Supreme Uprising Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Mr. State Scholar

Luo Yunyang's high IQ got to work. He immediately understood what Chief Instructor Lu meant.

Luo Yunyang would actually be just a supporting member of the team. To put it bluntly, he would be helping the main force members replenish their strength when they ran out.

This meant that Luo Yunyang would actually be the equivalent of a battery.

"You won't lose out either, kid. From now on, you will be a state scholar. As long as you are able to hit the targets, you will become a hero of the 13 Eastern Cities."

Chief Instructor Lu patted Luo Yunyang on the shoulder. "You have to take me out to dinner, Mr. State Scholar!"

Luo Yunyang thought that what Chief Instructor Lu had said was very reasonable, so he didn't understand why he felt unhappy when he heard it.

"Oh, I forgot. This is a set of body techniques you can learn to improve your survival skills. You have it really good, kid. If this set of techniques belonged to anyone else, it would have cost at least one billion dayuan."

As he spoke, a USB drive appeared in Chief Instructor Lu's hands.

It really was a USB drive. Luo Yunyang had expected a manual like the "Youthful Emperor's Secret Art Of Longevity", but it had actually turned out to be a USB drive.

Chief Instructor Lu really enjoyed the stunned look on Luo Yunyang's face. He chuckled as he explained, "This is the Martial God's Ninth-Heaven Dragon-Moving Steps. Not only is it quick, but you can also use it to evade attacks. Although you will be protected during this exchange, you should remember that true strength means being strong yourself!"

When Luo Yunyang heard that these were Martial God Luo Kai's body techniques, he took the USB drive unceremoniously and faced Chief Instructor Lu. "Sir, will anyone else from the Rising Dragon Army be taking part in this exchange?"

"Ha ha ha! We are not just talking about the Rising Dragon Army. Mr. State Scholar will be the only one taking part on behalf of all the Eight Armies of the East."

Chief Instructor Lu looked reverent as he said, "The others are all geniuses that have been groomed since a very young age. They are the true elites of the 13 Eastern Cities!"

Groomed since a very young age? True elites? These words made Luo Yunyang quickly realize what exactly was going on.

Luo Yunyang and the other martialists that made up the Rising Dragon Army's elite class were the best martalists selected among ordinary people. On the other hand, the people that Chief Instructor Lu was talking about had received specialized training ever since they had been born.

As a result, they were even more extraordinary!

Sunlight shone on Luo Yunyang through the tiny window of the plane, making him feel drowsy.

This environment was so comfortable that it was perfect for sleeping.

Luo Yunyang was currently resting comfortably in the plane's first-class cabin as he travelled to the venue of the exchange. This time, the event would be held at an ancient city at one of humanity's 37 strongholds.

"Taking a plane is actually quite boring. I heard that before the apocalypse, first-class cabins had even had network signal. Now, there's absolutely nothing to do."

A young girl with a sweet face glanced at Luo Yunyang with her gentle eyes and smiled faintly. "If you have nothing to do, I have some books here that you could read. It would help time go by faster."

Like Luo Yunyang, Ling Yubing was also a powerhouse of the young generation that would be representing the 13 Eastern Cities at this competition. According to her, she came from the Thoughtless Research Center.

That's right. The Research Center wasn't called Formless, but Thoughtless.

After listening to Ling Yubing's conversations with others, Luo Yunyang had found out that she was a third-grade telekinesis master.

Luo Yunyang felt a little ecstatic when he heard this. After all, his own mind power wasn't shabby either. He just wanted to find a telekinesis master to exchange some pointers with.

Many people believed that telekinesis masters were extremely arrogant, but after interacting with Ling Yubing, Luo Yunyang realized that she wasn't.

She actually treated him quite well. She didn't seem to have a bad temper or a big ego, and she had even voluntarily helped him out with many things.

A girl like her, who was both beautiful and capable, with a status no inferior than his own, who spoke and acted in a lovable manner that eased people's hearts, was extremely hard to come by.

If Luo Yunyang received this sort of treatment, he would naturally have to pay a price for it.

For example, he would give her an extra punch or two during the competition, which was exactly what she needed.

"Thank you, Miss Ling. I shall take a look then." Although Luo Yunyang didn't really want to read a book, he still accepted Ling Yubing's act of goodwill.

When she handed him the book, he was dumbfounded. He had expected that, as a telekinesis master, Ling Yubing would be reading books that would help increase her telekinetic abilities. He hadn't expected to be handed a series of books called "10,000 Reasons".

"10,000 Reasons"?

Ling Yubing blinked at Luo Yunyang with her big beautiful eyes as she smiled. "Cultivating is really straining on the mind, so I like reading this kind of books in my free time."

Luo Yunyang felt like tears were about to start rolling down his cheeks. He really didn't know what to say, so he just flipped through the book.

"Sir, the gentleman over there sends these drinks!" a lovely flight attendant in a red uniform said politely as she handed Luo Yunyang a cup.

Thanks to his current mind power, Luo Yunyang could sense the thick energy contained in the drink.

When he looked in the direction the flight attendant was pointing at, he saw a chubby man nodding at him.

"Fat Xue is normally really miserly. He has never treated me to a sip of X-3 health beverage, yet now he's fawning over you like this. I'm sure he doesn't have any good intentions."

Ling Yubing glanced at the fat man with a groan. "Do you think a person like him could ever get a girlfriend?"

Luo Yunyang didn't know how to respond, so he just chuckled and accepted the drink. As soon as he drank a mouthful, a comfortable feeling washed through his body.

Ling Yubing didn't seem envious that he was having a supplement that boosted one's constitution.

When Luo Yunyang smiled at Fat Xue, the man smiled back in satisfaction.

Although Fat Xue was rather polite to him, Luo Yunyang didn't dare act carelessly. This fella had introduced himself as someone who had awakened a grade-one wind system source core after all.

Plus, before they had boarded the plane, he had told Luo Yunyang on the sly that he had awakened a Divine Bloodline and was destined to become successful, so Luo Yunyang should look for him if he ever had a problem.

Luo Yunyang had just finished his beverage, when the beautiful flight attendant walked over again. This time, she was holding several bright red dates in her hands.

"Fire Dates!" Ling Yubing's eyes seemed to glow.

"This sample is from the gentleman over there, Mr. Luo. He says that he didn't bring along enough of them on this trip, but he will give you one kilo when we return!" the flight attendant told Luo Yunyang respectfully.

The girl, who was an attendant on the few aircrafts that could fly between the Eastern and Western regions of the Da Alliance, was not the least bit ignorant. She could actually be considered quite experienced and knowledgeable.

Although she had already been briefed on Luo Yunyang's and the other passengers' statuses, she had expected that these geniuses wouldn't be able to see eye to eye. It was completely unexpected that she had come across someone like Luo Yunyang.

It seemed as if everybody was really friendly to him.

The girl took a closer look at him. He was wearing ordinary clothes, and his face was clean. Although he was smiling, he was not speaking much. However, his face was still really pleasing to the eye.

Could he be a legendary king that could make everyone around him pledge their allegiance to him with just a brush of his hand?

Luo Yunyang flashed a smile at the young man on his left to show his gratitude. When the young man saw Luo Yunyang smiling at him, his stiff face immediately blossomed into a smile.