Master wasnt looking at Luo Yunyang as he spoke, he was still observing Luo Yunyang with his mind. He felt much more at ease when he sensed that Luo Yunyang was his usual unperturbed self.

After all, Luo Yunyang would represent Hong Meng Sacred Hall in the future. If he was petty, a future cooperation wouldnt be easy.

However, we also cant not reward Yunyang for his contribution in this matter. Yunyang is still our most important weapon in the upcoming fight with the Ancient Six Families.

Therefore, I suggest giving 30 pieces of the Space-Breaking Sky Crystal to him. That would also aid him in breaking through to the Yuan Venerate realm even quicker.

The Battle Hall Master seemed a little unwilling but he didnt say anything.

The Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master echoed her approval. This should be the right way. Hes one of the masters of the five great sacred halls. Not breaking through to the Yuan Venerate level cannot be justified.

Luo Yunyang noticed the slight frowns of the Battle Hall Master and the others. The way they acted let Luo Yunyang know that these Space-Breaking Sky Crystals were definitely extraordinary.

Otherwise, the three hall masters wouldnt be behaving like this.

Yunyang, according to legend, ancient Taiyi Yuan Venerate entities attain nirvana results in their bodies and transform into these Space-Breaking Sky Crystals.

Even though these Space-Breaking Sky Crystals only record a small portion of ancient Taiyi Yuan Venerates comprehension of martial waste, their value is imaginable.

If ninth-level Heavenly Venerates that want to break through to the Yuan Venerate were to receive a piece of Space-Breaking Sky Crystal, their odds of breaking through would be increased by 50%.

While 50% didnt seem like a definite result, compared to having one out of a hundred people advance to the Yuan Venerate, this Space-Breaking Sky Crystal meant that a large proportion of ninth-level Heavenly Venerate powerhouses could break through.

The value of one piece of Space-Breaking Sky Crystal was equivalent to a Yuan Venerate. It was no wonder that the Ancient Six Families had been so pissed when the Da Qian Master had suggested 100 pieces of Space-Breaking Sky Crystal as compensation.

Breaking through to the Yuan Venerate realm basically wasnt too difficult for Luo Yunyang. It could even be said that Luo Yunyang could break through to the Yuan Venerate realm with a hundred percent certainty if he was willing to.

However, breaking through now wouldnt be of much use to him. Once he accumulated enough experience, his breakthrough would be even smoother and his might would increase much more.

Comprehension of Taiyi Yuan Venerate entities was amongst the greatest accumulations he could get.

Therefore, without any further ado, Luo Yunyang expressed his gratitude for the Da Qian Masters allotment.

An hour later, after all matters had been discussed, the Da Qian Master and the others got up from their thrones. As they stood up, the Da Qian Master said, Now, the last thing we must do is send Yunyang back to Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

While the word send was used, even ordinary people could guess what the Da Qian Master meant.

The Battle Hall Master and the others didnt object to the Da Qian Masters notion. They were all very aware that, as the strongest power, Hong Meng Sacred Hall absolutely had to be further divided.

They had already acknowledged Luo Yunyang. Therefore, Luo Yunyang should become the master and top authority of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Alright, I will contact the Right Hall Master and tell him to make preparations! The Battle Hall Master was on rather friendly terms with the Right Hall Master. He also hoped that the Right Hall Master would become the top person in Hong Meng Sacred Hall someday. However, this didnt mean that the Battle Hall Master would definitely support the Right Hall Master all the way.

Under the current circumstances, the Battle Hall Master no longer had any other choice.

A while later, Luo Yunyang and the four hall masters arrived together at Hong Meng Sacred Hall while all the emissaries and disciples watched.

Even though the Da Qian Master and the others didnt say anything, they were standing shoulder to shoulder with Luo Yunyang, which already illustrated the problem.

Furthermore, if it hadnt been for Luo Yunyangs sudden intervention in Longlin Great Cosmos, the entire Longlin Great Cosmos and the Human Races dignity would have been wiped out by the Ancient Six Families Six-Saint Banner.

Naturally, the objective of their collective arrival was obvious.

Greetings, Middle Hall Master! Even though the Right Hall Master looked reluctant, he still understood that nothing could be done. Without the support of the four hall masters, he basically wouldnt have been able to succeed the position of the Middle Hall Master.

Furthermore, the Battle Hall Master had contacted him, so the Right Hall Master had very quickly made the choice he ought to.

As the Right Hall Master bowed, Yuan Venerate White Crane and the other emissaries paid their respects as well. Immediately, half of the disciples of Hong Meng Sacred Hall paid their respects to the new Middle Hall Master, Luo Yunyang.

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow was feeling apprehensive. His gaze was firmly fixed on the Left Hall Master.

He hoped that the Left Hall Master would step forward and oppose this.

However, as he watched the Left Hall Master, he suddenly discovered that more and more of Hong Meng Sacred Halls emissaries were lowering their heads.

In the end, only he, the Left Hall Master, and a small handful remained upright. Finally, the Left Hall Master, who had always been like a tall and immovable mountain to him, also lowered his head slowly.